Hi everyone,
I am a white woman married to a black man and we have a biracial daughter. I wanted to share with you a campaign I started against Kraft MilkBite ads because of their damaging use of the tragic mulatto myth and their implication that interracial couples are not concerned with their children's well being.

The ads use a human-like MilkBite puppet named Mel, and the entire premise is that Mel is too confused about his identity to function because he's two things: milk and granola. They show Mel confronting his parents and chastising them for having him, trying to "pass" as milk on a date with a white (human) woman, and going on about how things shouldn't mix. The commercials make it clear that Mel's ingredients are a metaphor for race.

I started a Change.org petition and would really love more signatures, so if you agree, please sign and share.[url]http://www.change.o rg/petitions/tell-kraft-to-sto p-using-stereotypes-about-mult iracial-people[/url]

I also wrote an analysis of the ads here (and this is truly not a plug for my blog, I just wanted to give people the opportunity to read more about the campaign if they want to):[url]http://www.balancingj ane.com/2012/04/narratives-abo ut-biracialism-kraft-i.html[/u rl]