The GenoType Diet

The GenoType Diet

There are 33 comments on the Newsday story from Jan 27, 2008, titled The GenoType Diet. In it, Newsday reports that:

When I first heard about the Blood Type Diet , it seemed like an interesting concept.

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Brooklyn, NY

#1 Jan 27, 2008
Barnum was right--there's a sucker born every minute. Maybe if we actually had some decent science education in our schools people would understand just how stupid the idea of a "blood type diet" is.

Torrington, CT

#2 Jan 27, 2008
Debra hit the nail on the head.
What utter nonsense. Did we need to waste the newsprint?

Gardiner, NY

#3 Jan 28, 2008
Eat in moderation.

Sydney, Australia

#4 Feb 3, 2008
If you care to check out the articles at PubMed, you will find lots of peer reviewed articles from credible sources where the science is all about blood type specific research.
"Eat in moderation" implies that one type of diet suits everbody. Again, there is plenty of science that proves otherwise. You just need the integrity to be open-minded and look.

Freeland, WA

#5 Feb 3, 2008
Sorry my friends, the proof is in the pudding. I have had the following improvements since following the BTD and now the new Genotype Diet:

inflammation and pain in my joints decreased
weight loss
NO sugar or wheat cravings
no restless leg syndrome
I now have wonderful skin tone and a balanced sense of being.
no more IBS

Plus there are other endless improvements in my overall health and well being.

Each to their own but after 49 years of trying every thing else under the sun... every other 'diet' out there and diet drugs and starvation routines and optifast and depression meds and 'eating in moderation' which NEVER worked for me because of cravings... and addiction patterns, I have found 'my' answer to balanced eating and supplementation.

It might not be your way, but why trash something if you have not tried it? And why put down something that has had at least two generations of science????

Good luck and you should find something else to bash - maybe something you've really tried for 6 months.
A winner


#6 Feb 3, 2008
Anyone with any acumen at all about diets on the scene these days knows that most of them don't work. Science, my foot. They don't hit the side of a barn for people in general. The GenoType is a way of life. I am over 65 years of age and have had some health problems nearly my entire life that have been relieved with a few minor changes suggested in this book. I don't have any cravings at all for anything. The sense of well-being is priceless - something money cannot buy. Before, foods just didn't "feel right" in my stomach. Now, everything feels right - no stomach pains, no joint pains, no headaches, no anxiety - just plain wonderful!!! I doesn't bother me in the least that ignorant people disparage this book - not learning more about it is only their lose - not mine. But, methinks you need to take a second look!:-)

Hardin, IL

#7 Feb 3, 2008
If just changing up the foods I eat, according to this book, makes me feel like a million bucks, then hey, I'm happy to be a sucker!!
After just ONE WEEK on Eat Right for Your Blood Type, my daily sinus and migraine headaches disappeared. Yes, that's right, disappeared. Let's say dairy is a type O's enemy. Add wheat to that and you'll feel better eliminating those two catagories alone. Eating right for my blood type has also rid my life of IBS, bronchitis, arthritis pains in numerous places, upper back and neck pain, lower back pain, so many digestive disorders that we didn't know what to tackle first. Add to that foggy brain, depression, fatigue, adrenal issues and the list goes on. The difference this 'diet' made in my life is phenomenal. Not only do I feel better, but I have learned just how much JUNK the average American eats everyday. The tons of poison you suck down and eat daily, starting with white sugar and high fructose corn syrup. Don't believe me, google high fructose corn syurp and diabetes together. HFCS is a leading cause of diabetes.
I too have tried lots of diets, only to fail and be back on that same merry go round of trying this and that and still feeling awful.
I agree with A Winner when she says not to disparage something you've not tried. And trust me when I tell you, if you really stick to the 'diet' closely, it will not take even 2 mths to see the difference in your health.
This is a win-win 'diet'. A friend of mine said she wouldn't try this because it's too restrictive. HUH????? What diet does not restrict the foods you eat? Or the amounts? This 'diet' is balanced, which you cannot say of most.
Oh hey, I could go on and on singing the praises of Dr. D'Adamo and his father for their research, for turning my life around, but you all don't have enough time.
Pick up the book, read it, give it 2 mths, then comment. I dare you to bash it then.:-))

Winnipeg, Canada

#8 Feb 3, 2008
I started the BTD three years ago in an attempt to heal myself from extreme burnout. Had absolutely no energy to speak of, couldn't walk half a block without having to turn around and come back home to rest. I found the BTD about a year after my burnout (only had 50 percent of my energy back by that time) and when I started the program, my energy returned within two to three weeks. I felt great! Not only did my energy return, but, when I am faithful and avoid the foods considered avoids, I have peace of mind and a general feeling of wellbeing.

This blood type A stays away from wheat, sugar, dairy ... to name a few. It takes desire and commitment for better health to make these changes.

No science?? Have you read any of the scientific background that supports the BTD??

It's easy to put something down without having all of the facts. There is scientific data available that supports the BTD ... you'd actually have to make the effort to check it out.



Mechanicsville, VA

#9 Feb 4, 2008
I began the blood type diet in August '07, and the genotype diet in the beginning of January. After 12+ years struggling with depression which wasn't helped by any of the meds I tried, I am now off all my meds and feeling better than ever! I have lost 15 pounds, and a lifetime of reactive hypoglycemia and headaches is gone.
If you actually believe that hype that their is no science behind this diet, you are the sucker! At any rate, I'd rather be a healthy sucker than a sick skeptic, and I am healthier than I've ever been, thanks to Dr. D'Adamo.


#10 Feb 4, 2008
Six years on it, and feeling great.
All pains gone, who is the sucker?

United States

#12 Feb 4, 2008
This way of eating works. I was brainwashed into thinking whole wheat was a healthy choice for me and I had the constant abdominal pain and constipation to prove it. Learning how to eat for my blood type has made me feel vastly better and I personally know others who can attest to the same (allergies/hives gone, cholesterol down--even on heavy meat diet, broken blood vessels in eyes gone, weight lost). Now I am embarking on the GenoType Diet and find it even easier to follow.

Take a visit on the forum for Dr. D'Adamo's site. These are intelligent, kind, supportive people following this diet--not suckers--and the testimonials are inspiring. And Dr. D'Adamo himself posts on this site, which just goes to show that he believes in and backs up what he preaches. If the "diet" didn't work, the man wouldn't dare participate in the discussions about it.

And the reason everyone puts diet in quotes is that this is a diet in the true sense of the word. It is a way of eating for a lifetime, not a temporary solution.

United States

#13 Feb 4, 2008
Debra wrote:
Barnum was right--there's a sucker born every minute. Maybe if we actually had some decent science education in our schools people would understand just how stupid the idea of a "blood type diet" is.
And Debra, if you took the time to actually learn how the blood types developed (evolution brought on by migration and people finding different forms of sustenance based on their environment and availability, in a nutshell) you would see that there is science behind it. If blood type A evolved out of a mostly vegetarian diet, rather than the animal protein diet of the type O hunters, why wouldn't it make sense that is still the way for those blood types to eat?

And if you want the school system to be responsible for teaching our children about diet, perhaps you should peruse your local school's lunch menu--tell me then that they would feed your child better than someone who tells you to eat whole foods, an appropriately balanced diet and no toxins (to any blood type) like HFCS.

Surrey, Canada

#15 Feb 4, 2008
I have never been a dieter. I was always thin and very skeptical about diets. When I was diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis because I had terrible trouble walking and couldn't turn a doorknob without using both hands, I was offered methotrexate. I did not take the medication. Instead I tried the blood type diet. Do I still have psoriatic arthritis? Yes. Can I clap my hands, jump in the air, dance and cross-country ski. Yes, and open doors without a second thought, too! I take no pain killers. This diet has helped me and many friends. What was I thinking before? Of course all the things I put in my body are what builds my cells! I don't blame you for being skeptical. That is a healthy thing, as long as your mind is open. Try it. It can't hurt you.

Tucker, GA

#16 Feb 4, 2008
Two and a half years on the Blood Type Diet. No, I don't understand the science. I'm not a scientist. All I know is that I feel a whole lot better than I did before.

I have energy.
My skin looks better than ever.
My constipation is gone.
My fibromyalgia is gone.
My migraines are mostly gone.
My depression is gone.
My joint and muscle pain is gone.
The white clumps on my tonsils are gone.
My dandruff is gone.
My extremely oily skin is now normal.
My dairy allergy is gone--I'm healed of it.

Most diets are for losing weight. The BTD helps with that, but it's so much more---it heals your body and makes you feel good! What other diet does that?

Brooklyn, NY

#17 Feb 4, 2008
Sounds like the publicists for this book are working overtime.
Mara New York


#18 Feb 4, 2008
I can't see the science in the Genotype book. To turn off genes by eating blueberries (for example) or by not eating blueberries - depending on genotype - is laughable.
The Genotypes look like a random categorisation. I tried it nevertheless and it made me feel worse.

Summerville, SC

#19 Feb 5, 2008
Liz wrote:
Sounds like the publicists for this book are working overtime.
No, Just satisfied and convinced people that have been using the Blood Type Diet.

Summerville, SC

#20 Feb 5, 2008
Mara New York wrote:
I can't see the science in the Genotype book. To turn off genes by eating blueberries (for example) or by not eating blueberries - depending on genotype - is laughable.
The Genotypes look like a random categorisation. I tried it nevertheless and it made me feel worse.
You obviously didn't try the GenoType Diet for very long, since the book just came out on Dec 26th. I know my body is still changing as I have transitioned to it since I got the book. I did have a period where I felt worse, but now I am starting to feel better then I have in quite awhile.


#21 Feb 5, 2008
Don wrote:
<quoted text>
You obviously didn't try the GenoType Diet for very long, since the book just came out on Dec 26th.
I tried it for 3 weeks and I felt horrible healthwise. I see no reason why I should have tried if for longer, it would have compromised my health.

La Rochelle, France

#22 Feb 20, 2008
you say you tried it and that it harmed you, but you dont say what you did or any of that. sounds like you just want to complain for some reason, why is that? cant you tell us what does work for you, and etc... it would be MUCH appreciated!

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