Former DCF supervisor files lawsuit a...

Former DCF supervisor files lawsuit against agency

There are 357 comments on the South Florida Sun-Sentinel story from Sep 13, 2007, titled Former DCF supervisor files lawsuit against agency. In it, South Florida Sun-Sentinel reports that:

A former protective investigations supervisor with the Florida Department of Children & Families filed a lawsuit against the agency Wednesday, alleging DCF wrongfully fired her in violation of the state's ...

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broken hearted

Apopka, FL

#267 Nov 9, 2012
suzido wrote:
I have been told that if you can prove the DCF broke their own laws, that they can be successfully sued. I have proof that they broke thier own rules. Does anyone know of any cases where they have been sued and won? Are there any lawyers out there that will help?
I found 1 case here in Florida that was a class action suit,the families won the case,but the lawyer has disappeared... I cannot find him anywhere. I have so much evidence against dcf/cpc/gal everybody it's crazy. Every lawyer I have spoken too just says that the state has unlimited funds to fight and they will until the parents can't afford to go on and have to drop the suit. If you are able to find any attorney willing to take a case please contact me I'm sure we can find enough ppl who have been unlawfully hurt to file a class action. [email protected]
White Angels of Deat h

United States

#268 Nov 9, 2012
Giovanni wrote:
<quoted text>
I'm sorry you are being victimized by the DCF. They are unbelievably abusive and corrupt. We need to band together. I'm in the Boston area too. We should get the thousands of victims together and fight with everything we've got to free the innocent children and stop the widespread abuse of parents and children by DCF career criminals. Socialism is at its' core, and it will destroy the country if we let it.
In socialism, if you have two babies the government takes one and give it to a monster. More likely DCF is Nazism where if you have have two babies, the government takes both of your babies, and then shoot you.
angel of death

Accord, NY

#269 Nov 10, 2012
"uncle Mengele" would offer the children sweets. Mengele was also called "Mengele the protector"

Port Orange, FL

#270 Nov 14, 2012
Moms Fault wrote:
Mothers ! DCF and other agencies would not be involved with you and your childs if the moms and mamas acted like real mothers!.. stop abusing substances!!.. stop having sex with almost any guy. The men are with you to get a chance to have sex with you daughter OR your son!!. Raise your own children moms!. No one else wants to raise them!!
You know what until it happens to you you don't know what the hell u are talking about. Thousands of parents get wrongfully accused and the dcf takes over your life and there is nothing u can do about it. Dcf is a fing scam they are scum bag liars, and will do anything to take ur kids. With them you are guilty until proven innocent. The more kids they adopt out the more they are paid. Stop being iggnorrant!

Port Orange, FL

#271 Nov 14, 2012

United States

#272 Nov 15, 2012
Last night I received a letter sent home from the school "Pinellas County Schools Authorization Release of Information" Asking for any and all information on my kids. Guess who is doing this? The sane organization who falsified the CPI reports: Gulf Coast Jewish Family Childrens Services. They are the ones who repeatedly lied to continue my case.

Be very carefull parents you are giving up your rights to protect your children.
torn aprt mother of 3

United States

#273 Nov 17, 2012
I live in pasco county fl & cpi was called by police whi busted in my home & attacked my husband. They said coi had to be called because the children were present at this time. Now while they were attacking my husband he was screaming that he wasnt resisting & that he eas trying to stand up mean while right before the police officer made physical contact with my husband he had our 4 month old son in his hands. He quickly layed my son on the couch. Now there was a repirt to the cpi hotline saying my husband was "slapping" me around outside in broad daylight ok & that was not the case. My morher was present the while time and her report to cpi said she never seen him touch me. Now i have a clean criminal record not even a traffic ticket i dont do drugs i wrk i have a home my children are clean & well takin care of. Cpi told me my husband couldnt be around the children so me & kids left home even tho my husband was in jail now the nxt morning i was called to my 8 yr old sons school because he had a "fever" i fot to the school went to the nurses office & my son was not there instead was 3 police officers whi escorted me into a room where i then seen my cpi case worker... she told me she was takin my children i asked y she said because she feels they arent safe... i said i complyed with everything you told me. Not to mention she went to court that morning and i asked y i wasnt notified about court she replied that they dont call for those type of things and listed me as she could not locate. Which is bs! Im a great mom & my husband is a great father & our children love us to death! My son bday is dec16th he will be 8 my daughter is 4 & my other son is 4 months old now i will have to miss my sons bday and thanksgicing and xmas wit my childten my 4 months old 1st xmas my 8 yr olds front tooth is loose and about to fall out and im not there. I ask the reason and they feel like my children are not sfe? How? I want andwers and demand them! Everyone is talkin about lawsuits and there so expensive but i will give my right leg to bring this cpi worker dwn! There is no danger here and my children even state that! My sons teacher even states that! My kids are smart respectful and loving. I mids my children to death & i feel horrible that they are going thru this. Im trying to be strong but they are what makes me strong! I want exolanations and i want my kids back! Fl cpi will pay for the hurt my children are goung thru! Its got to be so scary and i feel helpless cuz im not there for them because of cpi! I will fight to the end!

Boynton Beach, FL

#274 Dec 10, 2012
leanne wrote:
its time to get rid of a few social worker lois wagner solange prado tomaselle james amd susan murphy and many other associated with dcf who sucks and needs an overhaul dcf sucks and so does most of the social workers they are out for moneyand stealing kids and to make money they get paid for stealing kids thats how the system works you are guilty till proven innocent if someone doesnt stop them and their power things will get worse
the social workers that did my case sucked they disorted the truth and made things up as they went solange you know damn well you left me crying out on the front porch and my husband had to come home and confort me so dont lie we all know you lie out your butt and ohhh lois wagner hmmm what can i say about you only that you took sides and disgusted me you all need your licenses took and burned and never to work again in this feild again permantly and ohh tomaselle james hmmm you were a jerk and very unkind and hmmmm you cam to my house at 1130 pm in the middle of the night hmmmm and ohh susan murphy you used due influence to keep deanna with my abusers you knew darn well they were abusing me and taking advange of me and ohhh solange prado i never threatened me you threatened me you told me quote unquote if you dont turn deanna over to me you would assault me in my own home yes theis happen you know it i know it so does the senators in florida i have many letters out there are paper trails and plus the newspaper
DCF workers are in it for the MONEY?! Do your research honey.
Pinellas mom

Pinellas Park, FL

#275 Dec 10, 2012
Pinellas County Florida
Watch out for CPI Fellisha Hall
And case mgr. Janet shideman
They both lied and stretched the truth beyond belief! Beware!!!
Im not a druggie, drunk, I run a big company.
False allegations can happen to anybody..
I never in a million years thought this could happen to me and thought others that got there kids taken away "well it must of been for good reason" ha, not true, they can say and do anything because of the immunity law... We need reform! Wow! Dcf is out of control!
Its ruined my 6 months in
Good Luck to you all!!!!! <3

United States

#276 Dec 13, 2012

Former Georgia Senator Nancy Schaefer spoke out about CPS corruption and was murdered shortly after

New Smyrna Beach, FL

#277 Dec 14, 2012
father of 6yr old daughter broke 5 ribs of mine fractured my neck, i have a collapsed lung, he also has prior child abuse reports with dcf of marion county, father was awarded temporary custody of child, how is this possible and what can i do, who can i turn to for help

United States

#278 Dec 14, 2012
Until you get YOUR life together you have almost no chance of getting your children back. If you are dependent on abusive men, then you will be in the system for quite a while.

You will have to have a job, be independent, take victim councilling etc. Even though you are the abuse victim, the courts will want to know why you choose to live with someone like that,(putting your children in danger)for your desperation?.

It is Ok if DCF puts your child in danger, they will not have to own up to it. DCF is about money and they will keep your children away or adopt them out, if you do not change your lifestyle.

From what you say happened to you, then you need to imediately change your choice in men and lifestyle. Most people will side with DCF whenever a women brings a violent man into the home of children. Of course I am sure many factors are involved I am just stating the way people will see your case based on the outside.

Only you know the circumstances and it is rare that any judge will listen to your reasons, they just look at the home environment
Real Father

Natick, MA

#279 Dec 24, 2012
How d you beat these twisted sick liars that looklike drug addicts and call themselves DCF i need to know they are telling me that my daughter cant be around me for long because while she was placed with me (taken out of her mothers home for the Third time and reunified with her 7 weeks later) i have had a bad attitude towards DCF and thats why i cant see her more than i like. What in the world????? I think its because my family brought them to court and filed a serious complaint against them. i need help and all the support i can get for my daughter well being and safety please help me people please.

Sarasota, FL

#280 Dec 28, 2012
We need change
disgusted mother

Meadville, PA

#281 Jan 12, 2013
compltetly fed up wrote:
<quoted text>
E-mail me @ [email protected] I've been trying to get families together for a class action suit bcause no attorney will take them on it costs to much money I hope if we can get as many different families as possible together it will be a different story. A good attorney might do it pro bono if they think it will bring them publicity or a large chunk of change at the end they can take payment from. last Lawsuit I saw on Google was 11 families that were awarded millions only prob is I can't find that attorney any where it's like he disappeared. Me personally am more concerned about the safety of my children and others that DCF have hurt and making changes in the system. We have to protect our children bcause we cannot count on the system for the help that the whole agency was created to do. They just hurt our children worse!!
I would be happy to join in a suit as son now has mental and emotional issues because of Pinellas County DCF
nikki r

Lakeland, FL

#282 Jan 14, 2013
graham wrote:
Women use 7-9 times the white matter of the brain more than men to process thoughts. This part of the brain is emotion, creativity, verbal skills etc. If a women has a car accident and hits the frontal lobe she can almost no longer function.
Women therefore are more emotional, creative and better speakers than men, but also need more support from each other
Men typically use 5-7 time the grey area of the brain which is logic, mathematical, science etc. This is why men typically are better mechanics and more involved with science etc. Men usually do not make decisions based just on emotion.
Women are the primary force within DCF and are typically young college grads full of emotion and ideology. Unfortionately they lack experience to have developed the "logical" part of the brain and are almost unable to understand things that are common sense. Some women will blow almost everything out of proportion no matter how minor into a huge event, especially when the story goes down the line.
These exagerrated events cause huge family damage to kids by their (DCF) interpretation of what happened. Families are put through hell by DCF and judges do not want to "waste their time" finding out the truth. IT CAN HAPPEN TO YOU
(OMG! idk you but i was on this site for obvious reasons (my kids were taken away too. but thats not what caught my attn. i was hit by a car with brain damagein frontal lobe) i would very much appreciate and like you to respond to me back because i would like to talk to you. my headis weird and im depressed about this dealing with the loss of my kids. anyways my email is [email protected] thank you again nikki

United States

#283 Jan 14, 2013

I am not a doctor, I just enjoy science and medicine. The studies were done using CAT scans to see how the brain processes information differently and found that men and womn indeed think in different ways.

The whole process of losing your children is very depressing and confusing even under the best conditions. I will try to find out some more info on treating frontal lobe injuries and pass it on to you.

United States

#284 Jan 14, 2013
This site has some good stories and info

Chicopee, MA

#285 Jan 17, 2013
[hello well we will back you up all the f....... way
hey moms fault

Miami, FL

#286 Jan 22, 2013
Moms Fault wrote:
Mothers ! DCF and other agencies would not be involved with you and your childs if the moms and mamas acted like real mothers!.. stop abusing substances!!.. stop having sex with almost any guy. The men are with you to get a chance to have sex with you daughter OR your son!!. Raise your own children moms!. No one else wants to raise them!!
Wow someone needs a reality check. Did you know ANYONE can place a report? And not necessarily for valid cause, could be your ex trying to intimidate, could be you had a fight with someone. And its not just moms upset with dcf, its fathers trying to be single dads who have no rights too. Its children not understanding what's going on and why all of the sudden they can't go home. You and your poor grammar can kick rocks :)

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