Cheating Bingo Halls
likes to play fair

Louisville, KY

#103 Apr 23, 2009
Josh wrote:
I seen one of the "house players" win a thousand at southland last night, can't tell me that ain't set up (and she won on the machine).
Going to Vine Grove tonight, hopefully it'll be better.
Did you win in Vine Grove? Where is the bingo hall there?

Louisville, KY

#104 Apr 23, 2009
Not to sound stupid. But I've never went to a Bingo center before, How do they cheat?

Lincoln, NE

#105 May 1, 2009
john g wrote:
i am a bingo player up here in maine and the local hall who holds the weekly bingo has its members playing and winning the big games and also the same people week after week win jackpots and other big games while myself and others seem like all we can do is pound salt is there anyway to correct this or i should just stop playing bingo
Where can you report bingo cheating???????

Lincoln, NE

#106 May 1, 2009
I play in Orlando and they cheat so bad where can i report them, so they can have someone come in to watch them

Louisville, KY

#107 May 12, 2009
likes to play fair wrote:
<quoted text>
Did you win in Vine Grove? Where is the bingo hall there?
I've actually done quite well there! Between my dad, my mom, and myself we've won at least once each week in the last month!

I like it there because everyone is nice and not having machines makes it easier to win.
Tammy A

Muscle Shoals, AL

#108 May 17, 2009
Iuka Mississippi does alot of there own puter bingo was made by man and can be cheated by man.I caught the bingo caller in iuka meeting the jackpot winner in the park after the place was closed splitting the winnings, now tell me they dont cheat

Dearborn Heights, MI

#109 Jun 22, 2009
I live in metro Detroit, MI and I believe that they cheat in many of the halls up here. There are many ways of doing this, with or without machines. They can plant various people that appear to be ramdon walk-in players. These people are set to win the jackpot coveralls, in which they keep about 25% to 30% of the jackpot payoff. That is several hundred dollars for a few hours of being there. Some people do win out of luck sometimes, but not very often.
likes to play fair

Louisville, KY

#111 Jun 23, 2009
the only charity that does not cheat at southland in radcliff is the Lincoln Trail Elementary School on Friday night. They are so honest they don't even expect to be tipped! I've seen the cheating charities try to horn in on them and attempt to be volunteers in their sessions but so far they haven't been successful. I've also noticed that the lady that rents the electronic devices to the hall doesn't play on Friday night but she plays all the other sessions. She won the coverall twice in a 2 month span. Tell me that ain't cheating! She's the one with the machines!

United States

#112 Jun 30, 2009

I'm amazed at the complete lack of rational and thoughts put into these posts. I am a Chairperson for a charity in KY that runs Bingo and I can assure you that %99.9 of the bingos are run fairly. What you fail to realize is that the people you see on TV for bingo related crimes are usually cheating the charity that they represent and not the player.

Most people that gamble and lose - think someone is cheating them, when in reality they are just a sore loser!

Lexington, KY

#113 Jul 9, 2009
I have been going to a place in Madison County, KY call Jackpot Charity Bingo between Richmond and Irvine, KY for many years. Why i keep going is unknown to me.. But to the point. I can go 7 nights a week not win and certain other can go and win every night. Its the same people over and over again. Alot of the family members who work there play there and they bingo every time. So you tell me, If its not rigged. I can take you there and before it starts i can point out the ones that are going to bingo that night..

Lebanon, TN

#114 Jul 19, 2009
I know who you are talking about, they caught them cheating on pulltabs, also caught them tipping really big tips. That should tell you what is going on at the Racetrack bingo in Franklin ky
Unlucky wrote:
Its hard to believe but everytime I go to bingo these same two older women bingo, They just dont win 50 or a 100 they win 500 or 2000. Take tonight they won 599 on pulltabs and then won the 1100 coverall. The Sunday before one of them won 525 they win all the time and always have won.
The worse part is they are so greedy. they gripe if they have to split a game and anything else they can think of.
I want to know why some of us go all the time and NEVER WIN, not even 50 dollars. and those two can win everytime they walk into the door.
I know people think they are house players, I really dont think they are, I just dont understand why them all the time. The one older lady told me she won over 10.000 dollars in the last 8 months and had to take it to the bank finally.
I have tried everything, lucky charms, this that you name it. My best bet is not to even go when they are there and I dont even want to hear how much they win.
I am venting but hard to believe these two older ladies can win big money every time they walk in the door.
shirley gary

United States

#115 Aug 5, 2009
i live in wv. ronceverte to be exact. one week ago at ronceverte fire department bingo i went there at 4.30 and waited to buy my specials and regular papers. i notice that there were dabbers on certain tables but i was informed that a worker couldn,t save tables. i bought my package placed my papers on a table even taped some to the table with my admission stub. left to pick up another player got back at 6.15 only to notice that a lady had removed all my stuff and when i told her she couldn,t do that she laugh at me and said you stole my table. i complained to the head worker who just shook his head like what do you want me to do can anybody tell me who to contact in the state of west virgina this lady acted like she wanted to fight me and she called me all kind of names what is wrong with this world when even bingo is a place you can be assaulted with no help.
John C

Bethpage, TN

#117 Sep 6, 2009
I think they are rigged.

The Bingo Hall I go too is in Franklin,KY

Minimum is a $10 paper pack,Computers are $15

I have went 3 times and EVERY SINGLE TIME the winners are on the Computers,Not one single time has paper won.
They play a Speedball on paper only and that is the only time paper ever wins since computers arent used for that game.

Danville, KY

#118 Sep 8, 2009
JULIE wrote:
I have been playing bingo at the bingo halls all over louisville and never see anyone cheating.It is all about luck. You cant win everytime you go. I enjoy playing and have won some and lost some.I dont see how they can cheat.
your blind

Danville, KY

#120 Sep 8, 2009
put a little silacone in the balls to make them heavyer to make the stay down lower

Winchester, KY

#121 Sep 30, 2009
haha dummy, I guess ur one as well since your on this topic huh??
answerman wrote:
Hello Smokertards asked "Is it true that most people who play bingo are smokers and losers?"
The answer to your question is clearly "yes". Just look at the losers on this board (all smokers).
And in case you had not figured it out, smokers are losers.
Bob Z

Las Vegas, NV

#122 Oct 26, 2009
Melb?? Where are you playing??? Station Casinos perhaps???

Columbia, KY

#123 Nov 18, 2009
I don't know if it's still open or not, because I've lived out of town for 6 years, but I used to have a lot of luck at Jay's Bingo on 18th street, between Hill and Algonquin.Also the one on Outer Loop and Old Shepherdsville rd. Charity
bingo is a total ripoff, as is Castle. Greenwood wasn't too bad. But it's true, it's amazing how sometimes the same old tired people win all the time at certain bingos. You'll notice they always get there early, sit in the same spot, and don't even act excited when they hit!!
ky cuttie

Bradfordsville, KY

#124 Nov 23, 2009
how is bingo city @ breckenridge?

Columbia, KY

#125 Nov 27, 2009
I was only there twice. Big payoffs, lots of tabs, but expensive

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