Webb: Delay agent orange claims, stop...

Webb: Delay agent orange claims, stop bigger pay raises

There are 12 comments on the Progress-Index story from Jun 8, 2010, titled Webb: Delay agent orange claims, stop bigger pay raises. In it, Progress-Index reports that:

Sen. Jim Webb , chief architect of the pricey Post-9/11 GI Bill education benefit for veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan war era, could become a new champion, for taxpayers, against what he perceives as excess spending on military pay and on a new wave of Agent Orange claims.

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Alan Hundley

Richardsville, VA

#1 Jun 8, 2010
It is apparent that Jim Webb has either had his head in the sand or in the clouds and not read the horror stories Vietnam Veterans and their families have gone through and are still going through over the use of the herbicide Agent Orange. 

     Jim Webb apparently has a hidden agenda which we will all find out about later, I'm sure.  How could a reasonable and prudent individual with a normal intelligence ignore what has been apparent to just about everyone concerning Agent Orange for the last 20 years. 

     I intend to awaken Senator Webb on election day with my vote.  I urge all you Vietnam Veterans to look at this individual and ask yourself, Do we want him representing us as Senator or as a Committee Chairman of the Armed Services Committee?

     Because of narrow-minded individuals like this, Vietnam Veterans have already waited long enough for compensation.  I urge you as voters to remove Jim Webb from office on the next election. 

Vietnam Veteran,
Alan T. Hundley (USMC)
LouAnn Campbell


#2 Jun 9, 2010
Senator Webb does have a hidden agenda. He wants to hold up or stop completely the added 3 Agent Orange related illnesses to enable a larger more costly bill that gives the Iraq War Vets and Afghanistan War Vets more in G.I. bill allowances. So he is not trying to help the taxpayers. Don't let him snow you with this idea. His plan costs more and leaves the Viet Nam Vets and their families out in the cold. Everyone needs to contact their state reps and get on the bandwagon on this one. We know who shouldn't be in office again. You can also email the White House. I have and recommend everyone flood the email boxes in Washington and let them know we stand behind our Viet Nam Vets. They were not treated kindly when they returned and we need to show them our support now.
CV Compton Shaw

United States

#3 Jun 10, 2010
The Agent Orange claims relevant to Ischemic Heart Disease meet the same standards of legal (tort law), scientific, and medical proof as do other non-military and non-veterans medical tort (legal) class action (mass) claims. As such is the case, the government should reimburse veterans for the same, especially since Vietnam veterans did not consent to be exposed to Agent Orange nor were they informed of the fact that Agent Orange is the most potent poison to living tissue known to mankind.
I strongly suspect that efforts by the government to delay and/or diminish payment of these claims will, ultimately, result in prolonged and very contentious litigation the ultimate result of which will be an INCREASE in the amount paid to the average Vietnam Veteran through a court ordered settlement agreement.

Guntersville, AL

#4 Jun 10, 2010
Everyone contact your Congressman in the state you live in before the 60 day review is up.

Guntersville, AL

#5 Jun 10, 2010
We need to flood the phone lines in Washingon to let them know how we feel.The more the better,because if we don't speak up now ,it will be to late,they will bury this .

Holland, MI

#6 Jul 1, 2010
It's amazing to me that all of these highly decorated [?] vietnam vets who have become government figures all want to crap on the vietnam vet. My question is were they really in Vietnam at all? Anyone who was in country supporting their country would never stand up against those who did the fighting, instead of those who lied about what they did over there, it just strikes me as funny that all of these government senators and representatives all say they were highly decorated, for what? Taking a crap in a war zone?

Holland, MI

#7 Jul 1, 2010
I'm truly sick and tired of the way we Vietnam Vets have been treated for the last forty years. The times when we came home as individuals, that is the time we needed honor and respect, instead of what we received. Its time the government pays for the mistakes they and Dow and Monsanto made. They are the ones who dumped it on us, we didn't ask them to. When the IOM and the Veteran's Administration make a decision concerning compensation for those of us who were betrayed, why does the government have any power in this matter. Either pay up or get out of office, because we as veterans will remove you through the vote that we have earned through our service to our country. Stop getting in our way, let Sinseki do what he is getting paid for. It's time for all of those against us to just shut up and back off, and pay for "YOUR" mistake, and don't make us pay for it anymore. Welcome home my brothers, and May God Bless you all. I served with the 25th Infantry Division. And I am proud that I did.
Sally Blanchard

Honolulu, HI

#9 Jul 11, 2010
My husband of 34 years, Lt. Col. Joseph, was Squadron Commander of the BLACKHORSE SQUADRON in Vietnam. His food and water were saturated with Agent Orange. He was asked to carry cannisters to spacific places and he had two tours in that country. In 2001 symptoms of Parkinson's Disease became apparent. He is rigid and he can no longer speak. I am currently spending $3000 per month for his care. I am 73 and must work to pay for these services. "Jay" deserves to have help from the VA and or Monsato and Dow. Both chemical companies knew about the effects of Agent Orange as did the Pentegon.

Senator Web, reverse your position. Demonstrate the compansion of a real leader. There are many, many veterns with Parkinson's Disease here in Hawaii. Lend a hand and take responsiblity
Joe Breci


#10 Jul 15, 2010
I served in Nam from 4-30-66 to 5-1-67. I traversed the country doing my job. I remember seeing planes defoliate trees and such. At the time I did'nt think that stuff could kill. Well, senator Webb better wake up to reality. We've been screwed by the governnment since Johnson led us into that war. I remember when my tour was up, we landed at Mcord AFB in Wasington. We deboarded the plane and people were rioting, burning the flag and calling us baby killers. That was nice to come home to!!!! We still get it today.. I'm for hanging Webb by his thunbs. I concurr with all of you people. We need to stick together. Call your congressman or woman, senators or whoever and lets get this bill passed. It is long over do. Joe Breci
Omaha, Ne. joebreci@aol.com

United States

#11 Aug 4, 2010
The government has given away 800 billion dollars to freddie mae and freddie mac,gm and chrysler. It strikes me as odd that webb is so worried about 13.4 billion that will benefit a lot of vets and their families. What is his hidden agenda there is one. We will soon find out as soon as he can kill the package for the Vietnam Vets. Or could it be his arrogance the VA Secretary didn't beg his personal permission.

Thomaston, GA

#12 Aug 19, 2010
I am a concerned citizen in your District and I wish to make a statement about Senator Jim Webb. Senator Webb's comments and actions towards the Veterans Administration on the three presumptive diseases are very disturbing. To keep our nation strong we need to take care of the veterans that fought and served in war times. I have had several of these diseases for a long time with no help from the VA. I served in Vietnam in the mid 60's for one year and was sprayed regularly with Agent Orange. I was unable to prove the relationship between the Agent Orange and my diseases so I was turned down for compensation (8 years ago). Forty plus years has passed and proof is impossible to get. The new regulation would give veterans like me a chance to get help. You Senators have bailed out Banks, what about bailing out the veterans and give some dignity back in their lives. We as a Nation rush to the aid of any country in the world and spend billions doing so. Senator Webb is concerned about spending 13.4 billion on the VA regulation which would help our own country. This situation is so depressing; I am 65 years old and served proudly in Vietnam. I am not looking for a hand out but I would like for the government to do what is right.

Chittenango, NY

#13 Aug 19, 2010
It is a disgrace how we have turned our back on the veterans of this country,we have forgotten what they have sacrificed to keep us free.
We give out billions to the poor and for welfare and food stamps and to every other feel good program out there, bailed out business with no end in sight,we have given billions in aid to foreign countries and yet we turn out backs on the military.....DISGRACE!

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