I hope the Sullivan County Department of Health doesn't allow them to open this Passover. Ask anyone who was there for Passover 2010 or Passover 2011 what went on there! They really shouldn't have been allowed to open then. Health issues too numerous to list-- but in short: non-working elevators, water/hot water shut off frequently, mold and raw sewage smells all over (especially at Dining Room entrance), bugs (including BEDBUGS), water leaking from ceilings all over onto people's heads(lobby, dining room, show room/synagogue, passageways, etc.), sanitary problems in kitchen/dining room; tremendous number of guests fell ill with the 11th plague that swiftly made its rounds throughout the holiday (some had to be hospitalized!) To add insult to injury, the attitude of the one who leases the hotel from the Kutsher Family and runs the program, Yossi Zablocki, and his staff, is disgusting and reprehensible! Who wants to deal with a wise-guy and con artist whose only thought is to make a quick buck? He is also a lawyer who is currently defending Pimentel, the Al-Qaida sympathizer who was arrested for planning to terrorize by exploding bombs. He also owns a construction business; so running Kutsher's is, as he has put it,-"Just a hobby"-- and apparently the least of his priorities. Anyone who, even for a moment,considers going to Kutsher's, should have his head examined. Just ask any of the victims of the past two years or read the comments on sites such as Yahoo Travel.