Sutherland Global Services Faces Clas...

Sutherland Global Services Faces Class Action Lawsuit

There are 314 comments on the story from May 29, 2007, titled Sutherland Global Services Faces Class Action Lawsuit. In it, reports that:

Sutherland Global Services, formerly known as The Sutherland Group is facing a collective action (known as a class action) lawsuit for not paying their employees overtime and/or commissions.

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ssg ssm

Sault Sainte Marie, Canada

#281 Jun 23, 2011
I work at sutherland in ssm .. the people are awesome and so are the managers.. I have received my bonuses over 1000 a mth.. Come join us and find out... I was thinking call centers were bad but I have to say Sutherland I enjoy working there and I have always been paid and they make it fun...


#282 Jul 5, 2011
Pay was not the best-- but with this company--- one the last working day of every month- I get my pay come what may!...

Moreover i can rest assured that I will have my job even if the account i work for sinks-- that is unless i screw up things which i won't- i guess

for freshers its a good company to learn the ropes gain some real tough exp.....

if you can survive here for over an year you can excel and excel anywhere.. its tough and challenging and yes rewarding on a longer run.. read LONGER run!!!!

Delhi, India

#283 Jul 28, 2011
I have a experience of almost 5yrs in BPO..Being a undergraduate my previous organisation could not promote me to the next level...I went for an interview in Sutherland ...I got rejected in the final round... I m not upset about failing in the final round however the interviewer did insult me... he got too personnel he asked why didn't u get promoted so far...& i replied sometimes its important to be in right place at right time...he called me a loser...well I thought he is testing my patience but later after leaving that place I realised he was bullshitting... I don't understand how can someone make such nasty statement ... do they think the r GOD
the truth

Fairport, NY

#284 Sep 4, 2011
Attention: Canada Revenue Agency
I have recently received information about Sutherland Global Services and how they are very seriously involved with defrauding the Canadian and US taxpayer.
Corporate Tax returns 2003 to 2010 The fraudulent tax refund value is approximately $547,000. Past years tax refund is stated at $7 million plus dollars. There are past years refunds that were processed based on a system that is not credible. The program, data base, payroll, records are all administered overseas. There are serious Canadian privacy issues here. At a minimum all employees should be notified to review their credit records for signs of identity theft.
HST / GST Evidence exists that imply that a US corporation need not collect, pay or release these payments.

Albany, NY

#285 Sep 7, 2011
ssg ssm wrote:
I work at sutherland in ssm .. the people are awesome and so are the managers.. I have received my bonuses over 1000 a mth.. Come join us and find out... I was thinking call centers were bad but I have to say Sutherland I enjoy working there and I have always been paid and they make it fun...
You sir/ma'am sre a troll.

Baltimore, MD

#286 Sep 8, 2011
From Suth Philippines wrote:
I guess that's why they call it Sutherland GLOBAL...?
Sorryland Global, they are the worse!

Columbus, GA

#287 Sep 14, 2011
I am still working with Suth and no one will give me information about this lawsuit case. not the lawyer oh and not even suth. I stated today, why wont sutherland at least address the employees concerns. I dont know about that and I cant say anything. I mean wtf...AND INDIA, SHUT THE HECK UP. YOUR IN INDIA AND PROLLY USE TO GETTING SCREWED AND DONT HAVE THE LUXARY OF KNOWING IT. There is suppose to be a hearing Oct 18/19. Do I opt in and risk being done any which way b/c that agreement states i can sue them again. I dont know what to do. Can anyone give me some advise please so I dont do the wrong thing. I live in Alabama and work the uverse program. been doing this for 3yrs now. its pretty bad when no one will call you back, not even the attorneys assigned to lawsuit and im considered a class member for Sherill vs sutherland lawsuit..

Columbus, GA

#288 Sep 14, 2011
I remember when this happened and they sure didnt tell us our info was taken. I remember them sending out emails saying to update our records but didnt say why. I cant get anyone to call me back regarding the lawsuit and im considered a class member. How can i opt in or out if I dont know anything about it.
windsor tech wrote:
early Saturday morning individuals hacked into the Aristotle servers at Sutherland Global Services. The system was down on Saturday and was reported down to the GSI team on Monday morning.
The GSI team at Sutherland out of India first reported all data on the servers was gone. An illegal entry into the system had taken place and basically the hackers had access to all data on these servers for a two day period before they wiped the servers clean.
The data on these servers includes:
• All Sutherland apprentice records
o Name, DOB, SIN, grades, addresses, phone numbers, email
• Work at home files
o WAH management claimed all of their data was intact (but was it copied)
• Employee information from the global training sessions recently mandated
o All US employees attended this training online (info needs further investigation)
GSI India conducted an investigation that concluded that the hackers may have been internal employees at Sutherland.
A cover up of the incident was enacted at the highest level as Sutherland executives did not want employees to find out their personal information was stolen by hackers.
I have seen managers fired including the HR manager and the program director when they tried to do the right thing. There are multiple emails internally which backup the incident taking place. Some of us have access to these.

Columbus, GA

#289 Sep 14, 2011
haha...this is great. I am T1 Tech associate as well and i say this to them all the time. I am the only employee with the program with the least amount of sales....why? b/c if I wanted to sale, I would be in sales. I TS and wont sale shit. they can kiss my ass but I have 'utilized' my time else where so i said you know what. Keep on w/your ridicolous demands cause im ganna keep on with my sorry work. ACW should not exceed 1 min now. haha. keep sending your side chats with Get out of ACW blah blah. For that, i will stay another 2mins in aux6 lmao
Exploited Worker wrote:
Sutherland Global has NOT changed its business practices.
I have found information that the lawsuit is still underway, Cube Dweller.(can't verify tho) You should try another search.
The program that I am currently under is a tech support position, but lo and behold! Sutherland is now asking us to upsell services from the tech side, thus depriving sales agents the opportunity for commission earnings. We, of course, are being told a commission plan is "in the works."
Excuse me if I don't hold my breath.
I don't do any work unless I'm logged in Kronos--all employees should do the same.

Columbus, GA

#290 Sep 14, 2011
Hate to tell you low tech dumbass!!! But I am very well educated, self-motivated, happy, dedicated, and independant godly simple woman. I have lost everything before but the clothes on my back from a house fire. I lost the man I loved and all my cats. That is devastation. I am probably the most loving and appreciated person you can met. Trust me. When I got my lawsuit papers last week, I had no idea what kind of company I worked for. I honestly thought that it wasnt suth's fault. And that if Suth didnt make a change NOW, that they were ganna be shutdown within the year. hah, i was wrong. Looks like they will keep on truckin. I thought it was all management and it looks like its all across the board in other countries. I am back in school, getting my 2nd degree in Business Management with concentration in Human Resources. I can tell you that just from my 2nd semester, that suth is the f'ing idiot. A company can become so much more and generate more revenue, if thier employees are happy. And im talking about the ones that are, what they call 'low end of the totem pole'. Those are the ones who really make the company money yet they are the ones who make the less. To be successful in HR, i must have the intrest of the organization and employees at all times. I dream big but I will one day, HR manager of a global, international corporation. The only difference is. The one I am employed with, will be able to squash you and suth down because good will always over-power evil. I will make things possible for employees. I am f'ing miserable at suth and do you know alot of production time is lost b/c of ppl w/that feeling. hah...I bet I would be the best agent, if i wanted to be. I choose not to be. I will not bust my a for any company that only sees dollar signs. Happy employees that believe in what they do, wont mind work. They will love it. But I must say, sutherland is the reason I went back to school b/c there is no opportunity for advancement and I dont make enough for this crap. I am way to good for that. So thank you for reving my drive because if your still around when I get that nice job, I will make sure to shut u down. some way, some how n then i will wink and take a bow. cause you created me to this point.
Hate to tell you, your the uneducated one pal. Check your punctuation down below ;) Idiots - they make laugh. I'll pray for you and may god bless you. hah
lowtech wrote:
You guys are so ungreatful, Especially in windsor.. Be happy you have a job. Look at your relatives & friends. They are constantly losing there jobs at GM, Ford,Chrysler and 3rd party companys that are related to such. Your all undeducated that are trying to bring in a Union personally I think your all useless and until you guys starve you wont understand the value of a job and trust me sutherlands done alote for me I drive a 2007 Bmw 335i Convertiable because of this place. Get real do a good job and grow in the company till then continue driving your busted american cars and flipping burgers..
Good Job Guys just raise hell and fuck up jobs for people who APPERCIAT their jobs. YOU UNEDUCATED FUCKS!

Citrus Heights, CA

#291 Sep 14, 2011
I used to work there after 60 days they cut my pay by $20 per week plus commissions for 2.5 years. I also never got the proper percentage of my cut either. They reap what they sow

Citrus Heights, CA

#292 Sep 14, 2011
I meant $200 per week, can you believe it?


#293 Sep 15, 2011
I worked there several years ago. The position applied for was "Customer Service". However , in the training , it was clear that it was as a sales position. During the first 2 weeks going live , no calls came to my phone on 3 seperate days. Alerted the manager and was told "it can happen" (right - especially when everyone else is getting calls). The first time commissions were paid , I had 10 sales , but "they could only find 3" and was paid $25 (all were in the system and paper copies were in my desk). The next month , I had 26 sales and was paid $20 because I had missed a day due to illness (that was not in the handbook), yet a friend who had 34 sales got $140.

Per the web site , we need to contact the claims administrator regarding the case. Did so and was told the forms were sent out the 1st of the month. Nothing has been received here as of 9/14 , so they are sending out another. The deadline to get the forms back to them is 10/1/11 - not a whole lot of time!


#294 Sep 15, 2011
BTW , did anyone else here that signed on to the lawsuit get their forms yet?
Syr Sir

Ithaca, NY

#295 Sep 15, 2011
Jeff wrote:
BTW , did anyone else here that signed on to the lawsuit get their forms yet?
They're in circulation. Get it soon.


#296 Sep 16, 2011
The form came in the mail today. The envelope was postmarked 9/13 , not 9/1 like they said.
Sutherland ssm

Sault Sainte Marie, Canada

#297 Sep 27, 2011
I work at Sutherland ssm and the place is a joke hr thinks there policies over right Canadian labour law I laughed at them when they said that fuckin jokes these people r but in this economy they r the only ones hiring now. It's bullshit and as for buddy who says he is driving a BMW cuz of them whose dick did u suck to get promoted I ask u that question

Cypress, CA

#298 Sep 30, 2011
I worked in the San Diego Office call center on the att/yahoo program, it was the funnest most profitable, yet shadiest call center I ever worked in! made a nice little income signing up a record number of customers who I never even pitched, my fav. outline was " hello Mrs." " Oh sorry wrong number,..." but I dont hang up, I forward the call to my trustie "Verifier" who would run the pitch to nobody and 1 more sale made and another dsl/router packagge would asrrive at someone's doorstep as a total surprise, as well as instructions to set it up, who with dial-up, back then tried dsl and sent it back? almost none of em' I made out like God!!

Kingsport, TN

#299 Oct 10, 2011
I worked for the Sutherland Group as well, back in 2003, I left because we were not being paid our comission on services sold, to AT&T customers it just never occurred to me that it was happening all over it was this big, I was under impression thatit was only our branch, as my manader left and after I left our call center closes down!
an IT techs girlfriend

Windsor, Canada

#301 Nov 22, 2011
sutherland has done nothing but mad our lives hell for the last 2 years, they constantly threaten to fire him and think they are above the law!If there old as shit computers break down they accuse there workers of ox abuse and try to fire them! I'm disabled and not all of my medical costs are covered by disability and suterland makes him constantly afraid to lose his job even though he is one of there best agents. I hope suterland gets F'd in the A because they sure as hell deserve it!

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