David Temple 48 Hours Mystery

Dec 5, 2008 Full story: Lost In Lima Ohio- The Blog 99

6 In Texas football is an institution where a gifted athlete is a star. In the town of Katy, David Temple was just that.

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Katy Educator

Euless, TX

#63 Jul 16, 2012
Everyone in Katy knew he did it from the moment it happened. I used to see the billboard on the Katy Freeway and am so glad he was convicted.
He was known as a troublemaker in High School and people from Hastings thought he did it. Heather is lucky he didn't hurt her. Steroids, sociopath behavior, bullying, meanness, combined with the undeniable evidence equal a killer. Evidence of dog not barking, car seat not used for a sick baby, glass shattered from open door, lying about the park he took Evan to, phone used to call 911 was from bed, not closet, because he had no intention of helping Belinda!!
I still can't figure out how he got her to kneel in the closet? She must have been terrified of him. As her parents asked "Why not "divorce"?
Temple is a disgrace to the fine Katy community and he is finally where he belongs. May Belinda and Erin rest in peace away from that monster.
Small Cawk

Cebu City, Philippines

#64 Jul 25, 2012
Hi my name is Cawk, Small Cawk.
Judge Dredd

Auckland, New Zealand

#65 Jul 29, 2012
Darla, based on his past he is guilty?? I am glad you are not a judge..

United States

#66 Jul 30, 2012
David temple should have recievd the death penalty for killing his unborn daughter...he did it he had motive and that dumb girl heather should hate herself for the rest of her life for enabling such behavior

Houston, TX

#67 Aug 20, 2012
I just finished Shattered. HE IS GUILTY!!! If you are innocent, you do everything you can to clear your name so the police can focus on others. You also hound the police as Belinda's father did to find out what is being done to find the killer of a loved one. David Temple did none of the above! He is not where he should be. He should have been found guilty of two murders and sentenced to death!

San Diego, CA

#68 Aug 31, 2012
Do any of you who think he is innocent actually understand REASONABLE DOUBT versus NO DOUBT?

Mr. Temple lied over and over Andover again on the stand in his own defense. At what point was the jury supposed to just believe him without question when he was proven beyond all doubt to be a liar? Many cases are built on circumstantial evidence. It isn't always like on TV with Law and Order and CSI. In fact there isn't a smoking gun for many cases. It doesn't mean that there is automatically reasonable doubt. If it did, many murderers and rapists would be walking free today. Mr. Temple is where he belongs. And Evan should be with his aunt or one of his uncles. Not with a woman that knew and did not care that she was screwing a married man who with a toddler and another child on the way.
eno etuknwa

Belton, TX

#69 Sep 6, 2012
you b##%$ a! motha f$&#%^ that was my coach he was a good man he did not do it u dnt know him so shut the f### up

Absecon, NJ

#70 Sep 8, 2012
Guilty! The 48 hr episode only told his angle on things. I actually read the court transcripts and there were so many many things that pointed right back to him.

United States

#71 Sep 29, 2012
How can anyone say innocent? He's another Scott Peterson!

Absecon, NJ

#72 Sep 30, 2012
I read the book shattered. That made up my mind as to his guilt. Seems as if everyone who knew him, family included had on their "blinders" on when it came to his actions. If you are not given consequences growing up-you grow up thinking you can do anything you want. Sad story. Not for david or any of his crew-but for his beautiful wife and unborn child.

Absecon, NJ

#73 Sep 30, 2012
eno etuknwa wrote:
you b##%$ a! motha f$&#%^ that was my coach he was a good man he did not do it u dnt know him so shut the f### up
No need to get so angry. We are entitled to our opinion. We are not wearing the "blinders" as see things for how they are. I will pray for you. That kind of anger gets ppl in trouble......

Sherwood Park, Canada

#74 Nov 10, 2012
GUILTY.........Stupid people do stupid stuff. I will never figur. how someone would think murder is better then divorce.

North Vancouver, Canada

#75 Nov 15, 2012
to all who believe he is innocent or that there wasn't enough pointing to him being the murderer, read the book "shattered" by Kathryn Casey. It goes much more into detail and you will see why David was convicted.

El Paso, TX

#76 Nov 27, 2012
TheGuerin should be read The shattered book. There is so more information about the case

El Paso, TX

#77 Nov 27, 2012
Yeah. He said I love my wife while he went to have sex with his lover? The day after her birthday?

Arlington, TX

#78 Dec 31, 2012
This was such an awful double murder. On top of everything else, I was horrified to read that HEATHER is raising Belinda's son! This can be the outcome of getting between a husband and wife. This is not the first time a spouse has been murdered so the killer can be with their elicit lover. I would turn over in my grave if my sweet child was being raised by a woman,(though she didn't murder) who helped destroy my marriage and life. How is step 'Mommie' going to explain all this to him when he gets old enough to truly question all this. Furthermore, I can't imagine that even from prison, David allows his son to have contact with Belinda's parents. He was against that when Belinda was alive. He talked against them. They have lost their daughter and odds are don't get much if ANY time with her only living child.

Owings Mills, MD

#79 Dec 31, 2012
Tim wrote:
If you love your wife so much and adore the ground she walks on, then you don't lie to her when she is 8mos. pregnant and say you're going hunting with a friend on New Years Eve's, and instead go over to your girlfriend's house to get laid.

That is not only a spoiled, egotistical man... it is a dishonest, disloyal, cheating son a bitch who rang in the New Year with a slut who opened her legs for a married man who had a small son and another baby about to be born.

Does that sound like a man who would lay down his life for his wife... which is what he said. Is that a sincere guy with good character? Of course not.

He didn't want to pay child support for 2 kids and alimony and give up his house and walk away broke. How unbelievable was it for someone to kill Temple's wife in the middle of the afternoon just when he decided to go buy cat food. Yeah, one in a million chance! If you believe it, then you are just plain stupid!
Very well thought out, very well spoken!!! It boils down to marriage vows, character, remaining true to your wife at 8 mo pregnate and family. Sounds like the LACI/SCOTT PETERSON CASE ALL OVER AGAIN FOR SURE. IT'S BEEN TEN YEARS SINCE THAT HORRIBLE CRIME THIS PAST CHRISTMAS. MAY GOD REST THEIR SOULS!!!!

Delaware, OH

#80 Jan 5, 2013
A good father does not treat the child' s mother the way David did . He belittled Belinda and was verbally abusive to her as well . A good father sets a better example for his son A good father doesn't sleep around with lose women .

West Palm Beach, FL

#81 Jan 25, 2013
Davids Team wrote:
Looks to me like David Temple should not be in prison....can you say "REASONABLE DOUBT"?
CAN YOU say OVERWHELMING circumstantial evidence? Can you say Means, Motive and Opportunity? NO one else had a MOTIVE to kill her and no one else could have gone past that man eating dog he owned! Think, man!

Oshawa, Canada

#82 Feb 10, 2013
not guilty!!!!!!!! all i see from peoples opinions is that he wasnt a nice guy growing up oh and he took steroids too,so he must be guilty?!? HALF of the men in this world are not great husbands and they cheat or abuse there wifes.. it doesnt mean they killed them! how would you feel if it happened to you and just because the outside facts look bad, that would be enough to convict you for life? such a sad show, i dont know all the facts but either do people saying they watched the show or read the book and find him guilty!

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