Muay Thai is back as United South East Asia Cultural Association (USEACA) presents "Showdown 5", full contact Muay Thai at the Youth Center in Olympia, Washington. If you love the striking game, this is the event for you. This will be the debut event for USEACA on and they are known for having some of the most exciting events in the Pacific Northwest feature high level striking with blistering kicks, punches, knees and elbows. Get ready for the "science of the 8 limbs" on November 16.

In the main event, Charles Bisset fights Mr. Bennett in what is sure to be a barn burning fight. Both fighters have held championships before and they bring a wealth of world-class experience into the fight. These two strikers use pinpoint accuracy to systematically break down their opponent. This bout looks to be a back and forth contest that will go down to the wire.

Also scheduled to compete are Sam Poulton against Jake Ramsey. Poulton brings a granite chin into the ring. Poulton throws strikes with such ferocity that any punch, kick or knee he lands can change the course of the fight. Ramsey is a very technical striker, who mixes up his combos beautifully and usually keeps his opponent on the defensive. Ramsey has tremendous leg kicks mixed with a stiff jab that lets him dictate space and distance inside the ring. Look for this fight to be in the running for fight of the night.

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