Plea for clemency - Barry Beach: 'I d...

Plea for clemency - Barry Beach: 'I did not kill Kim Nees'

There are 106 comments on the Missoulian story from Jun 16, 2007, titled Plea for clemency - Barry Beach: 'I did not kill Kim Nees'. In it, Missoulian reports that:

Flanked by prison guards and appearing calm at his clemency hearing on Friday, Barry Beach testified he was never present during the 1979 murder of his Poplar neighbor, 17-year-old Kimberly Ann Nees. via Missoulian

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United States

#62 Feb 14, 2009
Maude's father, the parole board, Louisiana cops and former governor/prosecutor, Marc Racicot, are the guilty ones, not Barry Beach. I know it in my gut, they know it too --- all they care for are their reputations and future political aspirations. There is no --- ZERO justice in regard to Barry Beach's imprisonment. This is a travesty of the legal system to keep this man locked up for the "zeal" of those who are determined to set of a course of action for their own futures.
"Experience should teach us to be most on our guard to protect liberty when the Government's purposes are beneficent. Men born to freedom are
naturally alert to repel invasion of their iberty by evil-minded rulers. The greatest dangers to liberty lurk in insidious encroachmentby men of zeal, well-meaning but without understanding." <Justice Louis D. Brandeis>

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#63 Feb 25, 2009
I hope everyone familarizes themeselves with the case so they can show their support for Barry.
Write letters, sign petitions; anything!

Great Falls, MT

#64 Mar 28, 2009
I believe there is an answer for all this retrial hope,i seen on a television show, where new lie detecting equipment is out in the states,very accurate is what was reported,all this equipment has to do with voice recording,as a person speakes his or her voice tells the truth,so what are we waiting for,lets get the real truth from him, if he says he is innocent,let him speak through this machine.

Irving, TX

#65 May 29, 2009
Unbelievable that this case is still going on. Anyone with half a brain can see this man is innocent. I pray the Montana Supreme Court does the right thing.

Oceanside, CA

#66 Jun 2, 2009
This is disturbing to know this man has been sitting in prison for 24 years....and dosent deserve to be. If i lived in Montana i'd be outside the courthouse holding Rallys!..Free this man..Montana!
mike jones

Los Angeles, CA

#67 Oct 18, 2009
Former prosecutor Mark Rosco is a scum bag liar ... the officials involved in the review of the evidence are corrupt ... this whole thing smells like a police cover up ... Free Barry Beach Now.

Chesterland, OH

#68 Nov 1, 2009
Good Luck my family is voting for you Barry... Letters and emails and all we can do... god bless

Greenville, WI

#69 Nov 9, 2009
Why are we screwing w/ this guy? He's guilty. I can still remember the morning they found Kim Nees down by the poplar river.....then mysteriously Barry Beach turns up in Lousiana. HMMMM why did you suddenly go to Lousiana after the brutal murder of Kim Nees?
barrybeachsuppor ter

Big Sky, MT

#70 Nov 20, 2009
Montana stop prolonging the truth; it's been 27 years too long!

Here's just a few of the FACTS that are documented and undeniable:

From the beginning Montana had help railroading Barry. While in Louisiana custody 3 1/2 years AFTER Ms. Nees murder Barry was coerced into signing 3 different confessions for 3 different murders!

Mike McGrath the then Attorney General of Montana's own investigation before the Board of Pardon and Parole farce of a hearing received statements, which his own reports state how 4 different people are known to have had the same necklace that belonged to Ms. Nees. Autopsy reported a piece of broken chain was found on her person.

#1 MAUDE GREY HAWK KIRN Also, known to be involved in 3 murders to include her own husbands, Dana Kirn

#4 CALIB GOURNEAU, imprisoned for drugs and is now on the meth task force for the Fort Peck reservation? He found the same necklace as the others on 2 different occasions. This given in his statement to Mike McGrath's office.

Maude called and told her that she had found Kim's diamond necklace down by the river.

PAGE 12 Joanne, Eddie VanDover and she didn't know who they were with saw a necklace "A gold necklace with a diamond" by the river. Ed VanDover took it from her. PAGE 14 ďIt was a gold with a little diamond in it. A little cross with a diamond in it."


#4 CALEB GOURNEAU admits to having a broken necklace and stated to Mike McGrath's office he turned the necklace into Stevie Grey Hawk. Then Caleb Gourneau states he found the same necklace again in the fall while walking his dog!


Rumor has it and according to the following post on the MFJ blog that Sissy Atkinson still has Ms. Nees CLASS KEY

Written by: Anonymous at 2008/04/16 - 07:13:08 in reply to: 271
309 - Katie,
i didn;t even know about this case, one day sissy atkinson walked me back to a room and showed me kims class key that was in a jewerly box,(i didnít know kim and i donít know barry)-(this is probable 10-15 years after the murder) this was when i was a teenager. she threated me if i told anyone that she showed me the necklace. plus who would do anything about it in POPLAR mt.

Barry isn't guilty! It's proven time and time again both factually and forensically. The Montana authorities involved with this cover-up should be held accountable for their actions! The FBI should also be held accountable as there are natives involved with this murder! 10 UNIDENTIFIED PRINTS AND THE BLOODY PALM PRINT still have not been identified to this day! I'd put money on a bet IAFIS the FBI's database holds the secret to opening those prison gates! This case should never have been closed until every one of those prints were identified.

Last but not least I didn't find one single document showing Caleb Gorneau, Maude Grey Hawk Kirn, Joanne Jackson Todd, or Eddie VanDover's prints, blood and hair were ever taken and compared to the evidence found! It's a known fact Joanne Jackson Todd had clumps of hair missing from her head after Ms. Nees murder!

Barry's a political prisoner and it's evident. Mike McGrath is now the Chief Justice of Montana's Supreme Court. Barry's been waiting for 15 months on a decision from the court. How much longer is it going to take for Barry to get justice in Montana? The evidence is clear, the murderers have talked!

If Barry can be treated this way in Montana so can the rest of us! This needs to end NOW!

Thank you for your support!

Okatie, SC

#71 Dec 19, 2009
I was glad someone said what to me, was the real story. I am just a regular Joe blow that lives in S.C. Donít get me wrong. If there is evidence that some one broke the law, Iím the first one to say there needs to be a trial and if found guilty sent to jail. However there needs to be evidence of guilt. The only thing I saw was a second hand written down confession (of a lost tape) of a scared young man saying what ever it took to get him out of that room. They didnít even have the video tape or cassette tape of what he said in the room before and after the so called confession. Iím sorry if I donít trust a police office with other murders on his hand and is just looking for a fall guy. They really seemed to have a motive behind having there minds that this person did something wrong. And the prosecutor with more worries about his future job insted finding the truth no matter who it lead to. what about the police man the destoried evidence to protect his daughter.there was so many things wrong with this trial it makes you wonder who was being protected. whos rich daughter or kid. I really smell a cover up..... What happen to having evidence, eye witness? Something other then a case that the police was desperate to clear. What happen to justice? Where does a person turn? When the people who or not suppose to have an opinion about guilt or innocent, they are suppose to give the evidence to the jury and let the evidence speak, but they lied to the jury to get the guilty plea. Told the jury they had evidence they didnít have, and to not think about the evidence that could prove someone else might have done it. He just wanted to make his carrier and maybe cover something much bigger up in that little town. This is clearly one of the biggest something made wrong that i have ever seen. Sorry people I would rather let 10 guilty free then to put 1 innocent person in jail with bad evidence. I hope Iím never found in MT. with the police looking to clear a case or cover up someone else guilt at my expense. The local police had already talk to him once and cleared him, then all a sudden the police in another state with no evidence no eye witness, broke him and got this magic confession from him but lost the tape. Sorry. I just donít buy this one and anyone who does, god help them if they get in trouble. There needs to be common sense in our court rooms and our justice system. Well this could make a person really disillusioned about justice. I really hope someday the truth will be told and justice be served.
The one only thing needed for evil to succeed and justice to fail is for good men to do nothing. Looks like thatís what we now have!
Me just me

Walla Walla, WA

#72 Mar 15, 2010
I honestly think they dont want to let him out....because there gonna owe him alot of money...I also BELIEVE with all my heart he is Innocent...FREE Barry Beach. This is crazy holding a man in prison for something he didnt do and the now them gurl(s) that did it r free and he has to pay for something he didnt even do...

Apple Valley, CA

#73 Mar 23, 2010
This low life is just tried of being in jail,there was a heinous crime committed here and he is the one resposible for it. We as a society should not even be discussing this he should have already been put to death. Evidence says he did it and a jury of his peers said he did it,case closed. Why would anyone admitt to murder if they were innocent and he was not even in Mt when he said I am guilty,I feel sad that he is here and she is not.

Marquette, MI

#74 Mar 24, 2010
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Deborah Bailey

Dadeville, AL

#75 Mar 27, 2010
I have never wrote a letter about someone in prison, I believe that Barry Beach didn't kill Kim. And I am in shocked that the board came back with a NO, Half the town and even her sister doesn't believe he did it, I think we need to reopen the case and check every finger print, that town is very small and that bloody palm print belongs to someone in that town, so why don't they have everyone in that town at that time all give their palm print if they have nothing to hide why not. It just didn't show up on its own. I would love to see justice done for Kim, Don't give up Barry.

Nederland, TX

#76 Mar 27, 2010
I just finished watching Dateline's presentation of the story of Barry Beach. The injustice in this country never fails to shock me. How can those who have ignored facts and continue to try to deny this man justice sleep at night? I don't know where Barry gets the strength to keep going from. He is amazing. My God, he has been robbed of the best years of his life. If he gets out in even a few years, and can even find someone to have a family with, he will be lucky to live long enough to see his children marry, much less ever know his grandchildren. I pray that he will be freed and that those who have stood fast in their lies will get the injustice back that they have dealt. Namely Karma. There is plenty to go around officialdom! And well earned... All they wanted was to get a guilty conviction and never own up to their own incompetence.
They deserve tenfold of his confinement.

Lawrenceburg, KY

#77 Mar 27, 2010
I also just watched it Lilly. I can truly say I will never view our justice system the same. I do not understand how they could ignore all of the evidence pointing to his innocence. It's like they dont want to admit their mistake.
I have been compelled to write to Barry Beach and tell him that I believe in his innocence. I am sure he receives a lot of letters, but it can't hurt to let him know!!

Milpitas, CA

#78 Mar 27, 2010
I'm a mental health therapist, and maybe I'm wrong, but Barry does not present as the killer they think he is. There is a kindness in his eyes that I'm surprised is there after all these years in prison. My heart sinks that he wasn't released. How can we help?

Ketchikan, AK

#79 Mar 28, 2010
Just watched the show. WOW.
Amazed at how corrupt these politicians are - right up to the gov? Disgusting.
My heart bleeds for barry - I don't know what else can happen, but I pray that evidence comes up that will free him.
Unfortunately, things are so corrupt in Montana that even a death-bed confession by the real killer wouldn't change their minds.

Nederland, TX

#80 Mar 31, 2010
Christi wrote:
I also just watched it Lilly. I can truly say I will never view our justice system the same. I do not understand how they could ignore all of the evidence pointing to his innocence. It's like they dont want to admit their mistake.
I have been compelled to write to Barry Beach and tell him that I believe in his innocence. I am sure he receives a lot of letters, but it can't hurt to let him know!!
I don't know how to write Barry, but it seems like a good idea. No, they don't want to admit their mistake. They each would have to say the magic words, "I was wrong, wrong, wrong." Of course, it is much easier for them to let Barry rot in prison than admit to making a mistake, and that takes a people of extremely low ethics.

Here is the latest news on Barry:

Apple Valley, CA

#81 Apr 6, 2010
I went to high school with Kim's mom so have a lot of info, Barry is as guilty as sin and has a heart as black as coal. Barry knows everything about the crime scene, stuff that no one knew, he had to have been there at the time of Kims murder. Dateline looks for ratings not truth and injustice sells much better than truth. Keep this violent murderer in prison till he dies. It makes me sick for people to believe datelines spin on this murder. They have no clue.

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