Our recommendation: Springboro voters...

Our recommendation: Springboro voters should say 'yes' the first time to school levies

There are 32036 comments on the Dayton Daily News story from Feb 5, 2008, titled Our recommendation: Springboro voters should say 'yes' the first time to school levies. In it, Dayton Daily News reports that:

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Who Do You Trust

Cincinnati, OH

#26816 Aug 25, 2013
It is very important that common sense voters fully understand the “Three Fold Purpose” of those who oppose the leadership of our reform minded BOE majority representatives.

FIRST – Their hope is that if they fill you with enough negative sound bites, vastly untrue, you will think of this board as ineffective and will not vote to maintain the kids first philosophy.(Now we all know that WE are smarter than that).

SECOND – Maintain the appearance of the necessity to membership. They must prove their worth to membership.(I certainly would no longer pay for a membership if I did not see the value.)

THIRD – An unprofessional need to discredit comes from a lack of facts to back their positions. A need to portray a VICTIM so that citizens can feel empowered to be “Hero” and vote against their common sense convictions. Keep the pressure on so your opponents give up. All play on emotion rather than providing proof or data on positions. A good distraction to be sure, but hopefully, ineffective in Springboro.

PLEASE read the real truth and not some paid blogger bad mouthing this board because, clearly, they think of the kids first. Our adults have representation with their unions. This board IS making sure there are no victims here as there were in the past, OUR KIDS!

In the past, if districts ran short of money a cookbook of pressure techniques were used to get the levy passed. This board has proven that these tactics hurt the kids and they were unnecessary. That can’t stand if the agenda is control and money driven. Do you understand?

Who Do You Trust

Cincinnati, OH

#26817 Aug 25, 2013
In the direction of restoring confidence con·fi·dence noun: 1. full trust; belief in powers, trustworthiness, or reliability of a person or thing.... Synonyms 1. faith, reliance, dependence. See trust.... Antonyms 1. mistrust. The opposite of confidence is mistrust. The central goal of the concerned citizens in Educate Springboro is to rebuild eroding trust in our community […]

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New Beginnings

Cincinnati, OH

#26818 Aug 25, 2013
Experience vs cost wrote:
<quoted text>
I guess we will have to wait and see what "teaching histories" will be hired into Springboro. My guess, there will be no one hired with much experience because experience costs. Just take a look at the District office - how much experience do we have there?
Superintendent - 0 yrs exp. as Super. before Springboro (and I would argue your point that there was a healthy waiting list for this job since Mr. Petrey was pretty much the only one and he was able to negotiate his own salary - and might I add he got what he wanted - kind of hypocritical if you ask me since he doesn't seem to want the teachers to negotiate any increases)
new HS Principal - 0 yrs exp. as Principal before Springboro
new SI Principal - 0 yrs exp. as Principal
new JR Principal - 0 yrs exp. as Principal
Curriculum lead - 0 yrs exp. as curriculum advisor (although I'll give her some credit that she was a principal)
Business Director - although he is leaving, he had 0 yrs exp. as a business director prior to being put into that position
HR director - 0 yrs exp. prior to her being put into this position
Springboro Families and Taxpaying Homeowners join with our Springboro Schools Superintendent extending a Warm and Wonderful
"Welcome to Our Schools" to All Our New Teachers and Staff!
We expect to hear good things communicated into our Homes from our Springboro school district leaders throughout the new school year!

"We see the brightness of a NEW page where everything yet can happen." -Rainer Maria Rilke-
Ask Ron Malone

Cincinnati, OH

#26819 Aug 25, 2013
"If a man does not know what port he is steering for, no wind is favorable to him."

Seeking goals
QUESTION: Mr. Malone, What does the future hold for you?

ANSWER: I'm in my 41st year of education and 35th as a building principal... I don't know what the next couple of years look like right now for me, but I'm interested in continuing to work in education. We'll see what happens.

It's been a time of tremendous change and tremendous growth. I've always felt that the key to a person's effectiveness is how they fit within an organizational philosophy. This changes over time, I'm not sure the fit is as good now as when I came to Springboro in 2000. My strengths and the board's expectations of my position do not match as well as I would like.

Ron Malone is now teamed with David Stuckey and Charles Anderson as part of a push by a local group of SURE community members to change "the direction of the school board" .... back to the way things used to be in the good old days. Isn't it surprising how easy it can be to just let life send us careenig this way and that, as if our boat has lost its rudder, amid one's insanely popularity when name recognition is the only credential that Ron Malone has to offer our schools and community as a certified BOE candidate?
Remember November 2009

Cincinnati, OH

#26820 Aug 25, 2013
Oh What A Victory....In The Begining! We've come a l-o-n-g way, Springboro, And We Owe a Debt of Gratitude and Thanks to Kelly!

Elections come and go; but the influence of good leadership just stays and grows!

Fiscally conservative Ohio school board turns a deficit into a surplus while cutting taxes and giving raises
Posted by Jimmy Kilpatrick on August 6, 2013 in Daily, Insights on Education, Teachers | 0 Comment
By Ben Velderman -
SPRINGBORO, Ohio – It’s tempting to describe the financial turnaround that’s taking place in the Springboro school district as something of a miracle.
How else to describe the district’s dramatic reversal in fortune?
In the span of just four years, Springboro schools have gone from projecting a massive deficit of $28.7 million to planning for a surplus of nearly $7.2 million by 2017.
That’s a swing of nearly $36 million to the district’s benefit.
That’s unheard of during these tough economic times in which many U.S. school districts are cutting student programs, laying off teachers and raising taxes.
Here’s something else that’s unheard of: Instead of just stockpiling the extra money in the district’s bank account, Springboro school board members are preparing to give a portion of it back to taxpayers.
Last month, Springboro board members voted to place a five-year levy renewal on the November ballot that will actually cut taxes by 15 percent, which equals about $1.3 million a year. The levy would shrink the projected surplus by several million dollars, but the once-needy district would still be left with a tidy sum in reserve.
In a press release, Springboro school board President Kelly Kohls told taxpayers that if they pass the levy, the district “will be able to move forward without any type of levy for some time to come.”
It’ll be up to voters whether or not to accept the deal, though it’s difficult to imagine them turning it down.
Remember November 2009

Cincinnati, OH

#26821 Aug 25, 2013
It’s not just taxpayers who are reaping the benefits from Springboro schools’ improved financial condition. The district just agreed to a new contract with the local teachers union that gives many educators a 12 percent pay raise – through step increases and a base pay increase – over the next two years.
And even though the new contract also increases teachers’ health insurance contributions – from 15 to 20 percent – most teachers will still see their take home pay increase by about 10 percent over the next two school years, according to Kohls.
Springboro families are also getting in on the fun. Over the past couple of years, the district has cut various student fees by 50 percent and its “pay to play” fees for after-school sports by $200.
The district has also purchased new textbooks, added technology to the schools and made improvements to district buildings and grounds.
What kind of budgeting magic is allowing district leaders to do all this?
None, actually.
Springboro’s financial renaissance is the direct result of careful financial planning, coupled with tough votes that pitted reform-minded school board members against the local teachers union, school administrators and their fellow board members.
Critics of the current school board will say the turnaround is due to the additional tax revenue that’s being generated by a new natural gas pipeline – about $3.5 million a year, since 2012 – and the revenue that will come from the second pipeline that’s being installed.
While the first pipeline has certainly helped the bottom line, it’s not the driver of the district’s improved financial picture. And potential revenue generated by the second pipeline was not figured into Springboro’s most recent budget forecast.
Remember November 2009

Cincinnati, OH

#26822 Aug 25, 2013
‘Children First’ philosophy yields big results
The district’s turnaround started when Kohls joined the Springboro school board in early 2010 and began implementing a “children first” philosophy to K-12 spending.
At first, Kohls was the board’s lone fiscal conservative and her spending reform ideas were met with stiff resistance. But over the last three-and-a-half years, Kohls has won the trust of the community and is currently serving as the board president.
That promotion was made possible after voters sent two more fiscal conservatives – David Petroni and Jim Rigano – to the board in early 2012, giving reformers majority control.
That allowed the reformers’“children first” philosophy to be implemented in full force. And it’s yielding impressive results.
For example, the district no longer pays administrators’ portion of their retirement fund costs – a savings of $180,000.
The district also started requiring employees to help shoulder more of their health insurance costs. It also joined a health care consortium, which resulted in about $6 million in savings for taxpayers.
One of the biggest changes was the board’s decision to switch to a zero-based budgeting system. Instead of automatically increasing school budgets every year, Springboro leaders only provide schools with additional money if the principal or teachers can identify a specific need.
Union unhappy with smaller levy
Conventional wisdom suggests that Springboro students’ academic performance must be suffering as a result of all these cuts. But the exact opposite is true.
According to Kohls, Springboro’s state test scores and ACT scores have both increased, while the percentage of students who need remedial help has decreased. Springboro schools continue to be honored by the state as “a district of distinction.”
These should be happy days for everyone involved with Springboro Community City Schools – but not everyone is celebrating.
Kohls tells EAGnews some members of the local teachers union and their community supporters aren’t happy with the board’s decision to ask for a reduced levy.
“They think it’s giving back money, and you never do that,” Kohls says, adding that she speaks only for herself, not the board.
She says labor leaders want the district to tax residents at the maximum amount so its bank account is flush with cash when the next teachers’ contract is being negotiated. That way, district leaders won’t have any reason for denying the union its financial requests.
“They always want more,” Kohls says.--
Who Do You Trust

Cincinnati, OH

#26823 Aug 25, 2013
"Wouldn't it be better for the human spirit and for the soul of this nation to encourage people to accept more responsibility to care for each other rather than leaving those tasks to paid bureaucrats." -Ronald Reagan
And your point is

Tipp City, OH

#26824 Aug 25, 2013
Who Do You Trust wrote:
"Wouldn't it be better for the human spirit and for the soul of this nation to encourage people to accept more responsibility to care for each other rather than leaving those tasks to paid bureaucrats." -Ronald Reagan
"Facts are stupid things." - Ronald Reagan

"We are trying to get unemployment to go up, and I think we're going to succeed." - Ronald Reagan

"What does an actor know about politics?" - Ronald Reagan

And your point is...?
Mr Beck

Tipp City, OH

#26825 Aug 25, 2013
bombs away wrote:
<quoted text>
what are the coordinates....latitude and longitude
Now that's that spirt you Sara Pailin wannabe.. If you can't beat'em blow them up!
- GB
Doug Wiedeman

Cleveland, OH

#26826 Aug 25, 2013
In The Direction of Out
By David Bowman

"If you believe that the past year has been a great one for our schools, a year that saw the reputation of our schools strengthen, a year that brightened the future of our children, a year that made you proud to say you are from Springboro, than by all means vote to continue on in this direction. If you believe that divisive politics, guns in classrooms, charter schools, creationism, attorney fees, bad media coverage, poor employee relations, and diminishing academic options are great for our children, will increase our property values, and will make our town a place people will increasingly want to call home, vote to continue in this direction."

I believe that most school districts in the area would love to be as fiscally sound as Springboro is now. Unequivocally and with out any doubt.

Not too long ago it was year after year of levy campaigns demanding more money for our school system or the cataclysmic end was near. Five times they asked for anywhere from $30-45,000,000. Five times the levies failed to pass. At no time during those contentious campaigns were the public ever apprised of the true nature of the school finances. And that was the sum total of the game being played.

Mr. Petroni and Mr. Rigano brought forth a Budget and Finance committee that operated in the open and was routinely well attended by union representatives, Neighbors for Springboro Schools, and SURE ladies. Those in attendance knew what the Budget and Finance Committee knew, it was all done in the open.

Divisive politics seems to be anything Mr. Bowman disagrees with in theory or practice. The beauty of this school board is that they performed their functions in a public forum that allowed input from the public. This was transparency in action. If you liked the idea or did not like idea, at least it was out front for everyone to see and debate. It was not cloaked in secret, noted late on an agenda, and passed before anyone had seen, heard, or had a chance to vet the concept.

Considering most of the bad media coverage was a direct result of collusion with a compliant media and an active union, this is hardly surprising. How many media outlets like news items on fiscal responsibility, transparency, and accountability? Not many when you can count on the union to drum up a couple hundred people for some good photo ops.

And finally the crux of the entire affair, the diminishing academic options.
Ask Mr. Malone who is responsible for that one, or better yet his peers at the Warren County Educational Services Center who audited his program of studies.

Page 10

From the 2012 report by the Warren County Educational Service Center.

Mr. Malone had been reviewed numerous times previously and made aware of his program of studies shortcomings.

Why did Mr. Malone choose not to pursue the direction and recommendations provided for the benefit of the children?

https://docs.google.com/file/d/0Bxs0_xA64y_HS ...

"SHS still offers general level classes (Algebra 1A and !B, physical science, US HIstory, and World History) Thus, not all students experience a college preparatory curriculum. Documents provided to the TAV Team indicate that contrary to the High Schools That Work (HSTW) philosophy, SHS believes that offering low level courses is in the best interest of students. THIS BELIEF, however, WAS NOT SUBSTANTIATED BY RESEARCH OR DATA."

Dumbing down the curriculum is apparently not in the best interest of the student.

Nothing substantiates this belief in either research or data.

Yet, that was the path Mr. Malone chose for your children.

These are not my conclusions, but the conclusions of professional educators hired by the school district to audit our program of studies before this board ever came to be.
Straight to the Point

Cincinnati, OH

#26827 Aug 25, 2013
And your point is wrote:
<quoted text>
"Facts are stupid things." - Ronald Reagan
"We are trying to get unemployment to go up, and I think we're going to succeed." - Ronald Reagan
"What does an actor know about politics?" - Ronald Reagan
And your point is...?
Point Is.... For SURE people are even more stupid than facts.

What does a community activists know for SURE about multi-million dollar budgets, other than what insanely popular Ron Malone saysthat "There needs to be a re-emphasis on the value of the educator." Where's the responsibility in that for our children's education, seeing nothing of VALUE in our teachers except
more, more, more dollar signs?
Who Do You Trust

Cincinnati, OH

#26828 Aug 25, 2013
And your point is wrote:
<quoted text>
"Facts are stupid things." - Ronald Reagan
"We are trying to get unemployment to go up, and I think we're going to succeed." - Ronald Reagan
"What does an actor know about politics?" - Ronald Reagan
And your point is...?
What does a community organizer from Chicago know about wealth except:

I think when you spread the wealth around, it's good for everybody.
-Barack Obama- Remark at a campaign stop in Ohio,
October 13, 2008

For Sure, he has succeeded in Springboro. No new money is needed for the SEA for several years!

Cleveland, OH

#26829 Aug 25, 2013
Stay Focused wrote:
Stay Alert Voters! The true story of the next day is that David Bowman and For SURE activists are the real ones Playing Dominos with Springboro Schools. The SURE group is teamed with the SEA and Ron Malone to dismantle the Children's First Budget success. Just watching at the park today will reveal the status quo re-run of the re-instate Ron Malone hostile takeover as staged by Lisa Babb and Ron's Kids during March 2012; Many of our Boro Alumni have been running all over town soliciting help with the Vote for Revenge campaign
of Ron Malone and the Springboro Education Association to gain control of the board's budget and put the money back into the SEA treasure chest where insanely popular Ron Malone thinks it should be. Don't be deceived by the politics of personal destruction, distortion, and discredit of our unprecedented success in Springbor Schools. The OEA members/union activists are some of the worst people we will ever have to deal with as to radical social behavior; because to the OEA radicals they are at war with the taxpayers.
They have the destruction of America in their minds and they are terrible people because their ideology makes them corrosive. They openly use children to execute their maniacal plans for social progressive changes at the expense of society, and this defines their essence. Wars are won by taking away from the other side the will to continue fighting. The OEA attacks them directly hoping to rob them of their will to stand opposed to the union’s progressive agenda.
There is NO reasoning with the Springobro Education Association members, the SURE group, nor the Neighbors for Springboro Schools. They are angry, hostile, mean-spirited, bitter, and totally without gratitude and appreciation of the simple joys of home, family, faith, and love; and care only for the collective forced investment of other's labor, which the SEA feels their dollar "VALUE" is greater than all.
As we have seen recently when the contract settlement gave the SEA all they said they wanted from taxpayers; still they greedily protested "give us more; we don't want increased pay; we just want it all and we demand the board to PAY it all to the SEA, because Ron Malone says so..."There needs to be a re-emphasis on the VALUE of the educator."
"Running around town"! How quickly you forget Kelly Kohls call out to the Warren County Tea Party for their attendance at a school board meeting. There were many there who were NOT even from our community & who were not eligible to vote in Springboro. You reap what you sow!
Doug Wiedeman

Cleveland, OH

#26830 Aug 26, 2013
Really wrote:
<quoted text>
"Running around town"! How quickly you forget Kelly Kohls call out to the Warren County Tea Party for their attendance at a school board meeting. There were many there who were NOT even from our community & who were not eligible to vote in Springboro. You reap what you sow!
I must have missed that communication.

I do know about the inordinate number of union people from other districts who showed up to watch the show when negotiations were ongoing. When I asked them why they wanted to waste their time here with this, they replied " to show support."

Warm bodies are warm bodies I suppose.

Since: Sep 12

Location hidden

#26831 Aug 26, 2013
Really wrote:
<quoted text>
"Running around town"! How quickly you forget Kelly Kohls call out to the Warren County Tea Party for their attendance at a school board meeting. There were many there who were NOT even from our community & who were not eligible to vote in Springboro. You reap what you sow!
you statement is incorrect
No More Malone

Cincinnati, OH

#26832 Aug 26, 2013
Ask Ron Malone wrote:
<quoted text>
Question: Dr. Malone, What do you think of the school board's direction?
Answer: The major concern I have with decisions being made out there is that the major emphasis seems to be on the physical part of education.
Comments from Springboro Parents: With which part of education do you have a major concern, Dr. Malone? Would it be one of these
NOW MET NEEDS that are IN the current budget through 2017:
-$1.1 million for an 11 additonal new buses (bought 10 last year)
-$1.5 million in computers, wifi, backbone, which equals 350 laptops and 1,000 computers
-$3.7 million in capital improvements
-2.4 million in test books and new curriculum and text book adoptions
$8.7 million in total in the forecast through 2017!
Is the Illusion of Excellence Harmful?

Districts love to point to their fine report card rating as evidence of high performance. Real estate agents love to tout those excellent ratings as proof that a home in the community is a good value. But at some point, Ohioans may want to take a serious look at what is really happening in their school districts. Parents and taxpayers need to know that “excellent” may not be as advertised. It is a disservice to the general public, to parents and especially to children when we pretend that more and more districts are doing a stellar job, when they are not. The stakes are much higher than they are for 1st grade soccer players, who are all superstars. Policymakers must acknowledge that there are serious flaws in an evaluation system that says that the majority of districts are doing excellent work, when all of the data comparing Ohio students nationally and internationally paint a very different picture.

A major disconnect exists when Ohio’s standards suggest that 51.7% of 8th graders are performing at an accelerated or advanced level in reading and the national data suggest that only a small fraction of these 8th graders are anywhere near an advanced level.
No More Malone

Cincinnati, OH

#26833 Aug 26, 2013
Find out just what the people will submit to and you have found out the exact amount of injustice and wrong which will be imposed upon them.
-Frederick Douglass
No More Malone

Cincinnati, OH

#26834 Aug 26, 2013
Really wrote:
<quoted text>
"Running around town"! How quickly you forget Kelly Kohls call out to the Warren County Tea Party for their attendance at a school board meeting. There were many there who were NOT even from our community & who were not eligible to vote in Springboro. You reap what you sow!
David Bowman and the SURE group of trouble makers in our school board meetings grandstanding in front of TV news reporters need to remember that their fight against board president, Kelly Kohls, is over, and Kelly Kohls and all Springboro familes and school employees are the victors!

Indeed we all reap what we sow -- in November 2009 and November 2011, the majority of voters in the school district went to the polls and "sowed seeds of trust in our reform-minded school board representatives candidates" ...and now ALL school employees, students, and school district taxpaying homeowners have reaped an unprecedented harvest of good will and good financial management under the leadership of our school board members Kelly Kohls, Jim Rigano, David Petroni, Wendy Kull, and Don Miller! Thank You!
Ask Ron Malone

Cincinnati, OH

#26835 Aug 26, 2013
The Next Day wrote:
<quoted text>
What is missing from this list of "accomplishments" is the "rest of the story". I don't have the facts at hand (admonish me for not doing my homework) but my belief is that we now have fewer teachers, a narrower AP offering (which was already narrower than most good high schools), larger class sizes amongst other issues. Yes, some good things have been done. However, I believe we have missed the opportunity to take the district to even a higher level of accomplishment in terms of preparing our kids for college or a trade. My concern is that the BOE is managing to the minimum required by law and not providing the higher level of education expected by the most parents of our community.
Most parents of our community would ask Mr. Malone, who has been a SHS principal for the PAST thirteen years, WHY he "whiled away" his opportunity to take the district to even a higher level of accomplishment in terms of preparing our kids for college or a trade? Why would Mr. Malone encourage a high school student to interrupt her OGT class and e-mail the Board of Education in protest of school board authority? Why would Mr. Malone bring his employment crisis, of whether or not to accept a great promotion to district office, to the attention of a young student who was
taking her OGT?

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