Police Raid 10 Doctor's Offices In Wo...

Police Raid 10 Doctor's Offices In Worker's Comp Investigation | Ohio News Network (ONN)

There are 229 comments on the 10TV WBNS story from Mar 16, 2011, titled Police Raid 10 Doctor's Offices In Worker's Comp Investigation | Ohio News Network (ONN). In it, 10TV WBNS reports that:

The war against prescription drug abuse in Scioto County just got some needed help from state agencies that are tired of a pill problem plaguing Ohioans.

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Delaware, OH

#84 Mar 22, 2011
honest living wrote:
Crooked doctors and drug infested pillheads. That's all scioto county is any more
It really is pretty bad down here. When you have all of these people coming into these pill mills, primarily from 3 states: OH, WV, and KY. But most of them are from Ohio judging from all of the cars that were parked outside of the place. I've seen it with my own two eyes and I applaud Gov. Kasich for trying to do something about it, but there are a lot more places that also the help. These so-called pain pills are nothing more than legal addictive designer drugs that make big pharma rich and others miserable. Big Pharma can buy their way out of a jam, they always do. The doctors can't and the "patients" are only using the tools that Big Pharma gave them with the government's blessing.

United States

#85 Mar 22, 2011
I disagree ! When you go to any DR. they are going be cars on the lot DUH !!!!!! How can you tell what car was for what building its on a main street in Portsmouth . Your kind of Investigative opinion rates right there with BWC RATES RIGHT BELOW A SUCK !!!!!!!!!! WHERE IS THE PROOF ? If you have PUT UP OR SHUT UP !!!!!!!!!!

United States

#86 Mar 22, 2011
your own risk wrote:
Back to News
Updated: 5:53 PM Mar 21, 2011
UPDATE: Dr. Loses Certification After Office is Raided
State and local law enforcement officials raided two offices of Dr. James Lundeen, who is believed to be writing some of the highest number of prescriptions in the state
Posted: 5:53 PM Mar 21, 2011
Reporter: WSAZ News Staff, Sarah Sager
Email Address: [email protected], Sarah Sager
11pm: Reaction to Raid
Doctor's Office Raided
Story 40 Comments Font Size: UPDATE 3/21/11 @ 3:45 p.m.
PORTSMOUTH, Ohio (WSAZ)-- A doctor, whose Portsmouth office was raided last week, has lost his certification as a Bureau of Workers Compensation (BWC) provider in Ohio.
Melissa Vince with the BWC tells WSAZ.com that Dr. James Lundeen was de-certified as a BWC provider last Friday.
Vince says injured workers can continue to go to Lundeen if they choose, however, they will become responsible for their payments.
Dr. Lundeen has seven days from the de-certification to request a hearing.
In the meantime, the BWC's investigation continues and they are currently reviewing evidence.
This is how BWC handles someone who TRIES to HELP the INJURED WORKER .Wait until your told who to see in your insurance plan. I have looked at BWC CERTIFIED Dr. list and there some that worked or still work for BWC. How independent is that ?

United States

#87 Mar 22, 2011
What is REALLY going on concerning DR. LUNDEEN ? I HATE TO TELL YOU SO !!! BUT !!!!!!!!! Go to Fox NEWS8 CLEVELAND MIGHT shed a little light on the TRUTH !!!!!! YOU HAVE TO STAND FOR SOMETHING OR YOU FALL FOR ANYTHING !!!!!!!!!!

Chicago, IL

#88 Mar 22, 2011
SouthOHpillpopper wrote:
There are so many Billy-Bob-Henry-Jeds sucking off the system, popping pills, it's ridiculous! 4u6king get a job you moron hillbillies! Wish we could nuke places like Obetz, Chillicothe, Portsmouth, Gallipolis, just to get rid of all the WT! And you wonder why tornadoes hit trailer parks?! That's God hitting the "Smite" button, baby!

Gatlinburg, TN

#89 Mar 22, 2011
what about the 27 million that got stolen from medicare and nobody got charged with anything??????????

Morristown, TN

#90 Mar 22, 2011
Merica wrote:
It's all these people with their "back injuries," and "disc problems."
Nothing makes my day like: "I got two pinched nerves and three slipped discuss so I can't work ..."
I'm 71 years old with a disc problem, Without meds everyday is punishment. Would you like them to target me?

Morristown, TN

#91 Mar 22, 2011
justice wrote:
its sad when refugees live better than american tax paying citizens. wish i was a somalian refugee, id have it made
Did you see the story about Social Security in Puerto Rico. Talk about abuse!

Morristown, TN

#92 Mar 22, 2011
justice wrote:
doctors are in a catch 22 situation. if they dont give a patient what they want, they wont have any patients. its the drug companies that make the big bucks of perscripitions, let the feds go after them.our health is controlled by drug companies
Medicare partd, I pay $7.00 for a thiryt day supply. AND if you want waste:" I have to have an office visit every 30 days to get another months supply of my pain meds. So 'by law' I cost Medicare an office visit once a month just to have my script renewed.

Since: Mar 11

Bellefontaine, OH

#93 Mar 22, 2011
rick h wrote:
"We're targeting with every resource that we have," DeWine said. "If we can't get them one way, we'll get them another way."
kinda scary in that DeWine doesn't specify that the ways will be legal and or ethical.
Would you expect anymore from a first class jack-arse? He is mostly why this doctor is going through all of this BS. DeWine got his feelings hurt and now the true arse is coming out seeking revenge. These next few years are going to be true hell
for the working man and woman in the state of OHIO. I f you are lucky enough to make six figures you will love him and our new governor. Food for thought... next election you may want to use a write in ballot, and vote Dr. Lundeen as your next governor. I can promise two things. 1)He will be for the working man and woman in this State whether they are working or injured. 2)There will not be any trading off, like the ones in office today are doing. NO BUDDY SYSTEM!!!!!!!!

Since: Mar 11

Bellefontaine, OH

#94 Mar 22, 2011
Bad Cops wrote:
Thoroughman and Chief Horner went to the pain clinics and shook them down for protection money.
Wonder if that will ever be investigated?
Ain't Portsmouth great. Everyone wants to run their mouth on addicts, how about the Chief of Police right there helping the pain clinics? No one thinks that is wrong?
Yes, addicts are bad, crooked cops are too.
Sounds like a pretty strong accusation to me and I can see this doctor bowing down to it.
Oh Really

United States

#95 Mar 22, 2011
Oh Really called us hilljacks. Hilljacks is out, Oh really. We uns is now pillbillies. Just keeping you up with the times. Sorry if sum of the words is spelt rite.
neal baker

Van Wert, OH

#96 Mar 22, 2011
Well, are you spoiled State and Government employee's happy now? When you need something for your pain I bet you get it pretty easy? I'm an injured worker and I have many disc in my lower and in the middle of my back that cause's much pain, do you know what pain is? I've been on one type of pain medicine for 3 year's now and the S**T don't work any more. My Doctor you know the guy you have scared S**T**SS tells me I know your in pain but, just stay home and take it. I sit on the couch leaning side way's to help easy the pain but, it's sad how there's relief of pain out there but, not allowed to have it. Now, remember how you spoiled brat's stoled, what was it 50 million dollar's from workers' compensation ( BWC ) injured workers people? I don't think you forgot but, now you want to take it out on us, the disability injured people that can't work. How freak-en sad. On March 17, 2010 I had a hearing at the Industrial Commission ( BWC ) in Portsmouth, Oh. The IC realized I caught them and my Attorney lying to me and I was going to get my compensation stated again. And, this really pissed them off so, they came up with an idea. But, it didn't work, they tried to kill me and several other people in the hearing room that day. But, I got my compensation money started again not with the help of my workers comp Attorney but, I attended College and was able to read and understand the Rule's and the Administration code's etc. The IC, BWC employee's kept asking whom was telling me or helping me with my case? I told them I'm educated and I know how to read.lol All because you people in-charge of BWC stoled the money for injured workers' and now your lying, coning, stealing and Murdering disability people. HOW SICK YOU GREEDY RICH PEOPLE ARE. That is why I record and monitor all phone call's from you people now. Have a good day.
Darn Dem Darkiees


#97 Mar 22, 2011
and MOST OF THE FRAUD brought to us by PROUD UNION MEMBERS, mostly UAW
neal baker

Van Wert, OH

#98 Mar 22, 2011
your own risk wrote:
Vince says injured workers can continue to go to Lundeen if they choose, however, they will
become responsible for their payments
BWC and the IC is making people pay for a lot of the bill's. Injured worker's don't know about until the injured worker sign's an agreement and spends the lum sum and then the injured worker get's the bill's so be very careful because the IC and BWC are lier's, theive's, con-artist and murder's and I'm not kidding. I'm the guy that sat through a hearing at the Industrial Commission in Portsmouth, Ohio on March 17, 2010 with a gun next to my head. But, the gun was pointing at Mr. Jones the Attorney for the employer and he is also the city Solicitior for Portsmouth. The IC Guard walked into the hearing room while my Attorney KURT L. NIEMEYER was reading a document. The guard walked into the room and as he was closing the door he yelled out loud " Are you F**k**g with me" and pulled his gun and pointed it directly in the middle of Mr. Jones chest. I never heard a man make those kinda sound's but, when you have a gun pointing at your chest for 5 minute's and not knowing if he'll pull the trigger. it can get scary? After about five minute's the guard stood up and put away his gun and opened the door and walked out as if nothing happen. I was never interviewed by any Law enforcement. But, you know, all the million's bwc stoled from injured people this is their way of getting it back, take it from disable men and women. sick people.
neal baker

Van Wert, OH

#99 Mar 22, 2011
Oh Really wrote:
Oh Really called us hilljacks. Hilljacks is out, Oh really. We uns is now pillbillies. Just keeping you up with the times. Sorry if sum of the words is spelt rite.
I worked for a State agency in Piketon, Ohio and Roger Patton called us dumb hillbilly's and Eddie Kitts whom is a native of Pike county didn't say about it. I'm from California and believe me, I wouldn't let some thing like that go by. I've been trying to get justice for a year now but, I won't give up.
neal baker

Van Wert, OH

#100 Mar 22, 2011
FBI wrote:
Nothing will happen until we all get together and tell them we are hurt people.

Chillicothe, OH

#101 Mar 22, 2011
"If it were true?" I think I know better than you do that it is true. He abuses the system. He sells some of his pills - if he is in so much "pain" why would he do that? He gets SSI for depression and then spends his money on King Cobras, while he lives rent free, gets food stamps (that he sells), help with utilities, gas vouchers for his trips to Columbus and probably even more that I don't know about. If my mother was abusing the system, I would say the same thing. That is what is wrong with our system - no one wants to say anything. Well, I did. Problem is, no one wants to do anything about it.
justme wrote:
<quoted text>
Why would you say something negative on here about your own brother? My God, even if it were true, why would you paint him in a bad light? What kind of "family" do you have? I would keep that **** to yourself! I don't know you, but thank God you aren't in MY family!

Thornville, OH

#102 Mar 22, 2011
ze SHE-ZIT sez doctor iz bungholz

United States

#103 Mar 22, 2011
Dr. Lundeen is a good Doctor. Been seeing him for almost 9 years. I was referred to him by my MCO back then. I get up and go to work everyday and get paid by an employer not bwc. If it was not for the medication I receive which is not a high dose of anything like everyone says I could not do it. I guess I will just go back to drawing money from the state. I think the way this was handled sucks. We are left wondering what to do and no one from bwc can tell you anything besides.. wow there really is no bwc doctors in Scioto County. So I wonder why his prescribing #'s were high than other peers. Duh. If anyone knows what we as a patient are suppose to do yet.. reply to this please.

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