Former firefighter accused of arson m...

Former firefighter accused of arson may have lied to court abou...

There are 185 comments on the story from Dec 13, 2004, titled Former firefighter accused of arson may have lied to court abou.... In it, reports that:

A Forest Lake firefighter accused of setting fire to a nature preserve may have lied under oath about his financial dealings, according to a federal court filing that also recommends the U.S. attorney's office investigate.

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Mental cases

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#91 Apr 17, 2009
Webster wrote:
<quoted text>
A type of defamation. Slander is an untruthful oral (spoken) statement about a person that harms the person's reputation or standing in the community.
This would not be a case of slander.
Ok webster. This is a case of slander and the authorities are already traking the ISP to find out where it came from.. Watch and see!!

“SAY WHAT ???????????????”

Since: Mar 09


#92 Apr 17, 2009
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Since: Mar 09


#96 Apr 17, 2009
bravo bravo oncore oncore,him sounds like he speaks the truth
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Denver, CO

#97 Apr 17, 2009
Betty wrote:
John Berken and Stephanie Whitman are still a couple.
They have traveled extensively. Hawaii, California, Florida,
Arizona, Vegas.They have been to casino's this month together.
They spent money like it was of no importance.
Stephanie Whitman is up to her neck in this mess. She wanted
to live like a queen and didn't care what it took. Whitman
hide Berkins money and reaped the rewards. Both of them lie
continuously, both cheat on their partners, both bought the
big house they share with forged paper work. He bought the
cafe in forest lake and switched it over in her name so
American Express would not get it. But I beblieve the cafe was
taken from them anyway. The house they share is filled with all
the best. Furniture, plasma tv.s, all the tech toys you could ever
want, and I believe a pool in the backyard was next.
The biggest thing they both have in common is they both
believe they are the victims in all this.
Whitman can play the victim better than anyone. Somebodys
always doing something to her. She never is the cause of any
thing in her life. She uses the victim card always.
Berken is the same way.
Forest Lakers said that this is not the Berkin they knew.
Well, yes it is. He has never changed from the person who
commited the felonies listed. He likes to intimidate people.
Likes to be the top dog. Throws money around to gain friends.
He is an ego maniac. Has to be in charge and the center of
attention. But one thing for sure is he is a dangerous man and
has a mental instability.
And then the most important thing about this situation is all the
children that are connected to these two. Those poor children.
How sad for them to be associated in any way to Berken and Whitman.
And Whitman is now pregnant with Berkins child. She thought
this would solve all her problems. She would live happily ever after
with the money man. Sad, very sad.
This sounds quite accurate.
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Denver, CO

#98 Apr 17, 2009
One who knows wrote:
<quoted text>I have no idea who you are dude but he sees his kids all the time. Sounds to me like you believe everything you read in the newspaper. If you are Jason Hale that I knew in highschool well then I know you are a looser. You always have been. You had some athletic ability but you could control yourself or your fighting so you couldn't play. Like I said if you are Jason Hale from Forest lake highschool you have a drug problem and you love to fight. Your a real loser.
Which is it - is he a 'looser' or a 'loser'? I don't think you can be both.
One who knows

United States

#99 Apr 17, 2009
He sees his kids all the time. If you really are the Jason hale who I knew in highschool you were a looser then and probably still are now. You had some athletic ability but couldnt control yourself. You loved to fight and do drugs. I would say you sure think you know a lot of things about john but you must be consumed by him to try and know so many things. You claim that you are in arrears on child support only losers dont pay child support. IT DOESNT HAPPEN. DEAD BEAT DADS ARE LOSERS it is well documented. I think you have a lot of growing up to do. Maybe you should look in the mirror and until your perfect you should be talking. Highschool classmate of Jason HALE.

United States

#100 Apr 17, 2009
Jason Hale is commenting on here. Dude thats like the pot calling the kettle black. You are a drunk and a compulsive liar. You always act like a victim. Dude you need to look in the mirror. Everyone you have ever worked with knows you are a piece of garbage. Remember the bargain lot days. Long live Denny Hecker.
Car Guy

United States

#102 Apr 17, 2009
Jason Hale that works for Wally McCarthy in Forest Lake. HA ha ha ha everyone knows you are a drunk and a dead beat. Thats funny you would hang a comment out there.. Ha thats good.

United States

#103 Apr 17, 2009
John sees his kids all the time what is this whack job talking about. He may have done a lot of things but he has always taken care of all his kids and it sounds like yours too Jason who ever you are.

United States

#106 Apr 17, 2009

United States

#108 Apr 17, 2009
Da Gouchie

Saint Paul, MN

#110 Apr 17, 2009
Hey any of you ever really try to deal with this guy when he had the Ford dealership in Flake ? I had a nice older collectible he wanted but he wanted me to use it as a trade in for a F-250 I did not want. He called me twice a day and all. What he was offering for trade was peanuts with high buck for the pick up.I kept telling him I did not want that F-250. Then out of the blue I get this call from a guy asking me why I won't give up the collectible to Johnny when he had paid for it ? The caller wanted my collectible and was willing to pay a lot more than the peanuts. It was his F 250 that was part of the deal. Still I did not want it and bingo I got cash.

Wheaton, IL

#117 Apr 17, 2009
SEA HAG wrote:
Oh sharon you old sea hag. Dont you have to go call the IRS or something. You should know what two deranged boys turn out to be you have two of the most deranged high anxiety boys on the face of the earth.
"I LOVE POPEYE" -Alice the Goon
Chemical Ali

Minneapolis, MN

#118 Apr 17, 2009
ya know what ya know,B man give it a rest.Ya name the time and place I'll br there or be square?
Another f l resident

United States

#119 Apr 17, 2009
Jason Hale wrote:
Ok tough guy! I wont stoop to your criminal level! But I would glady agree to an arrangment with witnesses and some sort of signed document for there are no charges filed against anyone. To meet you in a ring anytime anywhere and show you how big of a joke you really are!
name the time and the place I would love to see john kick your sorry arssss!! You weak knee coward!!

United States

#124 Apr 18, 2009
Jason you scammed me on more mortgage I lost my home!! You a a dirt bag and will go to jail for all the people you swindled in the mortgage industry!!
Worried MOM

North Aurora, IL

#125 Apr 18, 2009
This has gotten completely OUT OF HAND.
This comment area should be comments about the STORY.
A Fireman Accused Of Arson May have Lied...
Someone Should Moderate and Stop all of this Ugliness.
Their is obviously A lot of Problems with these 2 Full Grown Men- your acting more like 2 High School Girls.
We all have skeletons in our closets and would love to be able to turn
back the hands of time.
However- Acting like this IS NOT HELPING..
Wonder Woman

Minneapolis, MN

#127 Apr 20, 2009
SEA HAG wrote:
The only thing that has been out of control for years is your two mentally instable sons and YOU. You are an old bitter woman jealous of everyone who has anything. Cause you live in a trash house. Like I said dont you have to go call the IRS or something. They have been expecting your call it was april 15th this week. Oh yeah you like to scam the irs just like you taught your boys to scam other people. So worried MOM go lay down by your dish. You just dont like your boys and your skeletons coming out of the closet!!!!
So please elaborate on what a "trash house" is? I have heard of a trashy house or a house filled with trash, but not a trash house. IRS is capatilized at all times, not just wehn you feel like it. This is a great example of the idea that money can't buy class or in sea hags case, brains! This saga is too funny! I can't wait to see how it pans out!

United States

#128 Apr 20, 2009
Yours seems to be the best case! When is spelled when not wehn! So apparently you ate probably one of those HALE'S with the skeletons!! Oh yeah and by the way a trash house is one that has not been cleaned and has crap luke garbage and stuff all over in it ! Run down trash house!!
Wonder Woman

Minneapolis, MN

#129 Apr 20, 2009
Nope, not a Hale. Just someone who was listening to KQ the other day and heard them making fun of John Berkin. I decided to research the story and eventually stumbled upon this comment board. The content is more entertaining then reality T.V., I am just glad it is not my reality. Do you define this as living the dream?

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