Tae Kwon Do Instructor Accused Of Sex...

Tae Kwon Do Instructor Accused Of Sexually Abusing Students

There are 85 comments on the WRC-TV Washington story from Oct 6, 2006, titled Tae Kwon Do Instructor Accused Of Sexually Abusing Students. In it, WRC-TV Washington reports that:

Charges are being filed against a local tae kwon do instructor. Ramy Latchinian is accused of sexually abusing two of his students at World Karate Masters in Rockville, and police want to know if there are more ...

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that girl

Port Huron, MI

#92 Jan 23, 2010
Respect wrote:
<quoted text>
Very true old friend, and wise words. Respect what is good and speak out against what is wrong. I still respect Master Ramy a lot for all the good he has done for his students. I disrespect that he behaved very inappropriately for such a great, wise teacher. He is not a rapist, pedophile or sex maniac. But of course this particular relationship existed at some stage as anybody who ever went on the journeys or surprisingly walked into his closed office should be able to guess. He was only 26 years old at the time and she 15, the line between abuse of a minor and a consensual relationship may sometimes be thin for young people, and was probably not perceived as abuse by neither of the two at the time. There are many possible reasons why her perceiption later changed. Still, a teacher and coach needs to adhere to a much higher moral and emotional standards than other 26 year olds, not to mention legal ones.
I just hope that he has learned his lesson, and will uphold his own values in the future. If so, he can use this second chance and still do a lot of good for the community. If not, we cannot forgive or respect him anymore.
We commit ourselves only to good deeds
Our minds only to good thought
Our hearts only to good feelings
And never to abuse our martial arts.
Our goals are discipline, respect and self control.
When the first incident occured I had actually just turned 14 two months earlier. This man was in a position of authority as my tkd "master". He is a PEDOPHILE, its as simple as that. He is a manipulator. I knew it was wrong, but he convinced me enough to make me think that maybe it wasnt. It was ok in HIS country (according to him). When it all first started he knew it was wrong, in fact he took me aside the next day and apologized and said the infamous words "it will never happen again". Well it did happen again, and eventually he convinced me that it was ok, even though deep down I knew it was wrong. I looked up to him and trusted him, as did many other children and adults.
that girl

Port Huron, MI

#93 Jan 23, 2010
Mona from Egypt wrote:
Ramy now locating in EGYPT, opening his Martial arts school with children.please if you know any information about this man say it as you can save children.
Mona, I can give you any information you need. I have set up an email account if you would like to email me directly and ask any questions. Simply put, young girls are not safe near Ramy. Please dont fall for his manipulation like so many other kids and adults have.
you, or anybody else who would like to, can email me at:
[email protected]
If there is anybody else that would like to talk about their interactions or experiences with Ramy I would be more than happy to talk to you. I just want to help. Coming forward has made a huge difference for me, and I do believe that the more I talk about it the more confident I get and the better I'm able to deal with it.

Randolph, NJ

#94 Jun 28, 2010
I have been sexually violated and raped by my instructor from Tae Kwon Do in Garfield NJ last saturday morning. I feel like its my fault. I should of known but it came by surprise. I went home and took a shower right away and scrubbed myself. I was in pain and felt bruised. How could I allow this to happen. Why, didn't I run. I told him to stop but he wouldn't. He kept raping me for a long time. This scar is going to stay with me for a long time. Who knows how many girls he did this to that are afraid to come forward. I'm so frightened to say the owners name. I haven't spoken to anyone about this. How could his German wife not see the signs. How could his son not know of his father behavior. My daughter warned me and I was so naive and didn't believe her. I immediately stop going there and transferred my daughter to another karate place and I stay and watch her every session.
I have to pay off the amount I financed from the Tae Kwon Do place in Garfield NJ because I have no voice and no choice.
The place needs renovating and the owner sleeps in the basement and its filty and looks like a junkyard. There is a private room where he sleeps in and I was raped there and it was awful. Who knows how many other victims there were seduced with no voice. I believe one day this man will be accused of rape and his place shut down. I'm healing slowly thanks to a close source who've listened to my every detail of that saturday morning. The perpetrator shows no remorse and promises that he will not do that again.
El Stupido

Lancaster, CA

#95 Jun 29, 2010
And it is people like you not going to the cops that will allow him to continue to rape future victims.

It's up to you now to put an end to it all.

Randolph, NJ

#96 Jun 29, 2010
It's just isn't that easy to just go to the Garfield authorities and make a complaint. I'm sure the instructor's wife is aware of his behavior and just doesn't care. That's why there separated and she sleeps upstairs and he sleeps in the basement in a dark room. I'm sure there were other victims. But placing my story on this forum will eventually come to someone and spread the word around. I want to remain anonymous.
Jacques Thomet 7 DAN

Seffner, FL

#97 Jun 29, 2010
anonymous wrote:
Please don't be blinded by what you think is true. Many people have dark secrets. Just do some research on a lot of the sex offenders out there. Many are teachers, parents, priests, and loved ones that "would never" do such a thing. Same goes for Martial Arts trainers/coaches/practitioners .

And big deal is no body in this country so gentel, sweet, do absolutly nothing.....Mommy i'm scard so much to do it!
Protected your children doing it karatedo or something else oh no......but for blah..blah..blah..oh yes. What's heck is that?
Oh Americans are becoming since 1980 chicken shit bigs boys with out courage calling bigs baby's!

Randolph, NJ

#98 Jun 30, 2010
I eventually spoke to another source to warn another friend so he doesn't try to manipulate her. I should of gone to the police and reported it that day. But, I went home and took a shower and washed all the evidence away. It's true that there are so many people with dark secrets. I learn everyday. I want to go to the authorities and I want to do it privately without my husband or family knowing. I don't want my name released to the public nor do I want to be in the newspaper. I feel the perpetrator should be accounted for and punished. One day, my story will get noticed and the word passed around. I keep thinking it's my fault because I gave this man confidence and I didn't see the signs.

Randolph, NJ

#99 Jun 30, 2010
I was downstairs in that dark room and if I ran out and into the dark. I could of fallen with all the pile of junk around and gotten hurt. The stairs are long and narrow. He could of came after me and god knows what would transpire. I don't know any karate and this man could of ran up after me and grapped my both arms from behind and pulled me back. I had no choice but to give in or else there would be serious consequences. He called me this morning on my cell and I didn't answer. Is he watching me. I don't know? I went for my early walk this morning. Am I afraid of him? No! But he's a martial arts expert, so I'm going to stay far away as possible from this pervert.
Jacques Thomet 7 DAN

Seffner, FL

#100 Jun 30, 2010
It is so exiting to talk about sex..sex..sex..sex..sex..sex.. sex..sex..sex..sex..
But away is more interesting to talk compare as to do....Right...And today you need being a such gossiper for knowing something right.? Wrong.
All shit.

Randolph, NJ

#101 Jul 2, 2010
Jacques, your english is so bad that you make no sense. You really need to take a course in communication and writing skills. You are clueless. I'm not wasting my time with a mindless peasant.
What happened to me needed to be spoken about so this ecuadorian foreigner doesn't rape the next victim.
Jacques Thomet 7 DAN

Seffner, FL

#102 Jul 2, 2010
anonymous wrote:
Jacques, your english is so bad that you make no sense. You really need to take a course in communication and writing skills. You are clueless. I'm not wasting my time with a mindless peasant.
What happened to me needed to be spoken about so this ecuadorian foreigner doesn't rape the next victim.

If I do like you say learning english, That will change the americans concepts make people doing it sports or martial arts adults???
I don't think so.....So what I need to do changing the flinstones country people and find some adults in maturity age.
Because here is so but so childish the language of what people doesn't do in the life....Talk and talk and never ever do what he say I really don't get it,+ don't understand that and that is the fact! You haved never hear about connection between people?????
You don't need language for that....But here people doesn't have no connection, and by mind+ego that will never happen! It's Stupids!

Randolph, NJ

#103 Jul 2, 2010
You lost me again. Anyway, I forgive my instructor and will move on. I have to or else I will not heal. It's a closed chapter now and I wished I can delete my forum that I posted. The end
Jacques Thomet 7 DAN

Seffner, FL

#104 Jul 3, 2010
I haved buy recently a DVD of Taekwondo is very good. And here I don't see that. Kids..kids..kids!
Adults in the dream only...ahahhahha!
The master live in N.Y. and what he chock me it is only one white american there all the students are Korean....is not strange how much white people do so much in this country? talk..talk..talk..that's it?//??????.
I know I need to move out of this country and refind out maturity age people...I know!
Because staying with flinstones people doesn't help!
Practicly U.S. people are watchers !!!!+ talkers.

Randolph, NJ

#105 Jul 3, 2010
Once again, your not making sense. Your view on Americans is condescending. Maybe, your not happy with where your at in your life right now and your deciding to move out of the country. You seem to carry alot of resentment against flinstones people.
Jacques Thomet 7 DAN

Seffner, FL

#106 Jul 3, 2010
anonymous wrote:
Once again, your not making sense. Your view on Americans is condescending. Maybe, your not happy with where your at in your life right now and your deciding to move out of the country. You seem to carry alot of resentment against flinstones people.

What really is your problems mister Flinstones or John Wayne?

I tell you again I am not anti-Americans just anti-morons or ignorants people or idiots.
How much time you need for understand that????????
Poor M.President of USA!!!!!
He talk for the kindergarten really>!!!

Randolph, NJ

#107 Jul 4, 2010
You are so freaken mentally stupid. I presume you are of some asian trait. You bring up issues about United States of America and downgrade society and now your poking fun of our First Black President.
You have issues with yourself and your the idiot.
Go read a book.
Jacques Thomet 7 DAN

Seffner, FL

#108 Jul 4, 2010
I would like say to all you people on this topix.net forum:
You talk about philosophy here about martial arts or ever....? You don't understand me not only because like you say my english-US is poor but I talk practical. And that is not the same way as you understand. For me if that make sense or not I don't care I communicate only something that's all!
And if for you is not enough go learning the practical way you will.

And One more think: I beleive only in what I see!
And I watch also tennis in TV. and I enjoy.
Oh I don't undertsand nothing about the rules for that I don't critisize. I don't give my opinion!!!
Can you understand this/that???? Or you are to much idiots? That is also possible?

Gîza, Egypt

#109 Oct 14, 2012
Here he is, check the below link


Cairo, Egypt

#110 Jul 15, 2014
I'm not sure if anyone will pay attention to this post as the thread is a few years old now, but since the charges against Ramy were expunged (according to the Washington Post), doesn't that mean that the accusations made against him were determined to be false?
Soon Enough

Lakewood, NJ

#111 Sep 6, 2014
I am one of the ones he molested.
They were not false.
He is a child molester. FACT.

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