Jake Payne And The Corporate Media

Jake Payne And The Corporate Media

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Black Power

Louisville, KY

#1 Oct 13, 2011
They care more for advertisements than for the truth...that's why I never pick up any of THEIR news, because that's not news that affects my life... it's designed to make it seem like I got all the facts, but it's not enough information for working families to survive... while Payne has brought a liberal view to Kentucky, since he's labeled as "liberal", like Dennis Kucinich, then anything that Payne doesn't talk about, means that nobody will talk about... Payne is the gatekeeper, he can push issues as far as he wants... he can even lie in order to make his points, he's not above lying, which is odd for a "newsman", but his definition of news doesn't include the occupy LOUISVILLE movement, the LOUISVILLE labor movement, nor the LOUISVILLE STUDENT movement. Those are only the few things I know he censors... what else is there? I'm sure more... but the bigger point is that his face is the face of corporate media, and since he wants to censorship articles about Labor Unions (which he NEVER even read... how's that for a newsman? Even if Hitler told me first about 9-11, I would be able to determine for myself that while Hitler is a bad man, 9-11 is newsworthy event. Payne has no such filter. He's evil, but in a different way than the Republican Party. He's evil the same way Obama is evil... he puts a good face, on corporatism, materialism, and capitalism, and since a liberal gay man like Payne can succeed, then we all can... uh, no, sorry, there's still poverty and struggle out here, even if Payne got his money, he seems to have forgot from the working class roots he grew up with, and while he queens about every piece of information he gets, he has generated very little change in Louisville, and he's fine with, he's making money, he can pay his light bills, meanwhile the West End is still how it is... The Tea Party had Fox News, and that's how they got popular... the Occupy Louisville movement has nobody, and it's only a matter of time before the luster of doing something good falls by the wayside of having no effect. While it's not good that working people, SGA students, and Occupy Louisville is being suppressed and censored (I know... in America!), it's good that they can operate under the rader, and for those who understand humankind, you actually have to be more respectful living outside the law than in. Also, why would a corporate newspaper (after the ads are purchased... the space left over is called the "news hole"... since it's a gap that the advertisers couldn't fill) care to solve anybody's issues, let alone inform u of what's going on?

So while pothead Payne may pretend to be liberal, he's more Corportist, and Fascist, and he would rather the Iraq War, poverty, and all of the ills of society to go on, so he can keep on queening, and set all progressive issues back 100s of years. All head and no heart is no head. Payne craps on people because he's got an empty hole in his heart, and when he's mean to others, somebody in his life laughs about it... or maybe it makes him feel alive, to hurt others... IDK... regardless, the point is made, he's a liberal gatekeeper, and if Payne thinks that Occupy Louisville is no good, then so will the rest of the establishment, which is good for them, and I'm sure they'll be extra nice to Payne, just so long as he's not blasting them with truth... which is what the people want, but it's not what the advertisers want. Maybe Payne will cover Occupy Louisville at least one time... probably not... he's the head Nazi of the Republican-lite Party's media (Democrat), and like Fox News, he blasts Steve Beshear, and other democrats more so than Williams, or others...

And lastly, he has a strong opposition to the Gatewood Galbraith campaign, and it's this elitism I saw on the Ralph Nader's campaign... the media was too good for Nader, and b/c of those experiences, I trust Jon Stewart, Colbert, Conan O'Brien, and Cenk Uygur. That is all the media to trust.
Black Power

Louisville, KY

#2 Oct 13, 2011

Go here for information that's not cloaked with the doublespeak of the "Liberal Media".
Black Power

Louisville, KY

#3 Oct 13, 2011

Louisville, KY

#4 Oct 13, 2011
Is this person related to George Payne?

Louisville, KY

#5 Oct 13, 2011
Just another watermelon eater running his mouth. A carpet head in a pimpmobile blasin rap music behind me at the red light.
Black Power

Louisville, KY

#6 Oct 13, 2011
Scarecrow wrote:
Just another watermelon eater running his mouth. A carpet head in a pimpmobile blasin rap music behind me at the red light.
That's racist, though I bet Jakob Payne does not care.
Black Power

Louisville, KY

#7 Oct 13, 2011

Why does Payne spend so much time beating up on the underdog? And does Payne know that "Gateweed" would turn Kentucky around, and place it on the map... the first State to Legalize Marijuana!!!

But Payne doesn't want change. If things get better, then he won't have a job, and people will listen to their own self-interests moreso than doing what's right. Being a gay man, I would think he would know about oppression, but it seems as though he supports power and fascism, and he defends what Gatewood is against, such as the Petro-Chemical-Transnational-C orporate-Elitest-Fascist Sons of Beotchs:

ON Stumbo's selling of KYians out:

ON Alex Jones:
Jake Payne

Louisville, KY

#8 May 18, 2012
Has this guy changed a single thing in Louisville for the better? What's his problem? Is he just an Internet blogger, like Perez Hilton, searching for the most sensational news stories, just to make money? Or does he actually believe in the ideas he purports to believe in? It's one thing to say "This War is Bad", and quite another to say "Im going to stop this War." But like any corrupt person, he's talked bad about Cynthia McKinney, b/c he's a racist, and about Nader and Gatewood, basically pissed on his grave, but Jake Payne is "ethical"? PUH-LEASE... Kentucky is on the bottom of the list in every indicator, and Jake Payne is laughging at all the poor people, as he himself sells out to the corporate pay masters, and King Coal, and the military industrial complex. Thx Jake Payne, for looking like the Dean on Community, and for making Louisville a worse place to live.

Louisville, KY

#9 Apr 19, 2013
He's a fake lib.

Louisville, KY

#10 Apr 19, 2013
And a 5 alarm drama queen

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