Hundreds of birds die in western Ky.

Hundreds of birds die in western Ky.

There are 81699 comments on the The Cincinnati Enquirer story from Jan 5, 2011, titled Hundreds of birds die in western Ky.. In it, The Cincinnati Enquirer reports that:

MURRAY, Ky. - State wildlife officials say "several hundred" dead birds were found near the Murray State University campus last week.

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#89543 May 21, 2013
Great morning, but here comes the rain! Hopefully nothing severe. You all have a good, wet day! lol

Henderson, KY

#89544 May 21, 2013
wow wrote:
Well if you go by the bible then it would mean the 7th seal has been broken and the end of times are near.If you by science there is a reasonable explaination for the birds dying.Myself I think there is something going on here that will end up being explained.I think it is strange how ever that dead birds in 3 states and dead fish being found on the shores.The crazy weather pattern,volcanic activity,earthquakes,tornados in the middle of winter.Makes you think.
THE BIBLE HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THIS. idiots! Take responsibility, and understand we don't take care of our environment. This has nothing to do with God or the bible.
drive up


#89546 May 21, 2013
back in 1970s ,.........

the knee jerk liberal idiots blamed tornados and bad weather on ' global COOLING '
and worried about the on coming ice age ,..
they and blamed it all on pollution ,
acid rain ,...
and the so called ' hole ' in the ozone lawyer ,..

some things never change ,..

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Scotts Vegas

#89548 May 21, 2013
drive up wrote:
back in 1970s ,.........
the knee jerk liberal idiots blamed tornados and bad weather on ' global COOLING '
and worried about the on coming ice age ,..
they and blamed it all on pollution ,
acid rain ,...
and the so called ' hole ' in the ozone lawyer ,..
some things never change ,..
Air Quality at a Glance
The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) defines air pollution as "The presence of contaminants or pollutant substances in the air that interfere with our health or welfare, or produce other harmful environmental effects."
Sources of Air Pollution
Most air pollution comes from everyday activities. Think about your average day. You get up, take a shower, use hair spray or gel, take the bus or drive to school or work, eat a charbroiled hamburger (lighter fluid), drive home, do chores (mow the lawn, paint your house, clean your windows), drive to soccer practice, etc. About 90% of air pollution is generated from these everyday activities. Less than 10% is created from industry. Cars and trucks are the number one source of air pollution in Oregon.
Oregon's Air Quality
Currently, all Oregonians live in areas that meet federal air quality standards. The Air Quality Index (AQI) is a scale used to report actual levels of ozone and other common pollutants in the air. The higher the AQI, the higher the health concern. The AQI is divided into categories that correspond to different levels of health concern.
Oregon's Air Quality History
It's important to remember Oregon's air hasn't always been this clean. In the early 1970's when monitoring of air first started, Oregon had serious air pollution problems. The Portland region sometimes violated the national air quality standard for ozone (smog) by as much as 50 percent! In 1981, one out of three days exceeded Carbon Monoxide (CO) violations in Portland. Now, due to new pollution control technology on vehicles and industries and the development of other pollution prevention programs, Oregon hasn't had a CO violation in years.
In the 1970’s a number of strategies were put into place to clean up the air. They focused on cars and trucks. This included new federal emission standards for vehicles, the launch of the vehicle inspection program in Portland and transit improvements. Other efforts included reformulating gas to make it less polluting and placing additional regulations on industry.
Should we be concerned about air quality? Yes.
As Oregon’s population continues to grow, so do the activities that contribute to air pollution. Not only are more vehicles on the road, but there are more people painting, using toxic household products, mowing their lawns and burning woodstoves. Also, more individuals are driving larger, less fuel-efficient vehicles. This results in emissions from these sources accumulate in our air, requiring a greater effort from everyone to keep the air clean and protect our health.
How DEQ Measures Air Pollution
Monitors or samplers are located in areas of the state with a history of, or the potential for, specific air pollution problems. To check current sampling sites in Oregon check our Air Quality Index.
Common air pollutants the Environmental Protection Agency regulates include: Ozone, Lead, Particulate Matter, Carbon Monoxide, Nitrous Oxide, Sulfur Dioxide and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s). DEQ’s Air Quality Annual Report contains additional information on air quality monitoring and pollutant concentrations in Oregon.

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Scotts Vegas

#89549 May 21, 2013
The Above is a Good example of changes that were made to reverse "manmade" effects on our environment. Also reflects "manmade" effects alongside what mother nature is doing. Acid rain was quite an issue in some areas-real deal! Still is in some places. Are we to assume all manmade effects on our environment are confined to our cities only???
The hole in the ozone layer is ever changing. But of course someone can debunk it has anything to do with human activity. Of course someone can debunk it has anything to do with environment changes. However no one will convince those of us that KNOW the contrary.

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Scotts Vegas

#89550 May 21, 2013
Have you ever been to Salt Lake City on a bad air pollution day? Denver? Any one of several east coast cities? Cali cities? Chitown? Or one of many others? Again do folks assume the manmade effects of pollution are confined to our cities only?

Soooner or later the smog has to diffuse and go somewhere...right? Much hits the ground as fallout. It's in the soil, the food we eat, Out bodies!

Q:What is a body burden?

A: Toxic chemicals, both naturally occurring and man-made, often get into the human body. We may inhale them, swallow them in contaminated food or water, or in some cases, absorb them through skin. A woman who is pregnant may pass them to her developing fetus through the placenta. The term " body burden " refers to the total amount of these chemicals that are present in the human body at a given point in time. Sometimes it is also useful to consider the body burden of a specific, single chemical, like, for example, lead, mercury, or dioxin.

Some chemicals or their breakdown products (metabolites) lodge in our bodies for only a short while before being excreted, but continuous exposure to such chemicals can create a "persistent" body burden. Arsenic, for example, is mostly excreted within 72 hours of exposure. Other chemicals, however, are not readily excreted and can remain for years in our blood, adipose (fat) tissue, semen, muscle, bone, brain tissue, or other organs. Chlorinated pesticides, such as DDT, can remain in the body for 50 years. Whether chemicals are quickly passing through or are stored in our bodies, body burden testing can reveal to us an individual's unique chemical load and can highlight the kinds of chemicals we are exposed to as we live out each day of our lives. Of the approximately 80,000 chemicals that are used in the United States, we do not know how many can become a part of our chemical body burden, but we do know that several hundred of these chemicals have been measured in people's bodies around the world.

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Scotts Vegas

#89551 May 21, 2013
Q:Do all humans carry this chemical body burden?

A: Scientists estimate that everyone alive today carries within her or his body at least 700 contaminants, most of which have not been well studied (Onstot and others). This is true whether we live in a rural or isolated area, in the middle of a large city, or near an industrialized area. Because many chemicals have the ability to attach to dust particles and/or catch air and water currents and travel far from where they are produced or used, the globe is bathed in a chemical soup. Our bodies have no alternative but to absorb these chemicals and sometimes store them for long periods of time. Whether we live in Samoa or San Diego, Juneau, or Johannesburg, all our bodies are receptacles for a multitude of industrial chemicals. Wherever we live, we all live in a chemically contaminated neighborhood.

*Onstot J, Ayling R, Stanley J. Characterization of HRGC/MS Unidentified Peaks from the Analysis of Human Adipose Tissue. Volume 1: Technical Approach. Washington, DC: U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Office of Toxic Substances (560/6-87-002a), 1987.

Some of the chemicals residing in our bodies are pesticides, and some are used in or produced by other forms of industrial production. Many are found in a wide variety of consumer products. Some chemicals like dioxins and furans are created unintentionally by industrial processes using chlorine and from the manufacture and incineration of certain plastics. Scientists estimate that there are many other unintentionally created by-products which have not yet been "discovered" since no tests have yet been developed that would fully identify or describe these by-products.

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#89552 May 21, 2013
Up to 4,230 premature deaths can be prevented in the Los Angeles metropolitan area every year if the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) strengthens the health standards for fine particulate matter—also known as soot—according to a new report, Sick of Soot: How the EPA Can Save Lives by Cleaning Up Fine Particle Pollution, prepared by the American Lung Association, Clean Air Task Force and Earthjustice.

The Los Angeles metropolitan area tops the list of cities that will benefit from a stronger soot standard (see below for full top 10 list). The Los Angeles metropolitan area consistently ranks among the most polluted cities in the nation for both year-round and short-term particle levels. Los Angeles tied for second and came in fourth in those categories, respectively, in the American Lung Association's 2011 State of the Air report.

Soot, technically known as PM2.5 (fine particulate matter with a diameter of 2.5 micrometers or less), is generated by diesel and other vehicles, agricultural burning, wood stoves and industrial combustion. Though the pollution particles in soot are tiny—1/30th the width of a human hair—they can have a huge impact on human health. Research links them to premature death, heart attacks, stroke, worsened asthma and possibly cancer and developmental and reproductive harm.

The Clean Air Act requires that the EPA set national air quality standards for soot at levels that protect public health with a margin of safety. To adequately protect children, seniors and people with lung disease, heart disease, and diabetes from these dangers, Sick of Soot shows that the EPA should tighten the current standard to an annual level of 11 μg/m3 and a daily level of 25 μg/m3.

In the Los Angeles metropolitan area, these recommended standards could prevent up to 4,230 premature deaths each year. Nationally, these tighter standards could spare Americans every year from as many as:

· 35,700 premature deaths;

· 2,350 heart attacks;

· 23,290 visits to the hospital and emergency room;

· 29,800 cases of acute bronchitis;

· 1.4 million cases of aggravated asthma; and

· 2.7 million days of missed work or school due to air pollution-caused ailments

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Scotts Vegas

#89553 May 21, 2013
If interested you could do your own research to come up with toxic chemicals found in the bodies of wildlife.

The main point to all this is the same poisons that affect us are affecting our environment. To include weather patterns, earth cycles, environment changes. You do not have to believe it, but those that deny it make some of us damn argumentive.

Lets not forget how we williing poison ourselves with various recreational chemicals, processed foods, lethargy(not exercising and metabloizing some of this stuff out of our bodies) and all the pharaceuticals we live on and with to counter the effects of the ways we have treated ourselves.

Remember much illness, if not most, is the result of how one has taken care of him or herself.
drive up tats


#89554 May 21, 2013
America is not the bad guy folks

the rest of the world is polluting at an alarming rate ,...

china has polluted in aggregate,.. more in the past 5 years ,....
than the united states has in the past 100 years ,....

world wide ,.. pollution will only get worse ,..
the EPA only limits American jobs and American growth ,...

the problem is not the united states ,...

as the USA quickly loses it strength ,....
almost willingly ,....
allowing it self to slip into third world status

the out look on the planet is very bleak indeed ,..
wake up America,......

before its too late
we are not is not the bad guy

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#89555 May 21, 2013
Compare for yourself where we rank. we are an industrialized nation. Far as pollution goes we still have major probs.

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#89556 May 21, 2013
That was 2008, I'll try to find recent data.
Ha ha
#89557 May 21, 2013
Wow wrote:
<quoted text>
THE BIBLE HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THIS. idiots! Take responsibility, and understand we don't take care of our environment. This has nothing to do with God or the bible.
you weep what you sow

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#89559 May 21, 2013
Another beautiful day. A rainstorm to cut through the humidity was nice as well. Off from work the next three days, got a LOT to do. Hope you all have a great evening.

United States

#89560 May 21, 2013
Happy to see someone post! I thought the thread had been abandoned. No posts over the last seven hours, unless I just can't see them from my phone.

Elizabethtown, KY

#89561 May 21, 2013
Hi Blueminer, I guess everyone is B-U-S-Y enjoying the weather, doing yardwork, planting, on vacation, etc.....

I hope you are doing fine. Great articles. The weather and natural disasters are a concern huh? Sure was humid today. Guess we should get use to it. Didn't get any rain here today. Thought for sure we would since they were chemspraying so much the last couple days. Maybe tomorrow. Hope that is all we get after seeing all the devastation in Oklahoma. Wouldn't catch me living in tornado valley. The Madrid Fault Zone is scary enough.

Take care and great to see you posting.

Elizabethtown, KY

#89562 May 21, 2013
Out of devastation are some good stories. I love the ones about the animals too:

Twitter pic of dog protecting body of tornado victim goes viral

This image tells one of the most heart-wrenching stories to emerge from the wreckage of the massive Moore, Okla., tornado. This little dog was reportedly found guarding the body of its owner, who was buried in the rubble. The loyal pup was taken to the local animal shelter and. The little dog will get a second chance at happiness — a deputy from the Oklahoma Sheriff's department plans to adopt him. We're glad the critter is all right. It's a piece of good news amid the devastation.

Moore woman and her dog shelter from tornado in her bathtub

Elizabeth, a resident of Moore, Okla., told KFOR her harrowing tale of survival after a deadly tornado swept across her town Monday. She heard the storm was becoming "really bad" while driving to work, and turned around halfway to speed home and rescue her dog, Ginger. Once Elizabeth was in the house, she heard the twister outside. She ran into the bathroom, where she threw pillows in the tub and sheltered with Ginger as the tornado passed over them. "I was scared to death ... I just cannot believe we actually survived this thing," said Elizabeth, who added that she may have sustained a concussion when she hit her head during the storm. "I don't think I'm crazy for rescuing [Ginger]."

Seen this one live on CBS News.

Overjoyed tornado survivor rescues her dog from rubble of Moore home

Barbara Garcia survived the tornado that ravaged Moore, Okla., by hiding in her bathroom. When the stormed passed, she found herself in the rubble of what was her house. "I hollered for my little dog ... he didn't answer," she mournfully told a CBS News reporter. "So I know he's in here somewhere." Something incredible happened just moments later, though: Midway through the interview, someone spots the dog buried under the debris right behind her, and an overjoyed Barbara rushes to help her pet. "Bless your little bitty heart," she says, pulling the dog to safety. "I thought God just answered one prayer — to let me be OK — but he answered both of them, because this was my second prayer."

Dogs are so loyal. Cats would probably dash and squeeze through little openings and keep going. haha, What do you think betty?

Elizabethtown, KY

#89563 May 21, 2013
For lala:

Love the video/pictures of the horses...

Miracle Horses Survive Oklahoma Twister

OKLAHOMA CITY -- Tuesday's tornados killed a lot of pets and other animals. Many people lost their cattle and horses when the tornadoes tore through their pastures and farms.

But there are also some miraculous stories of survival and a horse named Fiona is one of them.
She has several stitches on her side and underneath and is truly lucky to be alive. She was out in a field in Calumet when a tornado tore a path right through there.

She somehow managed to get inside a barn that was closed off, but then that barn collapsed on top of her.

The mare was trapped inside all of this mangled mess of metal and debris.

"Basically it just formed a nice little cocoon for her to survive under. She was trapped in there for probably 16 to 18 hours. No food or water and when we did find her we had to get a dozer," said Natalee Cross of Blaze's Tribute Equine Rescue. "She never overreacted about the situation or anything."

What's more amazing is how Fiona even found shelter. You see Fiona can't see.

"She can't see, she's totally blind, so how she know what to do or where she was going I don't know. She definitely had an angel watching over her that day too," Cross said.

And Fiona is not the only horse that miraculously survived. There is Moonstruck and Catori.

Catori has actually escaped death twice before.

She was being sent to slaughter when the trailer she was in crashed on the highway last May.

Several horses died in the crash. Catori survived and was pregnant at the time.

Moonstruck was born two months ago, and both mother and colt were also out in a field in Calumet when that tornado blew through.

"She found the best possible place to lay low and keep her baby as protected as possible," Cross said.

Moonstruck has several deep cuts and is limping along. But Catori, though skittish, seems to have come through unscathed.

"God has a purpose for them, I don't know what it is yet, but they're meant to be here. And they keep on fighting," Cross said.

God does have a purpose for all of these horses. And right now, they are being nursed back to health by volunteers and fosters with Blaze's Tribute Equine Rescue.

Elizabethtown, KY

#89564 May 21, 2013
Off to dreamland. Worked a few hours tonight and back up early to work in the am.

Check in sometime tomorrow. Hope everyone is well and I hope you all have a great hump day!

Ancient Wolf

Lexington, KY

#89565 May 22, 2013
Abeliever wrote:
Off to dreamland. Worked a few hours tonight and back up early to work in the am.
Check in sometime tomorrow. Hope everyone is well and I hope you all have a great hump day!
I don't hump any more. LOL More like "dump" day. I need to haul off my trash. No garbage service here in the boondocks. Nice slow rain yesterday evening saved me from having to water my tomato plants. I could not look at those Oklahoma pictures all that much. It brought back too many painful memories of April 3, 1974.

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