Hundreds of birds die in western Ky.

Jan 5, 2011 Full story: The Cincinnati Enquirer 81,790

MURRAY, Ky. - State wildlife officials say "several hundred" dead birds were found near the Murray State University campus last week.

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Frankfort, KY

#86592 Feb 26, 2013
Imposter wrote:
I'm still butt hurt because my friend isn't here anymore. Nope..(NOT YOU TOOTS)..he's not arse deep in Scottsville anymore....although his arse may be six foot deep down there now, I suppose.
He was a short time here and a long time gone, same as the rest of us will be soon enough.
I bet he would have been a fun guy to work with, if a man stayed up wind. He sure was a fun guy to read on here.
Here's to you Una, you old fart.
Good to see you back here, my good friend. I'm with you about Una. He was indeed a free speech topix legend. I'm glad to have had the time I had with him even if it was limited to this thread but definitely lots of good times with the three of us here. Your words are completely accurate.

I hope everyone has a good night.

Vine Grove, KY

#86593 Feb 26, 2013
Blueminer wrote:
Hi Abeliever my dad's doing well thanks, as am I. I hope the same goes for you!
He is now in the rehab place. For some reason they wanted to keep a cathater plugged in, and he didn't like that. He asked one of the nurses how she would like it up her nose. She left the room fairly quickly and must've talked to a doctor. A few minutes later she returned and removed it.
Hey Blue. I am glad your dad is doing better. He sounds just like my Dad was and would of said pretty much the exact words. I hope he has a speedy recovery. I also hope the progress you made with the family continues as well.

I am doing well thank you.

Frankfort, KY

#86594 Feb 26, 2013
Another sad day looms this coming Monday when Dallas kills off one of the greatest TV villains ever, J.R. Ewing. I'm sure Cliff Barnes will get the blame, lol.

“Eat your weedies?”

Since: Oct 11

Cumberland Mountains

#86595 Feb 26, 2013
Abeliever wrote:
The National Weather Service's Chicago office issued a winter weather advisory from noon through 9 p.m. Central time.
Forecasters predicted the storm, which packs a dangerous mix of wet snow, sleet, rain and high winds, would reach peak intensity around the evening rush hour, reducing visibility and creating treacherous driving conditions.
In addition to the winter storm, National Weather Service forecasters on Tuesday issued tornado watches across central Florida and up the eastern coast to South Carolina.
Lucky in Kentucky!!!

I'm the song of winter, I'm the falling snow
Can't you hear me calling you whenever the north wind blows
I'm the cool of evening, I'm the velvet sky
Can't you hear me calling you whenever the breeze passes by

Oh, can't you hear me calling, oh, can't you hear my love
Oh, can't you hear me calling you
For wherever you are, I am sending my love

I'm the misty rainbow, I'm a falling star
Can't you hear me calling you, my love is wherever you are

Oh, can't you hear me calling, oh, can't you hear my love
Oh, can't you hear me calling you
On the day you return, I'll be waiting, my love

I'm the song of winter, I'm the falling snow
I'm the cool of evening, I'm a velvet sky
I'm a falling star, I'm a misty rainbow.


Vine Grove, KY

#86596 Feb 26, 2013
betty wrote:
<quoted text>
86 is glendale, 81 is sonora, 76 is upton, 67 is bonnieville, i think 53 is munfordville.
i also travel down 224 east which goes all the way out to grayson county from upton. you are right, there are sinkholes everywhere. they open up all the time. that part in particular is over the under ground river part of nolin and mammoth cave, whichs runs all the way to the hardin spring area, also gets alot of sinkholes. my aunt and uncle live in hardin springs and they have been throwing old cat litter down the same sink hole for fifteen years. that whole area, greyson, hardin, larue, hart, is prone to them. i cant say i have seen an increase but i can say there is an abundance of them. scary
Hi Betty, how you doing girl. You are exactly right and until I seen that map I didn't realize how many there were. Those are just the ones they know about. I figured they would be mostly around the Caves. Although there are many in this area. Fort Knox mapped them a couple years ago. It is scary.

Download Sinkhole Data by County

Vine Grove, KY

#86597 Feb 26, 2013
Imposter wrote:
I'm still butt hurt because my friend isn't here anymore. Nope..(NOT YOU TOOTS)..he's not arse deep in Scottsville anymore....although his arse may be six foot deep down there now, I suppose.
He was a short time here and a long time gone, same as the rest of us will be soon enough.
I bet he would have been a fun guy to work with, if a man stayed up wind. He sure was a fun guy to read on here.
Here's to you Una, you old fart.
Hi Imposter. I feel the same way you do, I think lala and AW miss him too. He was a hoot.

I hope you are doing well and not missing the little one too much. They really grow on you. Like you and

Have a wonderful Wednesday!!! Hurry back.

Vine Grove, KY

#86598 Feb 26, 2013
Well, everyone is snoozing like I will be soon. I have to leave a couple more that are my all time favorites for today's videos. You will love them:

For the BIRDS:

Feb. 26, 2013: Male red Northern cardinal fighting with female red Northern cardinal in Kempner, Texas.(© Howard Cheek/Solent News & Photo Agency)


Feb. 25, 2013: A hunter whispers to his tamed golden eagle during an annual hunting competition in Chengelsy Gorge east of Almaty, Kazakhstan, on Feb. 23. Hunting with raptors is an ancient tradition in the Central Asian nation.


Feb. 21, 2013: A security guard is seen creating chicken & goose snow sculptures on the steps of the bank where he works in Hangzhou, China, on Feb. 19. Du Jinqian built a snow goose and 16 chickens with snow from nearby parked cars.

Lots of interesting pictures. 101 of them but you can scan through and see the birds at the # above. Beautiful cardinals to start them off...ANGRY BIRDS
too funny.

Vine Grove, KY

#86599 Feb 26, 2013
For lala, all dog and horse lovers...

Cute Golden Retriever Loves to Listen to Guitar

When his owner plays guitar, this cute Golden Retriever does the cutest thing! He bops his head along to the music and hates it when the music stops. This doggy really loves music

I love that dog. Too cute.

Retired racehorse making mark as an artist

A Gettysburg couple adopted a racehorse when his career ended. Now, Metro is getting attention as a not so starving artist with his own Facebook page and website.

This one is awesome. I loved it.

So I hope you enjoyed the videos. Hope to catch you all tomorrow. Have a blessed night.


Level 1

Since: Aug 12

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#86600 Feb 26, 2013
yo dude

“It is what it is, folks!!”

Since: Feb 10

The land of harmony and peace

#86601 Feb 26, 2013
<quoted text> ...... but seriously, if your eye turns a blinding florescent green ; then I'M gett'n out a here !
Just for you, RapidFire!! The "florescent green eye".

BUT PLEASE, don't go anywhere because of it!! ROFLMBO!! I can change this one out too if it freaks you out, haha!

I've got plenty of spare 'eyeballs' in my stash!!

<<winkin' and blinkin'>>
Ancient Wolf

Versailles, KY

#86602 Feb 27, 2013
Internet has been down, now see where Topix thinks I am besides out using the dog's tree.
so true

Morgantown, KY

#86603 Feb 27, 2013
Morning, hope all is well ... A really early one for me , this motor never stops dont guess..

Too.. My People, who I dont have to travel , to find. Found thru my screen... Blessings..

My people? Who are they?
I went into the church where the congregation
Worshiped my God. Were they my people?
I felt no kinship to them as they knelt there.

My people! Where are they?
I went into the land where I was born,
Where men spoke my language...
I was a stranger there.
"My people," my soul cried. "Who are my people?"

Last night in the rain I met an old man
Who spoke a language I do not speak,
Which marked him as one who does not know my God.
With apologetic smile he offered me
The shelter of his patched umbrella.
I met his eyes... And then I knew…

'Who Are My People,'
by Rosa Zagnoni Marinoni

“Is who I am”

Since: Aug 08


#86605 Feb 27, 2013
It's been an interesting day. Already! I have a colony of birds camped out. They want more seeds! I have to run to the store...
Ancient Wolf

Versailles, KY

#86606 Feb 27, 2013
I saw a cute church sign yesterday. It read: "Even Moses was once a basket case".

“It is what it is, folks!!”

Since: Feb 10

The land of harmony and peace

#86608 Feb 27, 2013
'Morning peeps! Hope everyone is well today! I've craving corned beef hash, fresh brown eggs and rye toast for brunch this morning. There will surely be plenty leftover for later.

Looks like it's going to be a dreary and wet day around here. But spring is almost here! My fave season of the year!! We can look forward to that! It's really getting close to garden time now! I'm SO excited!! Specially for some nice vine ripe 'maters!! Anyone planning on what they're going to put out yet?

I've got a lot to do, gotta clean out the fridge, scrub the bathroom, plus do a load or two of laundry and such. It's also garbage day, that's always clean out the fridge time here. It's so hard for me to drag that garbage can down my long drive though, so are there any offers to help?? LOL! Garbage day of the VERY few times that I wish I had someone living close by that I could call for some neighborly assistance, hehe!

I'll check back in later this afternoon to see how everyone is doing!! Topix had some 'glitches' last night and early this morning. Kept getting that '501 internal server" error. I was too hard to post, so I gave up. Hopefully this comment will go through. Last time that happened, there was a Mod in another forum saying they had a server going bad. So far, so good. Maybe they've got it fixed..

(Not sure I like my new florescent 'eyeball' yet either, so that may also change today at some point, hehe. Particularly if it freaks out Rapid Fire too much, LOL).....


“It is what it is, folks!!”

Since: Feb 10

The land of harmony and peace

#86609 Feb 27, 2013
Hey, AW! Speaking of church signs, here's one I saw a few months back:

"A bad attitude is like a flat tire. You won’t go anywhere until you change it".

How true is THAT statement?

Vine Grove, KY

#86611 Feb 27, 2013
Good morning, almost noon, bird threaders.

AW I was just looking at Godvine's church signs like I use to post yesterday. The one you quote is the first one on this list. Enjoy. I love them all.

I like the one about being as good a person as your pets think you are. lol Good one.

Hilarious and Unique Signs Outside of Church
Being a Christian doesn't have to be all serious all the time. Let's take a few minutes to enjoy the lighter, funnier side and check out these creative signs various churches have used.

So glad I don't have to go anywhere if I don't want to, and I don't. Cold, windy, rain mixed with that white stuff, gloomy gray day. Back to Spring cleaning do we accumulate so much crap. Most we think we will use again and years later it is still there not being used. These items will go for sure.:)

I hope everyone has a warm, dry, lazy day or constructive one indoors. Nope is right, Spring is almost here. Can't wait to open the windows EVERY day. At least we don't have what everyone else has...blizzards, snow, tornados, etc...

Lucky in Kentucky!!!! I love our Bluegrass State.

Pueblo, CO

#86612 Feb 27, 2013

“It is what it is, folks!!”

Since: Feb 10

The land of harmony and peace

#86613 Feb 27, 2013
Morinin' AB! I already got the garbage taken out, WooHoo!! It's not too hard if I take it slowly. One thing checked off of my list of things to do today! YAY!! Unfortunately, I now have an additional half sink full of dishes to wash, hehe! But the chickens are always REALLY happy of fridge cleaning day, LOL!!

I love those Godvine links. They're SO inspiring! As always, thanks for sharing them with us every day!!

While I was dragging the garbage down what feels like a 50 mile driveway, I noticed that my Daffodils are about 6 inches high now! And my dear little Hyacinths didn't get damaged from those frosts we had!! I was certain that they were toast!!

In about two weeks it might be safe for us to pull back the mulch from fall that protected all of our perennials, you think? So far, no snow here today, but that wind? Whew! It will cut right through you. I'm glad you don't have to go anywhere either today. Stay in and enjoy yourself!!

By the way, I love Kentucky too. SO glad I moved here instead of the other places I was thinking of!! Best place to retire, in my opinion!! Who ever said that retirees never move north are pure idiots!! ROFLMBO!!

“It is what it is, folks!!”

Since: Feb 10

The land of harmony and peace

#86614 Feb 27, 2013
Looks like we lost a stalker in the last hour. Hmmmmm.. They must be up early out in Cali due to the server issues.

Topix was messed up pretty badly last night and earlier this morning. I kept getting a notice that said "501 Internal Server Error" and "unable to connect". The last time that happened was about two months ago now, and one of the Mods said in another thread that they had a server down. Looks like they have it fixed now, although it does appear to be moving people around again, hehe! Apparently it's working well enough for them to oust a troll or two..

You know, when I first came on these threads almost five years ago now, it said I was posting from Canada? I've only visited Canada twice in my whole life, hehe!
(I wonder what it would say now if I clicked "show my location")???

Tell me when this thread is updated:

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