Chandler, AZ

#24 Jan 17, 2010
Mentality in kentucky is "talk about one heffer
in the barn and they are all involved. Heffers
of a feather all flock together! Stupid farm animals and those that slep with them.
im just saying

Edmonton, KY

#26 Jan 18, 2010
i have always have and will want a plump girl. skinny girls are just open gut and i find have the largest downstairs. i have experienced both big and small women. my big girlfriends were way cleaner. big girls are self conscious of themselves. so they spend more money on feminine products and bath way more then the skinny ones. unless you date dirties plumper girls have a cleaner downstairs. im talking plump not morbid obese. plus their downstairs look better. they dont have those ugly huge discolored clits like skinny girls. skinny girls always have a nasty darker color friction burned smelling like burnt meat smell. plus plump girls age nicely and at times look younger then their age unlike skinny hard feature horse faces that every skinny woman gets when she turns 40. women are women. so either can be crazy and bitchy. plumper girls are higher risk for needing to deliver their babies c-section. so her downstairs doent umm change after marriage. sorry woman. but you know its a fact that your cooters change after you push a baby out. sad thing is the 1st born does all the damage. if she was to have 3 more or just that 1 doesnt matter. true fact (i'm in the medical field)
im just saying

Edmonton, KY

#27 Jan 18, 2010
my take on skinny women-

lets see mmmmmm do i want to be out money for dinner,watch a movie that i would never watch in the first place, listen a couple hours about the "notebook" and every ex she has possibly dated for a piece or save my money, rent a UFC on dvd, and save my ears from "who gives a rat's ass" conversation, and just use a pocket puss. the pocket puss would be tighter to. i'm just saying......... on 1 more note. just because she is skinny doesnt mean she looks good naked. skinny women after kids end up with orangutan titties along with lose skin hanging like a melting wax figurine. u heard of the movie 8 mile? it was metaphor for skinny girls' asses. they all have long flat asses. i bet if ya leaned down and listen to the crack of their asses you could hear 'lion, tigers, and bears oh my!'

here's a secret skinny ladies.....every guy loves a fatty. they just tell you different. if plump walked the catwalks instead of 3rd world chain smoking heroin addicted half dead skinny cyborgs do you think your man would be putting up with "am i getting fat" questions and screwing your vag that is more like screwing a well that has the nerve to not even have a drop of moisture. i guess thats way skinny girls are so anal.

dude is fat hating like guys who hate gays because they are insecure with their sexuality. this dude just wishes he was a beautiful fat woman. its ok just be you, a bbw envying troll that loves cock.

Since: Nov 09

Henderson, KY

#28 Jan 19, 2010
some people on here has no heart at all so now their put down the fat women so how many fat men you see a lot so now how do you men feel we put you fat men down so fat your pant come down over your crack butt who wont to see all that not us women ok so now talk crap about fat women now so now take a good look at your self before you judge someone else and have a very nice day so you go girl dont let noone tell you fat people you aint beauiful on the inside than you are otu cause you are so now keep it real girl and go on with life cause one day it will catch up to them and they wont be lol lol no more cause their get FAT also
hogg molly

Georgetown, KY

#29 Jan 19, 2010
phucku wrote:
fat women are nasty, they don't wipe their ass,they lye around in filthy trailers watching soap operas and farting and belching and staining up their panties.
is there a reason your mother does this.why dont you help get her up & maybe get a dolly to take her to the bathroom

Louisville, KY

#30 Jan 20, 2010
Haven't had a complaint yet!!!

Since: Nov 09

Henderson, KY

#31 Jan 20, 2010
here we go again talking about fat people again is that all people got to on here is put people down cause the way they look will let me tell everyone on here dont be judge someone on here cause that not noone place to and you better look at your own self cause it will come back on you twice as hard so stop put fat people down ok

Phoenix, AZ

#32 Jan 21, 2010

“I'm the one you love to hate!!”

Since: Dec 09

Memphis,Tn M-TOWN

#33 Jan 21, 2010
JAMES wrote:
Thats not what u were saying when you were making love to a big girl!! u loved her then..your momma is a code word for fat female sluts!!lmao

Lexington, KY

#34 Jan 21, 2010
How fat is fat? Are we talking about chubby, obese or?


Since: Jun 08

Location hidden

#35 Jan 21, 2010
JAMES wrote:
Stay where your at.
George Burnett


#36 Jan 21, 2010
triple6vamp wrote:
<quoted text>
Ignore that guy,he comes on here to vent his anger over losing his life savings.
Should of thought of that prenuptial..big dummy
She probably ATE his life savings.
George Burnett


#37 Jan 21, 2010
JAMES wrote:
Plenty big uns in Phoenix too-----have to dip 'em in flour to find the wet spot.

Middletown, OH

#38 Jan 23, 2010
Stephanie wrote:
How fat is fat? Are we talking about chubby, obese or?
you probably started out pudgy, then chubby, then plump, then obese, now you are morbidly obese.
Fat people are

Pewee Valley, KY

#39 Jan 23, 2010
Fat people are the last "safe" sterotype to make fun of which is why ignorant uneducated people still do so. If you say something about blacks, muslims, jews, mexicans, gays, lesbians, chinese, immigrants,transgenders, transsexuals, inbred people, the handicap or anyone of any odd mixed up religion you will either find yourself killed, maimed or sued. So...that is why "fat" people are still the safe ones to make fun of...for now.
im just saying

Baldwin City, KS

#40 Jan 23, 2010
the only people that spend their time,in a world that there never seems to be enough time as it,putting down the obese instead of actually doing something constructive with their time are secretly chubby chaser that arent confident enough in them self to come out of the closet. instead they troll on line because they cant lead but follow other trolls. the irony is all trolls are insecure followers following each other around in a circle of dumbass.im just saying.............
hey james

United States

#41 Jan 24, 2010
man you loosing your mud.Don't do it.some of this was his fault she wasn't alone.
hey james

United States

#42 Jan 24, 2010
This guy seems to have a little split in this thread.I think they got some real hate issues going on.They not happy peace man i hope you stay together but if you don't.If there is kids stay calm when acting out.

Since: Nov 09

Henderson, KY

#43 Jan 25, 2010
fat peopl are beauitful so get over it and go get a life somewhere ok

Manville, NJ

#44 Jan 29, 2010
Fat people especially fat women are weak willed gluttons. They eat because they cannot stop and they hate themselves for it. All these fat chicks claiming to be curvy or thick (lol) are just fooling themselves. I know a woman who is immense. She is so super morbidly obese that she cannot even leave her house without her boyfriend and a small entourage of people to help her to and from a vehicle. She pretends it doesn’t matter to her and pretends to accept herself. She uses all the fat chick cliques when describing or referring to herself so she can emotionally feel better about her gross form. But deep down she loathes being so fat because she is trapped by her own gluttony. Her boyfriend is into huge women and is clueless as to her true feelings toward her bloated body and pathetic existence. My feelings on the situation are that she is mentally and emotionally weak, her predicament is entirely her own doing and she would probably be better off just eating herself to death quickly and expediently. In reality this is what she really wants and maybe it is time to help it along.

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