Secure Communities Could Be Detaining...

Secure Communities Could Be Detaining Legal Asian Americans in Travis County

There are 26 comments on the KUT-FM Austin story from Jul 8, 2014, titled Secure Communities Could Be Detaining Legal Asian Americans in Travis County. In it, KUT-FM Austin reports that:

Last month, the Austin City Council signed a resolution to opt out of Secure Communities , a partnership between Immigration and Customs Enforcement and law enforcement to detain, fingerprint and cross-reference the immigration status of people picked up for suspicion of certain crimes, with the goal of deporting "criminal aliens."

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cracka handling machi

Cerritos, CA

#25 Jul 25, 2014
lol!! poor cracka retard still can't accept the truth that cracka are monkeys in evaluating stage.

we are still wait on your "scientific article" and "evidence" on the cracka =/ monkey theory. show us some quotes and data analysis and such. but first I recommend you to pick up some basics on gene, chrome and cell types.

nothing? lol! I got something for you, sorry to crush your hopes and dreams, on evolution stage, cracka hippos have monkey genes, low IQ, bad hair and skin, naturally born with tons of animal disease is a direct indication ...

"Africa, Europe, and Asia had very different climates and geographies that called for different skills, resource usage, and lifestyles. Blacks evolved in a tropical climate which contrasted with the cooler one of Europe in which Whites evolved and even more so with the cold Arctic lands where Orientals evolved."
cracka handling machi

Cerritos, CA

#26 Jul 25, 2014
lol!! and this article tells you how cowardly the puny beer belly cracka monkeys are. They can't even do a thing when a negro shot down a cracka like a thrown away bottle in a state where crackas out number negro 1:100, and the negro is a happy freeman btw. lol!!

Everyone read the article. ...

cracka handling machine

Cerritos, CA

#28 Jul 28, 2014
loL! in case you are retarded, that scripted short flim is comedy material at best, and how many times you want repost the same irreverent link to show you are stupid?

The real plastic surgery stats keep you delusional monkeys in reality check loL!

A brunch east asian wanna be, hell even your own parents wish you aren't a lwoly born red face cracka hipp.loaded with AIDS

cracka and blacks all bear with monkey genes.

/thread just another flawless stomp
cracka handling machine

Cerritos, CA

#30 Jul 29, 2014
MUHAHAHAH!! I was waiting for this moment to slap your dumb cracky face. I know your post would back fire yourself like you did with every other retarded topic.

Above all else, according to your own basement theory 85% euro crackas are "rhesus monkeys" becuase they are RH positive? O_o lol! you are the kind dumbtard would select a part of the paragraph you didn't fully read and connect them to your fantasy and call it a day. no wonder your own people thought you were a negro monkey. So your new nicky name is rhesus cracky monkey? like that? lol!

"15% of Europeans are Rh Negative"

and let me tell you a secret that is not so secret (to any college grats), all human carry animal bloods, that's the ABO group system you failed to educate yourself. and compare to Rh blood group. ABO is a much more important factor, it determinate our disease, virus, healthy stats, our gene type and many more. and yet not only monkeys, but many animals share the same ABO blood group as human, meaning it's nearly 100% positive in both human and some animals .

why you think scientist always use lab rats to test human medicine and drugs? human and animals share the same blood group because human were evaluated from animals, but what made human superior to animal and the same reason why east asian superior to cracka in every regard is because our gene mutated from 20,000 years ago. Gene, DNA, Cell type, It is all but mother nature's selection and our ancestors migrant decision that need the call for better gene to survive in the new environment.

As a matter of fact, thats why East Asian are always beautiful, stronger, fitter, smarter and more resilient than cracka, as all genetic evidence has proven.

"Moreover, Mongoloid skulls are the most gracile in the human family. It is believed that the Mongoloid skull type is a very recent evolutionary development."

"[D]ecrease unnecessary muscle bulk, less tooth mass, thinner bones and smaller physical size;"[34] this follows the selective adaptive model of Mongoloid evolution.""[34] In Ashley Montagu's list of "[n]eotenous structural traits in which Mongoloids... differ from Caucasoids", Montagu lists "Larger brain, larger braincase, broader skull, broader face, flat roof of the nose, inner eye fold, more protuberant eyes, lack of brow ridges, greater delicacy of bones, shallow mandibular fossa, small mastoid processes, stocky build, persistence of thymus gland into adult life, persistence of juvenile form of zygomatic muscle, persistence of juvenile form of superior lip muscle, later eruption of full dentition (except second and third molars), less hairy, fewer sweat glands, fewer hairs per square centimeter [and] long torso"[30] "Mongoloid subjects were found to have approximately 20% higher bone density at the angle of mandible than Caucasoid subjects."[35]" "

oh, and refer to my new reply to see how your surgery stats back fired. you are welcome.
cracka handling machine

Cerritos, CA

#32 Jul 30, 2014
nah nah nah, retard like you should learn how to read, selectively pick out a paragraph that proved you are an idiot and then glue it into your fantasy will only make you sound dumber.

3 things.

1. human have always carried animal blood as we evaluated from animals, let's say there are 15% euro cracka are Rh negative, they are still 100% positive on ABO blood group which shared across mice, monkey and some other animals, that's why scientist use rodents to test drugs and medicine before they can be used in human. so which way you prefer? cracka mice man, or cracka monkey man?(if blood means anything lol)

again, what made human superior to animal is the same reason why east asians are superior to your red face cracka chumps. is not the blood but the gene mutation we got 20,000 years ago.

"The ABO blood group system is the most important blood type system (or blood group system) in human blood transfusion. The associated anti-A and anti-B antibodies are usually IgM antibodies, which are produced in the first years of life by sensitization to environmental substances such as food, bacteria, and viruses. ABO blood types are also present in some other animals, for example rodents, apes such as chimpanzees, bonobos, and gorillas.[1]"

2. let's pretend biological reality doesn't exist for a sec, and the whole world is built by your retarded basement rh blood theory, in order to call 99% asian Rh positive you will first admit 86% euro cracka are Rhesus monkeys O_o? does that even make sense to you?
also, to fix your retardness 40% RH negative group are only refer to Basque people of northern france and Spain orgin, there's only 120,000 of them in the world, the european by and large are 86% postiive on Rh blood,(as if that even means anything)

3. in the end of day, the reality stays the same, is that we east asian are the finest species selected by mother nature, our beautiful and durable skin, our skull and facial aesthetic, our bigger brain szie, our athletic superiority etc.

as you may aware, all the genetic feature you tried to google use against black all leads against you the same way.

Sorry to break your last defense and leaves no ground for you to stand. Yes, to us you are that worthless.
cracka handling machine

Cerritos, CA

#35 Jul 31, 2014
slope eye slica wrote:
lol.. you didn't read that source obviously which stated that 40 to 45% of whites have rh negative - non monkey blood. Even if you go by the Wikipedia source, you still have to recognize that 45 percent of whites carry the recessive trait for rh negative blood - which means they did have rh negative blood at one point and that's something which less than one percent of chinks have. They don't have rh negative blood and less than one percent of them carry the recessive trait for it which means that 99% of asians ancestors had rhesus monkey blood. And you still haven't given me a source. A topix post doesn't count - otherwise it would be pointless to debate anything. I could write on topix that chinks have the smallest penises according to scientific studies and just cite myself in the next post. Where's your real source? I've shown plenty of mine - regardless of how you feel, you can't deny that I have, at least, provided sources which are more legitimate than a topix post. Linking a topix post, any part of a topix post, is as good as saying I'm right. By doing that, you're saying that there's plenty of information which shows that asians are rhesus monkeys and are, logically, less evolved, and whites are superior and that you don't have any real sources which say otherwise.
ROFL! grats, your stupidity backfired once again, now time to seal your idiocy in a coffin.

1. Your desperate attempt o bring Rh blood(a topic you have no knowledge of) to discussion was completely irrelevant to begin especially when 86% European are "monkeys" as you put it LMAO!!! all human carry the same blood as some mammals, most of drugs were tested in mice before they used in human as explained in ABO blood group(that's the most important blood group retard) in the end of day, all genetic evidence, attraction science research, IQ test, sports even all proved that east asian is far and beyond the superior speice among all, our superior physique feature, our skull size and intelligent, our anti aging gene, etc etc etc.

2. To help you understand your own source, those 40% Rh negative people - basque people you refer to are mixed ppl from southern america and some part of Europe, there's only 12million of them in the whole world, european by and large even then 60% of them are still "monkeys"??(ROFL!)

Let's play in your own retarded theory for a sec, I can say I'm one of the 1%(20million) of Rh negative and you are one of the 86% monkeys. what gives? in the end, like I said you are just another obese/low IQ/diseased/fugly monkey specie compare to us.

So, cracky rhesus monkeys see, cracky rhesus monkey do? ROFL!! I kind like that to be honest.

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