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#1 Jun 16, 2009
Do you think that being able to identify with more than one "race" makes your perspective larger than those who only identify with one "race?" Or, can you explain any other positive advantages of being biracial, multiracial, or in an interracial relationship. I would like to hear success stories, rather than the common myth that people have a identity crisis due to their diverse backgrounds.

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#2 Jun 17, 2009
For your first question, I do tend to see they have larger perspective on race relationships. Other than that, I don't think there is any other advantages.

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#3 Oct 14, 2009
Being from such a mixed family myself I feel they do because they get to experience so much more from different areas of their family...and since my boyfriend is white (Armanian to be exact....yea i didn't know what that was either), I want to be able to give our future children the same advantage...

Summit, MS

#4 Mar 26, 2011
advantages:1. more open to different cultures and races.2. more likely to be against certain races.
3. not so likely to get genetic diseases.

My Opinion: Sources: Mixed Person

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#5 Mar 26, 2011
oh i'm sorry, in no. 2 more likely not to be against certain races.


#6 Mar 27, 2011
King Goku Xlll wrote:
For your first question, I do tend to see they have larger perspective on race relationships. Other than that, I don't think there is any other advantages.

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#7 Mar 19, 2012
My kids are biracial and wonder how they identify themselves and how open they feel to other races as a result.

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#8 Apr 10, 2012
it doesn't even matter my grandpa was biracial.. and I don't even have a white parent.. it's just my mom is only a quarter black..

and my dad is probably like a quarter white or something.. probably not ..

but I do have a tannish complexion .. and my uncle is biracial and married to a white woman..

and I was raised with my white cousin and we played video games all the time..

and it was me him and his cousin and we all played online mmo for like 8 years

and I played also with my friend who is biracial..

it really didn't matter and also my couisn who I hang out with all the time is also biracial..

and I didn't meet any white family members till later because my graandma who is from which I get biracial complexion from in the first place.. was given up for adoption because

the people she was related too were racists and didn't want her mom to have her and her sister my aunt so they were given up and

I have extra cousins i'm not related to..

ALSO I never met my real biological grandfather on my dad's side because he never liked his real biological parents..

and my biracial grandfather .. is not biologically related to me my dad just liked him more .. because he was raised by him and stuff..

but I know where they live. if I wanted I could visit..

and I"m related to famous people on both sides of my family ..

ok i'm related to Oprah's boyfriend..

and and my aunt beat her in mrs. black america one time..

and she's on the other side of the family go figure large coincidence..

and our uncle was on bet..

and my white cousin is probably a millionaire.. from being related to all these rich black folk..

man from what I know there was no advantage..

other than when I went to certain colleges certain white folk accepted me more..

I never even knew or thought about myself being black even though my dad was.. or is he I don't even know he might be biracial too ..

and I was with black people enough to figure out I should have knew I wasn't white..

but I also I never really thought about it..

till I saw it on the internet or something..

I spent time with family members a lot ..

but then also the guy I hanged out with a lot was biracial.. so..

I don't really know if I had advantages from it or not..

not really sure..

probably not...

and i'd figure I wasn't biracial enough to even talk about it..

but then this white guy over here talkin about some i'm not black stuff..

I don't really feel nothin bout no races I got black friends and white friends..

and black friends who have white friends..

and asians and all types a shet..

all everything was ever was hey lets play some video games.. not no theres an asian guy i'm gonna lose..

more like i'm gonna play all day till I beat everyone..

and then laugh about it.. and say i'm the best.. nothing worry about some entire race being the best just me..

Monticello, IN

#9 Apr 10, 2012
one of my cousins are biracial too and he wondered why his baby came out so white looking ..

and he was confused about how white it was.. and it's because he has white genetics.. and he wondered if his girlfriend was cheating on him but she wasn't..

no man there was this asian black guy I was raised by too and I didn't know what race he was ..

and I actually thought he was white.. till he started saying he hated white people or something when we went to a white neighborhood..

Monticello, IN

#10 Apr 10, 2012
because my grandma broke up with my grandpa.. and dated some asian guy who was half black..

and she's the one half white and black..

Monticello, IN

#11 Apr 10, 2012
you guys have no idea man all we ever did me my dad and my uncle and cousin and few friends for like 8 years play video games and computer games together.. the whole time..

and I went over my friends house like every weekend and stuf..

man none of this bullying bullcrap..

those bullied kids must have smaller families or something..

Monticello, IN

#12 Apr 10, 2012
well I understand they go to school and endure it..

it is kind of weird ..

mean no but I never took the bus that much so..

Monticello, IN

#13 Apr 10, 2012
well my friends who are biracial seem to feel really good about themselves.. and get along with everysingle person..

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