Do you believe Obama is our legit POTUS?

Do you believe Obama is our legit POTUS?

Created by pollster on Jan 18, 2011

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No. Show us the long form bc


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United States

#82 Jun 7, 2012
time for a revolution
Truth Detector

Louisville, KY

#86 Jun 6, 2013
Sorry for the triple post.
The link works in the 3rd post.


“I could be Susan's sock!”

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Lady J's Lead Acolyte

#87 Jun 7, 2013
Sheesh, years into his presidency and the same ignorant folks still going on and on showing their prejudices.

United States

#88 Jun 7, 2013
Prejudices? Come on. The dude is a powertrippin' socialpath with greater criminal inclinations than most of those currently residing in penitentaries. Hell, he's not even a citizen, damn sure not a president, and the very worst example of a commander in chief. I say impeachment.
Truth Detector

Louisville, KY

#89 Dec 1, 2013

Democrat candidate running for governor of Michigan, Mark McFarlin, tells Michigan Live he didn't vote for Obama because he believes Obama's birth certificate is suspect. Asked if Obama was born in Hawaii, McFarlin said, "No."

Paducah, KY

#90 Dec 3, 2013
The "birther" angle actually does a disservice to those of us who oppose Obama as the most inept, worst, stupidest president that this country has ever had. He makes Hoover look good. But he is a U.S. citizen and his election was legitimate. All we can do now is hope that saner heads in Washington will be able to contain the damage that he is doing to the U.S.A. until Jan. 2017. Then hopefully we will have a president who will fix the mess.
Truth Detector

Louisville, KY

#91 Dec 19, 2013
It will take a revolution.
We have a bigger crime being committed by the usurper, AKA, Obama, against ALL U.S. Citizens, that is bigger than the crime committed by Bernie Madoff, yet Madoff has been charged, convicted, and is already rotting in prison for his crimes.
Why not the criminal that is posing as the pResident???
AKA has committed treason, as well as Violations of the Logan Act, These are Federal Felonies.

Misprision of a Felony is a Federal Felony, But NOT for AKA!
Does anyone even know the usurpers legitimate legal name???
Take your pick, Barry Soetoro, Harrison J. Bounell, Barry Dunham, or Barack Obama.
AKA, You have a one in four chance of being correct.

Why do we have courts who will ignore the Constitution, Federal laws, and the facts?
What has become of America? America Got STUPID!
Is AKA also the leader of the Muslim Brotherhood? He is after all a Muslim who practices taqqiyah.

Rest In Peace America, You are done. Taken out by a usurper!

Louisville, KY

#93 Jan 1, 2014
Worst president ever!!

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#94 Jan 4, 2014
Thank you prezO the perks are great! But I think a iPhone would be better than the darn oPhone!
Grand Birther

Louisville, KY

#95 Feb 1, 2014
The Constitution requires Obama to be a natural born citizen, and when the Founding Fathers used the term, they knew and understood it to mean just what Vattel said it meant, the child born on U.S. soil of U.S. citizens.

They had no need to define it in the Constitution, because as the writers they already knew what it meant.

It is up to Obama to prove that he is Constitutionally eligible, and since the questions concerning his Constitutional eligibility remain unanswered, Obama has not met that Constitutional burden.

Obama knows that he is not a Natural born citizen, that is why he calls himself a Native born citizen.

Obama knows that he is a dual citizen, that is why he tells you that his citizenship followed that of his Fathers, making him a dual U.S./British Kenyan citizen.

Obama refuses to release the best proof of his Hawaiian birth that he allegedly has to offer in the form of his original long form birth certificate.
This gives rise to the belief and possibility that the document in fact does not even really exist.
Why would Obama at the least not want to end the speculation concerning this?
So at this time, even his alleged FANTASY Hawaiian birth remains unproven and Obama refuses to end the controversy.

You think Obama is a Natural born citizen?
You gotta have faith, because you don't have the proof.

You think Obama was born in Hawaii?
You gotta have faith, because you don't have the proof.

You think Obama's released short form birth certificate is authentic?
You gotta have faith, because you don't have the proof.

Obama is truly a false god, because just like with God, you gotta have faith, because you don't have the proof, huh?

Unfortunately SHEEPLE don't deal in facts.
Grand Birther

Louisville, KY

#96 Feb 1, 2014
Everyone in power fears a race war if they must remove an ineligible fraudulent Black pResident.
This is most likely why a blatant usurpation of the Presidency is going unreported on by the Mainstream Media.

Native born citizen is not mentioned in the Constitution.
The term Natural born citizen appears in the Constitution, which the Founding Fathers intended for all future Presidents after the citizens at the time of the Adoption of the Constitution were gone, would be the offspring of a U.S. citizen Father born on U.S. soil.

Native born citizenship only requires Jus soli, born on the soil, while Natural born citizenship requires Jus soli and Jus sanguinis, born on the soil, or in U.S. controlled territory, and blood relationship to at a minimum a U.S. citizen Father.

This is precisely why John McCain was found to be eligible as a Natural born citizen despite his birth in Panama, and precisely why Obama cannot be a Natural born citizen, even if he could prove his alleged Hawaiian birth as a fact.

Obama had no U.S. citizen Father.
Politically Incorrect

Elizabeth, NJ

#99 Feb 23, 2014
Cancer On The pResidency

Louisville, KY

#111 Jun 21, 2015
We were initially shown a worthless short form birth certificate that did not even show the physical address of birth.
Then 2 1/2 years later we are shown a clearly fraudulent long form birth certificate that has the following problems.

It has layers and that means that it may have been tampered with.
It is a computer-generated built document that could have easily been digitally manipulated and shows signs of being a fraudulent document.

The "K" in Kansas is in a different layer than the rest of the word.
Half of Obamaís Motherís name is in one layer while the rest in another layer.
The Registrars stamp is in a layer all by itself, and separate from the date of issuance.
The date signed by the Registrar General is in 2 different layers.
The date accepted by the Local Registrar is in 2 different layers.
The occupation of the Mother during pregnancy listed as none is also in 2 different layers.

It has no visible raised seal detectable with the naked eye contained upon it implying validity.

Obamaís short form states the date that the document was filed, while the long form states the date that the document was accepted.
This is a questionable difference.

Obamaís birth certificate is numbered with a number that is higher than the number given to twins who were born more than 12 hours after Obama was born.
No logical explanation has been provided for this anomaly.

Fukino LIED when she said that the document that she saw was half type-written and half hand-written.
Obama's document is a standard printed form, and mostly a typewritten form, with the exception of very little handwriting.
It is only 5% to 10% hand-written at most, not 50% as described by Fukino.

Obama's released copy shows signs of having been digitally edited and tampered with.
Obama's released copy contains evidence of kerning that is not possible with a 1961 typewriter.
Obamaís released copy contains evidence of computer-generated handwriting that would not be on an authentic 1961 birth certificate.
Obama's released copy contains a mistake in the Registrars stamp that is not seen in any other known copy released of any other Hawaiian birth certificate.

There are many good reasons to question the validity of the fraudulent document that Obama has released.

So you think all of these problems with Obama's fraudulent long form birth certificate should just be forgotten because Obama says that he is Black, and if he has committed a crime he has already gotten away with it, huh?

Care to refute any of that, or will you just post more bullsh!t? SHEEPLE, come out to plaayy!

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