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Calgary, Canada

#88 Oct 11, 2010
I was doing some more research I found this two links on Egypt!

United States

#89 Feb 11, 2011
Chad you are a damn racist!

nts of which are still evident today. White Egyptians pioneered medicine, chemistry, astronomy, and law; in many cases, their achievements remain unequalled.
But, about 3400 B.C. Egypts civilization began to spread up the Nile River, bringing it in close contact with the blacks to the south. Soon they were using blacks for labor and Egypt became history’s first melting pot.
In time the infusion of Negro blood worked itself up from the bottom of Egyptian society. Blacks eventually received political equality, and took posts of authority in government. Sound familiar?!!!
By the time of King Tut (1370-1352 B.C.) many of the ruling classes had been mongrelized and Egypt began a tailspin downward. Today, the once-mighty Egypt is very much a third world country, having lost its art, its medicine, its architectural ability, and its position in world affairs.
The absurd notion that Ancient Egypt was a product of Negro ingenuity is now being widely disseminated in the schools by Afro-centrists. Afro-centrism is a kind of pseudo-history that was concocted by those who felt that white people seemed to play too large a role in historiography.
The importance of the history of Egypt cannot be overestimated as it pertains to America. Clearly, our nation is following the course of Egypt, only over a greatly shortened time. As has been said by so many philosophers, the sad fact is that men learn nothing from history. Today, those who do not see the vivid similarity of today’s growing anarchy, loss of societal comity, lawlessness, distortion and pollution of our white culture are blind.
The white race has crossed seas, harnessed rivers, carved mountains, tamed deserts, and colonized the most barren ice fields. It has been responsible for the invention of the printing press, cement, the harnessing of electricity, flight, rocketry, astronomy, the telescope, space travel, firearms, the transistor, radio, television, the telephone, the light bulb, photography, motion pictures, the phonograph, the electric battery, the automobile, the steam engine, railroad transportation, the microscope, computers, and millions of other technological miracles. The white race has discovered countless medical advances, and made enormous scientific progress through out the ages compared to other racial groups.
Throughout 6,000 years of recorded history, blacks have invented next to nothing. Not a written language, weaved cloth, a calendar, a plow, a road, a bridge, a railway, a ship, a system of measurement, or even the wheel.
Blacks have not independently been known to have ever cultivated a single crop or domesticated a single animal for his own use. Blacks only known means of transporting goods was on top of their heads and blacks never progressed beyond the common mud hut for shelter, the construction of which a beaver or muskrat is capable.
Liberals continue to spread the lie that every race is equal and has an equal capacity to learn and contribute to civilization and any attempt to distinguish the races is motivated by paranoia, hatred, and racism. Which anybody with half a brain knows is nonsense.
The truth is that no matter what the DNA says Afro-centrists will still regard King Tut as bl

Memphis, TN

#91 Mar 15, 2011
dam dummies. which way your hole is pointing???

Bayonne, NJ

#95 Feb 20, 2012

Bronx, NY

#97 Mar 4, 2013
King Tut was in no way white! What baffles me is that white people are now trying to recover Egypt and claim it as their own because they have no real history. Africans were the first people on the planet and across the globe. It is shown in every major artifact uncovered by archaeologists. You guys were around at least 6000 if not less. Since you've been created, the world has been in turmoil. There is no way that white people can build a society based upon peace and spirituality, because they have no spirituality. And they are really scary people that fears anything bigger and blacker than them. They also lack genetic superiority over other races because they lack melanin, which is a super conductor of the sun. Kemites (Egyptians) worshiped the sun and spent most of their lives in the sun,. White people cannot bear pure sunlight without some sort of sun protector. So how in the world can you guys be outside all day long building pyramids that still withstand time 1000's of years later. America would not be America without the backbone of the African people. Latin America would not have a culture if it were not for African culture. King Tut has a nose and face like so many black people I see everyday including me.
Europe's false freemasonry system only has 33 degrees, while Egypt has 360. If western Europeans really had all that knowledge and talent to build those pyramids, then why is it not reflected in the European powers today.
We cultivated rice, yams, beans, and a host of other staple crops produced now all over the world. We knew the knowledge of iron smelting half a million years before Europeans were discovered in caves. Whoever posted this article about King Tut's racial background is completely ignorant and a pure bafoon. Read a book or something. You should go to Egypt and see the paintings and carvings of the Kings and Gods alike that are all PITCH BLACK!!!!! The mother culture of Egypt stems off of Ethiopia. And you should know that India, Saudi Arabia, and the rest of the so called middle east is really Africa.

Anniston, AL

#98 Mar 5, 2013
Maybe they couldn't find any type of "white" stone to fashion the carvings from, eh?
And you're trying to tell me that white people can't stay in the Sun without some sort of sunblock? Haha!!!
Who says they didn't use a natural sunblock? Hell.....who even said they worked in the daytime below the hot sun?
At least the op provided links.
What have you provided? Nothing.
Yep that is right

Mountain Home, AR

#99 Mar 5, 2013
Chad wrote:
<quoted text>Look folks! If you look James Gentless up on Fackbook, it has ol' Phagnix's avatar pic on it! Coincidence? I don't think so!
People have been hacking topix for a long time, having a facebook account makes it easy for those with the right program and skills.

Louisville, KY

#100 Mar 5, 2013
Chad wrote:
King Tut was White: =bNmZQJsRjrcXX&feature=rel ated
Awww, does the truth hurt folks? lol...
Black Power

Oakland, CA

#101 Jul 7, 2013
Chad wrote:
<quoted text>Awww, does the truth hurt folks? lol...
LOOK King Tut is white, dna proves it.

White people always tell the truth LOL
Black Power

Oakland, CA

#102 Jul 7, 2013
And heres the dna pdf files thats shows his white dna
All that dna from sub saharan Africa proves that he is WHITE.
We white people never lie. LOL
Look at these pictures of King Tut's grandparents they look white to me
Amenhotep III
Queen Tiye (his Grand Mother)
All those afros proves their whiteness LOL
Black Power

Oakland, CA

#103 Jul 7, 2013
wut wrote:
Maybe they couldn't find any type of "white" stone to fashion the carvings from, eh?
And you're trying to tell me that white people can't stay in the Sun without some sort of sunblock? Haha!!!
Who says they didn't use a natural sunblock? Hell.....who even said they worked in the daytime below the hot sun?
At least the op provided links.
What have you provided? Nothing.
I will provide a link here you go
Now keep proving that they are white.
Black Power

Oakland, CA

#104 Jul 7, 2013
Chad wrote:
<quoted text>Awww, does the truth hurt folks? lol...
this is king Tut's DNA anyone with a brain can see he is white.
World Region RamessesIII Unknown Man E
(possible Pentawer)
AfricanGreat Lakes 335.1 104.0
Southern African 266.0 134.6
Tropical West African 241.7 42.8
Horn of Africa 114.0 48.2
Sahelian 57.0 11.3
North African 23.9 13.5
Levantine 14.3 4.9
Arabian 5.1 1.4
South India 4.4 1.5
Aegean 3.3 0.9
Mesopotamian 2.4 0.9
North India 2.3 0.7
Mestizo 2.1 10.1
Northwest European 1.4 0.5
Mediterranean 1.1 0.5
Salishan 1.0 12.9
Eastern India 0.6 0.3
Finnic 0.3 0.3
Eastern European 0.2 0.1
Chinese 0.1 0.2
Southeast Asian 0.1 0.1
Altaian 0.1 0.2
Gran Chaco 0.1 7.7
Tibetan 0.1 0.1
Japanese 0.1 0.2
Manchurian 0.1 0.1
Central American 0.0 2.7
Australian 0.0 0.0
Andean 0.0 2.5
Malay Archipelago 0.0 0.0
Athabaskan 0.0 1.3
Ojibwa 0.0 1.1
Polynesian 0.0 0.0
Mexican 0.0 0.5
Mayan 0.0 0.5
North Amerindian 0.0 0.4
Arctic 0.0 0.0
Amazonian 0.0 0.0
Patagonian 0.0 0.0
Table 1: Top MLI (Match Likelihood Index) scores for the autosomal STR profiles of Ramesses III
and Unknown Man E (possibly Pentawer) based on the world regions identified by DNA Tribes®
Black Power

Oakland, CA

#105 Jul 7, 2013
Black people are dumb they think the ancient Egyptians are Black. This proves otherwise.
Hello, and welcome to the February 2013 issue of DNA Tribes®
Digest. This month’s article
features a geographical analysis of autosomal DNA from two ancient individuals: the pharaoh Ramesses
III and another individual (possibly his son), who lived more than 3,000 years ago during the 20th Dynasty
of Egypt (during the Bronze-Iron Age transition).
A previous issue of DNA Tribes®
Digest identified African related ancestry for King Tut and
other royal mummies from the Amarna Period.1
In this issue, results indicate that the later pharaoh
Ramesses III also inherited alleles that are most frequent in present day populations of Sub-Saharan
Africa. This provides additional, independent evidence of Sub-Saharan African ancestry (possibly among
several ancestral components) for pharaonic families of ancient Egypt.
Black Power

Oakland, CA

#106 Jul 11, 2013
Sorry that last DNA profiles was RamessesIII here's King Tut's WHITE DNA.

Told ya he was WHITE.LOL
Black Power

Oakland, CA

#107 Jul 11, 2013
Chad wrote:
The truth is that no matter what the DNA says Afro-centrists will still regard King Tut as black and that Egypt was a black nation. A few years ago Zahi Hawass got into a dust-up when some liberal Afro-centrists demanded he take the bust of King Tut down in an exhibit while in Memphis because it didn’t look black. I can understand why many blacks would think King Tut is black with his penchant for gaudy bling-bling and the general ostentatiousness of his crib, King Tut may have been white, but his tastes were kind of ghetto.
Let us not forget that science is about the search for truth and Hawass, I believe, needs to release the DNA of all the Ancient Egyptian pharaohs so we can all finally know the truth. And the truth is that Egypt, Persia, and India where all founded by whites and only after centuries of race-mixing and liberalism did these countries eventually turn into third world shit-holes. Of course, Americans will never learn that inescapable fact because many liberals and blacks have to babied, protected, and coddled from the truth. Liberal blacks are the most touchy of all. Whites can hear a racial slur about themselves and forget about it but a black liberal will throw a hissy fit.
Let’s not forget that America has its first liberal-bitch “black” President. And if history is to be our guide that isn’t good for America’s future.
Here let me post it for you
MLIforWorld Region Thuya Yuya KV35EL Amen&#8208;
hotep III KV55 KV35YL Tut Average
Southern African 359.72 34.48 20.73 108.53 174.90 71.17 1,519.03 326.94
AfricanGreat Lakes 233.49 35.53 20.87 222.53 381.30 44.58 1,328.01 323.76
Tropical West African 142.84 8.91 6.93 37.43 53.03 22.99 314.00 83.74
Horn of Africa 14.65 0.79 5.17 12.03 4.54 22.00 44.35 14.79
Sahelian 39.14 0.74 5.76 2.97 4.40 16.85 30.41 14.33
Levantine 0.40 1.56 0.66 10.30 6.07 8.40 21.08 6.92
Aegean 0.12 0.35 0.87 9.06 7.05 20.16 9.85 6.78
Arabian 0.12 0.42 0.70 5.58 2.83 21.41 10.91 6.00
Northwest European 0.21 0.28 1.26 3.99 10.41 15.01 5.33 5.21
Mediterranean 0.08 0.23 0.74 4.54 5.81 16.80 6.04 4.89
North African 2.22 0.21 0.75 3.39 3.25 12.63 6.55 4.14
Mesopotamian 0.06 0.41 0.63 6.24 2.69 11.54 5.27 3.84
Why does Black people lie so much, Sub Sahara African DNA proves that he was WHITE.LOL

United States

#108 Aug 25, 2013
They must have accidently put him in a black mans coffin and surrounded him with black man sculptures, why would they paint their royalty that way

United States

#109 Aug 25, 2013
wut wrote:
Maybe they couldn't find any type of "white" stone to fashion the carvings from, eh?
And you're trying to tell me that white people can't stay in the Sun without some sort of sunblock? Haha!!!
Who says they didn't use a natural sunblock? Hell.....who even said they worked in the daytime below the hot sun?
At least the op provided links.
What have you provided? Nothing.
so basically you are saying that these intelligent humans built these complex
structures of whicjh still perplex engineers of today in the darkness of night and where not smart enough to move to an environment that was less threatening to their health considering the fact that chances of extreme sun exposure causing cancer is very real for caucasians. You also expect me to believe that they could create beautiful tombs and statues but they couldnt turn black stones white. thats too far a stretch of the imagination and honestly, it omits common sense. Also I think they must have "accidetly" painted thier drawings black and placed black features on thier statues.

“One Nation, under God”

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#110 Sep 17, 2013
here is the proof he was kind of white, lolol ...

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