Trayvon Martin Shooting Death Sparks ...

Trayvon Martin Shooting Death Sparks Outrage on Social Media

There are 66309 comments on the Wall Street Journal story from Mar 22, 2012, titled Trayvon Martin Shooting Death Sparks Outrage on Social Media. In it, Wall Street Journal reports that:

Social media has put the spotlight on the story Trayvon Martin , an unarmed African-American teenager who was shot to death last month by a neighborhood watch captain in Florida.

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Sanford, FL

#70074 Jul 20, 2013
Lawrence Wolf wrote:
<quoted text>Hardly, "Truth". Just not enough evidence to convict. Zimmerman's guilt or innocence will be determined by a higher authority.
That "higher authority" you've referred to has already made it's selection...

It decided that TM needed to die instead of GZ.
It also decided that GZ should go free.
It does work in mysterious ways!

Where does TM reside now?
Did he make the cut to the upper level or is he in the basement?
Oh Yeah

Morgantown, KY

#70076 Jul 20, 2013
guv cuts head off DCF wrote:
Head of DCF abruptly fired for failing to protect our children!!!
How many black boys were murdered at the Florida school for boys

< SNIP >

Obstruction of Justice!
Green Isle Story
Here is a $.25 give it to someone who cares.

Since: Nov 10

Location hidden

#70077 Jul 20, 2013
barefoot2626 wrote:
<quoted text>
You don't expect Pinocchio to tell the truth any time soon?
Buffalo Bill

Bucharest, Romania

#70081 Jul 20, 2013
The Zimmerman trial is OVER!


I know all you knuckle-draggers be shufflin' along now.

Good riddance!

See ya next time Al Sharpton decides to ruin the lives of innocent white folks.

It won't be very long.

Until then, GF your big black selves!


Tuxtla GutiƩrrez, Mexico

#70082 Jul 20, 2013
ObuMaos speech was nothing more than a shammed pursed lip attempt to ease the attention off the budget controls and allow his pitiful sad face scam the public with the age old sympathetic angle for the "poor" mistreated black male. You know those "boys" really need some help!
Well Mr POTUS you and Mrs FLOTUS can discuss that problem all day and night but the vote is in. Anybody that's not blind will still lock their doors and clutch their purse whenever an Afrikan tribal warrior approaches. Its the natural instincts of survival. Nothing racist about that.
Im wondering just how many billions hes getting ready to flood the Afrikans residing in America with today?
Buffalo Bill

Bucharest, Romania

#70083 Jul 20, 2013
Patriot wrote:

Im wondering just how many billions hes getting ready to flood the Afrikans residing in America with today?
He'll probably divert another trillion or so before he's finished.

They know damn well that these handouts have caused many of the problems in the black community, and many of the problems that our facing our nation. Unfortunately, the people receiving the handouts also have a vote.

Obama's more than willing to sell them out so that his party can stay in power. I doubt if he cares that these entitlements have enslaved blacks once again, as long as he can get their votes.

Make whites feel guilty, then take em for everything they got.

I doubt if he even cares if the country goes bankrupt, misery loves company.

Typical democrat politician.

Lafayette, LA

#70084 Jul 20, 2013
BarShickObama wrote:
<quoted text>DITTO to that! Obama said "I know what if feels like to be on an elevator and have people looking at me and my being concerned". Wouldn't that be profiling? Now I'm going to demonstrate why profiling is good, and if what he said were true, it would show our country has a long way to go before we stand as a nation united. I as a white man do regrettably identify people's ethnicity when I look at them. That is simply a matter of superficial recognition and says nothing of my feelings for the individual I am looking at. But knowing the statistics exist which you described gives me great concern if I find myself alone in a similar circumstance to that which Obama described. The last time whites typically physically accosted blacks in large numbers, was at the inception of the civil rights movement. Whites, Blacks, Latinos, and Chinese may account for violent crimes perpetrated against one another, but those statistics merely reflect gang or drug related crime. Whereas, the more prevalent incidence of black on white crime, versus white on black crime, not related to gangs or drugs can be statistically proven.
blacks are mogorially violent and predatory and more so to whites than other because of our anti caucasian government and media those racist institutions first need to be brought down for their crimes against humanity, repalced with legitimately operting non prejudicial institutions then we can do what needs to be done to create a peaceable environemnt for all, we can see the miserable failure of integration, starting with the government school system, as such if blacks never had the capability to live peacefully amongst themselves it is certin that it should and would have been even more problematic integrating them with white people, it may take thousands of years for them living segregated before they would be ready for integration, the big thing is they need to solve their problems within their community, the american indian has had their segregated spot, so should the tribal african, the the caucausian can then have peaceable neighborhoods as in the past

Lafayette, LA

#70086 Jul 20, 2013
CatholicPatriot wrote:
<quoted text>
Zimmerman shot an unarmed teenager and the evidence is that the injuries he sustained to the back of his head were minor injuries,
not injuries caused by a pounding of his head on concrete.
No concussion, no pounding of his head on concrete. No skull fractures to the back of his head, no pounding of his head on concrete.
Clearly the defenders of Zimmerman know nothing about fighting.
In trying to defend Zimmerman's use of deadly force, Greta claimed that the visibility that night was less than 10 feet. That works both ways though. The witnesses couldn't have seen what they claimed to see from more than 10 feet away which means some of them had to be lying. It also means the witness who alleges Zimmerman's head was being pounded on the concrete by Martin was close enough to help so that Zimmerman was not in danger of dying.
Either he is lying or Greta is lying. I'm pretty sure Greta isn't lying.
pictures of the complex are like most in this country today, they are lit up like a christmas tree, visibility would be almost as good as day for 20 20 acquity, it seems those like you are intent on promoting lies and believing and getting non suckers to accept those like just because you believe it you unfortuantely don t have enough credibility to continue to scam, the internet block the scams of the past

Lafayette, LA

#70087 Jul 20, 2013
CatholicPatriot wrote:
<quoted text>
Martin was a legally on the property.
Zimmerman was out of control.
no trespassing on the grass is illegal, sidewalk useage only, you are just a rule breaker

Lafayette, LA

#70088 Jul 20, 2013
CatholicPatriot wrote:
<quoted text>
The property owner's settled with the Martin family for wrongful death of their son in a six figure settlement.
They knew Zimmerman would be forced to take the witness stand by the Martin's attorney in a civil suit.
They backed down fast.
what they got was a judgement, a worthless piece of paper, can be easily discharged with another piece of paper, a promissory note or take it before another judge and ask for dismissal now that the case criminal has concluded, opposition was fishing for information from defendant at an improper time, oj simpson was charged civilly and never paid

Lafayette, LA

#70089 Jul 20, 2013
<quoted text>
Obozo, seemed to poo-poo the stats on who in America is committing the most crimes as an excuse for whites to stay away from blacks. The stats don't lie, as a race in America, blacks are responsible for almost 85% of crime. Highest rate of high school drop-outs, highest rate of teens getting pregnant. Highest rate of those in jails, highest rate of single parent families, highest rate of drug use and yet they're only 13% of the population. OH!, boo hoo feel sorry for me.
People like Al $harpton and Je$$e Jack$on, continue to make their living by telling the thugs and other blacks that they are being picked on and shuned by white America, they're not getting their fair share.
Blacks have brought upon themselves what white America thinks of them in general. They have no one to blame but themselves. The democratic party has continued to coddle the black vote, toss them a few bones and they will vote for them, but be sure to keep them right where they are, don't need them to get too far up the ladder. Continue to remind them that they are a minority who needs to be taken care of.
Obozo's little speach was trash, all he did was toss the blacks a little bone and showed them that he too is a racist fool. He needs to be tossed under the bus and impeached. His concern for white America wasn't even mentioned.
every thing is true, we have 13% controling the destiny of this land they claim by voting, no way that an election can determine and direct and then to direct the deplorable conditions, it certinly brings out the fraud in the elections, we do know the liberal organizations join that 13 percent teachers, unions, doctors and lawyers yet the figures don t add up, it has to be that the media conducts its propaganda and like the computer guru in ohio testified that all the voting machines were rigged to produce the outcome of votes the oligarchy desired in any one election, people need to get mad then get even

Lafayette, LA

#70090 Jul 20, 2013
Lawrence Wolf wrote:
<quoted text>Arguing with yourself is a sign of dementia.
no, i m aware of the symptoms and that s not one of them, but just keep telling yourself lies, maybe that is why you are so lost

Richmond, Canada

#70091 Jul 20, 2013
Just ask yourselves, do you want to live in a world of so many drones? If they do that, it makes a very repressive world, like acting on neo-Hitlerism.

Drones are bad, because they do not reflect on the ground data. They are like blind robots by collecting huge information on people to increase the data base, and might be false.

Since any history and nowhere on earth but in US, Obama is the king of spying and taking on more people lives in US, by building data base on them to know what they are doing and to trouble their privacy rights of private lives, besides using hacking and phone tapping.

All these could victimize more innocents through inaccurate and false interpretation and information, as they could be no solid true ground data.

Therefore, a lot of times the data are not true--like those witnessed by public naked eyes on the ground.

Since, nor CIA has all accurate data and information, drones have harmed and killed more and wrong people in foreign places than done any good.

The world has modern technology that people can make drones to crush US drones as being unlawful in others' space and ground.

But it would create more backlash and antagonism to US if it flies a lot of drones outside.

Lafayette, LA

#70094 Jul 20, 2013
Hagatha May wrote:
One less negro. A great day for Florida and America. The Z took out the T!!!!! TaTa for now Lady of Quality
first there was superman, then batman, then spiderman, now zimmerman, make our communities safe from the predators

Lafayette, LA

#70095 Jul 20, 2013
BarShickObama wrote:
Obama; "....that could have been me 35 years ago". Kind of gives you a melancholy thought doesn't it?
it probably was him, he s currently connected with the chicago mafia, so if he s with a crime ring today was probaly committing crimes back in kenya, whats wierd is he kinda thinks the people are somehow endeared to him, true narcisism, probably needs to see a shrink about that

Since: Feb 11

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#70096 Jul 20, 2013
Truth wrote:
<quoted text>
No matter how many times you say or cry about it. In this country you are innocent until proven guilty.
After you are charged with a crime- in this country- you are "not guilty" until proved guilty.

After you are charged, and you make a plea, you are "not guilty".

You have to have to go back to the court and have your charge EXPUNGED. Even after the judge drops the hammer and declares you NOT GUILTY.

Not "innocent".

You are no longer ever innocent.

Juries are charged with the responsibility of determining not if a person if someone is "innocent" (did not do the crime) but whether or not the state proves beyond a reasonable doubt that the person is GUILTY.

A concept that is understood (or should be) by anyone who has ever did his civic duty- which may leave you out and certainly people like xxxPinocchio who proudly declares he manages to avoid his civic responsibilities.

I cannot help you are too stupid to accept this.

Since: Feb 11

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#70097 Jul 20, 2013
JBH wrote:
Drones are bad, because they do not reflect on the ground data. They are like blind robots by collecting huge information on people to increase the data base, and might be false.
Drones are hardly blind.

And of course they reflect ground data, we've all seen it.

Do you want this back?

Putting aside I don't know how you got into this so far off topic but even if it was on the right thread, saying drones are blind is like saying bombers don't have bombs.

Since: Feb 11

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#70098 Jul 20, 2013
chris532008 wrote:
<quoted text>
it probably was him, he s currently connected with the chicago mafia, so if he s with a crime ring today
You make Forrest Gump look like Einstein.

“Happiness comes through giving”

Since: Feb 08

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#70099 Jul 20, 2013
xxxrayted wrote:
<quoted text>
Fair enough. Let me know when you want the Wiki link that explains Trayvon was staying at his fathers girlfriends house--not HIS house.
Okay, his father's girlfriend's house it is. I don't see how it makes a whit of difference. The fact remains that Trayvon Martin was not there illegally, and was doing nothing illegal when Zimmerman took it upon himself to follow him. If Zimmerman had stayed in his vehicle, as he should have, we wouldn't be having this conversation.

Since: Nov 10

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#70100 Jul 20, 2013
If the family is dumb enough, and they are, to sue GZ then the Defense team for GZ will unleash the dogs from hell to get the goods on them and their dead thug gangsta wannabe's short but checkered life. He has a 'record' replete with illegal gun possession, cultivation of MJ,child porn all on his double password protected fake app encrypted phone, his criminal ans school records, his fighting history, his tox and autopsy with MJ in his system and fatty liver from "lean" abuse-it makes one paranoid and aggressive-go figure NOW why the thug jumped and pummelled the pudgy lil Hispanic dude... and then there is Tracy, I wonder what is in his past?

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