Local: Visalia pastor sues son over '...

Local: Visalia pastor sues son over 'cyberbullying'

There are 1863 comments on the The Fresno Bee story from Oct 18, 2012, titled Local: Visalia pastor sues son over 'cyberbullying'. In it, The Fresno Bee reports that:

Visalia Calvary Church pastor, the Rev. Bob Grenier, and his wife, Gayle, have sued their estranged son, Alex Grenier, accusing him of defamation and cyberbullying.

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Modesto, CA

#1153 Jan 22, 2013
Oh! This is rich!
After this, top of the next page is yours, Alex!
Alex says
"...Guns are agnostic. They are inanimate objects.

Violent Video Games are mood altering, brain altering media…which is scientifically proven in numerous studies.

Apples and oranges MLD...."
Who says
Video games are agnostic. They are inanimate objects.
admit that holding a gun is a mood-altering, brain--altering activity. That is scientifically proven in numerous studies, Alex. Putting a gun into an environment increases the violent responses of those participants that see the gun.
Remember the "fair" experiment?
Anyone that would deny that holding a gun changes your mood has never held a gun before.

Modesto, CA

#1154 Jan 22, 2013
CalvaryChapelAbusedotcom wrote:
Who/Camp Bob, your world is convoluted, to the point of delusional.
You'll get a reality check soon, trust me on that one.
There is no shoe on my foot, other than the ones I lace up everyday...the other shoe is going to drop though.
More threats from you. You like the first amendment when it suits you, you threaten other people for expressing their opinion when it suits you.
You claim first amendment protection when defaming members of your family, and you censor contributions at your hatesite when they don't fall completely into line with the hate campaign narrative you've been selling.
Now you are lashing out at two different people at two different internet sites.
What? Is one hatesite not enough for you? It's never enough, Alex. It's never enough....
You'll probably do your best to make me suffer simply because you want someone to suffer.
Not very Christian of you, I might add...
Compromise my anonymity, and it will be so easy to sue you!

Modesto, CA

#1155 Jan 22, 2013
Who wrote:
And it appears that MLD at michaelnewnham.com has noted something very important about Alex.
MLD says
"...Alex, you are a riot. The ultimate “Guns don’t kill people, people kill people” Now sides with “violent games kill people”
LOL – rolling on the floor – you are Eddie Murphy funny..."
Who says
What APPEARS to be a glaring contradiction in Alex' thought is actually a manifestation of something much more sinister.
It is true that Alex is arguing that violent games kill people just hours after he argued that guns don't kill people, people kill people.
It's not that Alex is stupid.
If he thinks his personal capitalist interests will be better served by arguing one way, he'll do it.
If he finds that the next day his capitalist self interest will be better served by arguing another way, then he'll change.
Kind of reminds me a lot of Alex' hate campaign against his father.
If his father was abusive, it seems Alex would have done everything necessary to get Paul out of the home.
Yet he did nothing.
And now, years later, all of a sudden Bob is some evil spawn of Satan that tortures puppies in his spare time.
Why the delay, Alex?
If you did nothing to help Paul, I infer that Paul didn't need help,
in other words Bob was not abusive.
And now, after years of being out of the media game (which is sooo addicting, just ask Who!) your self-interest dictates that you want to see your name in lights again, and all of a sudden Bob is an abuser that must be blown out of the water, and this must be done by manipulating media vehicles, just like you used to do in the old days.
But then I guess that owning a pawnshop is probably professionally frustrating.
My name is Who.
Excellent points, MLD! Excellent points, Who!
CalvaryChapelAbu sedotcom

Caldwell, ID

#1156 Jan 22, 2013
Sue away. Knock yourself out.

More misinformation from you, typical. You have no shame.

response, empty box, below, you know the drill
Who is not the same

Burbank, CA

#1157 Jan 23, 2013
Did you move from Austin, TX to Stockton, CA? Or, are you a different member of the hate team?

Modesto, CA

#1158 Jan 23, 2013
My computer takes care of the location, and I don't pretend to know why or how. Why does it matter?
It is positions, not personalities, that matter, you amateur.
My name is Who.
CalvaryChapelAbu sedotcom

Caldwell, ID

#1159 Jan 23, 2013
It matters in one context, not so much in another. Connected to Camp Bob "matters" in a particular context.

No threats above or prior, you seem to misinterpret when it suits your agenda, almost on cue.

My name is CalvaryChapelAbusedotcom

use the box below provided by topix to post your response (as you say)
CalvaryChapelAbu sedotcom

Caldwell, ID

#1160 Jan 23, 2013
Terrible tragedy coming out of Albuquerque New Mexico.

Skip Heitzig's Calvary Chapel.

A CC pastor's kid goes postal and kills his family. Terrible.

The pastor/chaplain dad was a "former criminal" and "former gang-banger" and found Jesus etc and was saving the world, etc. Pretty familiar story from CC.

The kid goes postal, shoots the family.

I suspect there is more to the family than meets the eye, possibly abuse in that home that potentially led to this kid's issues, but I am speculating.

One of the family friends seemed to indicate in a publicly quoted response to the tragedy that the dad wasn't perfect and had some issues...which gives me pause to wonder what the real story is behind that tragedy.
CalvaryChapelAbu sedotcom

Caldwell, ID

#1161 Jan 23, 2013
Abuse in the home is dealt with differently by children.

Some go into a Stockholm Syndrome type denial and actually affirm and defend the Abuser (as does the wife often). This is a typical coping mechanism.

Some repeat the violent behavior of the Abuser toward others.

Some are able to Disassociate and Detach from the Abuse and suppress it for long periods of time, later dealing with the damage in adulthood.

Everyone processes it differently.

Some, unfortunately, commit suicide or have suicidal thoughts and end up in mental facilities (seen this in my family) yet revert to denial and Stockholm.

In very rare case, kids and women go postal, which is tragic. Not sure that's the case with the Calvary Chapel Albuquerque situation, but it's certainly possible from my experience in "church" and all I know about child abuse in the church.

Mental health is too much a "taboo" in churches like Calvary Chapel. Many of the Abusers in their ranks could have been helped by medical professionals to deal with their 'demons' and "temper problems" or whatever the recurring abusive acts are framed as. It's tragic, b/c their is help available that works. Appealing to mysticism does little to cure PTSD or other underlying mental health issues that manifest in the Abuse.

Hanford, CA

#1162 Jan 23, 2013
And some cry abuse to explain/justify to themselves and/or others why their life is not how they always wished, or why their life is no longer what it once was, when once was is preferable to what is.
I hear that owning and operating a pawnshop is professionally frustrating.
It also makes it difficult to maintain your moral center, as your livelihood requires you to take advantage of those less fortunate, and on a daily basis at that.
My name is STILL Who.
CalvaryChapelAbu sedotcom

Caldwell, ID

#1163 Jan 23, 2013
Ya, and many are telling the truth b/c it happened and happens all the time.

neener neener on the other stuff, you are a professional idiot, that's got to be frustrating LOL :-)
CalvaryChapelAbu sedotcom

Caldwell, ID

#1164 Jan 23, 2013
My name is

use the box
CalvaryChapelAbu sedotcom

Caldwell, ID

#1165 Jan 23, 2013
Well, just as i speculated when i said the initial story smelled funny and didn't seem right framed as a 'murder'...thought it was this. Very sad. She was a sweetheart.


Modesto, CA

#1166 Jan 23, 2013
But this story has absolutely nothing to do witht the topic of this topix.com thread.
So, to reiterate.
You are speculating about the tragic death of the sibling of one of your court victims, and you have absolutely no reason to do so, other than to see the name of your URL in the name box just one more time.
One more time is never enough, Alex. It's never enough.
I just happen to believe that your speculating about this on a thread that has nothing to do with her is beyond tacky. It's so bad I don;t think we have a word for it.
So, for lack of a better term let me express myself by saying that you are a disgusting piece of shit, and I'm not saying that just because you sell guns for a living.
My name is Who.
CalvaryChapelAbu sedotcom

Caldwell, ID

#1167 Jan 23, 2013
Who/Camp Bob said, "So, for lack of a better term let me express myself by saying that you are a disgusting piece of shit"

How nice of you. That's one of the nicest things you've ever speculated about me LOL

My name is

empty box below

you know the drillio
CalvaryChapelAbu sedotcom

Caldwell, ID

#1168 Jan 23, 2013
Btw, still typing on topix over here

how's that goal you stated of getting me to stop exercising my first amendment right on topix workin' out for ya? You making any progress? ;-)
CalvaryChapelAbu sedotcom

Caldwell, ID

#1169 Jan 23, 2013
you sure suck at neo-ludditing or whatever canard you call it LOL
CalvaryChapelAbu sedotcom

Caldwell, ID

#1170 Jan 23, 2013
WhoCampBobNeoLuddite said, "You are speculating about the tragic death..."

My hunch was correct: suicide.

I knew her, she was a nice person. Very sad. He wasn't a victim of anything, other than his own stupidity.

Modesto, CA

#1171 Jan 23, 2013
Since when is theorizing about the cause of death of someone you haven't spoken to in years (if you spoke to her at all) acceptable behaviour?
CalvaryChapelAbu sedotcom

Caldwell, ID

#1172 Jan 23, 2013
ask yourself the same question

then ask yourself this question:

Why does topix provide that empty box for you below?

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