Morocco King on holiday as people con...

Morocco King on holiday as people consider revolt

There are 24 comments on the Free Republic story from Jan 30, 2011, titled Morocco King on holiday as people consider revolt. In it, Free Republic reports that:

Discontent is ample in Morocco, the poorest, least developed North African nation, and many are inspired by developments in Egypt.

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#1 Jan 31, 2011
We love our King. Morocco is not like Tunisia, Algeria or Egypt ! Moroccan citizens do not consider any revolt !

Casablanca, Morocco

#2 Jan 31, 2011
how can you consider Morocco the poorest and least developed north african nation???

are you sure you're talking about Morocco??

we are mode developed than most (if not all) countries in the region and in africa;

Please review your copy!!

Also, who told you that the King is on holiday, he was working yesterday!!!

One last thing, no one here is considering revolt; at least for now and I don't think it will be the case whitin the next few months at least!!

Nacogdoches, TX

#3 Jan 31, 2011
C4ABS wrote:
We love our King. Morocco is not like Tunisia, Algeria or Egypt ! Moroccan citizens do not consider any revolt !
Bro who ever wrote this article is a complete idiot, because everything he said was completely inaccurate and deceiving. By the way, his majesty is always working, unlike all our neighboring dictators. That is why a revolt will never happen in Morocco.
Alexi Laiho MA

Casablanca, Morocco

#4 Feb 4, 2011
Hahaha, Poorest and less developped? Wtf... some people are ready to invent anything to get some views... And who spoke about revolt? We love our king, nobody has any reason to revolt here. Prejudice is the only thing I see in your Post.

Kaatsheuvel, Netherlands

#5 Feb 5, 2011
When a king is "always working" does not mean that this is always good and for the benefit of all people. PERHARPS Morocco is not a poor and low developed country but with a serious gap between the "haves" and "have-nothing" is gigantic. And what about 50% of the inhabitants being illaterate - cannort read?? Buy the way: A KING who is "the boss" of a country and who decides who is in the government is a concept of 200 yeras ago - not really democratic.
Aziz Guevara


#6 Feb 7, 2011
Interesting post...
I have some different views from what has been posted so far..
Morocco is certainly not the poorest in North Africa.. However, we still have many millions living under the poverty line, and almost 50% cant read or write. Unemployment is very high, and corruption is widely accepted.
I personally find that the main problem in Morocco is the rulling MAFIA that is getting richer by the day, and taking their fortunes abroad, these facts are well known to the king Mohamed VI.
In fact, this Mafia is made up of some of his closest family and friends, the likes of Al Hamma, Jetto, Abbas Al Fasi, king personal secretary.. etc, the list is very very long..
On the other hand, Morocco's regime has been using the "terrorism" slogan to round up Thousands of young moroccans and jail them, most of the time, without any real justice. Freedom of speech is another problem in the country. Journalists have also been tired in courts and jailed for expressing views.
Lets not forget how Berber people feel in the Atlas and Reef mountains, simply marginalised by the system. I am sure that the whole world is aware of the number of Young lives that dissapear on daily basis while trying to run from Morocco to Europe to seek a better life.
Not long ago we have seen how Sahraouis in the Western Sahara have been treated by moroccan army and police.. Morocco is not a heaven as some may see it, problems are really there and burning underneath the system's feet.
So, in summary, Morocco has all the ingredients for a REVOLT! We need to get rid of all the old bad seeds in order to move forward.
Casa Bar


#7 Feb 7, 2011
Good comments from Guevara! All true.

Minneapolis, MN

#8 Feb 7, 2011
Unfortunately it is an indisputable fact that Morocco is the poorest and most illiterate country in North Africa. Certainly one of the most corrupt as well. But Moroccans will not revolt because they worship their beloved God King M6. Moroccans also have a very difficult time with self criticism which is another reason there won't be a any major changes happening any time soon. Things cannot change until people acknowledge there is a serious problem in the first place. Moroccans want to believe Morocco is the best country in North Africa...then ok...they can continue to believe this, but this will not solve the problems of poverty, corruption and illiteracy. Continue hanging out in the tea houses, drinking mint tea and smoking apple sheesha (or hashish)and blame the USA, the zionists and the colonialists for everything that is wrong.
Damien in Morocco


#9 Feb 8, 2011
I am assuming that Tiger Lilly is there just to stir the pot as the logic in the statement neither accurate nor reflective of any reality on the ground.

Morocco is not the poorest and most illiterate country in North Africa and the item written simply played with numbers to come to that conclussion. Mauretania has that notoriety.

There are three very simple points that need to be made about Morocco (I have lived here for 15 years now and work throughout the country from top to bottom) that is reflected to degrees in the comments above.

The first is that there is no talk of revolution here, any that is done are by those outside the country or those with some objective in saying so. The King and the Monarchy are very respected and it is both the symbol and binding force for stability here. Any questions, complaints and doubts are towards elected officials and corruption. There is also validation in comments made that it is the people surrounding the King and the Royal Family that profit from it, that is a sad fact but it is dwindelling as they are exposed.

The issues behind the revolution in Tunisia and revoluts in Egypt and Algeria has to do with Corrupt autocrats ruling the country and lack of human rights and freedom. Morocco had recent elections as it does regularly and there was a change of party in that election, thus there is no argument here. Over the last six years there was a great deal done about human rights and justice of those whom were abused in the past, thus there is no argument there as well. IE there is no reason for such a debate or demonstration here.

The second point is simple, Moroccans do not sit around tea houses and smoke 'sheesha'. They exists but simply put people go to work like everyone else, aspire to have families like everyone else and only a certain clique smoke "sheesha" and its popularity is in fact small. Pushing such an image is rather pointless as is trying to (wrongly) imply that Morocco is anything else than just a developing country getting on with life.

The third and last point is the subject of getting on with life here and the question of poverty etc. Yes poverty exists as does iliteracy and the government (and King) have said that literacy is the key to Moroco's future and with poverty IS THE ISSUE of the country. Having said that, the population here is the same as in Algeria, cultually the same as well and yet Morocco's standards of living, quality of life and visually richer and more successful than in that country and yet Algeria has oil wealth and Morocco does not. That says a great deal and the difference of having stabilty and good governance.

How about a reality check eh?


#10 Feb 11, 2011
When will the Moroccan people say that "Enough is Enough" ??

Change is wanted badly, and is coming..

We love our country, and we want to see it free from thieves and liers... free from powerful and corrupt leaders and politicians.... a Parliement that really represent the people and not a Mafia of business men... Political parties that dont bow as soon as they see xxxxxx
Rise and be Free, Free from chains and poverty!!!
Change is eminent!!!


#11 Feb 11, 2011




Timisoara, Romania

#12 Feb 11, 2011
Why should moroccans revolt ?

Bread costs 20 cents or a dollar and most vegetables cost less then half a dollar per kilo.

So yea, there is a gap between the haves and the have-nots, but the have nots still have a decent living and no one can pretend to be starving.

Job seekers who are protesting, they do so to get jobs in the public sector, while the private sector is recruiting (public sector gives you advantages and allows you to get under the table money)

9.1% of unemployment rate is better then most western europe and the US and the average income is better then most eastern european countries.

Moroccans have no reason to revolt and throw their country into anarchy like what's happening in tunisia and Egypt. Morocco is evolving with a controlled democratisation.

Literacy, since it was brought up, is arround 40%, but that's due to the high level of rural population. Agriculture is one of the highest earning sector in morocco, and schools are clustering in rural areas.

The only down sides i see in Morocco is the justice system and the public health sector (private health sector is highly developped tho).

And just for the liechtenstein guy, you dont take down a system that has been working since 1620 just because some idiots want easy jobs.

Timisoara, Romania

#13 Feb 11, 2011
PS: 3% of the GDP is used for subventionning food and gas.

PS2: Bread costs 0.20$ in Morocco and 1.7$ in France, do your maths.

Aberdeen, UK

#14 Feb 16, 2011
Rene wrote:
When a king is "always working" does not mean that this is always good and for the benefit of all people. PERHARPS Morocco is not a poor and low developed country but with a serious gap between the "haves" and "have-nothing" is gigantic. And what about 50% of the inhabitants being illaterate - cannort read?? Buy the way: A KING who is "the boss" of a country and who decides who is in the government is a concept of 200 yeras ago - not really democratic.
, i think you should check your spelling before you criticise any body, you still have a lot to learn about other places, school is a good place to start cheers

Potomac, MD

#15 Feb 19, 2011
ProudtobeMorocca n

Westerly, RI

#16 Feb 19, 2011
You people who are talking about revolution in Morocco need to smarten up and see what has been achieved in the Country since some 12 years ago. When you, Immigrants, who gave up on you country and went to your hosting countries_ only god knows what jobs you held there, with all the racism that comes with the package...._.....Etc.
You should think about what will happen after the Revolution. Who do you think will be up to lead a country full of Moroccans. I take pride in being one myself. But let's be frank, we are a very tough crowd to handle. But yet the king was courteous enough and unselfish to agree to rule our country. I am almost positive that the best one of you " Tough Guys" calling for turmoil, would have taken the money and left to some island where you can live without worrying about who has a house to live in, how are the roads people drive in, who need assistance... etc. etc. As he's being doing since his sovereignty. Even history shows that his money is his own he inherited it from father to grandfather... Who do you think you can appoint to the position of leading Morocco, who would by any means over qualify the current head of state. I see, somebody who is drooling over power and money, and of course lives from paycheck to paycheck. Bravo! very smart indeed! You should at least keep in mind what the wise proverb says: " llah inejjik men lmeshtaq ila daq" And that may apply to both power and money. So please be thankful, smarten up and don't hand our land that many generations of our ancestors fought and died for over to the ruthless and hungry for power/money. Let there be some CONSTRUCTIVE criticism. I am sure that if the head of Morocco knows about it he'll be the first one to act upon it. I have no doubt about that... If you need proof, take a good look at where we were before 1999 as a country and see for yourself.
ProudtobeMorocca n

Westerly, RI

#17 Feb 19, 2011
==========VIVE LE ROI ET VIVE LE MAROC==========

Villa Park, IL

#18 Feb 19, 2011
well said
Proud to be Moroccan

Lund, Sweden

#19 Feb 21, 2011
People, wake up and smell the coffee. If Moroccans revolt which I do not think they will, then things would be even worse.
Do you really think that the present government would be replaced by a better one, you must be in a dream world if you really believe so.
It is true that tehre is a wide spread corruption, but it is the people that encourage it to spread, the people or better yet the ones that claim that they can do a better job are in no way ready for what they call democracy, they would just be worse and they would turn Morocco into a bloodshed after they fill up their pockets. The Islamist woould take us to th e13th century, like Iran.
Morocco is a beautiful country, and full of opportunities if you look for them, you can make tons of money and enjoy it, because it is a stable place.
Morocco would be in chaos without the monarchy. It is a fact, the monarchy is the glue that keeps teh fibers of the Moroccan society togther.
Look around you Moroccans,do you want to be like Algeria, Tunisia, Lybia, Egypt, not to mention the Gulf countries even with all their money, the have a patethic life. I want to have peace and enjoy my visits to Morocca, where i take my friends and family. The time will catch up with the corrupt officials. We all know how Moroccans could be if they are not controlled, they would start SIBA .
God Bless Morocco


#20 Feb 24, 2011
we are moroccans and we know the best about aour country so we love med 6 we need him . the country are safe, noboday in morocco sleeps and his stomach is umty that very important thing for any people in this earth . so all what we need is to ask allah to take those how put our morocco in that situation i mean corruption and and ..... and dont help the young king to clean what his father done

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