Any side effects while on Chantix?
Virginia Lee

Hopewell, VA

#2120 Jan 19, 2012
Kurious2no wrote:
I had taken Chantix in the past and suffered such extreme depression that I had to go off it and back to smoking. I am now on it again.(I can not win the cold turkey battle heebie jeebies.) And this time, because I knew about the severe depression, I kept telling myself that it was the drug, just soldier on. I finally cut my dose in half and the depression eased. I am now taking a half pill once a day, do not have the heebie jeebies and feel very good.
Just thought I would share this with those who are suffering. Maybe 2mg a day is just too much for some of us.
It IS but Pfizer only gets the numbers to support their success with higher dosages and still doesn't recommend you wean off this psychotic drug!

United States

#2121 Feb 1, 2012
I took Chantix a few years ago and stopped when I became almost unable to function from paralyzing depression. I also developed ringing in my ears which I have to this day and it is getting worse. I have now gotten TABEX which is Cytisine and it is much better without side effects. I bought it off the internet as I couldn't find it anywhere else. So far, it is a huge help and read about it for yourself. The results have been phenomenal. It is cheap too. I found out about it from Fox News Medical A Team or one of the other Fox News regular medical shows. FAR BETTER than Chantix
Virginia Lee

Hopewell, VA

#2122 Feb 5, 2012
Organic chemists have spent lots of time and energy simplifying morphine while retaining the activity in the simplified versions, Townsend notes. Coe’s team cleverly used this information to guide their attempts to simplify cytisine while maintaining its activity, Townsend points out. The result was a [3.2.1] bicyclic benzazapine that potently blocks nicotine binding to 42. Unfortunately, however, this simplified molecule lacks cytisine’s ability to partially activate 42 and release low levels of dopamine. The team serendipitously restored this property by fusing heterocycles onto the benzazapine’s aromatic ring via an unexpectedly regioselective dinitration reaction.

Accord, cytisine is what chantix was developed from without the MORPHINE! If you read the article and the "thinking" behind it you will also understand all Pfizer did was make tabex addictive/dangerous by adding morphine. I guess thinking of the $$$ they could make from this new concoction was more important then public safety. The US vetrans no longer recommend it as a first line treatment ... I wonder what they know we don't!
Virginia Lee

Hopewell, VA

#2123 Feb 5, 2012
Here is the latest from ABC News wondering why the FDA doesn't act according to what we know now is NOT a coincidence! I guess they don't want to admit they might have been hasty to grant Pfizer approval??? There are not stories of cytisine causing these reactions, morphine yes but Pfizer will defend to the death their right to fool your brain with their concoctions!
Angry Patient

Greenville, NC

#2124 Feb 7, 2012
Please check out my blog at if you want more information about Chantix.

Piscataway, NJ

#2125 Feb 23, 2012
This stuff sucks.I am the worst person in the world. Wtf is this stuff. I am goin bonkers. I'm angryyyyy, miserable, eat like crazy, chocolate all day. Don't want to be near any one on my home. I have 3 kids. Wtf I feel like jumping off a bridge. Think I need a physiologist or mental world.. Helppppppppppppppppp

Piscataway, NJ

#2126 Feb 23, 2012
Sorry to hear this. You are so brave. I'm in the same boat as your wife and it sucks. The same thing is going on with my husband and I my fault I'm the one on chantix. He says I look at him as if I'm possed too. Very scary after reading your post I'm not gonna take the chantix anymore. Be strong best wishes.
Replaced husband wrote:
My wife started Chantix on January 10th of 2011 and stopped on February 16. She was constantly angry and extremely disconnected from me. We have only been intimate once from the usual twice a week. She has not touched me before or after since Chantix. I have no idea who this woman is, whom I have known for over 15 years. She stopped talking to most of her friends exce. pt a newer friend. She spends most of her time with her, and is shocked by my "who are you?" and "What happend to you?" questions.
We did not have a perfect marriage like others say, yes we fought but never were mad more than a few days no matter how dumb we acted. After the 2nd day she acts if I don't exist, so many little mannerisms of hers have changed I do not know who she is. Today is the first day we have not fought but I can clearly see how this poison has changed her.
I can recommend this product to any woman who clearly wants to push away her husband, emotionally and physically. This drug is the best "get out of love immediately" drug. She forgets things regularly, short term things that have happened since she started taking this crap. I would not be shocked if she started to write with her left hand while spewing green vomit, she has a possessed look on her face.
Ladies--if you want to move on and replace your husband this stuff will eliminate all feelings of love, tenderness, intimacy and yes sex. The one time in 6 weeks we had sexual intercourse I did not recognize her actions and it was terrible. I want my wife back please but I will tell you a week off this stuff did nothing so far.
She has told me how because of her sense of smell returning, she has said in the meanest of ways, "Uugghhh, you stink". I repelled her away with my very essence. She has called me a coward, something she would never do, because I won't leave her; she is not having an affair nor is she interested in anything physical.
I am shocked I have made it this far with not so much as her hand touching mine, a hug or snuggle. I tried spooning (yes I spoon, of course hoping to be intimate) and she complained on everything I did and how I did it. Nothing is done right and she has insulted my ability to be a father and husband. If you think it cant happen to you, your foolish in many ways. It can and did happen to me and I am still bewildered by the behavior of this woman I am living with and wondering, sticking around and hoping my wife returns to me someday.
I have kept a journal written in my hand, now archived for my children to read long after I am gone, I don't know how this chapter will end but only hope my children don't still hate Chantix, as they are teenagers and are not stupid, just naive as to how something like this could take their mother and change her. Funny this crap did not make my wife distanced with the children, only me and her old friends.
So many people tell stories of marriages ending in this fashion and never taking Chantix. Its such a surreal story even for me to type. I wish you a better healing than what my wife is getting.
Virginia Lee

Hopewell, VA

#2127 Feb 24, 2012
cct06902 wrote:
This stuff sucks.I am the worst person in the world. Wtf is this stuff. I am goin bonkers. I'm angryyyyy, miserable, eat like crazy, chocolate all day. Don't want to be near any one on my home. I have 3 kids. Wtf I feel like jumping off a bridge. Think I need a physiologist or mental world.. Helppppppppppppppppp
Go see your doctor! You are not bad it IS the drug. The drug is bad. It does strange things to your brain functioning. You are angry in my opinion because chantix has shut off the reward channels to everything in your body. Food doesn't satisfy you and the chocolate doesn't help. I feel caffeine and chantix are not a good mix! Even Saturday Night Live made a joke about it. These days to reduce damamges and prevent hospital stays like mine; the medical professionals are paying more attention to this drugs side effects. I hope you don't suffer like I did. Good luck there are better, more effective and less dangerous ways to stop smoking and chantix isn't for you.

Washington, IA

#2128 Mar 13, 2012
Hi Margie: I'm 70 years old last October. I haven't smoked in 19 days. I tried Chantix the first time in January 2011. Went thru the initial program without a hitch and was able to stop smoking within the first week of starting pills. After finishing up the program I had immediate withdrawal symptoms, like throwing a light switch. I realize this was a mind game and not physical. I resumed smoking.

When I had my annual checkup this January I told the Doc I wanted to try it again, that I was down from 6-7 cigars a day to 1/2 pack of cigs a day. He mentioned that one thing patients are rarely told is that "most" Chantix users have to repeat the program - sometimes 4 or 5 times - before they can stay off nicotine.

Another thing we talked about was that there is no ramping-down of the med like there is a ramping-up when you first start. I plan to wean myself off it slowly for the last two weeks

As far as side effects, I walk around all day with a low to medium level of nausea and I want to sleep more than is either healthy or helpful during the day. My sleep at night has become so disrupted (it was to begin with but not so bad as it is now) I take a Zanax before bed and that helps.

I have really low energy levels now and just feel like moping around the house all day long or sleeping. I force myself to go out and walk or do odd jobs, anything to keep me busy. I don't think about smoking much at all.

Hope things get better for you. Michael

Morganton, NC

#2130 Apr 28, 2012
I have been on chantix for 3 weeks and only got a little sick when I didnt eat with it. I have now been cig free for 10 days and havent wanted one...I think its great, but it has delayed my period, in which has never been late. Sorry to hear of the bad affects but if u have a good doctor, he would tell you to extend the low dose cycle until u can take it without side effects. I did have dreams, but all my side effects have gone now..good luck to everyone.
Virginia Lee

Hopewell, VA

#2131 Apr 29, 2012

If you had a good doctor they would tell you chantix is only a non nicotine SUBSTITUTE. They might also tell you it does effect your cycle. Good luck!

Fort Worth, TX

#2132 Apr 30, 2012
I have taking Chantix for two weeks and stoped about two months ago, I have had hives all over my body daily and it itchs, the doctors can't figure it out I have chest pain and i am angry all the time... I need help I break out everyday

Virginia Beach, VA

#2133 May 4, 2012
MissingDad wrote:
PLEASE do not take this medication!!! In short, my father was happy, fulfilled, no issues, no history of any depression or psychosis, never drank, no drugs etc. when he took this for one month to stop smoking. He had quit before, but this was his first time taking Chantix. One week after he ended his treatment he committed suicide with a rifle. I lost my father and I will never forgive Pfizer for what they have done. Google Chantix suicide and you will see how many terrible stories come up. Quitting smoking is important to your health, but please find another way. By the time you are ready to take your own life, you will not be coherent enough to ask for help. Why do you think one of the most common side effects is "strange dreams"? It effects your brain directly in ways that do not stop even after you discontinue use. PLEASE DO NOT TAKE CHANTIX AND LET ANYONE YOU KNOW ABOUT THIS STORY!!! Take Care
Missing Dad, I lost my 23 yr old daughter after she came off this poison.... We had a near PERFECT relationship....then in one instant, she disowned my entire family and ME. Forever. NO contact now in a year. I am completely heart broken. She had some crazy dreams she apparently believed were real.. Accused me of horrible behavior and switched in ONE day from " Youre the best mom ever" to never speaking to me again.. I am SICK over this... I am in a corner with no options... Oh GOD. I miss my daughter. PS... I am orig. From ulster Co...near you.
Damien L

Dearborn, MI

#2134 May 23, 2012
I took Chantix for 5 weeks starting at the beginning of this year. I had suicidial thoughts while on it, but I knew that was a side affect of Chantix, and I just kept quitting smoking. I had to get off the Chantix because it was starting to change my perception of life. I had quit smoking for one month when I discontinued use.

A couple of weeks later I had my first panic attack. Since then I have been to the ER twice, accumulated about 5K in medical bills, and have paid out of pocket about 4K for medical bills. Ive had tests performed from EKG to MRI. I now see a neurologist and a psychiatrist. I still smoke.

The worst part of my symptoms is that every single night if I do not wait until my body is absolutely exhausted to go to bed, I have a panic attack while trying to fall asleep, and then im up trying to research this on the internet. Now I get about 16 - 24 hours of sleep a week. Chantix has ruined my quality of life. There is no sign of these things going away.

A WORD OF ADVICE - if you are on Chantix, GET OFF NOW!!! This drug changes your brain chemistry, and changes the way your neurons operate. DISCONTINUE USE IMMEDIATELY.


Since: Feb 08

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#2135 Jul 10, 2012
It has been awhile

Minot, ND

#2136 Aug 31, 2012
Ive been taking ambien for over a year I sharted taking chatix and was still smoking 3 weeks later.My body odor started getting worse and Iwas crabby so last sunday I decided that was enough that monday nite was the worse I ever had I got so out of it I was fighting with my daughtr and went into my room and ate a handfull of ambien.They took me to icu im ok but that was not me I would never think of doing something like that in my life! So be very careful and good luck in your quest to stop smoking!

Embrun, Canada

#2137 Sep 19, 2012
My brother started taking the stop-smoking drug called Chantix (varenicline). He was perfectly healthy prior to taking the drug because his family physician did a complete physical examination prior to putting him on the drug. He was not on any other medications and he had no medical conditions prior to taking Chantix. When taking Chantix he experienced the most common side effect being nausea as well as some irritability but then he began to experience some more severe side effects including a swollen tongue, trouble breathing, mouth ulcerations, sore & itchy skin (but not a rash), droopy eye (this is better now), electrical static shock feeling in his chest and back, balance problems, dizziness, fatigue, lost sense of taste, muscle spasms, and constipation. He stopped taking the drug as soon as these severe symptoms began to appear at approximately 3 weeks and doctors gave him steroids to counteract the "allergic reactions". It has been almost 7 weeks since he stopped taking the drug and his tongue is no longer swollen but his entire jaw, mouth, and part of his neck are very painful. It feels as though his muscles are constantly contracted (tense). The muscle spasms cause him to drop things and bite down on is tongue which has caused painful sores on his tongue. He is unable to eat (going on 7 weeks) because he cannot chew or properly swallow. He can only consume liquids and even that is tough. He often chokes on his saliva because it goes down his wind pipe instead of his esophagus. He seems to be getting worse and the doctors do not know what is causing it. They tested him for myasthenia gravis because they think it is neurological but the tests came back negative. We are hoping someone out there can shed some light on this and maybe we can get him the proper medical care before it causes irreparable damage (if not already).

Olive Branch, MS

#2138 Sep 25, 2012
Sorry about your health problem. I too cannot eat, have a feeding tube it is called Dysarthria, I also have deliberator never had heart problems or any health problems at all until I took the poison Chantix
Antonio DCaroline

West Sacramento, CA

#2139 Oct 23, 2012
I started taking this medications about 2 weeks ago , last night I woke up vomiting blood now my chest n back hurts a lot I'm also last my voice ! Is this normal ? I haven't smoke at all though ! If anyone have some info please let me know
[email protected]

United States

#2140 Jan 6, 2013
I started taking chantix two days ago. The first day I experienced chest pains and shortness of breath and my heart felt as if it were going to burst cuz it was veering so fast. I have also had trouble sleeping. Is this normal?

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