Thanks the Lord for Speaker Boehner and the GOP led House that are standing by the American people while the spineless rotten RINOs led by the senile John McCain and delusional Mitch McConnell support the ‘self-destruction of America agenda’ of Obama. Undoubtedly, the America Titanic will sink soon in deep water by Obama’s new entitlements of trillions of dollars when there is no ink left to print money by Bernanke day in and day out to continue the outrageous food stamps for the world’s poor. Clearly, it’s a horse trade show when there is no budget and nobody knows where the money is spent by Obama. Every American know by now that when he is in deep debt that he cannot pay back because he spends more than he gets in he has to cut back on his expenses, prevent spending more than his income and start cutting in order to reduce his debts. Nevertheless, the corrupt Obama regime with support of the liberal media of crooks led by the NY times, AP and CNN are pushing for out of control new spending on foreign illegal invaders free food stamps, free Obama phone and free Obama care because it will help Obama destroy the GOP for once and for all. Obama and the liberal socialists want to take over the House and bring Pelosi back for the approval of immigration laws that will keep the gates of America open for the sick and poor of the world that will come to get free entitlements from Obama convert America to welfare country after trashing the constitution. Previous US presidents use detailed budgets to control their expenses with the correct amount for each item in the budget. However, since Obama took control of the White House the word budget became a bad word and there is no such a thing called detailed budget items. The GOP and the liberal Democrats are trading trillions of dollars like a horse trade in the village and like there is no tomorrow to 306 million Americans sunk in huge muddy debts.