Local: Visalia pastor sues son over 'cyberbullying'

Oct 18, 2012 Read more: The Fresno Bee 1,863

Visalia Calvary Church pastor, the Rev. Bob Grenier, and his wife, Gayle, have sued their estranged son, Alex Grenier, accusing him of defamation and cyberbullying.

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CalvaryChapelAbu sedotcom

Nampa, ID

#1133 Jan 20, 2013
the ongoing discussion we've been in and the game you are playing (and that I indulge you in sometimes in jest with counter-hyperbole and polemics) is one thing, but don't ever mistake the very serious nature of the allegations and the serious issues we are dealing with. Child abuse and church abuse etc in Institutions of trust and by positions of trust is of vital importance. Lives are negatively affected, kids are hurt and scarred for life. This stuff needs to be dealt with. Folks need to come forward and confront it and tell the truth about it and we as a society need to address it more seriously.

You can play all the games you want, it won't change the underlying seriousness of these issues and it won't deter me and others from speaking out.
CalvaryChapelAbu sedotcom

Nampa, ID

#1134 Jan 20, 2013
Boy, I can't get the other story out of my thoughts, read the stuff again about her. Doesn't add up that it would be what seemed to be insinuated in the newspaper article (though could be my misinterpretation), Just doesn't smell right once again no matter how many times I read it. Probably not a murder IMO, potentially self-inflicted, which was my first take based on my gut feeling after reading that stuff over and over. Very very sad, thoughts and prayers go out to the kids and family, sincerely. A reminder of how short a time we have in this existence and how each day is an opportunity to love on those close to you and hold them tight.

Manteca, CA

#1135 Jan 21, 2013
So now you are shamelessly speculating about someone's death, and this person is related to someone you sued.
You've no shame. No wonder you are getting sued.
CalvaryChapelAbu sedotcom

Nampa, ID

#1136 Jan 21, 2013
I knew her, it's very sad, she was a sweetheart.

I made a comment about it, you freaked out, I shared what was on my mind about the issue, it's troubling to me. I took him to small claims and dropped it, it's not as you are misrepresenting as usual, which is you "speculating about someone else" etc if you are truly a random troll with absolutely no connection to this situation (which is a canard...and you know I got the goods on that one).

You "speculate" all the time about the abuse that happened to me and my brothers and others. Why don't you take your own advice? Have you no shame?
CalvaryChapelAbu sedotcom

Nampa, ID

#1137 Jan 21, 2013
again, my name is CalvaryChapelAbusedotcom

leave your response in the box provided by topix below (as you say often)

your move (as you say)
CalvaryChapelAbu sedotcom

Nampa, ID

#1138 Jan 21, 2013
BTW, I'm still posting on topix and isn't it you that chirps that your goal was to silence me and get me stop posting on topix? How's that workin' out for ya?

Manteca, CA

#1139 Jan 21, 2013
you says
"...a random troll with absolutely no connection to this situation (which is a canard...and you know I got the goods on that one)..."
Who says
I have no connection to your hate campaign against your family other than how I discovered you posting on topix.com .
If you had never posted on topix.com , I would have no idea about you.
I read your thousands of posts here on topix.com , gave you the benefit of the doubt, and discovered after reading several other thousands of posts that you are a semi-experienced former media professional that has originated, is managing and is conducting a hate campaign against the only family that loved you enough to raise you.
My name is Who.
You are the one speculating in public about the tragic death of a sibling of one of your court victims.

Manteca, CA

#1140 Jan 21, 2013
As I've said in the past, my identity is irrelevant...in debate, it is positions, and not personalities, that govern the day.
If you had a better position, I'd have nothing to say.
The issue before the court is you defaming your family for no cause.
Perceived poor parenting does not a justification make.

Manteca, CA

#1141 Jan 21, 2013
you says
"...again, my name is .com..."
Who says
As you have stated publicly, your name is Alex Grenier. Why don't you type THAT in the name box instead of the URL for your hatesite?
Because you are taking advantage of topix.com 's superior coverage to spread your hate, lies and innuendo much further and wider than your wordpress blog is capable of.
You media whoring is so transparent.
CalvaryChapelAbu sedotcom

Meridian, ID

#1142 Jan 21, 2013
just cuz you say it, doesn't make it so (as you say often)

your connection to the situation is transparent and your speculating on the abuse of others is transparent as well and by your own definition you are hate campaigning and cyberbullying and defaming and you have no shame.

I've reported the truth as I experienced it and witnessed it and there is much corroboration and solid sources who I believe with regards to my claims and I'm part of a growing Movement as articulated by Marci Hamilton that includes all sorts of folks who have had enough with the cover ups and toleration of abuse and corruption in Institutions of Trust
CalvaryChapelAbu sedotcom

Meridian, ID

#1143 Jan 21, 2013
Why do you mock and speculate about child abuse and molestion issues? Do you have no shame?

My name is CalvaryChapelAbusedotcom, respond in the box provided by topix below and your move (as you say)

United States

#1144 Jan 21, 2013
you says
"...you are hate campaigning and cyberbullying and defaming and you have no shame..."
Who says
No. The facts don't fit. If I had accused you and your brothers of bullying me, started a website that stated the same, showed up at your pawnshop trying to bully you into meeting with me despite the fact that you had explicitely broken off all contact/ communication with me, and met with your pastor accusing you of all sorts of diverse criminal activity, then maybe you would have a point.
But sorry...that shoe is currently on your foot.
My name is Who.
CalvaryChapelAbu sedotcom

Nampa, ID

#1145 Jan 21, 2013
I disagree, those aren't the facts, those are "speculating" publicly, you have no shame.

My name is CalvaryChapelAbusedotcom

reply in the box provided by topix below

your move
WRA - abb

Victorville, CA

#1146 Jan 22, 2013

Manteca, CA

#1147 Jan 22, 2013
Perhaps that was too subtle for you. In other words,
If I accused you of bullying and abusing me (which you have accused your father of), and
If I started a website stating the same (which you have), and
If I showed up at your pawnshop unannounced and tried to bully my way into meeting with you (as your family has your father and mother at the church),
EVEN AFTER you had intentionally broken off all communication with me (as your family has you), and
If I had met with your pastor in Idaho accusing you of all types of criminal activity for which I have no proof (as you did by visiting w/ Smith),
Then maybe you would have a point.
But you don't.
The hate campaigning, cyberbullying and defamation shoe is currently on YOUR foot.
My name is Who.
Who is a piece of garbage

Helendale, CA

#1148 Jan 22, 2013
Just f_ck off already.

Manteca, CA

#1149 Jan 22, 2013
You ARE talking to Alex, aren't you?

Manteca, CA

#1150 Jan 22, 2013
And it appears that MLD at michaelnewnham.com has noted something very important about Alex.
MLD says
"...Alex, you are a riot. The ultimate “Guns don’t kill people, people kill people” Now sides with “violent games kill people”
LOL – rolling on the floor – you are Eddie Murphy funny..."
Who says
What APPEARS to be a glaring contradiction in Alex' thought is actually a manifestation of something much more sinister.
It is true that Alex is arguing that violent games kill people just hours after he argued that guns don't kill people, people kill people.
It's not that Alex is stupid.
If he thinks his personal capitalist interests will be better served by arguing one way, he'll do it.
If he finds that the next day his capitalist self interest will be better served by arguing another way, then he'll change.
Kind of reminds me a lot of Alex' hate campaign against his father.
If his father was abusive, it seems Alex would have done everything necessary to get Paul out of the home.
Yet he did nothing.
And now, years later, all of a sudden Bob is some evil spawn of Satan that tortures puppies in his spare time.
Why the delay, Alex?
If you did nothing to help Paul, I infer that Paul didn't need help,
in other words Bob was not abusive.
And now, after years of being out of the media game (which is sooo addicting, just ask Who!) your self-interest dictates that you want to see your name in lights again, and all of a sudden Bob is an abuser that must be blown out of the water, and this must be done by manipulating media vehicles, just like you used to do in the old days.
But then I guess that owning a pawnshop is probably professionally frustrating.
My name is Who.

Manteca, CA

#1151 Jan 22, 2013
Forgot the link to MLD's comment.
CalvaryChapelAbu sedotcom

Nampa, ID

#1152 Jan 22, 2013
Who/Camp Bob, your world is convoluted, to the point of delusional.

You'll get a reality check soon, trust me on that one.

There is no shoe on my foot, other than the ones I lace up everyday...the other shoe is going to drop though.

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