Mother says “ Only Lower-Class People...

Marathon, FL

#83 Jun 2, 2008
The ruling by the Supreme Court of Kentucky is absolutely outrageous! Its always an injustice to keep a child from his or her father.

Its hard to believe how the mother is so unconcerned about her children. A mother with any sense would recognize the harm such isolation would cause. According to her own deps, it seems the mother is only concerned with herself. Think she needs some serious help. With all the inactive fathers and she wont let her sons father participate in his life. I dont get it??? Seems she and hubby are taking out revenge on her sons father. And I can't tell from the guys website, for it seems all he wants is to participate in his sons life. Court should of given him the boy! Hopefully he will keep fighting for his son will always appreciate it.
Indy Cindy

Indianapolis, IN

#84 Jun 2, 2008
Voltaire, "love truth, pardon error" and everyone go work in the garden. The adults in this scenario need to get together and work this out. This would be so much better for the kids. Like Tony, I can't figure out why the mom thinks tricking sons is better than admitting truth and moving forward for kids. Does seem like they're intentionally hitting father where it hurts him most thru his son, which is pretty sick.

Tallahassee, FL

#85 Jun 23, 2008
My son turned 2 years old on Friday, and since I've now been kept from him for over a year, I wonder how Jon Ricketts celebrated the birth of mine and his wife's son? Hard to know but I'd venture to guess with limited enthusiasm. I suppose each day when Ricketts looks at my son he's reminded of his wife's infidelity. But who knows with the Ricketts since they've proven to be compulsive liars.

Learn about their lies at:

Panama City, FL

#86 Jul 13, 2008
And the lies of Louisville mother Julia Ricketts now move towards a United States Federal District Court, as she alleges I've violated copyright infringement on items she claims to hold copyright ownership. It's not bad enough she's lying to my son, the Kentucky Courts, but now she moves the lies to the Federal Courts where she works. Seems Julia Nuss Ricketts will do anything to hide the truth!!!

See my website to see her ridiculous claims:

And be sure to check out the newest video post!
old friend

Rocky Mount, NC

#87 Aug 2, 2008
I just found out about this story while visiting my parents in Louisville. I think Julia is doing the right thing, for saving her marriage is more important than the child and his dad. Hard to believe it was 20 years ago when she and I graduated together from Presentation Academy; when she was Julia Nuss.

Newport, MI

#88 Aug 2, 2008
She can't "save" her marriage if father and son are allowed to visit each other? It's not as if her husband doesn't know about the affair. It's long ago that it was a secret. Giving the father the right to visit his son doesn't change a thing. I'm sure Julia's husband has seen the website with all the intimate details of the affair with James. That damage is done and he still wants to stay with his wife. So denying Julian the right of seeing his father accomplishes what? It doesn't "save" his marriage.
Visitation can be arranged in a way that James and Julia never have to see each other or speak, if that is what her hubby is worried about. Obviously the hubby doesn't trust his wife..... so I'm not sure what "kind of marriage" is being "saved." My guess is her marriage is living hell. My worry is that Julia could be threatened by her husband...... her husband being an attorney.....with threats of losing ALL her children through his legal maneuvering should she allow James in the Julian's life. If they divorce I can only imagine how he would make her pay.
If Julia was that concerned about her marriage, she never would have been in bed with James in the first place. But working on their marriage shouldn't deny father and son their relationship. Julian will find out....and i don't think it will be when he's 18. It will be sooner. And his mother will be held responsible by her own son....and she's not going to like it. Trust me.... I am married to a man, now in his 40's, who was denied his bio father just like Julian. When they find out it has devastating consequences, for child and all family alike. I don't care what anyone says, because I know first hand, that Julian will suffer psychologically when he finds out. It won't be for just a little while. It will stay with him a lifetime. What a shame for this little boy. What a shame for the man he will become.
BTW.... I don't know any of the parties involved, so I'm not a friend of James. James, keep up your fight and never stop posting and writing to your son. Someday he will want and need it to help him figure everything out.

Marathon, FL

#89 Aug 21, 2008

I don't think it has anything to do with their marriage, rather everything to do with the husbands ego and pride. Two things seeming to be in short supply considering what he and his wife are doing to the little boy. I have to admit, I'd never have Mr. Ricketts represent me. As, even in legal matters, I'd want someone with at least a sliver of ethics as my lawyer. It kills me that they ignore the long term effects on the little boy. I sure hope Mr.Rhoades keeps fighting.

Havre De Grace, MD

#90 Aug 22, 2008
the mom and husband don't care about the boy. this is easily seen in what they've said to the court. at least the boy has a dad who cares. let's hope this case encourages other dads to fight for their kids.

Marathon, FL

#91 Aug 24, 2008
Even though Mr.Rhoades had an affair with a married woman, he should be applauded for fighting to be in his son's life. As a child and boy, I wish my mother would of been honest with me and would of let my dad see me! Don't give up Mr.Rhoades. Keep fighting to see your son!

Louisville, KY

#92 Sep 1, 2008
I dont think the Ricketts are thinking of this child at all; they want to sweep all of their dirty laundry under the rug while keeping up a fake persona. This is the first I have ever heard of this case, and i found out about it via accident; the murderer that Jon Rickett's dad defended many years ago was found dead today.
I am in complete disgust that the Supreme court would not let this man have rights to visitation with his child...its truly insane. I believe that it may turn out different in a higher court; KY is all about "who knows who", but that hopefully wont be the case at a higher level! Keep on fighting!!!!!

And I would be willing to bet that Julia Ricket's marraige ends in divorce anyway....despite all of this...she's probably already messing around with someone else now!!! There must be a lot of that going around in the courthouses downtown...Ive heard LOTS of stories of rampant adultry.
Kids Need Their Dads

Clinton, MO

#93 Nov 7, 2008
I hope the little boy get's to see his daddy soon!

Hilliard, OH

#94 Nov 9, 2008
Ugh nasty....What a horrible ugly inside and out person to have my name. I hope you get full custody of your son because obviously if she cared so much about saving her pride, she wouldn't have had an affair. This whole story makes my city look like white trash which it obviously is not. Maybe they should move out to Hazard or somewhere. I can't believe that some people would mess up a child's life for some sort of revenge or salvage of pride.
Dad Supporter

Miami, FL

#95 Nov 28, 2008
Seems the father in this case just doesn't know the word quit. His blog says he'll be on 84 WHAS Talk Radio's Francine Show Monday December 1st at 9a.m. No doubt this guy loves his son - sure hope he wins!

Panama City, FL

#96 Dec 23, 2008
During this holiday season, please help make sure every child in Kentucky has the same right to know and love their daddy.

Call the legislative message line at 1-800-372-7181 and request the whole legislative body quickly pass: Bill BR57.

Please call today and ask the General Assembly to cast a vote for children in 2009, so all children can be reunited with their fathers. Let's end the warped thinking of Julie & Jonathan Ricketts by saying kids deserve to know the truth.


Since: Dec 08


#97 Dec 23, 2008
Myabe momma should have told you its also low class to have an affair with a married woman and have unprotecetd sex with her and then be upset at the consequences....just a thought

Miami, FL

#98 Jan 5, 2009
Mr. Rhoades there's more people than you think pulling for you and your son to see each other. Don't give up, as many of us have called the KY legislature telling them 'all' children should share the same rights.
Not Your Son

Kaiserslautern, Germany

#99 Jan 27, 2009
Isn't it funny that Mr. Rhoades never mentions that he was offered a shared visitation and parenting agreement, and that he turned it down in favor of seeking full custody? Fighting to see his "son"? I don't think so. Fighting to humiliate and hurt the woman that hurt him is more like it. Mrs. Ricketts and Mr. Rhoades are both completely in the wrong. It is Mr. Ricketts, who for several months believed the child to be biologically his and still loves him as if he were, and the three poor kids in this case that deserve sympathy.

Low class? Do you see the Ricketts plastering personal notes and pictures of the kid all over the Internet and billboards? Do you see them insulting and demeaning Mr. Rhoades and then pretending to defend him? No, it's Mr. Rhoades that is doing all that, because his fight is about winning and that's all. Look at his website. He sounds like a 4-year-old. MY son, MY child, MY rights. The kid's not a marble that he thinks someone won unfairly.

If you know anything about the actual people in this case, then you know that they are not and have no intention of lying to the baby about his parentage. Since he's 2, it's a little tough to explain thoroughly right now, but as he gets older then he will be given age-appropriate explanations. What they do not want is for a vengeful stalker to gain custody, take him away and prevent them from ever seeing him again. Mr. Rhoades is the one that refused shared parenting and sued for full custody. After his behavior and total disregard for the child's safety, I certainly wouldn't allow him near the child for any reason.

Panama City, FL

#100 Jan 28, 2009
I believe everyone has a right to their own opinion, however, you should base your opinion on the facts surrounding the situation. It's quite apparent you don't have all the facts because the Ricketts don't want you to have all the facts. It's also obvious you're friends with Jonathan Ricketts. Let me provide one example of the Ricketts honesty. They recently had their attorney tell local media they could not speak about the case, which was odd since Julia gave an interview 7 months into the case. And then Charlie Ricketts spoke to reporters in September of 2007. This is just a small example of the Ricketts credibility. As their friend, you accuse me of being dishonest, despite the transparency found on my blog. How would you feel if someone took your child and then had the audacity to say the child wasn't yours, you didn't deserve to see him, and that they told everyone he was theirs. As the Ricketts friend, you probably wouldn't have a problem with that because they aren't doing that to you and your child. What the Ricketts are doing is unjustifiable! They are sick people who should be ashamed of themselves. Funny how it didn't bother them to have my son's picture in the local newspaper in July 2007, guess it was okay since their your friends. It's people with your mentality that think the child's welfare is secondary to your friend's feelings. Jonathan Ricketts is NOT the saint you're painting him to be. Wake up!!!

Panama City, FL

#101 Jan 28, 2009
Hey the way, you're good friend Jon Ricketts, Julia's 2nd husband, thinks it's okay to keep mine and Julia's son away from me and his real gradparents....for almost 2 years now. I guess Jonathan is what you consider to be a fine upstanding guy???? What you fail to understand, again because your friends the Ricketts don't want you to understand, is that they have created every roadblock and obstacle possible to keep mine and Julia's son apart. Do you get it....we're talking about mine and Julia's son...not Jonathan's son. See Jonathan can't accept the truth or reality that my son is his stepson. This is why a deal could never be reached. I suppose you think my son will thank Jonathan for keeping him and I apart? Your buddy Jon doesn't care about the truth or my son. Jonathan Ricketts is all about Jonathan Ricketts. In his eyes there is no one more important than himself. Why do you think Julia had an affair? You really don't know him as well as you think. Although, you'll probably pretend you don't even know him. Oh well...if the Ricketts were more honest with their friends. It's through turmoil that we find out what a person is all about. I'm prepared to do everything in my power to be in my son's life and Jonathan Ricketts is prepared to do everything in his power to keep me out of my son's life. don't think I should be able to call my son my son. You've definately drank the Ricketts' koolaid.
Not Your Son

Kaiserslautern, Germany

#102 Jan 28, 2009
Actually, no, I don't personally know any of the players in this case. I'm an Army spouse that was previously at Fort Knox and became interested in this case through a mutual acquaintance and the news coverage. All the information I cited is on your blog. You just don't mention the parts that aren't so good for your side when you're dragging your dirty laundry through very public mud. I've been in a similar situation in my own family, though not so public, thank goodness. I'm sorry, but while you are right in your desire to have a relationship with this child, you are very wrong in the way you are going about it.

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