Hello there,

I've this doubt that cannot seem to find answer anywhere this forum.

This example is somewhat related to wht I'm experiencing right now so I'll describe it as better as possible.
Lets travel to a different galaxy and find out that Apple has just develop the Mac OS Lion, an OS that uses metaphors from real life like 'windows''folders''files', etc and, when they go to patent it, they find out that, after all, there's other company that already as the patent for something they call 'Windows 3.11'. A very very rudimentary SO tool but that also functions on real life metaphors like 'windows''folders''files', etc.

So how is it that, in our world, both apple and windows have their software's coming out and protected?

Wouldn't this be a case of 'Improvement Patent' by apple?

I'm in this same position with my invention. When I checked wipo for related inventions one popped out as is a very (put very on that) rudimentary design of my idea.

Now what :/?

Thanks on your thoughts guys.