Has anyone heard of Pfizer's Chantix

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#71842 Mar 22, 2011
ScottinMA wrote:
Thanks to all you guys I'm proud to check in and report 49 days smoke free. Thank you everybody!(I love checking in here cause I'm so proud of myself).
Good luck to you all !
Hi Scott - you should be proud! I'M proud of you! Keep going and good luck!

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#71843 Mar 24, 2011
Found s cool quit meter...soooooo

Since January 29, 2011: 53 days smoke free, 1241 cigarettes down,$542.95 and 5d 4h 6m saved!

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#71844 Mar 25, 2011
"The evidence shows that the numerous regulatory actions from the FDA and other restrictions have not succeeded in achieving substantially safer use of varenicline beyond a possible effect in reducing dispensed prescriptions. A major reassessment of this drug’s place, IF ANY, in a program of treatment to assist in smoking cessation is needed. Its association with reports of violence makes it unsuitable for use in any occupation in
which lethal weapons are routinely available and used and poses risks to other sensitive occupations. Patient monitoring and prominent warnings have apparently not been effective in assuring safe use of this medication."


8500 cases, so it is not just me who is bitching (Jill) or working to get this POISON removed. It is clear you do not care about us as long as it doesn't injure you. People have a right to know at WHOLE TRUTH!

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#71845 Mar 25, 2011
One thing is for sure----Virginia Lee is positive evidence that Chantix may cause retardation in certain individuals.

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#71846 Mar 25, 2011
ScottinMA wrote:
Found s cool quit meter...soooooo
Great job.

Watch the number of missed cigs grow. The number leaps at an astounding rate. It was more of a motivator to me than the number of days quit.

Right now I'm at an even 250 days with 11,254 unsmoked cigs.

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#71847 Mar 27, 2011
Started my wean today ...cut all the pills in half and only taking 1 1/2 this week then cutting out another half pill each week till I'm off them. Its an exciting next step...wish me luck

Since January 29, 2011: 57 days smoke free, 1333 cigarettes down,$583.2 and 5d 13h 18m saved!

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#71848 Mar 28, 2011
ScottinMA wrote:
Started my wean today ...cut all the pills in half and only taking 1 1/2 this week then cutting out another half pill each week till I'm off them. Its an exciting next step...wish me luck
Since January 29, 2011: 57 days smoke free, 1333 cigarettes down,$583.2 and 5d 13h 18m saved!
Good job Scott. Don't try to wean too quickly. Listen to your body and any symptoms you may experience. As much as you would like to be off Chantix, protect your quit! Your plan sounds good though! Good luck!

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#71849 Apr 1, 2011
REUNION DAY and congratulations to all of us quitters, especially those in their first six months. If this was easy just anyone could do it. KTQ and NOPE.

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Isn't it grand!

#71850 Apr 1, 2011
Happy Reunion Day !!

Wishing all the quitters here the very best and many more smoke free days !!!

Quitters Rock !

I have been quit for 1 Year, 6 Months, 2 Days, 10 hours, 41 minutes and 45 seconds (548 days). I have saved $3,702.00 by not smoking 16,453 cigarettes. I have saved 1 Month, 3 Weeks, 5 Days, 3 hours and 5 minutes of my life. My Quit Date: 9/29/2009 9:00 PM

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#71851 Apr 1, 2011
Hi, just checking in for Reunion Day! Congrats to everyone. I can't believe I actually remembered to post on the 1st.:)


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#71852 Apr 1, 2011
Happy Reunion Day!! Congratulations to everyone. I have been quit for years thanks to chantix, this thread and wanting to quit.

Kirkland, WA

#71853 Apr 5, 2011
In a couple of days, I'll tie my 7-month record when I quit smoking in 2007. I've had no thoughts of wanting to smoke this time, so I have no doubt that I'll never light one again. It was great that I didn't need to take any drugs this time to quit smoking.

For those of you who like watching TV series, here are my top favorites (and recommendations) in order of preference. I've watched all seasons so far of most of these. Looking forward to Breaking Bad starting up soon in July. It's a great series, and I thought it was my favorite until I watched all seasons of the Sopranos in less than nine days.

The Sopranos
Breaking Bad
Trailer Park Boys
Mad Men
Harry's Law

The Wire is also a good series, but I've only watched Season 1 so far. I need to add subtitles to the later seasons, so I know what the heck they're all saying.

If you like TV series, those listed above are some of the best.

“how you doing ???”

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#71854 Apr 8, 2011
Good Morning Today is my 43rd month of being a non-smoker, I lost track of how many days it has been...?
I would like to Welcome all the Newcomers to our non-smoking family and to a new way of life...
I'm so Grateful to Chantix and for the surport i recieved here, I smoked for 41 yrs and tried to quit but never could until I heard of Chantix...
May you all have a great day, much Love and respect always your friend Mike


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#71855 Apr 8, 2011
Oh my...I've been on the move & FORGOT Reunion Day!! Hey friends...So wonderful to be smoke free for over 3 years!! If I could turn back time I would have done it years ago BUT I didn't have all the support from you all then. Thanks to you all for helping me have a happier healtier life :)) I'll see you again May 1 stish...lol
Richard in VA

Clifton Forge, VA

#71856 Apr 12, 2011
HEY! I don't know why I am not signed in/on as usual unless it is because of this new Computer??? Anyway, I just finished reading the last 5 or 6 pages. Virginia Lee, I thought maybe had crawled under a rock and couldn't get out, but then just when you think the skies are clearing, the Wicked Witch from the East returns. If only someone had a pair of Ruby Red Shoes to give her, and then maybe she would fly off on her broom back to wherever that hole in the ground covered by a rock is...


Hello everybody else! I have been at home recouping the last many weeks from first Pneumonia in the Hospital in January (after getting my first Pneumonia Shot in November - What's up with that???) and then Foot Surgery for a torn Tendon in 3 places, Morton Neuroma's and a couple of other Foot problems (I think the Doctor used a whole Spool of Stitching Thread to sew the bottom of my foot back). Too gross to talk about all the stitches and pain - but Good Pain Pills and Sleeping the first 3 or 4 days). 4 weeks in a cast. 4 weeks in a softer cast and most of the stitches out. Confined to house and 1st floor. If I have to sleep in that Twin bed very many more nights...although sleep (or the actual meaning/act is a bit of a stretch) anyway, on a better observation, this is the first year since I moved here in 4 years that I have actually got to see the flowers bloom and the trees start to get a little green hue to them. I have a White Dogwood Tree (kinda small in statue)that is just beginning to bud. I sit and look out the windows and both front/back doors and watch the grass grow too... LOL.


March 4th 2011 was my 3 year Annv. of being Smoke Free! I could not have done it without Chantix and the many GREAT People and advice I got from this Thread!!! More than anything else,some people (us old-timers (Smoke-Free for a long time) and the newer Quitters, keep Posting here and sharing your success, questions, and experiences too. This is a continual journey that can only be achieved with YOUR determination to follow both the following: KEEP THE QUIT & NOT ONE PUFF EVER (NOPE). Good Luck and keep reading.


Richard H in VA (Home Sweet Home Sweet Home)

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#71857 Apr 14, 2011
Hey Scott....
How's that wean going?
Your plan is very close to what I did. I just didn't worry about being too strict with the schedule. If I was having a hard day, I didn't think twice about popping another half pill.

I didn't care if I quit the wean-----I just didn't want to quit the quit!!!!

I sure do miss the dreams.

Good luck, you should do fine.


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#71858 Apr 15, 2011
Hi Greg...thanks for checking in on me.

My wean was fine except that I kept forgetting to take my partial pills. I finally said screw it and stopped the pills all together 4 days ago. No problems so far but I sure would love to take off this extra ten pounds I gained...lol

Oh well, I'd rather have a few extra lbs than cancer...so ill stop complaining and just ne grateful (which I most certainly am)

Anyway...I'm very proud to report - Since January 29, 2011: 75 days smoke free, 1747 cigarettes down,$764.33 and 7d 6h 42m saved!


Lansing, MI

#71859 Apr 15, 2011
Today is three years as a non-smoker! I could not have done it without the support of the friends on this thread, the help of chantix, and a huge pile of bullheadness. After 20 years as a smoker I'm no smoke free!

I have been quit for 3 Years, 10 hours, 17 minutes and 43 seconds (1,095 days). I have saved $5,076.88 by not smoking 16,431 cigarettes. I have saved 3 Months, 6 hours and 48 minutes of my life. My Quit Date: 4/14/2008 9:45 PM

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#71860 Apr 15, 2011
Hey all, this is my first time posting.. I am 22 and decided that I need to quit now instead of making up more excuses. I have been on Chantix for the past week and today is my QUIT DAY! I am very excited but nervous also. I know I can make it through today and even the next few days.. I am just so nervous that I will eventually start smoking again. Very strong feelings of self doubt i guess.. It just makes it so much more clear how smoking controls my life.. any words of advice to new quitters? What helped all of you quit and stay quit??

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#71861 Apr 18, 2011
Laura.you can do it. If I did, anyone can.

the Chantix works so stay strong and come back and read these posts often. It really helps.

Good luck and keep us posted..

Since January 29, 2011: 78 days smoke free, 1816 cigarettes down,$794.51 and 7d 13h 36m saved!

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