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Philadelphia, PA

#7607 May 1, 2013
Been smoke free for over a month now. No side effects.

Chicago, IL

#7608 Jul 17, 2013
Mare Mare wrote:
Hello to All and thanks for sharing your Chantix experiences. I am on day 15 of and have not been able to stop smoking completely. Each time I choose a quit day, I freak out and go buy another pack. I have chosen tomorrow as my quit day (once again) and I am scared and nervous as can be. Has anyone else felt like this? If so, any suggestions for me as I try again tomorrow?
Try buying your self one of the electronic cigarettes. It helped me with the problem of not having a cigarette on me. Even after the electronic cigarette died I kept it and when I got an urge I would smoke the dead cigarette.

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#7609 Jul 17, 2013
Virginia Lee wrote:
Chantix works because it IS substitute. It gives many problem WHEN THEY STOP. Pfizer still only suggests 3% wean. They are not telling what they know! I am tired of trying to warn you of what I know chantix does. I know because I am of the 3% who have permanent damage from a few months of chantix. I quit cold turkey. Those who need chantix to quit are more clinically defined as mental. Just read the medical coding since chantix is a second line quitting option. So excuse me for pointing out the error in you uneducated opion. But I am finally going away. Enjoy your poison I bet you will need it in the future. I also bet, A LOT in fact, the more chantix used the greater the brain damage!
If you are "tired of trying" to warn people - then go away. Take your big fat settlement and go live your life with the little brain you have left. It's ridiculous that you still sit on these forums with your endless whining
Virginia Lee

Petersburg, VA

#7612 Jul 19, 2013

I know prmike doesn't believe chantix caused his blood clots and loss of his legs. Couldn't you even be nice to him? No sympathy in you at all, huh?

Van Buren, AR

#7613 Jul 23, 2013
After my 3 months, my Dr. and I decided I would take one more month and go backwards to wean me out gradually. Worked great but 4 days of being completely Chantix free, I had the most Vivid realistic nightmare that left me shook up and upset like I have never experienced. Has anyone else experienced this?

Columbia, MO

#7614 Aug 8, 2013
I've been taking chantix and its been great for me the only side effect I've had was the trouble sleeping. I haven't smoked since I started. The one thing people gotta remember is when you talk to your doctor about medical history, tell the truth even if you have to ask another family. Really know what you are getting yourself into because everybody's body is different and they will react different

Louisville, KY

#7615 Aug 16, 2013
I have been smoke free now for 3 weeks and 3 days! I never didn't want to smoke. I took Chantix and smoked for about 2 weeks and then I started purposefully changing my smoking habits and waiting longer in between smokes. I will say it was easier not to smoke even though the desire was still there. I then bought an electronic cigerette and completely quit smoking. I am still using the electronic cigerette with cartridges that have no nicotine in them, this helps when I have a craving. I quit taking the Chantix 6 days ago and have been very emotional. I didn't know I should wean off of it until today. I just remind myself how far I have come and I never want to go through quitting again, smoking is not worth it. But I will be glad when I feel "normal" again.

Mount Vernon, KY

#7616 Aug 25, 2013
I guess I am one of the lucky ones! I have been on Chantix for went into my nineth week yesterday. I have slept like a baby and no side effects. Chantix does help you to get through the withdrawal period with minimal discomfort, but for me it has been more than that. I was a 38 year smoker a pack and a half a day. I do not smoke at all now and have not since my quit date. I bought a bicycle and ride about 4 miles a day. This helps my lungs tremendously. I feel that I have been given a second chance. My skin is beginning to look much better and no coughing anymore! I do look forward to my cup or two of coffee in the morning and one in the evening after supper! Chantix has given me a chance not to only get off of cigerattes, but to look at me and make some changes. Being on Chantix has given me the opportunity to learn how to live without cigerettes once i am done with the program. I have also taken advantage of the online support and have learned so much about addiction. I go days at a time now and the thought of a cigarette does not even enter my mind. That monkey is finally off my back! If you are not doing well, make the adjustments and try to stay on. If you are getting sick to your stomach, make sur you take on a full stomach and drink enough water. Sometimes I have felt a little sick after taking it, and that is when I know I have not had enough water. Once I drink some more water the sick feeling goes right away. I commend everyone who tries to kick the habit as they say, because cigarettes are dangerous in my opinion. Before I quit, I got to where I could not climb a small set of sreps because I had no breath, today I ride my bike for miles and then run up the steps! Chantix has given me my life back and I am a happy camper!
Thank you

United States

#7617 Aug 30, 2013
I smoked for 40 years started on chantix took for 2 months no problem no smoking chantix is great I feel so much better

Sarasota, FL

#7618 Sep 5, 2013
glorygal wrote:
I gained a lot of weight over the past months of no smoking. Does anyone know of a good diet pill? Wouldn't it be nice if there was a diet pill that was as good as Chantix???
The best way is walking swiftly on the treadmill for 30 minutes once a day. I found out many women are losing weight this way. If you skip a day, don't beat yourself up. You ll see and be happy.

Fort Lauderdale, FL

#7620 Feb 4, 2014
I had what I called chantix sickness for 2 years since taking it. Pretty much intolerable anxiety and depression. I'm on my 2nd week of ect treatment and I'm back to normal!

Charlotte, NC

#7621 Feb 8, 2014
50 days smoke free thanks to chantix.. Great product and I would recommend it to anybody who smokes

Cranberry Twp, PA

#7622 Feb 18, 2014
So, I took chantix about 3 years ago to stop smoking. After my second daughters birth I went through a severe postpartum depression for which I was prescribed Zoloft and saw a therapist. All was well a yeAr later and as I weaned off of the Zoloft I picked up smoking again. I have started taking chantix again and This time around, after a month I all of a sudden got anxiety attacks. I assumed it was the chantix and stopped it cold turkey. I haven't had an anxiety attack in quite a few hours, but now I feel shaky, weak and really tired. Is this normal or is this something I should call my dr for?
Tammy R

Louisville, KY

#7623 Feb 21, 2014
Haven't been on this forum for a long time. Mostly because of the pain this drug caused. I saw there was a lawsuit filed against Pfizer from the people who suffered mental damage. What about the people who died from it or people who are having major health issues because of it? I am interested to see if there is a civil suit already filed.
Virginia Lee

Petersburg, VA

#7624 Mar 8, 2014
Well Tammy if you died from suicide or homocide and had filed with last years group, you got a settlement. If you have medical issues versus mental issues you got left out. All the suits filed were individual but grouped due to the vast number. I assume any others after this will have a much harder time getting anything. This is because any medical issues can also be caused by nicotine. After all chantix is just a substitute for nicotine. Yet we all know nicotine doesn't cause mental illness but helps those with mental illness cope.

Those new chantix commercials directed at law enforcement do cross the line for public safety. Imagine a cop with a gun going nuts from taking or stopping chantix. Now that might cause a lot of civil lawsuits for the states dumb enough to approve chantix for active duty officers. Personally, if I meet someone on chantix I head quietly far far away.

Pfizer shame on you. Advertising to cops, REALLY? We both know stress while using or stopping your deadly drug triggers harm to the users of chantix and OTHERS! You that desparate for customers you direct new ads to those in highly stressful jobs with GUNS!

Portage, IN

#7625 Mar 31, 2014
I'm not a smoker never was. My fionce has tried Chantix for 30 days, so far has not smoked for 2 weeks. Weight from prednisone and water retention are bothering him a lot and our newest med he now has to carry an Epipen. That scares the crap out of him. My question did any of you get a rash or hives? He had them so bad the meds are costing more to make them go away than the Chantix cost. So he had to stop cold turkey from taking Chantix and now I can hardly bear the treatment and accusations toward me. Any help? Good note he's not smoking but I fear he might out of anger :(.

Youngstown, OH

#7626 Apr 1, 2014
Chantix worked great for me.. none smoker after just 3 weeks. Mild upset stomach, already a crazy bitch, nothing different there.. thank you Chantix for saving my lungs an giving me a longer life span !

San Diego, CA

#7627 Apr 3, 2014
viki wrote:
<quoted text>
Hello Leslie,
Better go to our other site and read as much as you can. I think the folks on Chantix know more than the doctors do sometimes. I had a horrible time when I quit cold turkey, and my doctor but me on a very long wean...
1 week 1/2 mg 2x daily
1 week 1/2 mg only daily for a week
1 week 1/4 mg only for a week
1 week 1/4 every other day for a week
Then off Chantix
I didn't have too many side effect though.
Go to this other site and you will get a lot of opinions....
The swollen ankles are a concern!
Started Chantix December 7, 2006
Quit Smoking 1/1//07
Last Chantix 5/4/07
Thank you! That is a good wean schedule and I think that will work for me. I felt amazing on Chantix and I love the dreams, wish I could stay on it forever but I know obviously that's not healthy. I ran out and so, went cold turkey off it 3 days ago and I've been feeling crazy and emotional and had cravings and intense anxiety and insomnia and now I understand why! I am still disgusted by cigarettes but the anxiety makes me want to smoke. I did hit an e-cig just to test what it would do and it called me a tiny bit. Ive been off cigs for a month. I guess I need two more months on Chantix to cement the change. I think I'm gonna try a month @ 1.5 a day and then wean the whole last month. Geez, I really wish I could get to sleep. Its 1am and I have to get up at 7am.

San Antonio, TX

#7628 Apr 5, 2014
Hi Guys! I am 43 year old female Nurse. Smoked for the past ten years (close to a pack a day). Tried to stop and couldn't. Heard about Chantix and asked my Doc. I am now on day17 of no cigs. It's amazing. My husband smokes, and it doesn't even bother me to watch him. I'm considering weaning as I get closer to the bottom of the bottle as my insurance does not cover Chantix, and I can't really justify spending another $270 when I may not need it. Side effects for me: irritability, agitation, more emotional than normal, and A Lot of strange dreams which (almost nightly) wake up my husband because I am talking/screaming in my sleep. Aside from the dream thing, I think the nicotine withdrawals would be pretty much the same; maybe a little worse. Can someone tell me if its possible to quit after 1 month of chantix? Also, Can you believe that insurance does not cover it?

London, Canada

#7629 Apr 15, 2014
Champix or Chantix is only a 12 week program so if they are still taking it they should stop, if you aren't meant to be on anti-depressants (which is exactly what that is) it is very bad for you, chances are they will become addicted to that and have to wean off it. I cannot personally take it, I had all the very bad side affects and stopped taking it. Even after stopping I have a few side affects and it sucks.

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