I am currently a french student in TSE (Toulouse School of Economics) and within the framework of a project I have chosen to study initial USB .

I am working on the stardard induced by the introduction of universal serial bus.
I am very interested by the initial release period (up to 1996) and some information are very hard to find.

*I am wondering if the corporations which had created the USB had registered a patent (or some patents?)? And is it "open source"?
(In fact it seems natural that the initial idea was to create a standard across the "new" computer market so it implies no fees BUT in the other hand it seems painful to create such a wonder without making money on IT [not on the derived product around])

*At this time (up to 1996) who was creating the product USB (male & female)?
(Was it dedicated to the corporations that had created USB or was it available to any firm? If it was available was it free? To summerize if I wanted to create a firm in China in 1996 whose purpose was only to create USB ports should I have been allowed to do it without asking any authorization?)

I am eagerly waiting for your answer so as to keep studying this wonderful market created by USB!

Sincerly yours

Nicolas Beaube