Burning sensation of skin -Chantix?
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#64 Apr 5, 2012
2 time ouiting with Chantix. First time around everything was going good quit smoking after first week . 2 weeks later I blacked out while driving with my son in the car , rear ended a truck stopped at the light . Thankfully that's all in the past and after drug test and heart to heart with Judge no legal issues arose now 2 years later I agreed to quit smoking while I undergo Shoulder Sugery and not doing any risky . I am on my fifth week and smoke free. A couple of days ago I woke up with a unxplainable soar on my face it's painfull and almost looks like I got burned, now it's a reddish pink and skin not healimg and now I'm ichy and thinking more blister are going to appear . Guess I have to stop taking chantix yet again fo have to stop until my Dr. Apt

United States

#65 Apr 5, 2012
oh both problems are protected from lawsuits untli fda pulls it. I will say it works if you need to quit smoking but man it can damage your life without fail. Skin problem can be SJS and is fatal
Miss Brown

United States

#66 Jul 14, 2012
MissMuffet wrote:
<quoted text>
You are upset because you got a rash along with a successful quit? Lord almighty! What a whiner! And your doctor did not say that - if s/he did actually say that then run, don't walk, to a different doc right away - that one is retarded.
Have you ever heard of Stevens Johnson Syndrome. If you did you realize you can die from this rash.
So stop being so stupid.
David DiEnno

Franklinville, NJ

#67 Oct 18, 2012
I took chantix and experienced a systemic rash all over my body. It was terrible. I developed allergies to penicillin and gluten. I never had any allergies to anything before. It had been 2 years and the rash subsided, but the food and penicillin allergies continue. I have an identical twin whom does not have any allergies. The chantix changed me. I am also vey sensitive to fragrances and colognes. I am smoke free, but I don't know if the trade off was worth it.
Virginia Lee

Petersburg, VA

#68 Oct 19, 2012
David DiEnno wrote:
I took chantix and experienced a systemic rash all over my body. It was terrible. I developed allergies to penicillin and gluten. I never had any allergies to anything before. It had been 2 years and the rash subsided, but the food and penicillin allergies continue. I have an identical twin whom does not have any allergies. The chantix changed me. I am also vey sensitive to fragrances and colognes. I am smoke free, but I don't know if the trade off was worth it.

You DO know ... it is not you but chantix which resulted in the difference. HOW is still in question until the first SJS case comes to court and that could still be YEARS. The first SUICIDE case was settled . I guess that means chantix had an EXPECTED s/e of suicide ... allegric reactions are a new deal, after all you had nicotine and that did NOT cause your reaction!

Brookhaven, PA

#69 Oct 30, 2012
I started chantix in 2007, I was staying in a hotel room while training for a new job... It was a warm September and I associated my itching with a gnat problem. My upper arms were affected n I still suffer from scarring n pigmentation changes as well as recurrences of patchy hives in the same areas as well as my center back. In 2012 my doc associated it with a skin allergy perhaps from laundry detergent, i changed my detergent to hypoallergenic with no success. After seeing so many chantix commercials it finally clicked that this all started when I began chantix - I did find the drug effective temporarily and it affected my mood in a positive way; however, I now have to deal with the ongoing insecurities of wearing sleeveless shirts. All I can recommend for temporary inexpensive relief is cortisone 10 topical cream or lotion which is sold OTC; also, CVS baby lotion (not oil) has helped me make it thru the nite without waking up to scratch!! Good luck to all of u! The e-cig is a good replacement if u don't like raw veggies or risky drugs...

Brookhaven, PA

#70 Oct 30, 2012
To David dienno, I agree w Virginia lee; u know urself better than anyone! its frustrating that the manufacturer could not be more descriptive with the long lasting side effects of this drug; I'm unaware of any post market studies on this drug but hopefully they have or will occur for public safety). I too am an identical twin and my sister has no symptoms or skin issues as I do now. I still get frequent breakouts though n sometimes scratch til i break the skin, its an awful! Hang in there!! I'm glad ur smoke free (keep going)!

Palm Springs, CA

#71 Nov 16, 2012
I used Chantix a couple years ago and while I smoked about 2/3 cigarettes a day, I wanted to quit completely. I had success with Chantix after 2 months and had no side effects. I had quit completely. After moving 6 mths ago and added stress, I started smoking again but gradually. Just one or two a day and thought, it's not bad and probably won't hurt. Over the past few months I gradually got up to 5 or 6 a day and decided that's it, I want to completely quit again. So I called the Doc for a perscription and was written one. Within a few days of starting the Chantix I started itching, especially my thighs and backs, but generally everywhere. The last two days I have broke out with a rash all across my abdomen, down the front of my thighs, and on the right side of my back. It was hard for me to imagine getting the rash from Chantix as I didn't have an reaction before, but have a doctors appointment in a few hours. I watch after taking the medication and DO believe it is the Chantix as approxiamtely 30-40 minutes after taking the medication the rash gets pronounced, redder and the itching is more constant. Damn. It had worked so well for me before. I am hoping I can do this (quit) on my own. I suppose it's will, like anything else. Hopes this helps as the other comments read here helped me. best to you all....

Piedmont, SC

#72 Jan 13, 2013
I have been taking chantix for a few weeks now and now have skin problems on my chest, shoulders and back. It itches and drives me crazy. Just about ready to take myself off of this stuff as I haven't smoked in a week or so.

Niles, MI

#73 Jan 16, 2013
I took Chantix for 4 weeks, and have been succesfully quit for 6+ months. However, I developed a first ever rash on the palms of my hands, and some on my fingers. THought it was a fungus, but fungal treatments have not worked for it. Now have a derm appt to reassess the situation. It started as a few small itchy blister like eruptions, and is now considered chronic, as I have been battling it for over 3 months now. And I now have a few small blisters on my left hand. The only thing that was different was the Chantix. Has to be a side effect of the Chantix? It's very very frustrating. Thanks for sharing your story. Gives me hope as to a cause.....
Peter wrote:
I took chantix last year, and quit for about two months. I was so relieved that there were no side effects other than the nausea. I then got a rash on my hands and feet, both top and bottom. I actually noticed the rash on my hands in a conference room full of co-workers. Needless to say, when I finally got to the doctor, he prescribed prednisone, and said that I was probably as irritated internally as the external rash. I think the drugs intended outcome was amazing, in that I quit in only the first three days, but I find it deeply disturbing that the FDA would let this stuff on the market. When this happened, there were very few other blogs talking specifically about Chantix related rashes (one year ago) but I am noticing more this year.

Monroe Township, NJ

#74 Jul 1, 2013
Tracy- Im in the exact same situation, only took chantix for 3 weeks and had to stop taking it because severe rash and itching. It's been over a month and it seams like it's getting worse. Please let me know if this Is something your still dealing with or if it dissipated. I've been to several dr's and have been prescribed Predisone, which gives minimal relief. Suffering severely with this Rash daily.
Tracy wrote:
I started Chantix last July and quit smoking on the 19th of July. I continued taking the chantix until mid October. I broke my ankle and had developed a rash around the injury. It then covered my legs, arms, back, hands, feet, buttocks and scalp. I was given a shot of prednisone and a 10 day oral dose. The rash went away while on the prednisone, but soon after the dose was complete, the rash reoccurred. I was again given a 10 day oral dose of prednisone and would only get relief while on the prednisone. I was referred to a dermatologist who did a biopsy and said it was eczyma. I am 44 years old and have never had eczema even as a child. I continue to struggle with the rash which stays somewhat constant without steroids. This is six months later and I have not taken chantix again, but feel it played a part in what I now go through. I believe quitting smoking is very important, but I am now struggling daily with the side effects the chantix left behind.

Diamond Bar, CA

#75 Sep 20, 2013
I was very concerned about the psychological side effects of chantix and was encouraged when I only experienced vivid (not scary) dreams, mild nausea, sleepiness then sleeplessness. The desire to smoke has deminshed drastically and for the first time in my life I am confident I will be a non smoker. Last night everything changed. My skin felt like it was crawling and I was literally up til 4am with severe itching. This morning in am noticing hives in the areas that I am itching. I am very discouraged that I will have to stop this medication as it took my cravings for cigarettes away.

Mason, MI

#76 Oct 3, 2013
I took chantix for three weeks and i got a rash. my shins and forearms are covered in it. I have hives on my abdomen and waist. I am diabetic so I cant take steroid creams. I am very concerned that sores will occur and will not heal. People should be posting pictures so we can compare. This is torture!!!!!

Hayward, CA

#77 Sep 25, 2014
Lynne wrote:
I just took my first "Day One" Chantix pill. About 10 minutes later, I developed a rash on my forarms and a small blister inside my lower lip. I called my Doctor, and he has yet to get back to me (5 hours later...), but needless to say, I will not be taking anymore Chantix. At least I experienced ill side effects after 1 pill, not after 3 months of taking it. I have had 2 friends that were successful in quiting (for like 3 months)on Chantix, and they said the only side effect they had was bad dreams. So I guess, it's going to be hypnosis and the patch for me to quit again...then I SWEAR TO GOD I WILL NEVER, EVER, EVER, SAY, "I'LL JUST HAVE ONE"!!!!
Omg. I've been doing alot if research lately because of my trash. And found out that chantix can cause Steven Johnson syndrome and (tens) syndrome. I seen images of this and about crumbled.... Omg.... I'm glad you stopped taking it.. I can't get the images out of my head.. good luck and god bless all of you....

Hayward, CA

#78 Sep 25, 2014
Miss Brown wrote:
<quoted text>
Have you ever heard of Stevens Johnson Syndrome. If you did you realize you can die from this rash.
So stop being so stupid.
Miss muffin. You have no clue!!!! You are in the wrong forum if your going to call people whiners and such... Be polite. Have some compassion..

Erwin, NC

#79 Jan 6, 2015
OH MY GOSH...same thing happened to me. I was on Chantix for less than a week...went 'off the deep end' one day. Realized that part of the side affect was NOT worth it. Quit Chantix. Few weeks later got a horrible horrible rash. Back of my neck was literally covered in the rash. Legs, groin, stomach, bra line, inside elbows, wrists, underarms...almost everywhere. It didn't come on lightly...it just ALL appeared at once. I was itching until I bled. Called the Dr. and was referred to dermatologist. They took a 2" biopsy from my neck in the back. NOTHING showed as the cause. NOTHING. Was given a Rx for $100+ tube of cream for Scabies even though I knew it wasn't that. It took over a year to get rid of all the rash areas...yes...over a year. Most miserable time of my life. Unsure if this has anything to do with it now, but have also had constant belly bloat since taking the Chantix. I can drink 2 tbs of water and my belly bloats horribly. So, you can imagine how it bloats and how uncomfortable it is to eat a meal. I even had my gall bladder taken out 8 months ago and it still bloats. Talked to a young girl at the grocery store this morning. She said her uncle had gotten a rash from it and died. Found out he was burning from the inside outward. Not saying that to scare anyone or even know if it is completely true....but her description of his rash was the same as mine. THAT in itself is very scary.

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