Cheating Bingo Halls

Somerset, KY

#278 Oct 18, 2013
I think everyone should have a fair and equal chance at bingo but they don't, they finally caught a caller in somerset ky cheating and he had a extra set of balls behind caller stand..they all cheat

Lexington, KY

#279 Nov 16, 2013
Does anyone know what the phone number is to file a complaint about wrong doings at a bingo hall>

Belfair, WA

#280 Nov 20, 2013
There is no worse cheating at bingo than in WA state at Indian bingo halls...too many examples to even mention here, but our gaming commission has no jurisdiction, so they do what they want. Hell, they don't even try to hide it anymore, and if you complain,.they just what?
Indian tribes don't give a crap if whitey is pissed, they only will pay their own, or other minorities. If you play out here, know if you win, its because they want you back, not because your "lucky" give me a break!!

Lexington, KY

#281 Dec 7, 2013
most of the time when you read about bingo halls bean shut down is because of cheating on the books not cheating at the bingo I don't I know of any bingo hall steel using the handhe ld computers they were very easy to cheat on them now on the mega boards that jacket diamonds pull tabs is a different story I don't think there's anyone out there to control the way to balls bounce around in that bingo machine but that's just my opinion and you know what they say about opinions been playing bingo for 21 years won a lot lost a lot of tabs and bingo

Louisville, KY

#282 Dec 12, 2013
I was cheated on a pull tab for 150.00 not sure if was a honest mistake or she pocketed my money I sent an email and they emailed me back saying they would talk to me about the situation but wont return my call who do i contact about this matter?

Angola, NY

#283 Jan 2, 2014
At Seneca Bingo in Irving NY the cheating has become blatant. There is one person in particular who wins every session and her family wins every large jackpot played. They win the pull tabs and name drawings. The Manager sits with her and takes her TED game number and then goes into the office (computer room) and enters into that TED number hundreds of extra cards to insure a win. The Manager then stands up on stage and yells and claps when this person or her family win. They have won cars and 4 wheelers which they sell on facebook. This woman tips workers big bucks before bingo starts and brags about the additions she has put on her house from bingo there. I know so many people who have quit playing there because of this and it is such a shame as it used to be a great place and was close by. But it is tribal bingo not governed by any federal, state or local municipalities, only the National Indian Gaming Commission who as long as they get their cut do not care what happens at the halls as I have written to them with no response. It would seem the gov't gave Indians a license for fraud when they passed the Fed Act of 1988 allowing tribal gaming. Heads up and don't play there. By the way, the constant winning person is on their bingo commercial!

Lexington, KY

#284 Jun 7, 2014
Could any one of you tell me WHO is setting up this so-called cheating scam at Eastland Bingo? I cannot imagine that there is a way for every charity's volunteers to get together and decide to program the computers so that certain people win and THEN coordinate that process with the person(s) calling the games as it is a different charity with different callers and different volunteers every night? It would take someone a lot smarter than these volunteers to do that. AND, WHY would they cheat? The money goes to high school groups and I don't think those people winning the big bucks are going to give a penny to those kids! Just because YOU don't win doesn't mean the rest of the world is cheating! When did you last win the big lottery? OH, I'll bet they cheated you also! The allegations you make are serious and you should back up such comments with proof. The Kentucky Gaming Commission has public numbers for bingo regulation. Call them with your slanderous words. Better yet --- just talk to them at the Eastland Bingo Hall.

Corbin, KY

#285 Jul 24, 2014
Went to J-Town bingo hall tonight to the 7:00 session (St. Gabriels). This bingo is the largest cheating bingo in Louisville. Tonight they had a hold your horses where the jackpot got up to $1300.00. They decided to let only 1 man (this same man works every night at the J-town Hall) sell the pull tab on the jackpot, where earlier they had several people selling them. He would only go the people he was friends with and I called him many times to come to me and he never did. THis was unfair to me to all the other players that had bought them earlier before the jackpot got so big. Yes and I can filed a complaint but it will do no good, because the gaming people are there many times and sees this kind of stuff going on and does nothing about it. How can this same man work so many bingoes and the gaming people not know that he is being paid to work, which I thought was not legal. I have thought about calling the governor's office to file a complaint about the gaming people for not doing their job. Does anyone else have an suggestions as what can be done to stop this man from working all the bingoes and getting paid and only selling to his friends.
cheater watcher

Washington, DC

#286 Aug 8, 2014
The Boy's Club Bingo in Temple Hills Md. Is the cheatiness bingo in the state of MD. The caller has people playing pull tabs for him for a cut. The same people win the pull tabs three and four times a night. They let people play on the books. Some people owe the owner Ron thousands of dollars. Some one needs to investigate this cheating bingo hall. Please do not go to this bingo. Warning you all.
Ruby Valentin

Decatur, GA

#287 Aug 27, 2014
Louisville Kentucky charity bingo hall cheating all the time sits up on caller stand and texting other player's to see wat they need and they call wat they need they should be closed down the same people always win in there 2to 3 times a night every single night
Charity bingoo

Cork, Ireland

#288 Oct 3, 2014
You are fooled if you think bingos cant be rigged,,, first let me say when the computers are given out there was a family for weeks winning thousands and ppl were upset this was going on ,, then someone found out the girl selling the computers was putting wayyyyy more cards on someones computer than allowed,,, go figure,, and as for the balls a caller once told me they can bring up certain balls if someone is waiting ,, it dont always happen ,,but 9 outta 10 times they can,, just for you non believers remember when Nick Perry rigged the Pennsylvania lottery to read 666 an all those winners ???? He put air in the balls ,,,last night i was at bingo and there were 4 young kids about 18 who came in and sT down with a single book each,,, the night before there was only 2 of them and the boy won 500 ,,, so i thought they came back with their friends to win ,,, the girl that was there the night before wone 1000 ,,, here you are with a packed house and over 200 computers sold and this girl wins the jackpot,!!!!!! Yea!!!! I AM NOT CONVINCED!!!!!
Louise Patterson

Atlanta, GA

#289 Nov 14, 2014
Charity bingo have workers that every session Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday. They the big games and pull tabs. It's not fair to people that plays .And their money. And they are cheating.

Delray Beach, FL

#290 Nov 19, 2014
The caller is married to the winner who wins regularly, She calls the number and lights up the board respectively. However. noone actually is physically close enough to the caller to see what number she called and lit. This pair gets there extra early together to set up.

How can I get them caught?
Louise Patterson

Atlanta, GA

#291 Nov 22, 2014
I want to know how the same people are running the four session . And pull tabs workers and playing bingo in the place where they work selling pull tabs. It's not fair to players when they watch them win every night.
Dwight Price

Atlanta, GA

#292 Nov 22, 2014
The charity bingo hall allows their workers to play bingo and win. It's not fair.

Centreville, VA

#293 Dec 23, 2014
Centreville Volunteer Fire Department has to be rigging instant winners. The bingo managers are allowed to come in and play, and they always win at least $500 instant and sometimes 5 or 6 in one night. Someone needs to look into this. It's not right. Who does one report this to?

Centreville, VA

#294 Dec 23, 2014
I agree something clearly has to be done about the rigging of instants. It's not right. It is so blatant when bingo workers come in and win big instants multiple times in one night. Give me a break! That is not random. What can we do about it

Herrin, IL

#295 Dec 30, 2014
Jamestown plaza in Paducah ky is crazy selling 8-10 different pull tabs and then they make u come back the next week to see if you won? Why in IL they have to eat them money and all or sell em at discounted price like 4 for 1 $

Louisville, KY

#296 Dec 30, 2014
JULIE wrote:
I have been playing bingo at the bingo halls all over louisville and never see anyone cheating.It is all about luck. You cant win everytime you go. I enjoy playing and have won some and lost some.I dont see how they can cheat.
Cheating as IN the computer knows what cards are out there & intentionally calls loser numbers! U could easily b tricked I see... It's like slots in Vegas. The machine must take in a certain amount of $ before the computer allows it to pay out.. Same thing with bingo halls!(Unless they are using the old "Balls" system with cage) I doubt there are many of those... They said it was for convenience but really it was to cheat you out of $$$
B55 Bonus Ball

United States

#297 Jan 5, 2015
Kentucky Soccer Association at BingoCity Breckenridge Mon 7:30pm session.The only people who win there are the workers& there friends.Louisville,Ky

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