List again to name 'deadbeat' parents

Louisville, KY

#105 May 26, 2010
dang Im glad I got a good baby daddy that takes care of both of his kids. Some of these stories are sad!

United States

#106 Jun 8, 2010
silence wrote:
robert was my ex husband for 13 years, i left him because i was tired of the abuse of my kids and myself. i work hard and still do not make ends meet, while he drives his souped up firehawk and takes his girlfriend and her kid out to eat. my daughter heard that little girl call him daddy. My kids didn't do anything to deserve how he just threw them away. he deserves to be in jail, and i hope that when he goes to hell for
his selfish greed that his soul is tormented with the same pain his kids have felt. it's not only about the money it's about kids who lost someone that could have tried to be a better father.
Robert who???

Iowa City, IA

#107 Jun 8, 2010
Mick now is living in San Francisco. Not paying any child support to my mom again.

Iowa City, IA

#108 Jun 13, 2010
Mick Helmel is now living in San Francisco & working at Team-Up Global, but still behind in child support.
who cares

Brandenburg, KY

#109 Jun 16, 2010
who cares if they pay they pay if they dont oh well who cares,thats life.

Dallas, TX

#110 Jun 24, 2010
grandma wrote:
I have 4 names ROBERT CURTIS,JUSTIN CRAVENS,DANNY HILL,JOESPH SHARP,none of the 4 will pay one cent JOESPH has a warrent on him has never been picked up they are all trash in my book.these children are better off not ever knowing any of them.they all should be in jail and if the law did its job they would,what goes around comes around.maybe some flyers with their pictures on them posted around town .
Wow......four different guys????? Sounds to me like something has been going around ........ very loosely.........

Goose Creek, SC

#111 Jun 29, 2010
Seether wrote:
F**k all you money hungry Bitchezs. Keep drawing your welfare and complaining cause you man left your sorry ass.
Well, maybe they would not be on welfare (if so) if the DEADBEAT would take care of his responsibilities. I pray to God that you do not have a daughter, b/c if so, a faher like you would be worth trading. I only say that b/c you are directing your anger @ women you do not know and for the most part, being soooooo DIRESPECTFUL w/ the B-word and all. If you have a daughter, I hope by the time she decides she wants a family,the father of her children do not leave her for another woman b/c he cannot keep his penis in his pant's. I am a mother of 4(FOUR) and 2(TWO) of the four are not my husbands', but he takes very good cae of them. My 2 oldest father is a deadbeat leaving me for another woman. He says he left b/c he's not ready for a family and guess what the woman whom he left me for has 3 kids by him and to this 29th day of June 2010 the authorities are looking for his sorry ass in Colombus Ohio. And as a woman, I could not be laying with someone who already has children and they have no interaction w/ them at all. Partaking in no parts of their (children) lives.

Mayfield, KY

#112 Jun 30, 2010
Any woman that collects child support is a prostitute and a who re, plain and simple.

Mayfield, KY

#114 Jun 30, 2010
Shimmering wrote:
<quoted text>
Like your mother? LMAO!
Please don't project you family upbringing on me. Just because your mother is a mailbox watching, welfare collecting, coon wh ore doesn't mean everyone elses is. Now tell yo mamma she better have my money by Friday or I'm gonn put the smack down on that ho!

Mayfield, KY

#116 Jun 30, 2010
Shimmering wrote:
<quoted text>
My mother sucks c ock for a living and I don't know who my daddy is.
Neither should you! Lmao...

Iowa City, IA

#118 Oct 2, 2010
Mick Helmel is now $10,000 behind in child support.
Monte Carlo girl

Sidney, MT

#119 Dec 18, 2010
enraged father wrote:
Jolene Reedy (deadbeat mother) in Montana owes over $12000 in back child support. Refuses to work and sits in the bars every weekend drinking.
Has anything changed in this situation? I would be surprised if it did! She is a worthless piece of ... Anyone who believes they should spend money on themselves before the needs of their child is met is a low life.. Sorry but I personally know who she is and your right she just wants to party and get laid at what ever cost!!! She gets her hair and nails done buys expensive cloths and even though now her license is suspended due to a DUI not back due child support she continues to drink and drive! Classy ~Whatever
richard john brown

Teaneck, NJ

#120 Jan 28, 2011
He has had no contact w/his kids in bout ten years.never seen prom,graudations,holidays,his oldest just had surprise 21s party..he didnt know.he missed out on alot for his kids.
Donte huston

Radcliff, KY

#121 Feb 2, 2011
People make mistakes some dads back grounds keep them from getting jobs and how about the dads who still get they kids every week but can't pay child support does this make you better than them and why does it make people happy to see them in jail you still don't get any money and all you are doing is hurting the kid. They say 55 percent of deadbeat dad have no high school degrees maybe they should help them instead of putting them in jail. May the woman or man without sin throw the first stone

Huntington, IN

#122 Feb 8, 2011
Does anybody knw andre mackey 35yr old .frm louisville
Jeanette Houser Windley

Sebring, FL

#123 Apr 8, 2011
I have been trying to get child support since March 2009 for my three children in Orange County Florida. I have been through contempt motions and trying to get his driver's licenses suspended with no success because he would always filed a motion to stop what I have tried to do. He was jailed in August of last year, but released without a purge amount being set. He still owes over $10,000 in back child support.

I am in desperate need for help in trying to get child support paid. Albert Watson Link III had gotten married for third time since leaving me and my children in 2007. He also molested his young daughter and now trying to get custody of her before she tells the world.

Him and his new bridezilla have been committing crime fpr over seven years and bragging about it on myspace, facebook, etc with nasty comments like my second ex-wife paid for this wedding. They have commited foodstamps FRAUD, bank fraud, Albert watson Link III has had oral sex with his young daughter. He has also sexually harrassed children while he was working at Osceola Children home that know longer exists. Please call them and confirm my story.

He also molested three other children at the Children home where he was working.

I need your help for my children. All I ask that the laws be enforced on State and Federal levels. My children still have to eat, wear clothes and have a roof over their heads.

Thanks for reading my email and be careful of him and Jeanette Houser Windley because they are both raping the two or three children that are living with them Madison and Julien.

United States

#124 May 15, 2011
BEN RAY is a deadbeat dad
love your child

Demotte, IN

#125 Jun 27, 2011
Having a hard time is not an excuse because if you had your child you would still have to take care of your child no matter what loosing your job or not grow up deadbeats there is no excuse understand that the reason why you are on child support is because you took the wrong way out you thought it was easy but in reality it was easier for you to have been there for you child stupid so theres the reward for you not doing the right thing going to jail getting behind on the payments falling into debt and most of all missing out on your child a part of you ....

Rockford, IL

#126 Nov 27, 2011
Mick Helmel now owes over $12,000 in back support. He quit his job again, holding up a sign for SureCuts hair salon advertising cheap hair cuts. I think someone tried to hit him over the head with the sign & that's why he quit. He just can't hold down a job & probably never will. What a LOSER!!!!

Olive Hill, KY

#127 Dec 2, 2011
Chris Johnson Bloomfield is a deadbeat dad that abandoned 2 of his kids and now there is a warrant out for him because he doesnt want to work and pay child support.Last I heard he was living in your area Ladies so beware of all his lies.

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