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Not Your Son

Kaiserslautern, Germany

#103 Jan 28, 2009
Oh, and here's a news flash - people do not have to be named Ricketts or be friends with one in order to think that an adulterer that is using a child for revenge is wrong. You don't have as much support as you believe.
That child isn't your son, any more than he would be if you had given him up for adoption. When you made the choice to commit adultery, you gave up your rights to him. Real parents do what is best for their kids, and fathering them with a married woman is not remotely what is best.

Tallahassee, FL

#104 Jan 29, 2009
Germany...with all due respect, your views are archaic and irrational.

What makes a child someone's son? It seems your logic makes possession the determing factor. And here's a newsflash for you...I have a right to believe you know the Ricketts, whether or not that makes it true. See it's evidence or proof that determines truth, e.g. something like DNA is an example of evidence. Do you want to dispute the validity of DNA? and the Ricketts would do well to remember the importance of evidence in supporting your arguement, which you neglect to your own peril.

Here's some reality and truth for you:

Where's the Ricketts evidence that I'm not my son's father? Can you see the absurdity in your logic?
Not Your Son

Kaiserslautern, Germany

#105 Jan 29, 2009
Actually, archaic is the view you demonstrate on your website, which seems to indicate you view this child as YOUR possession. MY son, MY son, My son. You'd fit right in in the Middle Ages. If you had a daughter you'd probably think she needed a dowry.

No, possession is not the determining factor. Love, actual love, the desire to do what is best for the child, and the bonds of parenthood make a father or mother, not possession or biology. In the case in my family, a child was the result of a date rape. The mother recovered, bore the child, later married and her husband adopted the child. He cared for, supported and loved the child. Therefore, he is the father, regardless of biology. Then the bio dad showed up, after discovering the mom was married to a guy with some money and began demanding custody. What he really wanted was to be paid off so he'd leave.

You are different. You've spent what must be an obscene amount of money trying to humiliate and offend the family in your case, so money can't be your motivation. However, you were offered what you claim to want, and turned it down, so the only logical explanation is that you are looking for revenge, and at the expense of an innocent child.

I don't think any rational person would dispute that you are the biological father of this child. What is up for debate is whether you are, or deserve to be a real, or psychological father. Choosing to drag his parents through the mud and spread his name, picture and location everywhere you can is not a good indication of your desire to be that father. Since he already has one of those, don't you think removing the vengeful crazy one from the picture is what is best for the child?

My family suffered intensely as a result of a bio dad with the morals of a snake, and I don't like seeing other families suffer similarly. Take the agreement you're offered, prove that you have good intentions, and then when you've established a trusting relationship, ask for more or different visitation. But shut up and leave the press out of it, and stop telling people what "your son" thinks. I know from experience that kids in this situation do not grow up to be happy they were used. If what you want is really a relationship with this child, then what do you think will happen to that when he gets old enough to find out what you've done to his parents?

Tallahassee, FL

#106 Jan 30, 2009
Thanks for taking such a keen interest in me, my son, his mother, and his mother's second husband. Take care.
Not Your Son

Weilerbach, Germany

#107 Jan 30, 2009
Ah, when you're unable to counter points that don't fit in with your position as victim, you just ignore them. Nice. I'm sure that will hold up well in court. "I have no answer for that, Your Honor, but the other guy s are really big meanies. Doesn't that count or something?" Do a favor for all the families that suffer because of people lke you, and think about a side of this other than your entrenched one.

Louisville, KY

#108 Feb 6, 2009
Did you all see the story Wave3's Connie Leonard did on Mr. Rhoades.

I think she did a great job, although I wish she would have exposed the Ricketts. Not surprising that they don't have anything to say though, for what can they say. Sorry Mr. Rhoades we're keeping your son away from you and it's too bad. There's no justification for what the Ricketts are doing. I've seen lawyers like Charlie Ricketts corruptly influence the KY judiciary for too long. I hope Rhoades wins so his son has a positive influence, as the Ricketts are setting the worst possible example.
Old Friend

Rocky Mount, NC

#109 Mar 15, 2009
Did anyone see the Andy Wolfson story about this situation? I can't believe she's still keeping her son from his pappa. What does her and her husband really gain by keeping them apart? I just can't figure her out, which is weird since I knew her when she was 16 and her name was Julia Nuss. We went to Presentation Academy together so long ago.

What a sad story. Never thought Julia's life would turn out like this, for she was always such a neat person. I fear being stubborn has been her downfall in all of this. I hope she will eventually think of the effects this will have on the child. Months ago I was sympathetic to her but changed my mind after reading the fathers whole blog. Their son is absolutely adorable! Hope he makes it through this okay.
very obvious

Vienna, VA

#110 Apr 27, 2009
It is really pathetic when you have your family write fake posts to make it appear that you have "supporters" or worse yet, write them yourself.
another wanting change

Bowling Green, KY

#111 Mar 29, 2010
Att. all fathers that are denied the right to see your Bio Children.. Met me in front of the KY State Capital building father's Day 2010 to protest the unfair laws and to fight for Father's rights.... Please, Please my son and a girl (both where single) hooked up one time and as a result a baby was born... But, to keep him from seeing this child she married less than 2 months before the child was born and then divorced 1year 1/2 later and lost the child to her ex in the divorce... To get the child back she used the Uniform Act of Child Support law, the county att. and Ky state laws to force my son to have a DNA Test he was the father 99.99%.. But, when he filed to get vistitations she had it all thrown out due to Ricketts VS Rhoades and J.N.R. v. O'Reilly, 264 S.W.3d 587 (Ky. 2008). Ky State law makers are going to have to define paternity and DNA testing is it to determine Bio. father if so then it should mean it everytime a man is tested if not then NO ONE ELSE SHOULD BE TESTED!!!!! Please get the word out to all fathers, fathers right groups, grandparents, families, and anyone else that would like to see these laws changed to allow fathers to take part in our children's lives to be at the State Capital on Father's day...
[email protected]
Kathy in England

London, UK

#112 Apr 16, 2010
Hi, I just stumbled across your story and have been googling varios websites as it is quite interesting. Scrolling through the posts in this forum, I noticed something I hadn't encountered before.
There is a post that claims that you were offered a shared visitation and parenting agreement, and that you turned this down and tried for full custody instead?
Why on earth didn't you just accept this? Millions of parents do not have full custody of their children but are able to form loving and meaningful relationships through other arrangements.
If this really is the case, then it does seem rather short-sighted and combative on your part?

Colorado Springs, CO

#113 May 3, 2013
I agree! What ever happened to this? Did he ever get to see his son?
Update anyone

Bowling Green, KY

#114 Jan 31, 2017
mr mom wrote:
When you compare the husbands actions with his words it's pretty obvious he's exacting revenge on the dad. They talked about incorporating the father and then go to the supreme court to strip him of all visitation. I don't think the husband has the least interest in the child.

The mother and husband are make people in Louisville look bad, they need to get over it and let the dad see his son. Stop making the people of KY look bad!
Anyone have an update?

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