Ramona bakery closes in Torrance

Ramona bakery closes in Torrance

There are 52 comments on the Daily Breeze story from Jan 12, 2008, titled Ramona bakery closes in Torrance. In it, Daily Breeze reports that:

A popular bakery with a 71-year history in the South Bay area will close its Torrance store today.

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Washington, DC

#50 Jan 15, 2008
Does anyone know how to read? The article says the Torrance store is closing-Not the San Pedro store.. the San Pedro store is still there and is still good.

Washington, DC

#52 Jan 16, 2008
I think I will go there and buy something today.. do my part to keep it open...Lord knows all the movie crew who are always filming there apparently do not give up enough money to help it stay afloat. They are just rude, take up the street with their production trucks. I am especially proud to support Ramonas now that I know there are lots of new yuppie scum in San Pedro who are annoyed that Ramonas in San Pedro has survived and will be even more annoyed that it stays. If you do not like the businesses that are San Pedro traditions, If you do not like San Pedro the way it is, then do not move here.. move some where you like instead of changing our town. --end of story.


#55 Jan 19, 2008
I don't know why everyone is writing about Ramona's in San Pedro ?? It's the Torrance location that is being closed. Not surprised, that shop is a dump.

Ramona is a tradition in San Pedro, but times change. Look for happened to Port's of Call, that's a dump now. I remember a time where the place was filled with visitors to SP on weekends.
No more.
pastry junkie

United States

#57 Jan 24, 2008
I have been buying cakes from Ramona's for nearly 20 years and it has remained my favorite bakery. I have never served a cake or pastry from there to guests that have not complimented the fare and asked where it came from! Only once it all that time, was there a mistake and my order lost -this was at the torrance location -but stuff happens! We bought a german chocolate cake from the case instead and it was fabulous!!! Yes, some of their cakes are heavier- that is because they still make "genoise" cakes- in the classic french tradition. You know, "buttercakes" like they used to make before chiffon cakes with chemical leavening and salad oil became popular. The Genoise is heavier with butter and no leavening but the taste is superior. Chiffon is light but most of the flavor has to be in the filling & frosting. You can request chiffon or genoise at any good bakery. The pastries at Ramona have always been excellent as are the breads. I am dismayed to hear so many complaints about a fine establishment with quality baked goods which are hard to find anymore. The comments are harsh and, perhaps, undeserved. Bear in mind that people's tastes vary, if you're used to supermarket cakes, the different products may seem strange at first, not all products in every bakery (or anywhere) excel- some are better than others, and sometimes employees make mistakes. I would encourage anyone to give Ramona another try. It is difficult enough these days to find a real bakery. If we don't support it and other "Mom & Pop" establishments, and get ready for the Walmart..where you can buy everything soft and artificial you desire. I'm certain they're currently bidding on leases in your neighborhood. way.Peace.

Since: Jan 08

Redondo Beach, CA

#59 Jan 25, 2008
the Hawk wrote:
It's difficult enough these days to find "a real bakery. If we don't support it," said pastry junkie, and other "Mom & Pop" establishments, then "get ready for the Walmart..where you can buy everything soft and artificial you desire."
"I'm certain they're currently bidding on leases in your neighborhood." Of course, until the take-over is complete.
<quoted text>
Yes... the Walmartization of America has begun. And we wonder why we're entering a recession. Ramona's is just the latest victim of America's willingness to follow suit and accept sub-standard, mass merchandised crap. I'll glady pay a few extra bucks to keep mom & pop in business as long as they offer a quality product.

Anaheim, CA

#61 Jan 25, 2008
InfinityPink - Redondo wrote:
<quoted text>
Yes... the Walmartization of America has begun. And we wonder why we're entering a recession. Ramona's is just the latest victim of America's willingness to follow suit and accept sub-standard, mass merchandised crap. I'll glady pay a few extra bucks to keep mom & pop in business as long as they offer a quality product.
The key words here are "quality product".

Ramona's in Torrance has not offered a quality product in years. That's why it closed. Not because of big box stores.

They sucked, end of story.

Since: Jan 08

Redondo Beach, CA

#62 Jan 25, 2008
the Hawk wrote:
Thank you, for "mom & pop" ARE America; the others are just "them"!
<quoted text>
I wasn't overly pleased with the Torrance store but perhaps I'll make the drive to San Pedro and judge for myself. I currently buy cakes from Lido in Manhattan Beach (proximity) but a short drive to SP won't kill me.

Redondo Beach, CA

#64 Jan 25, 2008
They went out of business because their product and service sucked.

If a business has real good product then they can compete. Look at Y Not Burger in Torrance. How dod they survive with all the burger titans? Good product, fair price and good service.

These closed bakeries should have been shuttered long ago!

Since: Jan 08

Redondo Beach, CA

#65 Jan 25, 2008
the Hawk wrote:
<quoted text>
That sounds reasonable.
On the way there, you might sop by in Harbor City, we have an interesting Café[i.e. DoNut Shop] on PCH, next to Kaiser Permanente. Soon we will have one more, on PCH and Normandie, in the same "Normandie Village Center"!
I'll give it a try. I know I'll definitely be stopping at that chicken place near Ramona's, though. I love their potatoes.

Loma Linda, CA

#67 Mar 4, 2008
As a frequent customer, I came to know the Torrance Ramona workers. They are genuine people, from the youngest worker to the oldest.

They had no control over the order, if it was on time or not. It was the owners fault, and yet the workers were being yelled at for stuff they had no control over.

I'm sad to see Torrance (and now San Pedro) out. Genuine, nice people.

Chino Hills, CA

#69 Mar 19, 2008
Ramona's was a very good bakery and thank goodness the San Pedro store will remain open.
I will drive the distance to get their cakes.
Their strawberry and banana cakes are delicious and my family has ordered from them for 30 years and have never been disappointed.
They are as much a part of San Pedro as Busy Bee.
The last guy who commented on Torrance Bakery must
work for them. There cakes are not as good.
See Ya Ramona

Orange, CA

#72 Mar 21, 2008
I totally agree with your comment. I personally am VERY GLAD to see Ramona's go. The newest owners cared about nothing else but money. They did not take the same pride in thier cakes and thier customers as the owners before. I first hand seen the things that went on in the San Pedro bakery. Not only were the owners CHEAP! but they did some very disturbing things! I seen them drop food on the floor to only pick it up and sell it to the customer. I have also seen them pick ants off cookies and still sell those same cookies to customers! That place was totally disgusting! Anyone that has every visted this bakery can see how run down and dirty the placed looked. It was all about money with them and I am glad to see them go. About 5 years ago I had bought "thier" famous strawberry/banana cake for my grandfather. He tasted it and threw the whole cake away! He said it was disgusting and tasted nothing like it did when he was younger. It just goes to show that money isn't everything. If you don't take pride in what you do and care about your customers then in the end they will not care about you! RAMONA BAKERY YOU GOT EXACTLY WHAT YOU DESERVED!!!!
Ramonas wrote:
When I got married the first time, 30+ years ago, there was only one Ramona's, in San Pedro. They did my wedding cake and it was spectacular!
When I married the 2nd time 4 years ago, I bought the cake at the Ramona's in Torrance. It was hideous! Dry & looked and tasted like it had been made weeks before!!! They didn't even have a box to deliver it in and it wasn't a big cake.
Ramona's went downhill a long time ago and the reason they closed is because people got tired of paying for poor service and poor quality.

Rancho Palos Verdes, CA

#73 Mar 30, 2008
I loved it!


#74 Apr 27, 2008
I loved Ramona's Bakery.....the cakes and chocolate eclairs were wonderful. My father worked at a home for disabled people and they often donated bakery goods. It wasn't the newest, brightest, or cheapest place in town, but, it was a part of San Pedro's long history and it will be missed. Does's anyone know where I can still get chocolate eclairs like they made with the cutard inside? yum yum.......... [email protected]

Torrance, CA

#75 Apr 28, 2008
I had my wedding reception at La Venta Inn in 2000. They referred me to several bakeries with expensive cakes that looked great but were not moist. Someone told me about Ramona's in Torrance...and I loved their cakes. My wedding day cake was delicious, and I received endless complments on it; However, things changed. I planned my sister's wedding last year and ordered some sample cakes from them and the customer service was sooooo bad. Missing cakes, wrong flavors, and no apologies. I was so disappointed. I am sad to see them go b/c MY wedding cake was fantastic and I wanted to continue to support the mom and pop shop but they hired the wrong people to run their store.

Gardena, CA

#76 Aug 30, 2008
some people have no idea what they're talking about.
when it comes to ramona bakery, its success was all because of anthony. he was running the show for over 30 years, but got out of the business about 6 or so years ago.
from the time he left, paul bodnar was in control. this was a huge mistake. paul has no idea how to run a business, treat customers, or work as a team player.
in the 'excuses' review, you're right. the reason for the close is to an extent not due to the rise in ingredients. yes, the prices are getting high, but the stores closed because no money was being made.
as for 'cake lover', the people who worked at the torrance location were nowhere near the type of employee anthony would allow. since paul was in charge, he would hire anyone.
i worked there.
i am a part of the family who had it when it was the place to go, part of anthony's family.
i hear all these comments about how bad the bakery was, and it kills me.
when anthony left, it started going downhill...fast. people never knew he left until it was too late.
so when i hear all of this about how its crap, no good, a waste of san pedro space, i'm saddened.
there is no reason why anthony's rep should be brought down because of some fat loser who thinks he can run a business. paul has no idea what he's doing.
he slowly got everyone of anthony's relatives to leave the bakery- including me- so he could run the show himself. he has no 'people skills', no common sense, no emotions, no knowledge of how to run a business, and no way out of this hole he's dug himself into.
he's a liar. he's a jerk (for lack of a stronger word). he thinks he knows it all. he doesn't think of consequences. and he failed.
why, you ask?
because he's stressed.
he finally got what he wanted...the business to himself. but he couldn't handle it.
hell, i wouldn't be able to handle it either if i was living my life the way he was.
overweight, stressed, and in the closet.
yes, in the closet.
he's been hiding it for sooo many years, which is his reason for being so mean, resentful, and careless.
with all that building up inside, i don't think i'd be able to handle a business either.

so...please, before you pass judgement on ramone bakery for something it did, or most likely didn't do (he never cared if something went 'missing' or if an order was messed up), please don't let your opinion bring down anthony.
any reason for a downfall regarding ramona bakery is because of paul bodnar.
he doesn't care.
even about family.

anthony is his family, and he doesn't care about him.
san pedro is his home and he doesn't care that his neighbors aren't getting the best product.

ramona bakery was a great place.

Bryan, TX

#77 Aug 30, 2008
I no longer live in the area, but I remember going in the 60a and early 70s to Ramona's when visiting my aunt Ruth in San Pedro. cannolis were sooooo good. My mom bought all of my birthday cakes there-we lived in PV and she would always run to Ramona's to get the awesome chocolate cakes covered in whipping cream. I'm in Arkansas now but I remember the family who ran it back there. I hope the relatives of them know that I have a few friends from the same area that now live in Arkansas. We get together about 4 times a year, and we lawyas end up missing something we bought years ago at Ramona's. And all the nice people who worked there. We are all between 53-56 and have nothing but fond memories of Ramona's!.

Tustin, CA

#79 Feb 1, 2009
is anyone making the cakes that ramona's used to make?

Los Angeles, CA

#80 Feb 2, 2009
Randell wrote:
what do people think about BUSY BEES in SAN PEDRO??
The place is a gold mine, it is always busy, food is pretty good, Sorrento's up the street is good too, they make a better torpedo and pastrami sandwich.
Dis-Satisfied Customer

Highland, CA

#81 Mar 10, 2009
WOW! I wonderered when this day would come. I have wanted to be a customer for years, but the extremely poor service forced me to go further out of my way and pay more rather than patronize Ramona's in Torrance. Albeit, I am sorry for their loss. Next will be Bagel Factory in Torrance. Their service is even worse than Ramona's was.

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