What has happened to honor and ethics in martial arts? I own a school and have belonged to a couple of different organizations and was very disturbed by the practices of these organizations. I understand that a martial arts school is a business but does that mean money becomes the sole reason for teaching? An organization recently revoked the liscenses of several of its school and their reason was that they had standards that these schools s didn't fit. The schools that were dismissed were all small schools who's owners still had full time jobs and/or going to school, wouldn't use the contracts eith automatic checking account withdrawals and didn't agree with the politics that the other schools owners played. This organization had owners that would go out to eat at national events, drink several drinks and then drive home. I was told that the organization had a standard that some schools didn't fit. They were looking for schools and students with money and influence who wouldn't hesitate to spend money and go to every event. They revoked the liscense of one school and gave it to another person because he was able to bring in more money to the organization. They chose to ignore that he had been caught lying(to the organization)and questioned about improper attention to underage female students and having affairs with married students. Other school owners were told that their entire region voted them out but none of the other owners were even approached. Some were told that they were voted out because of poor participation but they had never missed an event in the region. Oh yeah, each school that was revoked was within a couple of years of buying into the organization. What has happened to honor?