Local: Visalia pastor sues son over '...

Local: Visalia pastor sues son over 'cyberbullying'

There are 1863 comments on the The Fresno Bee story from Oct 18, 2012, titled Local: Visalia pastor sues son over 'cyberbullying'. In it, The Fresno Bee reports that:

Visalia Calvary Church pastor, the Rev. Bob Grenier, and his wife, Gayle, have sued their estranged son, Alex Grenier, accusing him of defamation and cyberbullying.

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Modesto, CA

#869 Dec 6, 2012
There are two fights here, Alex.
There is the hate campaign against your father.
That is the hill I am arguing on.
There is the battle against Calvary Chapel.
The second battle is not the topic of this topix.com thread.
Since you have only recently been focusing on the second battle, my argument that you are commandeering a hate campaign against your family is all the stronger.
You only turned to the second battle when every law enforcement agency that you approached with your allegations against your father investigated your claims and found them to be without substance.
My guess is that if you are found guilty of defamation the court will order you to cease and desist posting about your family on topix.com . And since the language in the lawsuit was taken DIRECTLY from my posts here at topix.com , well
you says
"...hows that "my goal is to get you to stop typing on topix" think working out? ;-)..."
Who says
I'd say that my goal of getting you to stop posting against your family on topix.com is working out quite well, thank you very much.
It's a marathon, not a sprint, and I knew it would be since my first post in June of 2010.
My name is Who.
CalvaryChapelAbu sedotcom

Caldwell, ID

#871 Dec 6, 2012
gotta run, make sure you respond in the box provided and i'll reply later ;-)

Modesto, CA

#872 Dec 6, 2012
Who wrote:
First, I am a neo-Luddite, and believe that the ills the internet has introduced outweigh the benefits of amazon.com .
One of those ills is making up stuff about people-if those people cannot devote their undivided attention to combating lies about them on the internet, then said lies go unchallenged and characters are assassinated. I believe that is wrong. Therefore I believe Alex is wrong.
Second, I have ecclesiastical commitments. I think that taking some cause up before unbelievers in the court of public opinion is prohibited by scripture. Therefore I believe what Alex and his crony are engaged in is wrong.
Third, I believe in the constitution of the United States of America. I am a firm believer in the first amendment, and I am expressing my opinion in this matter of public interest on a public forum; the raison detre of the forum is to allow people to express what they believe to be true, and to tell others how they are affected by the stories that are linked here at topix.com .
Fourth, Alex had a chance to convince me. My mind was NOT made up when I first read Alex' and others' words here regarding Bob Grenier. After reading all I could at topix.com before posting at topix.com , I noticed that Alex is quite inconsistent in a number of ways.
Fifth, I have no intention to harm Alex. Keep in mind that disagreeing with someone, explaining WHY you disagree with them, and occasionally using irony and satire to make my point is in no way harming Alex. Perhaps with my involvement Alex' hate campaign isn't going as well as he had planned, but that is not harming him; rather, the community is better served by having a Socratic gadfly like myself ask and answer questions that the victims of his hate campaign have not the time, inclination or energy to ask.
Sixth, I haven't harmed Alex in any way. You need greater grounds than disagreement to substantiate distress.
Seventh, my participation at topix.com has in no way prohibited Alex and his crony from ALSO typing on topix.com .
Eighth, since I am financially unable to defend myself against frivolous lawsuits and am currently exercising my constitutionally protected right to free speech, any attempt by Alex to file suit against me will have a chilling effect on others that may wish to post their opinions regarding items at this website.
Ninth, over the course of time I have constructed several arguments explaining why the general reader should agree with me that Alex is a cyberbully engaged in a hate campaign against the only family on earth that loved him enough to raise him. Several of those arguments (one in particular)
This fact alone shows that my typing here is not without substance.
My name is Who.
I could continue this post, but you need to go to college and buy a spellcheck.
This and the last few pages are indicative and all the evidence I'd ever need.

Modesto, CA

#873 Dec 6, 2012
But there is more I'd like to add---a second draft, if you will. I'll post it later.
My name is Who.
CalvaryChapelAbu sedotcom

Star, ID

#875 Dec 6, 2012
and reporting that b/c it's true, even if it is reported 5 gazillion times, doesn't make it cyberullying or a hate campaign

we have the right to speak out about abuses and corruption etc we have the right to petition the govt, church, public to deal with serious issues by public figures/public officials and positions of trust in institutions of trust

it is no more a hate campaign or bullying than Calvary Chapel and Bob Grenier's campaign with regards to Phil Aguilar and Set Free and the zillions of other bloggers and activists and media and watchdogs etc who focus on specific individuals and specific institutions etc etc etc

you can repeat your bs all you want, doesn't make it so

i think some folks are going to get a very expensive lesson in the law soon
CalvaryChapelAbu sedotcom

Star, ID

#876 Dec 6, 2012
and as you like to say, just put your response in that empty box below

i'll reply later

Modesto, CA

#877 Dec 6, 2012
you says
"...i think some folks are going to get a very expensive lesson in the law soon..."
Who says
More threats from you. Are they empty? Who knows? Who doesn't. They are still threats; that's one of your favorite hobbies. Belittling those that don't agree with you totally, and threatening those people when you've run out of anything ELSE to say.
The bullyish and boorish behavior you engage in is tiring to say the least.
Reread the last ten topix pages, Alex; they contain a near-complete statement of my views regarding the hate campaign you are conducting against your family.
My name is Who.
CalvaryChapelAbu sedotcom

Star, ID

#878 Dec 6, 2012
not a threat, just my opinion based on the reality that BG sued me and I think he's going to get a very expensive lesson if and when he loses

what's threatening about that?

once again you are showing your intellectual dishonesty and predilection toward poor skills in reading comprehension

make sure to respond in that box below as you say

i'll be back to reply later

Adelanto, CA

#879 Dec 6, 2012
Dark Who wrote:
Ya, that tattooed guy isn't fooling anyone. He's not a softy. As far as I can see from his website he doesn't claim to be. His book cover might be different then what inside. My experience with BG has shown me his book cover comes off as a friendly pastor, kinda like Jeffrey Dahmer, something very differ happening inside.
But you two good give a rats ass what he's actually doing. How's it feel to be a defender of a child molester? Feel like a hero, do you?
You two need some old BG special time in a dark room. But you'll probably enjoy the wisker burns.
Sick batsards.
Slappass- Do you ever comprehend what you read? I posted that I wanted to make it clear that (especially to you Slapp- so as not to incur your unwarranted tirades) I was NOT siding with BG- nor taking sides.
CalvaryChapelAbu sedotcom

Star, ID

#880 Dec 6, 2012
and it's not a hate campaign any more than Bob Grenier's public campaign exposing Phil Aguilar was a hate campaign, nor was Calvary Chapel's campaign exposing Set Free a hate campaign etc etc

btw, you keep touting something to the effect that b/c BG gave me room and board and provided basic necessities growing up etc that it excuses the child abuse. That's total bs

Parents and guardians are supposed to raise their kids...and they're not supposed to abuse them
CalvaryChapelAbu sedotcom

Star, ID

#881 Dec 6, 2012
response, box, reply later

Modesto, CA

#882 Dec 6, 2012
you says
"...that it excuses the child abuse...."
Who says
No. I keep touting that making up false allegations about people that gave you room and board is inexcusable.
You have yet to SHOW that you were abused.
You've SAID you were abused, but that is not the same as providing reasons for belief.
You've said you have other corraborating things, but you haven't shared those to the public. Why?
All of those 'testimonies' you say you gave to Chuck,
WHY NOT POST THEM ALL AT topix.com or at your hatesite so that the general reader can form an opinion without having to take your word for it?
Why are you so reticent to provide the general reader with what they need to come to a more informed opinion?
This fact that you are reaching conclusions based upon things that you are not sharing with the public is a HUGE RED FLAG that you either have some things to hide (at worst), or you are afraid that if you provided all of the info the general reader would see what you are doing as a hate campaign.
My name is Who.

Modesto, CA

#883 Dec 6, 2012
Just read Ron's contribution to your hatesite, Alex. You are not handling him well. More misrepresentation from you.
Obviously merely reporting the truth is not your goal; you are always changing little things to put the spin on a story that you think it deserves, without regard to whether or not your spin serves the truth or obfuscates it.
So far regarding SanAntone, you are obfuscating again.
Steve had a GREAT point about 'leadership meeting,' btw.
Alex, why do you always spin when you write? Why can't you just state the facts and let the chips fall? You are always misrepresenting in the court of public opinion, and your spin in your latest story is just the latest example.
If I were Bob, I'd take your account of SanAntone into court as an example of your misrepresentations.
My name is Who.
CalvaryChapelAbu sedotcom

Caldwell, ID

#884 Dec 6, 2012
the abuse allegations are not false and are corroborated by multiple witnesses and meet and exceed the definitions that the State of California defines as Child Abuse

You can spin all you want, an adult "assisting" in the Sunday School Classroom is a "leader" as opposed to a child in the classroom. Hair-splitting that issue is a Red Herring and not the issue

the issue is the Calvary Chapel Youth Leader working with 4th, 5th and 6th graders there was arrested by the FBI for distributing child porn

Calvary Chapel had a guy in Anthony Iglesias who allegedly (and the Idaho judge did not strike this down, he merely let Costa Mecca/Mothership off the hook for liability) went from Raul Ries's Calvary Chapel to another Calvary Chapel after Raul's CC knew he had a problem with pedophilia, then "restored" him to ministry, only to have Iglesias meet more children through his Youth Leader position of trust and then molested them.

Calvary Chapel does have an official Calvary Chapel Association and an official Affiliation Agreement/Contract to be an official Calvary Chapel Chuck Smith approved Dove Toting Pastor / Position of Trust.

Calvary Chapel does not have System-wide Mandatory Background Checks in place as part of the Affiliation Agreement, nor does it have any Mandatory Best Practices/Policies to help protect kids. This is something I continue to push for and is a big part of the Cause.

Calvary Chapel has a Senior Pastor to this moment who is accused of Child Molestation by his blood son. There is no Policy in place to remove the Calvary Chapel Pastor from ministry, fully investigate the claims and make a ruling from within the Calvary Chapel Church System/Organization. This is something I continue to push for and is the reason the Bob Grenier situation is so important. Bob Grenier is still in a Position of Trust and is still endorsed by Chuck Smith and Calvary Chapel without the church doing a full investigation and hearing all the testimonies against Bob and without making an official report of their findings and ruling on these serious issues.

Yet, Calvary Chapel DID do an "investigation" into Phil Aguilar and Set Free Ministries/Fellowship. Calvary Chapel DID publish a scathing 318 page "report" and did WARN the public at large to avoid Aguilar...someone who is not one of their own.

Typical Pharisee: Strain the gnat...and swallow the camel

Your response is required in the box below. I'll respond later to your spin and will correct the record.
CalvaryChapelAbu sedotcom

Caldwell, ID

#886 Dec 6, 2012
Grace disagrees with Ron Arbaugh's take:

"Ron is a liar I went to his church and ron never deals with anything he turns his back and acts as if nothing is going on ...and further more I know for a fact that Mr.Holguin not only worked at your church as a youth leader for 4, 5, 6 graders but I also know that for a fact that he worked as a teachers aid at you school that you hold there at cc ... I have been to multiple cc and it seems that all cc pastors never want to face reality and do what is right by the lord but instead they choose to turn thier back as if they dont know ..now not only will Mr.Holguin have to face the truth for the sins he did but you Mr.Ron will have to as well for the lies you just wrote in ink on the internet ..you will face the truth!!!"

and I'm assuming she disagrees with Steve Wright's take as well.
CalvaryChapelAbu sedotcom

Caldwell, ID

#887 Dec 6, 2012
I look forward to response in that empty box below as you say often
CalvaryChapelAbu sedotcom

Caldwell, ID

#888 Dec 6, 2012
c'mon, i was hoping to respond to at least another 10 of your posts tonight
CalvaryChapelAbu sedotcom

Caldwell, ID

#889 Dec 6, 2012
who said, "Why can't you just state the facts and let the chips fall?"

I did: bob grenier abused me, it met and exceeded the state's definition of child abuse many times over.

I witnessed bob beating my brother geoff terribly, imprisoning him in a small coat closet, kicking him, striking him in the face, beating him with a tree pruning over his entire body, etc etc etc

Paul Grenier, bob's blood son accuses him of molestation and I believe paul's allegations, yet bob is still endorsed by Chuck Smith and Calvary Chapel as a Senior Pastor in a position of trust and Bob is still endorsed and supported by the Visalia Police Department as a public official in the capacity of official police chaplain and lead chaplain of their organization without a full investigation into the many serious allegations surrounding grenier and without a report being published on the findings like CC did with Phil Aguilar and Set Free, etc etc.
CalvaryChapelAbu sedotcom

Caldwell, ID

#890 Dec 6, 2012
response, box, you know the drill

Visalia, CA

#891 Dec 7, 2012
Who re ANYONE wrote:
<quoted text>
Slappass- Do you ever comprehend what you read? I posted that I wanted to make it clear that (especially to you Slapp- so as not to incur your unwarranted tirades) I was NOT siding with BG- nor taking sides.
Taking a que from your butt buddy, just because you say you aren't siding with BG doesn't make it so. All your dipsh!t statements sound like you agree with Who. It's not comprehension crackhead, it's perception and I perceive you to be one dumb SOB. Stop talking out of both sides of that mother kisser and man up. We don't need another child molester defender here. He's got his own deal with the devil.

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