India needs to allow Buddhists to appoint all persons on the ruling council for Bodhi Gaya which is the most holy shrine for all Buddhists. Its where Buddha attained the Liberation of Nirvana. Despite many decades of requests from multiple Buddhist countries the majority of the council ruling over Bodhi Gaya are Hindus. Buddhists in India are still percecuted by the Hindu establishment for example when the Dalits the former outcastes convert to Buddhism they lose their government college scholarships. Hindus claim to have an all inclusive tolerant religion yet for over 2000 years the Hindus have oppressed the Buddhists in India killing off Buddhist monks and burning temples in previous centuries. The destruction of Buddhism in India started long before the arrival of Islam. In fact one reason Islam overran India was that the majority Buddhist populations in Pakistan and Northwest India/Kashmir did not support their Hindu Kings when the invasion came since those Kings had been trying to suppress Buddhism.