New Fairfield officer under investiga...

New Fairfield officer under investigation

There are 114 comments on the story from Jan 7, 2009, titled New Fairfield officer under investigation. In it, reports that:

State police confirmed Wednesday that a local officer is the subject of an internal investigation surrounding the disappearance of exercise equipment.

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Wellington, TX

#44 Jan 8, 2009
Taint nuthin dats gonna happin to one of the boyz.So dis be da end of da story.
Witch Hunt is Right

Ludlow, MA

#45 Jan 8, 2009
Bad Luck wrote:
<quoted text>
If you got something on him take him down with you.
I'm not a cop, I just have ears, so I really can't take anyone down "with me" since A. im not going down and B. I don't have a badge, or a say in the matter. I'd love to do something about it, but I don't need certain people to retaliate. I hope this Officer gets a fair investigation and not the usual IAB lynch mob.
Who knows

Wellington, TX

#46 Jan 8, 2009
NFGAL wrote:
First thing the staties need to do is get Ron Oliveri to return that hairhat from wherever he got it and let us see what he's been hiding under there for lo these many years!
The treadmill is under that wig with Jimmy Hoffa and the some of the Madoff money.
What the

Wellington, TX

#47 Jan 8, 2009
Witch Hunt is Right wrote:
<quoted text>
I'm not a cop, I just have ears, so I really can't take anyone down "with me" since A. im not going down and B. I don't have a badge, or a say in the matter. I'd love to do something about it, but I don't need certain people to retaliate. I hope this Officer gets a fair investigation and not the usual IAB lynch mob.
Coo Coo Ok take your medicine now.
no hunt

Brookfield, CT

#48 Jan 8, 2009
Witch Hunt is Right wrote:
Yeah, something definitely sounds fishy here. This wouldn't be the first good law enforcement officer that Wagenass got rid of. Troopers O'Hanlon and Bell were great cops and good guys, but the dirtbag Tpr. Sgt. and Hodge pushed them out because they wouldn't buy into Wagenass' BS. The officer in question in this investigation (I won't use the name because I have some respect for an ongoing investigation) is another good cop. I'm sure the truth will not actually get out (seeing as it IS New Fairfield.) What a shame.
Now, now. You should not be dragging the names of other cops into it. Not fair to them. But then again , they weren't the top of their class either. Bottom feeders.
Concerned NF Resident

Boston, MA

#49 Jan 8, 2009
It is known knowledge that Wagonass and his pal Lange have been conspiring among ALL working in the New Fairfield Police Department. Instead of the current invesigation and lynching of a good cop, about something as ridiculous as gym equipment, why aren't we looking to the person who is responsible for EVERYONE'S actions......Wagonass. What number town employee will this be in your over due stay in New Fairfield?
give them a break

Essex, MA

#50 Jan 8, 2009
I find it ironic how fast people are ready to burn someone at the stake when the reality of it all is that noone walks on water and nobody can honestly look in the mirror and say that they have been a perfect human all of the time.
I read all of these blogs and except for a few each one is ready to run this guy out on a rail but when he came to your rescue when you needed a police officer either to stand between you and a bully or to help find your missing child he was greeted with open arms but the minute one does something questionable which we don't even have all of the details he goes from hero to zero in seconds.
when I put on my work uniform and go to work I could end up working on a car I don't want to fix but when a police officer puts on their uniform and goes to work they could end up taking a bullet.... for you

as long as we are scrutinizing right and wrong you should get back to the store and give the cashier the ten dollars they mistakenly gave you with your change because someone will have to pay for it. Look Deep inside yourselves
Naive in New Fairfield

Danbury, CT

#51 Jan 8, 2009
Isn't the real issue that the police department accepted a donation? Perhaps if I had known they were accepting donations I could have curried favors for my family. Is it too late to get on that train or is the jig up now that someone has complained about the missing equipment?
Old NF ofc

United States

#52 Jan 8, 2009
Wow wrote:
To "Old NF ofc"
You make some pretty harsh accusations of the CSP and how they work. Sounds to me like you have a chip on your shoulder. Have you ever been employed as a trooper? Then how would you know? The CSP is like any other department of its size. The NY report focuses on a very small percentage of troopers who unfortunately made some mistakes, this in no way reflects the honorable, hard working majority of the state police. How do I know this, I have seen both sides.
As far as the NF officer being investigated, we all hope that the accusations are proven unfounded and noone should make judgement until he is proven guilty or innocent in a court of law. For those who question why the SP is investigating, who else is supposed to? The NFPD doesnt have the resources to do this and therefore it falls on the SP to invesitgate.
I have only scene it from the Munc. side but must say a lot of disgruntled troopers came through those doors in NF, seems the only happy ones were the ones that could make out with doing no work. That was a great place back in the 90's.
You know

New York, NY

#53 Jan 8, 2009
Hey "Give them a break"

I might otherwise agree with you – but what I have found in life is that people's behavior is consistent throughout most aspects of their life ; a cop that might “borrow” exercise equipment, might also fudge work hours, cheat on their wife, take a bribe, or lie on the stand. Once every bad action can be rationalized as right, ok or acceptable – we are put on a sliding slope that defines “integrity” down. The cop involved may be a good friend, a nice guy, even a brave man – but he cannot be dishonest and remain a cop.
Just my opinion and you are allowed yours - but with a badge and a gun there needs to be unequivocal, brutal integrity. I KNOW from my experiences that this sort of integrity does not exist with some troopers and at least one NF cop.(Note: I did not put all troopers and NF police in the same basket)
As for taking a bullet – when was the last time a NF cop took a bullet for anyone. As a town, we are just a little bit more exciting than Mayberry. It is one of the reasons – we are told – that it is so hard to get cops to come work here. I get your point – but your hyperbole is, well, overblown.

Ridgefield, CT

#54 Jan 8, 2009
There IS a fine line between cop and criminal.

Waterbury, CT

#55 Jan 8, 2009
get fabolous! Bitchezzz!!

"the east coast perez hilton"
How could this happen

Wellington, TX

#56 Jan 8, 2009
A Mafia King Pin and crooked cops from The Same Town,What are the odds on that ?
No way

East Hampton, CT

#57 Jan 8, 2009
I hope this isn't Chris Pimentel he is a good guy. I have a hard time thinking Chris did anything wrong.

Brookfield, CT

#58 Jan 8, 2009
no hunt wrote:
<quoted text>Now, now. You should not be dragging the names of other cops into it. Not fair to them. But then again , they weren't the top of their class either. Bottom feeders.
WOW are you kidding me? do you even know those two cops? not only are they nice guys but they are great at what they do.. it's fair to bring up their names, but not to call them "bottom feeders". YOU'RE PATHETIC.
Most of them

New Milford, CT

#59 Jan 8, 2009
Due Process wrote:
Quit potentially slandering one of New Fairfield's finest. The officer is entitled to due process and a fair administrative hearing.
Do not even do the job, they hide when you call... And when they do come they are arrogant wise answers. I would clean house in this town and get some new officers that want to do the job.


#60 Jan 8, 2009
simplyamazed wrote:
...I just hope it all "works out"....
HAHAHA, that's awesome!
Day of Reckoning

Sandy Hook, CT

#61 Jan 8, 2009
A convicted Governor, two convicted mayors, two others who escaped the jaws,A shadey Boss Hog Selectman some cops run a muck and a Convicted Mafia Boss. Suddenly Crooklyn or Boogie Down Bronx dont look so bad !

Brighton, MA

#63 Jan 8, 2009
Wow... the town of NF has waaaaaaaaaay too much time on their hands. I feel so sorry for this officer, this town doesn't deserve him anyway! Hang in there Officer!

Woodbury, CT

#64 Jan 8, 2009
If it is Ofc. Pimentel involved I feel for him, he has been with the town for a long time. Lets remember here he is a person with a family and times like this are stressful, try to be nice to the guy, everyone screws up. Currently the New Fairfield system is working, they have a good blend of resident troopers and local officers and everyone works hard to keep the town safe and clean. It is time for a change in the towns leadership (resident Sargent), he has had his share of Internal Affairs investigations and always manages to come out smelling like a rose while he takes others down for doing their jobs and just crushes moral in the department. John Hodge is the "Chief" of police in town and needs to act like one, suspend the officer(s) in question, conduct a FAIR and unbiased investigation and make it SPEEDY, don't leave the guy without pay if hes not guilty or let him resign with some dignity and move on with his life. Lets not drag him through the mud too much if we can help it and let him move on.
Unfortunately this type of thing happens in departments all the time, cops are human too, while they are held to a higher expectation they are only human. The only difference here is that the NT finally got this story when the rumors have been flying around the town since thanksgiving about the officer involved and the persons who "ratted" him out.
Its time to consolidate the NFPD with Danbury as well as the NFFD, let danbury handle everything, they already do the Ambulance service give them the fire too, that would fix the communications problem!
Ofc. Pimentel god bless you and be safe don't let them get you down, don't let this get you down, you will pull through

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