Cheating Bingo Halls
bingo player

Coxs Creek, KY

#193 May 16, 2011
Kim wrote:
I was a regular at Charity Bingo Hall on Dixie but now I refuse to go there. The same ole people bingo every night. Eap.; the ones who sells the packs, now I am not saying its a setup but I just think it is weird the way they bingo all the time..
I play at Charity Bingo and yes there is alot of cheating going on an there... Same people bingo's every night 2 or 3 times a night now thats not luck thats cheating if you ask me.. i play every friday saturday and sunday and on wed. and same old people are winning,,, and the pack seller plays and wins... I feel that any one that works for the bingo hall shouldnt play... And the callers girlfriend WINS all the big payouts on the tabs..i buy alot of tabs and cant even get a 13 its funny how she can hit all those 13's.. on 5-14 at midnight she won 2-bingo's 700.00 on bingo's and hit 2 or 3 $599.00 on tabs... Thats not luck...that cheating saw it with my eyes.....and she dont never win the pull-tab game.. BUT she always haves the pull-tab money they give out when you hit for pull-tabs... NOW please tell me how that happens... REMEMBER she is the callers girlfriend does he get it and give it to her she keeps it in zip-lock baggie... hmmm She sat beside me one night and i saw her take it out of her handbag to by tabs .....
concerned gamer

Irvine, KY

#194 May 17, 2011
Im a Jack kinda girl wrote:
<quoted text>
ive never been there..i am slmost sure that 97% of bingo halls cheat and are set up! its bullsh!t....there are 2 here in Radcliff that play using computers, at one of the halls after the caller calls the number that # automatically comes up on your screen and you dont have to do a thing. now if its programmed to highlight itself when called, then how hard could it be to have it programmed to bingo on a certain game? not hard at all... i find it funny that 7-12 people can bingo on a single bingo game for 200 bucks but when it goes into a double for 400 or 500 only 1 person hits it, and this happens every single time! its the bingo in the peddlers mall or southland bingo on dixie both in radcliff! keep calling the BBB or the gaming commision and tell them sooner or later they will be caught..2 other bingo halls have closed here in town because of the cheating and scams...
well i have been to eastland and corbin and richmond yes it is awful how they cheat and let me say i have called the gaming commision on richmond bingo and they said oh take pictures and names and we will investigate its a dam shame they wont do a dam thing cause a little extra money in thier pockets but eastland cheats and so does richmond and i was told by a bingo investigator not to waste my time going back to corbin, i think its crap you cant go and play bingo honestly, we all need money....

Sunbright, TN

#195 May 18, 2011
Sawbucks and dixie bingo in mccreary co. ky cheat too...the same people always win....pull tabs and all the bingos.....and the ones that always win are rich already and dont need the money.
Bee In RI

United States

#196 May 20, 2011
Something funny going on at a RI Bingo In Johnston,RI. It seems that the same people are winning weekly and some of them sell the packets to attendees. EX: 1,000 winner, 100 winner,(same table) 50 winner (same table). The following week, same group, same table, 500 winner, 100 winner, 50 winner. This is not the only group table that keeps winning weekly. Something going on with this computerized Bingo. It can't be just luck that the same groups, same table locations win weekly. Someone playing with the system! Programming certain bingo packets numbers to win. Programming bingo numbers to come up that match the computerized packet. It's becoming very apparent by many players that something is not on the level and they will get caught! Someone needs to investigate the computer to see what is being entered into system now and what was entered in the system in the past.

Shreveport, LA

#197 Jun 20, 2011
If you want to go to a great bingo come to Culvertown ky on Tuesday and Friday @7;00 it is non smoking and no computer and the staff is great.....

Richmond, KY

#198 Jun 27, 2011
Pulltab sellers at Bingozone in London, Ky cheat for each other, their families, and friends.
When you go to buy pulltabs they tell you to wait and sell somebody their friend or family member five pulltabs at a time until they get a number or a big instant winner.
When the winning numbers are for a game that person wins the top amount for that game.
It happens every night with the same group of voulunteers who are usually tipped twenty to fifty dollars by the winner.
I have been there and I have seen it happen.
I wish somebody would clean this place up.

Richmond, KY

#199 Jun 27, 2011
Bingozone workers in London, Ky try to cheat anybody that is not their friend or family member.
The workers have a bad attitude and are insulted that you request to buy pulltabs if you are not their friend or family member.
If you do win a bingo game or a pulltab the workers expect that you tip them either twenty, fifty, or one hundred dollars for just being there.
That place is a sad and corrupt place and needs to be corrected by the gaming commissioner.

Richmond, KY

#200 Jun 27, 2011
Has anyone witnessed cheating at the Rainbow Bingo hall in Winchester, KY?

Richmond, KY

#201 Jun 27, 2011
Has anyone witnessed cheating at the Winchester Bingo Hall in Winchester, Ky?

Richmond, KY

#202 Jun 27, 2011
Has anyone witnessed cheating at Jackpot Charity bingo in Richmond, Ky?

Richmond, KY

#203 Jun 27, 2011
Jackpot Charity Bingo in Richmond, Ky cheats.
The workers sell winning pulltabs to their friends, families, or house players.
Family and friends of the organization win all the large money bingo games especially the coveralls.
I wish that bingo hall could be cleaned up.
They arrest the sisters of the bingo hall for scamming the charities there but who is going to protect the people from these criminals.

Mount Juliet, TN

#204 Jun 27, 2011
theres no such thing as a house player. its all a game of chance. thats why they call it gambling. I am often called a house player where I go. if I am then its news to me. It would take a rocket scientist to come up with a way to cheat and get away with it. The ones griping are usually the ones who lose. but I have seen the ones who complain win all the time too. I had one person comment on me winning twice in one day. And it was two small games. I asked them if they get a bingo twice are they not going to yell the second time? Because they already won once. Of course they had no comment and turned around and walked off.
deanna davis

Madison, IN

#205 Jun 28, 2011
im not sure how its being done but there is definetly cheating going on where i play. can somebody explain to me the ways that cheating is done so i can look for it. ive been watching and seen some things that can be considered cheating but i need to know exactly what to watch for.

Richmond, KY

#206 Jul 14, 2011
I think that the Bingo zone in London, Ky should be shutdown and the ladies that claim to volunteer there get in trouble with the IRS for not paying taxes on the tips that they make every night.

Henderson, KY

#207 Jul 23, 2011
unome wrote:
<quoted text>kathy carter city comissoner of frankfort she said stopping smoking at bingo wouldnt deep people from playing she was wrong frankfort bingo closed.
Yes I totally agree with you. Play bingo a couple different bingo halls, there are a group of people that show up and they are always the one's that win, I see the same people win the big jackpots several times a week, week after week. Something stinks big time.

Brooks, KY

#208 Jul 23, 2011
jarflies wrote:
<quoted text>
Yes I totally agree with you. Play bingo a couple different bingo halls, there are a group of people that show up and they are always the one's that win, I see the same people win the big jackpots several times a week, week after week. Something stinks big time.
You think that its set-up but you go week after week,WHY----- DUH

Henderson, KY

#209 Jul 23, 2011
sissy wrote:
I live hear in lexington, & play there all the time this is not true
Then how come the same people win three or four times a week??????????
wanting to know

Bowling Green, KY

#210 Jul 23, 2011
You damned crybabies,what about the cheating cold check writing bingo players

Richmond, KY

#211 Jul 27, 2011
Bingo Zone in London, KY is a cheating bingo and they even put signs up on the door to not take photographs of the facility or tape the hall with your cell-phone or you will be asked to leave.

What a corrupt place that the KY gaming commission should investigate.

What a world we live in that people cannot go to a place and be treated fairly and if they have a complaint are asked to leave.

Richmond, KY

#212 Jul 27, 2011
What is up with bingo halls in KY.
Are there are bingo halls in KY that are fair and a person can feel that they have been treated with respect and not spoon-fed lies about visiting corrupt bingo halls where people are cheated night after night.

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