Chantix side effects sufferers - not ...
Virginia Lee

Powhatan, VA

#26 Nov 4, 2007

Report your experiences while taking Chantix or stopping taking Chantix to the link above.

United States

#27 Nov 5, 2007
Took the Chantix, quit smoking, quit Chantix. I should have left off the RX at 5 weeks, some strange psychotic behavior started week six. Never got queasy, just sleepy, and then had influenza not once, but twice. Brain and energy level seem to be coming back to normal after 4 days off the drug, and starting to breathe at pre stopping levels again too. Not fun, but I smoked for almost 40 years. Now I don't. Great drug, I just should have checked closer to the "watch out fors".
Virginia Lee could well have had a reaction to Chantix, or it may have reacted with something else she was taking.
They say 97% have no problems. I'd hate to see the drug go off the market, but the Drs. should probably be advised of occasional strange reactions.
Y'all have a good one!

Hollywood, FL

#28 Nov 5, 2007
I have another appt tomorrow with an neurologist inturn who has treated two cases of severe Chantix side effects, from what I understand, so I will see what he has to say and I will keep the blog updated for anyone else out there.

I have been looking for information everywhere and I too am very amazed pfizer was given approval for this mind bending product. It is like a prescription form of LSD.

Thanks for the posts!


Ormond Beach, FL

#29 Nov 9, 2007
I took Chantix for 5 days and it has effected me everyday since! I stopped taking it after my boss told me that she doesnt know what is wrong with me but I better straighten up or loss my job! I was very very irritable, aggitated, you name it, it pissed me off! I stopped on day 5 and never took it again. It has been almost a year now, the irritability is gone but I have been on Ambien CR ever since! I no longer can get to sleep or stay asleep. I never connected the two until I spoke with a couple people and they stated the same thing, that is when the lightbulb went off, it was the Chantix!! I just want to know when this is going to stop and will I ever be able to NOT have to take 3 pills a night to get to sleep!
Virginia Lee

Powhatan, VA

#31 Nov 9, 2007
jackie wrote:
I took Chantix for 5 days and it has effected me everyday since! I stopped taking it after my boss told me that she doesnt know what is wrong with me but I better straighten up or loss my job! I was very very irritable, aggitated, you name it, it pissed me off! I stopped on day 5 and never took it again. It has been almost a year now, the irritability is gone but I have been on Ambien CR ever since! I no longer can get to sleep or stay asleep. I never connected the two until I spoke with a couple people and they stated the same thing, that is when the lightbulb went off, it was the Chantix!! I just want to know when this is going to stop and will I ever be able to NOT have to take 3 pills a night to get to sleep!
Sorry to hear about your sleep issues. I must say I have never had sleep issues until I took this drug. Now I fight to get back to myself before taking this crapix.

There are side effects to everything but not ones that do something so mind boggling. Determined to get the word out on the effects of this bad "medicine". Odd how many people do not realize what it does to them except stop them from wanting to smoke while it hurts and kills others. Shifting the blame will not help the ones who suffer. That only hurts us and others.

MY BIG ? is "What about the innocent people that may get hurt?"

Don't like being a statistic!!!

Powhatan, VA

#32 Nov 9, 2007
Contact an attorney if you want to save an innocent life.

Reich & Binstock

“Smoke free since Oct. 8, 2007”

Since: Nov 07

Seattle, WA

#38 Nov 9, 2007
Some people also don't seem to understand that If you are addicted to nicotine and quit smoking cold turkey most people are going to be irritable--in some cases have headaches and/or nausea, be stressed out and have trouble sleeping.

Seems a certain number of folks out there believe Chantix should be a magic, painless stop smoking bullet and if it isn't--let's sue somebody!

If Chantix messes you up, stop taking it.
Virginia Lee

Powhatan, VA

#40 Nov 9, 2007
Richy wrote:
<quoted text>
I so totally disagree with you. There are a huge number of people that haven't had any problems with this medicine. I am on an injectable medicine for Multiple Sclerosis which has totally halted my disease progression. There are some people that absolutely cannot take it. You are saying becuase of a few...I should suffer. Well guess what...the medicine is still on the Market, mnay years later. And it is helping hundreds of people. You took the chance and rolled the dice and you are one of those people who cannot take Chantix. That doesn't make it crapix.
Psst Richy ... Chantix can cause MS. It is listed as Rare under Nervous System Disorders!!!
I don't gamble with people's lives!

So what do you so totally disagree with me on? Calling chantix crap? I didn't KNOW about the side effects that are GREATER then what the small print says! I couldn't read the small print sugar and my doctor failed to inform me. Who do you think Pfizer will blame ... the doctor or me for taking this medicine as directed?

Hell, the doctor failed to inform me he diagnosed me with COPD three years ago. He failed to treat me for it too. Gave me an asthma inhaler when I don't have asthma. My COPD may be genetic. It's in the Alpha genes! That test was FREE and I am waiting on the results.

Good luck with your life's work on whatever it is ... cheer leader for drugs that can kill people and the manufacturer is evasive. Good Lord are you a lawyer for a drug company???

BTW, I detest Philip Morris! They lie too but someone caught them at it a few years ago.
1 Cent

Livermore, CA

#41 Nov 9, 2007
You are one sick woman, Virginia Lee. Find a good psychiatrist.
Virginia Lee

Powhatan, VA

#42 Nov 9, 2007
1 Cent wrote:
You are one sick woman, Virginia Lee. Find a good psychiatrist.
Your 1 cents is refunded dear that makes a no sale of 0 sense.
Virginia Lee

Powhatan, VA

#45 Nov 9, 2007
still glowplug wrote:
Brava Richy. Can't disagree with logic...I hate to hear of folks that are sick from this medicine, but there are folks that have reactions to all medicine. I almost died from penicillin...I really don't think it should have been removed from the market.
It's not up to me or you to remove a drug from the market dear. The truth is Pfizer isn't honest by putting the side effect and adverse reactions in fine print. It's stated in medical terms many laymen do not understand. That's fair right?

If my doctor had given me ANY warning about these types of effects, I wouldn't have taken this medicine. I DID state I couldn't read the fine print. I DID state that the doctor dismissed my concerns and gave me a medicine that made me "react" which caused me to end up in the ER. It's FALSE ASSUMPTIONS that caused my medical issues. Go take a chill pill if that's what you choose. I will try my best to INFORM the general public to save lives!

YEAH thats' right I learned today a friend of mine died as a result of taking this DRUG. So hope you are all happy an innocent person wanting to get healthier died as a result of taking a pill. His daughter in now suffering too for she didn't realize that his death was caused by this crap until today.

So glad for you people that didn't have health issues as a result of taking this crap but I ASKED you to stay out of this thread nicely. Do you always step on toes? If so I will pray for you rather then prey on your pain.

I can't change you and you can't daunt me from getting the word out!
Virginia Lee

Powhatan, VA

#48 Nov 9, 2007
Martin_Tallinn wrote:
<quoted text>
Hello Virginia Lee,
I am contemplating starting with Chantix and for this reason read most posts from most people on many forums.
From this I conclude that most people have side-effects from taking this drug, but not nearly as extreme as you describe.
Could you not just be extremely sensitive to the medication just like some people cannot take a variety of other medicines.
There is always risk involved just as with surgery (even minor) and we always are informed about this, does this mean we should stop operating if someone dies?
You seem to be on a mission to have others know about your unfortunate reaction and would like to see the drug banned.
In my opinion this is not necessary based on your experience.
I do hope you overcome the effects you contribute to Chantix and wish you good luck.
I sure hope that a docotr will stop preforming surgery when he kills the patient. Then it's time for an autopsy. I agree surgeries are dangerous but only done when they are needed. Where did I state I wanted chantix banned? There are far more adverse reactions 165 potential ones as listed by Pfizer.

Someone was on a mission to prove smoking tobacco is addictive and unhealthy or cigarettes wouldn't have the bad wrap they do today. Look how long it took to put down a fortune 500 profit margin. They are still making them because the government get billions in taxes off of them. I for one am glad someone had the courage to take the tobacco industry to court and win.

You nor anyone here knows what my true experience is nor will I tell it outside a courtroom. Thanks for the wish for luck but I am not feeling love for humanity from you or others that want me to shut up.

Sounds like you are one of the doctors I have questioned on their practice, sorry for you if that's true. At least you don't hold me responsible for not being a doctor and trying to practice medicine without a license. I was euphoric which is fewer then 1 out of 1000. Just couldn't kill another living being. Sue me for it, LOL!

If I can save one person from death when taking this pill I have accomplished something. I know I have saved a few people from experiencing things that they saw or heard about happening to me. I am happy to tell my story to accomplish this for I am not out to cause injury.

Please stop stabbing me in the back. Not into knives, pills or ill wishes on others even the ones who have harmed me ... I do want to see large print plainly defined labeling like you will find on a pack of cigarettes so the consumer is warned and not blind-sided. Hmmm I wonder when the labels for what alcohol causes if used in excess would say?
Virginia Lee

Powhatan, VA

#50 Nov 10, 2007
Martin_Tallinn wrote:
Like I said, good luck!
Thanks! Helped one yesterday as a matter of fact. Working on a simple translation of the medical terms of adverse reactions as printed on the chantix literature.

Part of the crash test course for lab rats, LOL! Laughter is the best medicine.
Virginia Lee

Powhatan, VA

#52 Nov 12, 2007
Chantix – Adverse Events Defined in simple terms:
Abdominal Pain- tummy hurts in upper, lower, tender or distension, stomach discomfort

Flatulence - farting, passing gas, breaking wind

Dyspepsia- hard or difficult digestion; can include bloating, belching, feeling fullness in tummy

Gastroesophageal reflux disease- acid from stomach coming up as far as throat

Insomnia- unable to sleep; includes initial, middle and early morning awakening (counted once in table)

Abnormal Dreams- unusual dreams, vivid, wild, realistic yet not REAL (nightmares for some)

Dysgeusia- distortion or decrease in the sense of taste

Somnolence- state of near-sleep, a strong desire to sleep, sleeping for long periods

Lethargy- drowsiness or aversion to activity

Fatigue/Malaise/Asthenia- tired; out of sorts / general feeling of being unwell; lacks strength/weakness

Rhinorrhea- runny nose

Dyspnoea/Dyspnea- shortness of breath, is perceived difficulty breathing or painful breathing

Upper Respiratory Tract Disorder- problems with nostril, nasal cavity, throat, mouth and voice box

Pruritis- an itch, a sensation on the skin that causes the desire to scratch

Anorexia- an eating disorder where people starve themselves

Lymphadenopathy- disease of the lymph nodes

Leukocytosis- an elevation of the white blood cell count above the normal range

Thrombocytopenia- the presence of relatively few platelets in blood

Splenomegaly- enlargement of the spleen; usually associated with increased workload

Angina pectoris- chest pain due to lack of blood and hence oxygen supply of the heart muscle

Arrhythmia- an irregular heartbeat

Bradycardia- a resting heart rate of fewer than 60 beats per minute

Ventricular extrasystoles- a form of irregular heatbeat; premature contractions of the heart chamber

Myocardial infarction- heart attack

Palpitations- an awareness of heartbeat; shaking motion of the heart muscle

Tachycardia- a form of rapid heartbeat usually in excess of 100 beats per minute

Atrial fibrillation- abnormal heart rhythm (afib) that involves the two upper chambers of the heart

Cardiac flutter- similar to above (afib)

Coronary artery disease- occurs when the arteries that supply the heart become hardened and narrowed

Cor pulmonale- right heart failure – because of respiratory disorder

Acute coronary syndrome- a set of signs or symptoms interpreted because of decreased blood flow

Tinnitus- a ringing I n the ears caused from damage to the nerve endings

Vertigo- a type of dizziness that is characterized by the sensation of spinning

Meniere’s disease- a disorder of the inner ear that can affect hearing and balance

Thyroid gland disorders- a gland that regulates the body’s metabolism; it produces hormones

Conjuntivitis- inflammation of the membrane that covers the interiors of the eyelids

Cataract subcapsular- the back of the membrane that envelopes the lens; a milky white fluid of the lens

Ocular vascular disorder- a type of vision loss

Photophobia- an experience of pain to the eyes due to light exposure

Vitreous floaters- the clear fluid between the lens and the retina of the eyeball with deposits floating
Virginia Lee

Powhatan, VA

#53 Nov 12, 2007
Diarrhea- frequent watery loose, bowel movements

Gingivitis- inflammation of the gums around the teeth

Dysphagia- difficulty swallowing

Enterocolitis- an inflamtion of the large and small intestines

Erucation- fast nausea combined with burdensome headaches

Gastritis- inflammation of the stomach lining
Gastrointestinal hemorrhage- bleeding in the gastrointestinal tract

Mouth ulceration- open sores in the mouth

Esophagitis- inflamtion of the tube that carries food from the throat to the stomach

Gastric ulcer- open sore in the stomach

Pancreatitis acute- rapid inflammation of the gland organ in the digestive system

Edema- swelling of any organ

Pyrexia- fever; abnormal elevation of body temperature

Hypersensitivity- undesirable reactions produced by the normal immune system

Drug hypersensitivity- an adverse drug reaction; ACAAI estimated deaths of 106,000 a year and rising

Electrocardiogram abnormal- abnormal ECG or EKG

Diabetes mellitus- a syndrome characterized by disordered metabolism and high blood sugar

Hyperlipidemia- the presence of high amounts of fatty molecules in the blood

Hypokalemia- a potentially fatal condition in which the body fails to retain sufficient potassium to maintain health

Hyperkalemia- high levels of potassium that can cause heart attacks

Hypoglycemia- low levels of glucose (sugar) in the blood; aka “brain fuel”

Arthralgia- joint pain; or an allergic reaction to medication

Musculoskeletal pain- pain in the organ system that gives animals the ability to physically move

Myalgia- muscle pain

Osteoporosis- reduced bone mineral density

Myositis- inflammation of the muscles; likely to be cause by autoimmune conditions vs infection (autoimmunity- is the failure of an organism to recognize its own constituent parts (down to the sub-molecular levels) as “self”, which result in an immune response against its own cells and tissues. Examples: multiple sclerosis (MS), diabetes mellitus

Amnesia- a condition in which memory is disturbed; causes can be organic or functional

Migraine- is a neurological disease

Parosmia- a disorder of sense of smell when an odor is actually present, but incorrectly perceived

Psychomotor hyperactivity- of or relating to motor action directly proceeding from mental activity; hyper- really exited; hypo- less then normal

Syncope- transient loss of consciousness; blackouts; fainting; altered conciousness

Cerebrovascular accident- stroke is the clinical designation for a rapidly developing loss of brain function due to an interruption in blood supply to all or part of the brain

Dysarthria- speech impairment; is difficult, poorly pronounced speech, such as slurring; inability to speak

Facial palsy- aka Bell’s palsy is characterized by the face muscles drooping on the effected side

Multiple sclerosis- a disease of the nervous system in which the myelin sheath of the neurons is damaged

Nystagmus- involuntary eye movement that can be part of reflex eye movement

Psychomotor skills impaired- sleep deprivation results in poor motor skills from mental activity

Transient ischemic attack- mini stroke

Visual field defect- a blind spot within the normal field of vision

Libido decrease- low sexual desire

Bradyphrenia- a slowing of thought processes

Euphoric mood- an extremely happy mood

Psychotic disorder- mental illness that centers around abnormal thinking and perceptions

Suicidal ideation- a common medical term for thoughts about suicide (taking your life)
Virginia Lee

Powhatan, VA

#54 Nov 12, 2007
Polyuria- passing large amounts of urine

Nephrolithiasis- kidney stones; solid creations of dissolved minerals in urine

Nocturia- is the need to get up during the night to urinate

Urethral syndrome- a female syndrome (signs/symptoms) urinary rfrequent, urgency, burning & more

Renal failure acute- a rapid loss of kidney function

Urinary retention- a lack of the ability to urinate

Menstrual disorder- an irregular condition in a woman’s monthly cycle

Eretile dysfunction- the inability to develop or maintain and erection of the penis; sexual dysfunction

Sexual dysfunction- difficulty during any stage of the sexual act that prevent enjoyment (arousal, orgasm or resolution)

Epistaxis- nose bleed

Asthma- a chronic disease that affect your airways

Pleurisy- an inflammation of the membrane, cavity surrounding the lungs

Pulmonary embolism- a blockage of the arteries that carry blood to the lungs

Hyperhidrosis- excessive sweating

Dermatitus- inflammation of the skin as an allergic reaction

Eczema- inflammation upper layers of the skin as an allergic reaction

Erythema- a large abnormal redness of the skin caused by capillary congestion; a sign of inflammation

Psoriasis- scaley red patch on the skin and joints

Urticaria- or hives; a skin condition usually due to allergies; raised red welts; needle rash; drug reactions

Photosensitivity reaction- more sensitive than normal to light

Hypertension- high blood pressure

Hypotension- low blood pressure,

Peripheral ischemia- a condition that low blood supply to the limbs causes cramping and chronic pain

Thrombosis- the formation of a clot inside a blood vessel blocking the flow of blood

Other adverse effects: Nausea, vomiting, constipation, dry mouth, nightmare, headache, rash, increased appetite, decreased appetite, anemia, eye irritation, vision blurred, visual disturbance, eye pain,acired night blindness, blindness transient, chest pain, influenza like illness, thirst, chest discomfort, chills, weigh increase, back pain, muscle cramp, disturbance in attention, dizziness, sensory disturbance, tremor, balance disorder, convulsion, anxiety, emotional disorder, irritability, restlessness, aggression, agitation. Disorientation, dissociation, thinking abnormal, hallucination, urine abnormal, respiratory disorders, acne, dry skin.
Virginia Lee

Powhatan, VA

#55 Nov 12, 2007
*acquired night blindness

“Smoke free since Oct. 8, 2007”

Since: Nov 07

Seattle, WA

#60 Nov 13, 2007
And Virginia, may I ask which tobacco company pays your salary?

“Live Laugh Love”

Since: Oct 07

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#61 Nov 13, 2007
Virginia Lee wrote:
*acquired night blindness
all of these are also side effects from smoking.

Louisville, KY

#62 Nov 13, 2007
No wonder the other sites are slow today--the fireworks are here.

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