Glasgow, KY

#42 Feb 20, 2013
_Twisted Wicked_ wrote:
<quoted text>Sir Anthony Welden was an officer in the royal household of King James. He was knighted by King James in 1617. He was eventually dismissed from the royal court by King James. He vowed to get revenge!
He supported the anti-monarchy forces during the English Civil War. Twenty-five years after the death of King James,(one year after the execution of Charles I, King James's son) Welden made the first accusations of homosexuality against King James. His statements were widely rejected at the time because there were still too many living people who had known King James personally and who dismissed the allegations as ridiculous.
Or perhaps you are suggesting that King James' very own letters were somehow a conspiracy by Anthony Weldon? lol... what you are suggesting doesn't even make sense. I gave examples from 3 different men, at 3 different time periods in King James' life, and the relationships between he and they are verified by King James himself through his own letters- not some made up speculation by the man who you speak of nor by modern historians. I'm sorry, but King James was gay. So what? Does that somehow change your life? I thought not. The fact that he had a wife and had children means little. That was all part of a King's duties. I really don't see why accepting that he was gay is such a big deal. Loads of Kings are known to be gay, not just him. Some of the most highly regarded kings of old were known for their fancy in pretty boys. It doesn't change their accomplishments, or their virtue. It's just a part of who they were, nothing more.
according to the bible

San Antonio, TX

#43 Feb 20, 2013
Go read 1 Corinthians 6:9 But remember one sin is no greater than other

Marcus Hook, PA

#44 Feb 20, 2013
according to the bible wrote:
Go read 1 Corinthians 6:9 But remember one sin is no greater than other
absolutely! Which is why I tell the homosexual there is no difference in your struggle with sexual perversion than from the heterosexual that sleeps with a different woman every weekend. Bravo!

Louisville, KY

#46 Feb 21, 2013
Chuck Norris doesn't like fruits. That's enough for me.

Louisville, KY

#47 Feb 21, 2013
I trust him far more than boy george or ellen.
knows better

Glasgow, KY

#49 Feb 21, 2013
Gay is not a sin wrote:
NO its not. if you don't like it Too bad! Don't wanna see gay people close your eyes! you will not infringe upon my rights to love whom ever I want. YOu also forgot the story of david and jonathan. god found favor with them and they were gay... oh ya they were and if you cant hack that oh well go sit and spin! End of story... SO you can sit there and act stupid and quote bible crap all you want.. It just shows your stupidity!
You are the one who is stupid.

United States

#51 Feb 21, 2013
on a very serious note, I really truly fail to see or understand why exactly there are still so many people who have a problem with homosexuals or homosexual marraiges. If you aren't gay, fine, you aren't gay. So what? If you are gay, you are, so what? If you are straight and 2 gay people get married, has that somehow threatened your life? No. It hasn't. What business is it of anyone's who someone else loves? Just because you don't understand it does not give you the right to condemn it. Explain what the point of hating gay people is please? Does your hatred of them improve your life? No. But holding onto that kind of hatred can certainly eat away at you. The hate itself is unhealthy for you. Let it go. To each their own. Frankly I don't care who anyone loves. I just think its wonderful for someone to love anyone these days. I really hope that one day people will become evolved enough mentally to not try and kill everything and everyone thats percieved as 'different' from them. Its really quite barbaric and is incredibly shameful behavior.

Duluth, GA

#52 Feb 21, 2013
Wet Lisa wrote:
those who hate gays are closet case pole smokers or turned on by it... its a proven fact... I guess SO Brimstone and Revelations when you two bible beaters gonna get married
Yea. That's it. We would rather be ass raped by some other fruit dude than to enjoy a soft beautiful woman's company. It is no more a proven fact than that fairy tale about being born gay. A crock of sh!t. A choice. A sick, immoral, abnormal illness. Everyone knows it but political correctness is stifling acknowledging it. Enjoy it if you desire, but know that it is still an illness.

Duluth, GA

#54 Feb 21, 2013
Nothing wrong with closets. I have many in my home. But I don't have some guy's ballsack slapping my face or his unit buried in my ass. And you really think that's normal? Your parents must be so proud.(And secretly hate you for it)
Wake up

Georgetown, KY

#55 Feb 21, 2013
Wet Lisa wrote:
those who hate gays are closet case pole smokers or turned on by it... its a proven fact... I guess SO Brimstone and Revelations when you two bible beaters gonna get married
Rev you better not be taking it in the demon tunnel you little nasty J/k bro

Duluth, GA

#57 Feb 21, 2013
It's nice of you to want to include me in your circus, but my folks raised me right. I'm straight, not bent and damn sure not bent over. That's your problem. Why is it that many of you people try so hard to convince others that they simply must be gay too, since you are? Everyone isn't f@cked up simply because you are. Most of us are normal. Not all of us are circus performers. Not all of us have cancer either. Many are disease free. Sorry about your bad luck. Enjoy that ballsack sport.

Duluth, GA

#59 Feb 21, 2013
Matt wrote:
NO your folks did not raise you right. They did not teach you not to hate others or not to hate yourself. Your folks did the worst job any parent could do. And No not everyone is screwd up like you. you are one mentally deficient self loathing poor excuse of a man I have ever seen on topix
I'm not hating. I just recognize disgusting. I don't have to witness dog crap to know that I don't want it on my shoes. And my parents did raise me appropriately. I know right from wrong. Sorry you missed out.

Louisville, KY

#62 Feb 22, 2013
You are awfully accommodating. How sweet. I'm okay in my skin and unlike you I do not require another man to tell me that I am. It's really too bad that your sickness won't make me feel guilty, but I'll not change my mind to justify your illness. In twenty years sex with animals will be the new cool thing too, but I won't support that derangement either. Stop trying to change me sugar, I'm right in my head and without a penis in my mouth. You're not as fortunate. But that is not my fault or my mission to correct. As for me being decent, hell I'm great. You don't need to agree or acknowledge. Toodles.

Shepherdsville, KY

#63 Feb 22, 2013
Sinners can be forgiven.

Homosexuality is a terrible sin.
Constitutional Law

Elizabethtown, KY

#65 Feb 22, 2013
Yes it is by most doctrines.

Put that aside, still not right because it's not natural. If so we could put you all on a island, you could be gay all day and you would go on for generations. But that won't work now will it and why is that? We both know the answer, not made to work that way.

Duluth, GA

#66 Feb 22, 2013
I love being GAY!!!! I LOVE the bloody skid marks in my underwear from my colon being freshly reamed by my BF and it gets me off having a BLOODY SH!T covered cock in my mouth making my breath smell so fresh everyday being GAY is wonderful I wouldn't have it any other way and having a relationship the way God intended is so sick a man and woman together being NORMAL is just so disgusting can I get an AMEN??? To all the normal individuals and couples out there sorry this is so graphic but I'm a homophobe and I'm a statistic that is so turned on by the thought of a big SH!tty blood covered cock in my mouth and my colon so bored out I need a diaper it's so convenient when I need to go do a #2 I just hover over the potty cause it just falls out!!! But don't forget I'm a homophobe and this secretly turns me on so much I'm throwing up in my mouth you SICK A$$ GAYS are disgusting you should all be tied up and have a Louisville Slugger shoved so far up your a$$ your colon comes out of your mouth!!!! That would bring you pleasure wouldn't it!!!!!

Louisville, KY

#67 Feb 22, 2013
Satire, how refreshing .......

Marcus Hook, PA

#72 Feb 22, 2013
Wake up wrote:
<quoted text>
Rev you better not be taking it in the demon tunnel you little nasty J/k bro
yeah i know right? Lol, I dont hate gays, nor do I care if you hold your partners hand, what I do care about is the blatant ignorance of homosexuals enraged rants and false accusations...we as christians are only warning you of gods judgement, we are not judging want a weiner in your pooper? Fine by me, im not gonna treat you any less human..however i will warn you of judgement. Now please just go on somewhere. Lol!

Marcus Hook, PA

#73 Feb 22, 2013
What you dont know wrote:
You supercilious fools do not know is that the Christian Church used to perform Same Sex wedding ceremonies up till the middle ages AD. YA... GOOGLE IT..
so whats your point? Just because an ancient church did something automatically means its right? What? The pre mid ages were immune from evr commiting sin? Just keep quiet you, you know squat

Marcus Hook, PA

#75 Feb 23, 2013
lololol, I laughed forreal on that one! Thx man, i was getting bored. Anyway, no I dont judge people, in fact im very kind to all just hate truth so you attack it.

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