Is it me or are there two versions of charity?

I have always thought that giving a few quid to charity was to help others who are in dire need. But now anyone it seems anyone can set up a charity for any purpose whatsoever. It does not have to be providing for those in dire need.

Our government wanted to get rid of British Waterways which was only one of a number. Done as part of the so called 'bonfire of quangos' So a government funded agency has been converted into a charity called the Canal and River Trust. Yet we also have the Environment Agency whose remit is to look out for our flood defences, rivers and watercourses. But the government now want to handover parts of the environment agency to the charitable trust.

The directors of the new charity between them have a wage bill that tops two million pounds. Now the Trust is paying a chugging company to patrol the high streets of our towns and cities. Which is confrontational, annoying and helping to put people off charitable giving. At the same time, it is bound to reduce the availability of money for what I would think are much more worthwhile charitable causes. Such as the starving, homeless and disease research into cancer.

It seems to me that our government is absolving itself of part of the responsibility that could and should have been passed to the environment agency.

Now the charity is allowing Fat Cats to award themselves huge salaries. For supposedly looking after a few hundred miles of canals. Salaries that currently are higher than the prime minister. He's supposed to be responsible for the country. Most insidious of all, at the same time, picking the pocket of charities that are almost frontline services for those in most need.

The priorities are all wrong. People and lives should come before charitable handouts to ex government agencies.

The Canal and River Trust is not a charitable entity in the way that most people think of a charitable organisation. Do you want to contribute to the homeless or to the canal that has been a dumping ground for rubbish years. Do you want to pay out charitable money for those who can afford to buy expensive boats to enjoy a life of leisure. While other charities are short of money for 'real' charitable welfare and other such issues.

The world has gone bonkers is it would sooner give a charitable donation to a canal for boat owners to play on, as being a more worthwhile cause than a starving or sick child.