Married men not getting enough sex at...

Lynn, MA

#179 May 19, 2012
It's been really hard for the last 3 years, but I will save you all a few minutes, and just slently stand up to be counted.

Lynn, MA

#180 May 19, 2012
I don't know what to tell you "juju -Abilene, TX" :-)

United States

#181 May 20, 2012
Whooa guys an gals u all sound so sad in y'alls relationships im a happily married women of 3 yrs an let me tell ya i made my husband wait 2 wrks with out a drop UNTIL one day he brought Mr.elephant home ha boi o boi my poo nana stays juicy wet now let me tell ya what Mr.elephant is its a small vibrator inside a tiny pink elephant an wen he turns it on the elephants trunk goes crazy WOW i cum so so beautiful an so good with this omg go to the sex store an buy it guys an gals girls u can put in on the scrotum area he goes wild. Guys buy one an say hunny i got a trick i wanna show ya blind fold her but necked an tell her to open her legs she will go wild. Use it when she's on top put it on her clit while she's on top riding im tell u she will go crazy

United States

#182 May 20, 2012
Squaw wrote:
Well, in my house, it's the total opposite. I haven't had sex with my husband in over four years. We had a lot of marital problems in the past, but things are better, now. But, he still won't even make any attempt to have sex with me. He won't even discuss it with me. I don't want to be out on my own, so I cheat to satisfy my needs. He has to know, but he says nothing. I am a pretty woman who gets plenty of offers, but I have only a couple guys that I trust to have sex with. I have given up on my husband ever doing it again. He is a good guy, but treats me like I'm the plague. When I try to discuss it, he ignores me or just says he doesn't know why. I am a very sexual woman who treats her man with respect. I'd gladly give it to a man everyday/night if I could just feel loved and appreciated again. My friends say he is getting sex elsewhere, but I don't believe it. What do yall think?
It sounds like u need to go to marriage counseling an d you all need a sex counseler start by kissing him on the lips everyday even if u have to sneak one. One night when he is sleeping whip his thang out an just start sucking it see if he likes it while he is sleeping that's what i do to my man an he wakes right up with a hard on an ready to roll
A Different View

Frankfort, KY

#183 May 20, 2012
juju wrote:
Wow,I feel bad for some of you men. I'm a hitched young lady & in the same boat. I can easily go at it daily/nightly, but he's just not that interested. Once a week is lucky, lately its dwindled to every other week & to make it worse there are periods when he travels and is away for wks. or months at a time. Our relationship is great aside from sex, I have no interest or desire in anyone else, but this aspect is a difficult one to overcome; Even for the sake of love. I'm fit & attractive, 36-28-40 (if you have an imagination!) so I have ample playspace on my playground for my guy. I'm not shy, no problem initiating or doing all the things that "good girls" don't, but still NO luck. What gives?
he travels a lot and does he work a lot of hours you didn't mention his age. When a man reaches his late 30's or early 40's he can start to develope E D and when that happens it sometimes is embarassing to a man and we clam up and don't lilke to admit it. When you know he is coming home if you still have kids at home send them off somewhere and let him come home and find you walking around the house doing your house chores totally nude. I say if that doesn't stir his interest then he might had the dreaded man disease of E D
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El Cajon, CA

#184 May 29, 2012
It's sooooo complicated. My wife claims that I made her feel unwanted years ago when I was struggling with a tough bout of clinical depression. Then she claimed I was more interested in looking at other women rather than her. NOT the case, I am a total perv, but my wife is gorgeous and she was such an incredible giving lover in the beginning, I only wanted and only want her. I guess I messed up, now she is not interested in sex with me, sleeps in a different room with my 3 year old son, says maybe we would have more sex if I initiated it. I compliment her, try to flirt by touching, and groping, tell her how beautiful and hot she is...... Nothing, I don't know what else to do!! I have even went to counseling, but she wouldn't go because she said it was just an ambush from a stranger that doesn't know her. We have three kids and it's hard for me to get child care, I have tried dating and romance with her,it just wasn't really received well, she said I only did it because she mentioned I should. I loooove my wife, and my precious family, but this is going on years. It's making me even more grouchy and brooding than I would normally be lol :) I need some feminine loving bad, and it hurts to feel this way. I feel awful that my sex life consists of a raunchy porn indulgence a couple times a week. I don't know....... Honestly
A Different View

United States

#185 May 29, 2012
would like to have more wrote:
yes he works comes home eat supper goes to bed n when we do have sex always wants to know if i m looking for us another partner n bed i dont like that big turn off for me that is
. The next time he ask tell him yes and bring another man you have picked out into the bedroom see if he is ok with that if he is then have fun lol
Texas Rob

Houston, TX

#186 Jun 30, 2012
Jim wrote:
I am a black man married to my white wife of 20 years and I don't get nearly enough sex at home. When I first met my wife, she was going thru a bitter divorce with a white guy. I was attracted to her right away. I worked a few nights a weeks as a bouncer and she came with a friend every Thursday and or Friday night. I saw her and I was turned on. My wife and I married a year after our daughter was born. During one of our fights, she told me that I married her because of our daughter and that is not true. We hardly touched each other after she was born and we had another daughter 6 years later. I think we "did it" after she went to see the male strippers in NY when her girlfriends treated her on her birthday. She doesn't like to have sex with me anymore and doesn't even like to be touched. Anyway, I introduced myself to this beautiful woman and on my breaks we would talk and she knew I was married and I asked her if she fooled around. She wanted to wait until her divorce was final so we would get her in trouble thinking she cheated on him.
We went to her place after I got out of work and we would have great sex. She gives head, loves to me touched and fingered and loves oral and role plays with me and I must say gives the best damn blowjobs in NJ.
If the cold fish at home would pay me attention, I wouldn't be cheatin' on her white butt.
Must admit it-can't stand my wife and for Valentine's day I got the perfect gift-I'm going to have divorce papers served to her at a candlelite dinner I can play for just the 2 of us.
My girlfriend will wait for me and then we are moving in and eventually getting married.
I cheat because I ain't ever satisifed with the white witch.
Grow up people.
That is what she gets for marring a black guy

United States

#187 Jul 2, 2012
If my wife doesnt give it up, ill kill her. Thank you and good night

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#188 Jul 2, 2012
I'm 20 my husband 33 we have sex when when ever I want it and he wants it!

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#189 Jul 3, 2012
wow wrote:
I'm 20 my husband 33 we have sex when when ever I want it and he wants it!
We were the same way, back when we were young!

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#190 Jul 3, 2012
-BootJack- wrote:
<quoted text>We were the same way, back when we were young!
Everyone get old sex has to fade some time! Its a matter of when your physical unable to well for us any way hopefully that would be the case we been together 5 years and plan on spending the rest of our life together but its different for everyone

United States

#191 Jul 3, 2012
By the way I'm the person with the name wow
anyone else feel this way

Edmonton, Canada

#192 Jul 14, 2012
married for 8 years. have common marriage problems no biggy, sex is great, have 2 beautiful kids, but every time wife and kids go out of town i feel like having sex with a random stranger.. havent commited but.. how can i over come these feelings??!!

Louisville, KY

#193 Jul 14, 2012
If you are a man, and you place your faith in a woman, you will be let down every single time.
Not trying to knock women, but this is the truth.
Just look at the history of the world.
If anything, placing all of your faith in a woman will eventually get you in the worst kind of position you've ever been in.
Get over your addiction to women. Live life for yourself. Only then will you find true happiness.
Remember, you should not need anyone, regardless of their sex, to live a happy, fulfilling life.
If you feel that you need a woman to be happy, then my friend, you are not doing it right. You must learn to be happy with yourself.
If you are not happy on your own, then you can never be happy with someone else.
One last thing, women have learned a long time ago, to prey upon the men that seem needy. Don't be that guy. Stand on your own. Once you get to this position, you'd be surprised how many women want you.
The most powerful thing a man can ever do is to just say NO.

Louisville, KY

#194 Jul 14, 2012
Those who focus on women over money, usually have neither.
Those who focus on money, usually have both.
Food for thought.

Lubbock, TX

#196 Aug 27, 2012
___So What___ wrote:
<quoted text>
Honey I'd love a man like that.
Lord, me too! It's been almost five years at home without any. Ugh
The Dude

United States

#197 Aug 29, 2012
2 years for me. Married 25. Best sex I ever had was one last fling before I got married.
foolish man

Santa Rosa, CA

#199 Oct 13, 2012
hot 33 wrote:
<quoted text>
Excuse me, but I take total offense to this... anyone that knows me says I've gotten better with age!! i'm 33, and looking good & i know it! It is usually the other way around, buddy! Men who get older, especially the married ones, let themselves go & get those big beer guts & don't shave all the time, and basically become freakin slobs!!
you probably don't look as good now that three years have passed.

what does it matter. even hot old women end up turning into cold bitches.

if it weren't for having kids together I would have dumped my dumpy woman years ago.

I'd like a woman who isn't too tired or too angry or too depressed or too busy watching rachel maddow to have sex.

I am still in great shape, while my woman has turned into a fat old hag. I would love to have a nsa fwb on the side but I know that is just a dream that can't be realized- kind of like being a fulfilled man.
No ordinary farm girl

Shepherdsville, KY

#200 Oct 13, 2012
Biker wrote:
I get it all the time. LOL I just take it from her. Once I am in she is always ready. LMFAO. Romance her treat her like a queen. You know like you did in the begining. Dont stop treating her the way she wants to be treated. I am nine years older than her. I have a bigger sexual desire than she does, But I still get what I want. I also make what I want what she wants. If she doesnt feel pretty and loved she aint going to put out. Trust ME!!!!!
Finally a man that gets it!!! Make her feel beautiful, loved and she will be confident and give you want you want. We love sex to guys!

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