If you are considering adoption of a 'rescued' Berner or you can no longer care for your Bernese Mountain Dog, contact a Regional Bernese Mountain Dog Club. The Regional Clubs' Rescue-Rehome programs goal is to place 'rescued' Bernese Mountain Dogs with families that are a good match for the dog. Ongoing support for owners of adopted rescue dogs is available.

You must keep in mind rescued Bernese Mountain Dogs come with a "past". Some dogs are turned over to rescue because their owner's have not provided good training or management. Reasons people give up their pet might include such things as - the dog is too big, too boisterous, too hairy, has 'behavior' issues, is too active, needs more exercise or has health 'issues' like allergies or digestive problems. Sometimes owners turn over well trained, socialized family pets to Regional Club rescue because their personal circumstances have changed and they can't keep their dog anymore.

Regional Club Rescue Programs rescue dogs :

Are evaluated for temperament and general condition and are vet checked prior to placement.
Are typically spayed or neutered prior to placement.
Adoption fees may apply.
The number of dogs available through Regional Club Rescue programs varies. Typically clubs rescue 2 - 30 rescues per year (2007).
Age of rescued dogs available for adoption varies - while dogs under 1 year of age are available occasionally, it is more common for rescue dogs to be 2-5 years old.'Seniors' are also occasionally available for adoption.