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Kunming, China

#21 Nov 28, 2013
Baby Boy wrote:
My dad was a mason and him and his mason buddies would stay half drunk most of the time. Act all important in public, but drunks and theives in private.
Yeah you are bang on. Freemasons are the scum of humanity.They try to show that their members are a good bunch of old men,when in fact they are bunch of uneducated paedophile filth. They are thieves and sicko's. They are linked to 9/11 and 7/7 bombing.
They want a sick new world order,it's on their pyramid symbol with the 1 eye. When you hear someone speak about the NWO then you know they are a Freemason.
NEVER trust them, they actually pretend this CULT is a charity. They are in fact the sickest peopleyou can get. They are degenerates.
If you want to know more about them and their sick rituals, put in the following to Google.
Hollie Greig case (little girl raped by 13 Freemasons and protected by Freemason judges, police and more, the paedophile rapists included a sheriff, social worker, nurse and more positions in government and judiciary.
Jimmy Savile, a Freemason who raped over 10,000 children and was protected for over 40 years. His victims are in the court cases currently and over 600 are currently open in the last few months. He was protected by the BBC, Media, Police, Judges and many more.
Haut De la Garenne Children's home. An investigation into the raping, torture and sacrifice of hundreds of children. Who visited this home? Ted Heath and paedophile Jimmy Savile, with Royalty.
These are just a few cases, spread the word and tell 5 people, quietly and ensure they are not a Freemason,Mormon, Jehovah witness, Scientologist or other CULT in the Freemasonry pyramid.
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Since: Sep 13

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#22 Nov 28, 2013
You people must have watched a Discovery channel show..LMAO!!
in the know

Kunming, China

#23 Nov 29, 2013
Abusement Park wrote:
You people must have watched a Discovery channel show..LMAO!!
WOW you must be a paedophile Freemason supporter.
in the know

Kunming, China

#24 Dec 4, 2013
Tin Machine wrote:
<quoted text>
Well that is the dumbest thing I ever heard.
Freemasonry means the same thing it meant for more then 300+ years. Yes it is a social club in a way. In reality it was and is the original social networking site.
Lost it's way? Why is that? They hold the same goals and morality as they did from it's inception. if anything that makes it better in these times were many people have abandoned these simple morals.
They'd roll over in their graves? I don't think so. Freemasons hold equality most dearly and typically emulate the best of morality and charity and brotherly love.
You are partially correct with regards to the numbers of members being reduced to appropriate numbers. The boom after the 2nd world war just over inflated the numbers for a few decades.
If you look at the numbers according to population prior to the baby boom, you will see that they are just leveling off.
In many jurisdiction the numbers are actually growing with many discovering Freemasonry as young men begin to join in steady predictable numbers.
Freemasonry has saved the world before and will do so again if necessary.
LOL! WHAT A LOAD OF TOSH! I bet you believe Aliens landed created Atlantis and made Freemasonry Freeman. LOL!

This complete Muppet has no idea weho they are. They are the biggest thieves, snivelling little useless filth who have loads of paedophiles in their ranks.

Save the world!!! ROFLMAO!!!!!!!!!!
in the know

Kunming, China

#25 Jan 28, 2014
Also, Freemasonry are the attempted control of the western world by the laughable name 'illuminati' Basically rich families who are totally mentally ill and the filth of humanity.
a lot of them are in some way linked to the bloodline of royalty in the past, especially the UK royalty.
They run prostitution rings, this is where they get the girls who are a bit loose and make them part of their CULTs and force them to get brainwashed and desensitised to sex with ANYONE. They use these women to basically keep male members and reward them with sex.
They are responsible for many drug dealing and other illegal enterprises that they control, if you walk into a club in the UK you can get any drug you want. They are basically using the old roman ploy, give the people sex, violence, drugs etc and you keep the mass peons (peasants) happy.
This is Freemasonry, join the pyramid cults at your peril. They use the gang stalking or organised stalking tactics against their enemies and have infiltrated the UN and many other organisations that are fronts fro the sick group.
Why are they trying so hard to get people into groups? Simple, you control all the group as the head is a Freemason (acting as one of the other groups, such as Jehovah) and they then control all the members, thus you just need to control a few groups who have been created by Freemasonry.
It's a great though they are being exposed more and more everyday, we can get rid of this FILTH very easily.
Keep up the good work, don't do what you are told, your not a slave.

Lexington, KY

#26 Jan 30, 2014
So Masons and Freemasons are the same?
In the know

Kunming, China

#27 Sep 2, 2014
No, freemasonry are the pyramid cult with the eye at the top, which is meant to be the Queen. They are more notorious for the fact that they are linked go so many paedophile rape cases as they are said to rape children in their sick sex rituals. You can find their pyramid symbol and the one eye symbol on a lot of businesses of their members or 666 999 etc in their telephone number etc.

The masons are the same but a 'Mason' is also a personal who deals in building with masonry. Like bricks.
In the know

Kunming, China

#28 Sep 2, 2014
That is the Queen of England.
To ball cane

United States

#29 Oct 29, 2014
Iam catholic and I was a mason but when I saw what it was all about I quit paying my dues and dropped out trust me people the lodge and most all it's members are full of shit
Son of Man

Milwaukee, WI

#30 Dec 27, 2014
Please seek a personal relationship with our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, the Son of God. For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. - John 3:16
Reptilian Shapeshifter

Campbellsville, KY

#31 Dec 27, 2014
As part of the Illuminati, I would like to inform all of you that we will be monitoring this thread

United States

#32 Dec 31, 2014
Complete fiction.they are quiet for sure but great men to look up have nothing to worry about.there will always be judges of things they are not.sinners judge church and so on.the masons are the best in the matters not what people think of masons since a mason is always doing his best.and nobody has proof of fictional thoughts of masons.try being one Nd you may change your mind

United States

#33 Dec 31, 2014
People have nothing better than to judge.masons cannot say anything.they have to be good.i meet outstanding people all of the the judgements you pass are untrue

Nairobi, Kenya

#34 Jan 5, 2015

“smooth sailing”

Since: Nov 14

Panama City Beach, FL

#35 Jan 5, 2015
IN THE KNOW wrote:
<quoted text>
Yes, A CULT. A group who pretends to the lower masons that they love a good god. They are just covering up for the true fact they worship Lucifer. This is said as they prefer people who will do whatever as they are the scum of the earth.
So, yes a CULT.
Just a tactic for the sick mentally ill wealthy to control the people.
you have a low i.q.

United States

#36 Jan 5, 2015
I can't meet this week,but I would say I would trust a mason first.all the negative stuff is untrue.they check you out.and they steer clear of bad news.when I was down but not mature,I inquired about masonry. Ten years later i climbed aboard and I am a new man in Christ.i tell everyone about Christ.i am trying to help 3 people at work with masonry.follow the light
Master Mason

United States

#38 Jan 31, 2015
I would laugh at all of the things being said in here about Masons, but I can't bring myself to even do that. I feel really sorry for you folks that are saying all of the negative stuff about Masons. That's just pitiful. Masons are very careful about who they let in their organization. Just because there are a handful of people that have done despicable and detestable things doesn't mean that ALL Masons are bad people. There's good and bad in everything, everywhere. Just because a Walmart employee goes out and gets drunk DOES NOT mean that ALL employees are drunks! If a certain color of a person (black, white, purple, or pee-green pink) goes out and robs a store DOES NOT mean that the whole race is that way. Just because a person of a certain religion has an affair DOES NOT mean that that whole denomination is out screwing everybody.
In reading the negative posts on this topic I have to wonder just what in the world do people do with their time? Maybe instead of sitting around and trying to outdo the post before your next one...why don't you use your time more wisely? Why not go out and help your neighbor? Why not go downtown and volunteer to feed the homeless and those that are less fortunate than you? OR better yet, why don't you get out your dusty Bible and start reading it? Why not pray for people instead of trying to discredit them for something they stand up for and believe in? Why not read your Bible and study it and then you can learn ALL you want to about Masonry? I assure you that EVERYTHING they teach and stand for can be found in Gods Word.
All I can think of when I read this post is that a lodge has done a very good job in investigating people that have wanted to join their lodge...because it's evident that there have been people on here that have been black-balled in the past.
We ONLY accept those that are God-fearing and God-trusting men! We take a "good man" and show him how to be a "better man".
"So mote it be!"

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