Sutherland Global Services Faces Clas...

Sutherland Global Services Faces Class Action Lawsuit

There are 314 comments on the story from May 29, 2007, titled Sutherland Global Services Faces Class Action Lawsuit. In it, reports that:

Sutherland Global Services, formerly known as The Sutherland Group is facing a collective action (known as a class action) lawsuit for not paying their employees overtime and/or commissions.

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Windsor, Canada

#302 Nov 22, 2011
ssg ssm wrote:
I work at sutherland in ssm .. the people are awesome and so are the managers.. I have received my bonuses over 1000 a mth.. Come join us and find out... I was thinking call centers were bad but I have to say Sutherland I enjoy working there and I have always been paid and they make it fun...
Haha you are totally brown nose employee or a maneger cause anyone normal working there will tell you otherwise. Im glad im no longer an sgs emplyee
Canadian Tech

Windsor, Canada

#304 Nov 24, 2011
windsor tech wrote:
early Saturday morning individuals hacked into the Aristotle servers at Sutherland Global Services. The system was down on Saturday and was reported down to the GSI team on Monday morning.
The GSI team at Sutherland out of India first reported all data on the servers was gone. An illegal entry into the system had taken place and basically the hackers had access to all data on these servers for a two day period before they wiped the servers clean.
The data on these servers includes:
• All Sutherland apprentice records
o Name, DOB, SIN, grades, addresses, phone numbers, email
• Work at home files
o WAH management claimed all of their data was intact (but was it copied)
• Employee information from the global training sessions recently mandated
o All US employees attended this training online (info needs further investigation)
GSI India conducted an investigation that concluded that the hackers may have been internal employees at Sutherland.
A cover up of the incident was enacted at the highest level as Sutherland executives did not want employees to find out their personal information was stolen by hackers.
I have seen managers fired including the HR manager and the program director when they tried to do the right thing. There are multiple emails internally which backup the incident taking place. Some of us have access to these.
i was wondering why my sgs email wouldn't allow on college courses says wasn't recognized.. this explains it. better not have to redo the courses and still be getting paid for doin them
Fred Mertz

United States

#305 Dec 11, 2011
I got hired not that long ago at Sutherland and am scheduled to attend my orientation very soon. Firstly, how long does orientation last? Secondly, if the things that you are all say are true about Sutherland, then I will not be staying long. I do not put up with shit, not even for money. If they think that they are going to treat me like garbage and have me stay because I need a job, then they're insane. I hadn't planned on staying long even before I read the things on this site, but now I am pretty confidant that I won't be staying long. That being said, I wanted to get some information from you all; specifically those who work or have worked out of the Syracuse, NY office. What do I have ahead of me for the orientation and training? I don't like walking into a situation that I know nothing about. I don't know if I will even be staying on past training after hearing these things about the company, but at the least I want to earn a few bucks and stay for training. But first, how bad is training? I will check back here to see if anybody replies, but also feel free to drop me an email at Thank you very much in advance for any information that you can provide me. I appreciate it!
Booo Sutherland

Gastonia, NC

#308 Feb 29, 2012
I currently am still working at Sutherland. I was told by my manager last year when I had my evaluation that I would get a 3.2% raise, which equalled abt .32 but, I only received half of that. I was then told that everyone in the company did not receive their full raise as they were incorporating a new appraisal system that everyone would get a raise at the same time regardless of when you started working for them. I was pissed off. That does not seem fair,especially when I have documentation showing that I was suppose to get the 3.2% raise. This company is a joke to work for. Run..I should have taken note when I first started here, we were getting emails like everyday of people dying that worked here, and I still get them. I am soooo outta here...

Barry's Bay, Canada

#309 Mar 27, 2012
Colette Guindon. you forget to mention that you were using work time to harass peeps through emails and such when you were warned by them to stop.How i know cause i one of the ones that told you to stop emailing me.
Too Sick Too Tired

Windsor, Canada

#310 Apr 18, 2012
Guess there will be no more issues on O/T lawsuits. Although still hiring at 50 people a pop, full time hours have been cut and people are being sent home between an hour to 6 hours into their shifts almost every single day. Of course with a few hours in, that $200 revenue per day goal will be impossible to hit. So now? You're at a minimum wage part time job without the benefit of having set hours so you can pick up a 2nd minimum wage part time job. Can't quit or you don't get EI. Can't get fired or you don't get EI. Is this what is meant by "slave wages"?
EX SGS Windsor

South Bend, IN

#311 Jun 1, 2012
If there is enough Windsor people to complain against Sutherland than maybe our voices will be heard. No use just complaining over the internet. I worked there went through hell and my husband still works there and they are HORRID. So tell me who's in?
ovr worked

Windsor, Canada

#316 Aug 21, 2012
there hasnt been a graducation sense they let lee go.
yes this is dog

Belle River, Canada

#318 Aug 27, 2012
Every time I hear call me baby, I think of my commission that they never pay me. “Before you came into my life, I missed you so bad.”
suth slave

Belle River, Canada

#319 Aug 27, 2012
I've been with the company for three years now. Each time I'm almost done with the apprenticeship courses, they tell me that I need to do it from scratch. Being the idiot that I am, I do it over and over. I get the booklet they always lose signed again and again. Why wouldn't they want me to finish the damn thing?
the dreamer

Alexandria, Egypt

#320 Aug 28, 2012
a BIG FACT about them that the try to get copulated with the girls and then they can take their commesions and overtime wages in secret between managers they made this with many girls working in more than one branch at esuthrhell did any one observed that!!!!??????
a BIG FACT about them that the try to get copulated with the girls and then they can take their commesions and overtime wages in secret between managers they made this with many girls working in more than one branch at esuthrhell did any one observed that!!!!??????
Aux Jump Hero

Amherstburg, Canada

#325 Aug 31, 2012
U-verse Sales Support wrote:
Spam email all day while I'm tryin to work. Apprenticesihp this n that. fuck them and there scam. I was told I can't graduate until 4 years., like hell I'm gonna be there that long. I heard that if you were buddies with porter, he would make sure you got graduated provided you bought him a round of beef when you got the grant. he'll even make gagnon do the courses for you.

"Beef?" I'm sure you meant either beer or reef. Porter and his merry men like both.
Aux Jump Hero

Windsor, Canada

#331 Sep 5, 2012
God I hate this company. I've had to listen to porter talk shit about all his underlings. If they're too smart or work too hard, they automatically may not be promoted. IF they quit after two years of being passed over, Porter goes, "Well I hate wasting my time on quitters. All they had to do was wait another month and they would have gotten what they earned." It's always another month. Never now. The workforce which values "networking" and "sucking up" over actual hard work and intelligence. When was the last time Porter and His Merry Men; Omar, Dan, Mike; actually do something for the company? I mean sure they keep the numbers up, but so does a random rock can be attributed as keeping tigers away. Maybe it's because of the work that the underlings do. Honestly, there would be no impact to metrics if Porter and his merry men were to disappear for a week. But if 2 supervisors or 2 coaches were to disappear without notice, the metrics would certainly feel it.
Canadian Tech

Windsor, Canada

#352 Oct 17, 2012
done the courses got my 2K only took 1.5 years for the first stage.. may do 2nd level.. but need 1.5 years worth hours for that too now

Konin, Poland

#356 Nov 7, 2012
So how did the story end? Did this company pay its debt to the employees? Have people who were fired for being sick received compensations? I would be obliged for the info.

For future reference, if any of you encounter similar problems, remember that there are sites where you can get help and fight for your rights. One of them is, for example,
My previous employer fired me because I had a pretty long period of health problems. Fortunately, I was able to get my compensation in the court.

Batavia, NY

#357 Dec 16, 2012
Sutherland is greedy and corrupt and needs to be held accountable for employee harassment and stealing vacation time. No paid time and a half for working holidays and rejects "floating holidays" when its deserved. Human Resources are totally a joke never them seriously or bother to complain. The managers get away with outright bullying behavior your constantly threatened and made to feel like your disposable. This organization is a terrible place to work and will consume your life and rob out of valuable family time. The workplace is stressful and miserable. It does not respect its people. Sutherland is a perpetrator on the local community that somehow manages to continue doing business and expert on covering up it's wrongdoings. I encourage anyone who is abused by this shady organization to speak up about its questionable wrongdoings before they continue getting away with it.
Heywood Jablowme

Brockport, NY

#358 Dec 16, 2012
ssg ssm wrote:
I work at sutherland in ssm .. the people are awesome and so are the managers.. I have received my bonuses over 1000 a mth.. Come join us and find out... I was thinking call centers were bad but I have to say Sutherland I enjoy working there and I have always been paid and they make it fun...
Enjoy your bonuses, as they will be closing SSM very soon.

Lawrence, MA

#360 May 9, 2013
i hate this company i am,fighting them now for my benefits the managers are unprofessional,disrespectful i took leave of absence after vacation due to family issues wanted to come back a week later was denied spoke to hr for reason no.answer called everyday for two months still no answer than they fired me and im also expecting my first baby soon

Virginia Beach, VA

#361 Jun 6, 2013
Out on LTD (employee paid) worked for sgs for 7 years; making them a ton of money; diagnosed with kidney cancer; left kidney removed; ueter; and part of bladder; benefits department called me on May 3rd and fired me due to being out on long term disability for six months! I cannot believe companies are allowed to do this. Paying 150.00 a month form my health insurance and benefits to keep up; hardship in itself; to add salt to the wound; fired lost health, life and all benefits. oh I can continue health at paying 150% of the premium.....where does this math come into play. I do not recommend Sutherland Global Services to anyone, anywhere.

Virginia Beach, VA

#362 Jun 6, 2013
Not only do they not pay o/t or incentives promised. They fire people who are out on ltd after 6 mos. recovering from cancer. Work for them/and I mean work.....your a off; make em lots o money; then use ltd for a serious illness and expect to be fired. They could not care any less about their employees if they tried. The management team treats the employess like they are slaves; and follow them around on breaks; then ask you what you were talking to another empoyee about?????????

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